My exasperation with film trailers

Ok, it’s rant time.

This is an opinion I’ve had for a while, but have kept to myself.

I have always loved film trailers, I used to watch tonnes of them in a row because they were so entertaining. I have so much respect for how they’re cleverly put together.
They have three different sections, or acts (one introducing the characters, two bring in the main problem that needs to be overcome in the film, and three the montage) and two different plot lines. All this comes together to create a mini master piece. There average length is 2 minutes 30 seconds, although once a year the company is allowed to make an exception for one particularly good film and make it up to 3 minutes. Last year, if I remember correctly, this was the trailer for 127 Hours.

However, my view on film trailers in the last year or so, has gone completely downhill. Before deciding whether to buy/rent/watch a film I always watch the trailer first. But now trailers seem to be telling the story to such an extent, that I no longer need to watch the movie at all, because I know exactly how it ends, or can pretty much guess. Where has the enigma gone? Where’s the mystery? Where’s the worry of whether the characters will finally get together in the end?

Take the film Letters to Juliet for example.

The entire trailer tells me this: Girl is engaged to boy who doesn’t really care. She visits the wall where women post letters to Juliet and finds a hidden letter about someone’s lost lover. Girl writes back and because of this meets the girl who is now an old women and her grandson. Girl starts falling for the grandson. Girl finds the women’s real Romeo. Girl must make a choice between two men, and by the ending shots towards the end of the trailer it is obvious that she picks the grandson.
Now, after seeing all that, do we really need to see the movie? My answer is no, because I watched the film a couple of months later and there wasn’t anything else in it that was not in the trailer. Sure, it was a good film, but if you watch the trailer beforehand it completely ruins the story. There are so many other examples of this Black Swan, No Strings Attached, It’s A Funny Kind Of Story, I could go on…….

But I would be really interested if anyone else has an opinion on this. Do you like seeing this much of the movie in the trailers so that you can make a better judgement on whether to watch it? Or does it annoy you like it does me? Or, do you not find this a problem at all? I would love to hear your opinions if you have one!

(Please Note: I do not own the trailer on this post)

4 thoughts on “My exasperation with film trailers

  1. I agree, they seem to be becoming a whistle-stop-blow-by-blow account of every important scene in the film. Like with the Deathly Hallows Part two trailer, the scene where Harry’s in the forest and you see Lupin with Sirius, James and Lily. To me that completely ruined the fact that Lupin died…even though I already knew, but it could have ruined it for a keen eyed viewer who hadn’t read the book.

  2. The thing is, so many films nowadays are just so obvious the trailer doesn’t tell you anything you don’t already know. Like. Harry Potter, most people have read the book. No Strings Attached is such a typical rom com that you know they’ll get together. Films don’t often surprise me anymore, so trailers aren’t a problem.

    • Yeah, that true, especially with rom-coms, you ALWAY know how thats going to end.
      But it still botheres me, because if you’d never heard of the film you might have slightly less idea how it would end, you could probably guess, but you wouldn’t know for sure. But as soon as you watched the trailer, you’d know….

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