What do you think of the representation of women in the vampire genre?

Hi everyone!

This is just a quick post to say that I haven’t put anything on here much partly because I have tonnes of work for school, but also because I am reading the book From Demons to Dracula by Matthew Berestford because I am doing a media project on “how the representation of women in the vampire genre changed in film and TV.”

I would be extremely grateful if you could give me some of your views on this, as it would be great to have a section where I get a variety of people’s views on this topic. How do you feel women are represented in Twilight? Vampire Diaries? Dracula? Interview with a Vampire? True Blood? Buffy the Vampire Slayer? and any other you can think of. It would be really helpful if I could get some comments from you! And if you could take the poll that would also be great!

9 thoughts on “What do you think of the representation of women in the vampire genre?

  1. Ii the female is a vampire they are usually presented as either evil and vidictive or outrageous and outgoing.
    But if they are human they usually have a hard outershell but are weak and dependent unerneath.

  2. Generally I don’t think the female role in this genre has changed that much over the years, however in recent times we have started to see stronger female leads such as in Van Helsing and Underworld. The role of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has also challenged the old stereotype. Lets hope this continues to give females greater diversity in this field.

  3. I’ve noticed that the mortal women in vampire movies tend to have major inherent weaknesses even if they are the heroes of the story. Twilight’s Bella Swan is a perfect example.

    I think its important also to consider whether the movies are a true representation of the books they are based upon (thats if they’re based on books). Books written during the Victorian era usually portray women in a certain way. There have been so many film adaptations of Dracula over the decades yet the role of Mina Harker hasn’t changed much in my opinion. Even though she is hailed as the heroine, from FW Murnau to Francis F. Coppola, she is portrayed as intelligent, yet meek and whose life is in constant need of protection.
    In Le Fanu’s Carmilla, the narrator Laura is a typical victim-type, with no control over her own safety and the movies based on this seem to stick to the formula.
    In the cases where there is a strong female character (like Jessica Biel in Blade and Beckinsale in van Helsing), the women are competent but they still only come second to the MALE protagonist and the impression is given that they would be toast if the hero didn’t come along to save the day…

    I also agree that there’s a set stereotype when it comes to female vampires. Even if they are suppose to be the good guys, they always come across as angsty and unemotional for some reason.
    Sorry for the long comment, this is one of my fav. topics… 😉

    • Aha, me too! That’s why I picked it for coursework, plus it’s something I know quite a lot about. 🙂
      That’s a good point, I hadn’t though of that. I was thinking Beckinsale in Van Helsing was quite a strong portrayal, but of course she needs Van Helsing’s protection the whole way through the film, that’s why he’s there in the first place. Plus, in the end, they kill her off as well!

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