Have I bitten off more books than I can chew?

Do you have a material weakness? Is there a section in the shops that you just can’t  walk past without stopping? I personally have two. Even if I only have £10.00 left, I still feel myself quickly placing my hand in my pocket, digging around for the last of my money, and handing it over to the cashier. It’s as if I’ve gone into a greed driven trance, and my desire is so strong, that I can’t leave the shop until I own it.
I see it.
I.  Must.  Have.  It!

My first weakness is boots. High heeled boots, flats, long boots, ankle boots, suede, leather, snugly, you name it. I just can’t resist. Every time I pass a pair I go ‘Ooooh I love those!’ and a lot of the time, they end up coming home with me! I don’t even wear boots that much, I just like to stare and appreciate them where they sit in my wardrobe….

My second weakness, is books. (which okay, since I have a book blog, that was books 002probably pretty obvious right?)
But I do.
I have a serious problem.
When I walk into the book store, it’s like I loose control of my body, I want to jump up and down like a 4 year old, I want to touch all the beautiful covers, smell each book, touch their pages. A book store is my version of heaven. And Libraries come in close second.

So when I got a huge package from the Book People today, I could barely contain my excitement.
Guess what was in it?
Seven, shiny new, unread books.
So I went up to my room to put them on my book shelves, and umm….they wouldn’t fit. Then I started to really look at the book shelves, and noticed there were so many that I still haven’t read.
27 in fact.
And that’s not even including all the hand me down books from my mum stuffed in a cupboard.
And the huge list of books I have ready for potential Christmas presents.

So this is the part, where I’m kinda hoping for some help from you guys. My small list of followers, that means you! Plus, anyone else who stumbles across this post! 🙂

Below is a photo of the 27 books that I haven’t read yet. I was wondering if any of you had any specific requests from these for me to review first? Perhaps there’s a book in the picture you’ve been considering buying for a while, but your not 100% sure so you haven’t taken the plunge and bought it?
Or maybe there’s a particular book in the picture that you want to recommend I read first because you’ve read it and it’s so damn good!?
I’d love some feedback!

And I’m also curious. What’s your material weakness?

books 003

10 thoughts on “Have I bitten off more books than I can chew?

  1. I vote for:the Barclay books or the Dark Secrets books b/c just looking @ the covers, I think I might need to read them. I’ve read a lot of the stack, good stuff awaits! 🙂 I have a weakness for sweaters (it’s gotten better since I learned to knit), and of course books. Even the paperback section at the grocery requires that I look through it longingly every week. dangerous.

    • Same. Even when shopping for groceries I’m still tempted by my book obsession! Thanks, I may go for the Barclay’s books next because I’ve had them for a while, but I got them from a charity shop so I don’t really know anything about them or whether they’ll be good….

  2. Stolen, you must read Stolen. It introduces two wonderful characters into that series and it’s a great follow on from Bitten. Such a fantastic book. I also say Pride and Prejudice simply because I haven’t read it yet and want to know if it’s as great as it’s supposed to be 🙂 I also think of a book store to be like heaven, whenever I have an hour to kill before my next bus I while it away in Waterstone’s 🙂

    • Ok, Pride and Prejudice it is then!
      After that I’ll read Stolen, (I have to admit I’ve been itching to read Stolen since Bitten, but I’ve made myself wait a little first) then the Dark Secrets books or the James Barclay book haha.
      Ahh yeah I love Waterstone’s! I wish I could live there. But if I turned up with a sleeping bag I think they might make me leave…….

  3. Kostova’s The Historian is definitely in my top 10 best books of all time! If you love vampires and history then its the book for you! I’ve been hearing a lot about the Hunger games, so I’d like to know what thats all about.

    Worst shopping weakness is without a doubt, books! Second I think, is cat toys-for my kitties(not me LOL :D) Just cant walk past a petshop without going in… 🙂

    • Aha, they do have some pretty cool stuff in pet stores I have to admit! Especially the cute little houses for dogs and cats, I love those 🙂
      Yeah, again The Historian I got from a charity shop so I don’t really know that much about the book, and I defiantly love a little bit of history and mythology in my books 😉
      Same! Every blog I seem to go on raves about The Hunger Games, and until starting this blog I’d never even heard of the books. So I’m intrigued to get reading them!

    • Aha, I will definitely! So many blogs I’ve clicked on now have said there amazing that now I’m really curious to see what this book series is about!

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