Do you get bored of YA covers imitating Twilight?

twilight saga

Ok, I will fully admit, when I first read the Twilight books, I got a bit obsessed with them for a while. I was exactly the right age to read them at the time, and it was also one of the first YA (Young Adult) fantasy romance books I’d ever read. Me and my friends all read them and squealed at the ‘perfect’ Edward and daydreamed about one day meeting our own vampire boyfriend.
However, slowly the hype around the books grew due to them being turned into film adaptions. I went to see the films, and became less interested. I then reread the books, and became confused about why I actually liked them in the first place. And the more people talked about them, the less and less I liked them and the annoying ‘Twihard’ fans associated with them. Anyway, to avoid this turning into a Twilight rant about the annoying Bella, and Edwards canny resemblance to a stalker etc, etc I’ll get back on topic!

It seems like ever since the Twilight Saga became popular, tonnes and tonnes of YA books have been desperately trying to follow in it’s footsteps, and one of the ways in which they are attempting this seems to be their front covers/illustrations.

Take the Vampire Diaries series for example. These books have been around for quite a long time, yet after the popularity of Twilight were given completely new covers, and this is the result:

vamp diaries cover 1  photo_vampire-diaries-marina-papaspirou
Look familiar?
The same black background, the same colour scheme; black, white and red. Heck, even the very first book has an apple on it with connotations of the forbidden fruit being tasted, just like the first Twilight book where we see an apple held in pale hands, suggesting the giving or taking of the forbidden fruit.

Example two:
dark secrets 1 dark secrets 2 dark secrets 3
Again, black backgrounds, a colour scheme using only three colours, and one simple image on each book.

Example three:
kissedangel kissed by an ange;
Again (although it looks blue) another plain black background, a colour scheme of black, pink and white, with use of a wilting flower, just like the second Twilight Saga book New Moon.

Example four:
dark devine 2 dark devine
Need I say more?

Example five:
drake chronicles 1 drake chronicles 3 drake chronicles 2
(On most versions you don’t have the brown texture on the Blood Feud book)

Example six:
I could pick out loads more, but I think I’ve made my point.

There is, obviously, a reason why they’re choosing to produce these book covers in this way. They must attract people to read them, and they want people to associate these new books with the well known bestseller.
But for me, as a bookaholic, I’m getting a little bit fed up. Granted, they are quite pretty, but I’m getting bored of the unoriginality. For me, the front cover of a book is what draws me in to look further, to read the blurb, to look at reviews, to research the author and if the cover is unoriginal, I tend to make the assumption the the story will be less original as well.

Have any of you noticed or grown annoyed at this?
Or do you disagree and think that the covers don’t resemble the Twilight Saga at all, and maybe I’m just looking for Twilight in each book I assess?
Or maybe you like this style of front cover and think it should continue this way?

I’d be interested to know what your opinions are! 🙂

20 thoughts on “Do you get bored of YA covers imitating Twilight?

  1. I agree COMPLETELY, and unfortunately it seems like lots of publishers are publishing ANYTHING with a vampire, warewolf, or other supernatural being on the assumption that it must be sellable. Standards people, Standards! lol. (granted, I’ll read them all, but still..;-) )

  2. Excellent observation Becky. I must admit I never noticed the correlation between the covers, mainly because I don’t usually read YA fiction and because of Twilight I try to avoid that section of the bookstore completely!
    It’s a pity though, because I quite like the covers of all the above books you’ve shown but the repetitious style of the covers will not do the authors any favours because just as they want to appeal to fans of the genre, at the same time they are alienating other potential readers(anti-twilighters).
    If a person (anybody not just a writer) believes in their ability and their product, they shouldn’t feel the need to conform…. 🙂

    • Thanks Nisha 🙂 Aww thats a shame, because you do get some good YA fiction, but of course, there is a lot of drivel as well like you say (but hopefully my blog will give you an idea of which are the good ones lol).
      Very true! I think it does alinate some readers, and it’s such a shame!

  3. Wow, I didn’t realize that there are so many of them that look like Twilight. I like the design and everything but they shouldn’t make them look too much like Twilight cuz I’ll start thinking that all these books are from one big series lol.

    • Yeah, good point! I do get quite confused on Amazon sometimes when it comes up with “people who bought this book also bought…” and I think huh, is that a part of this series? It does get so confusing!

  4. I totally didn’t realize this, mostly because the YA I’ve been reading lately has been not of the vampire variety. And I certainly understand why marketing people are doing it, but it’s only furthering people’s inclination to compare to Twilight, which isn’t fair.

    • Yeah, sadly it is true, they have also revamped a lot of books that had perfectly fine covers originally and changed them to a ‘Twilight theme’ such as Pride and Prejudice, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, which really isn’t necessary, I mean, they’re classics! They don’t need to be compared to Twilight in order for people to buy them! 🙂

  5. I liked the style at first..but then it seemed like every other book was hidden behind the simplistic style, it doesn’t even say anything about the book, it looks like it’s supposed to be mysterious but it doesn’t work very well.

    • I agree! I don’t get any personality from these book covers at all, it pretty much just leads me to assume it’s a cringy regurgitated YA paranormal romance, and the authors deserve more than that!

  6. Book publishers look around to see what’s selling and Twilight was so hot a couple of years ago that many paranormal books received similar artwork treatment. It probably worked.

    • Yeah I completely agree, once something gets popular, everybody wants a piece of the pie lol. 😛 It did work, which is of course why they did it; it certainly worked on me to begin with because after I first read Twilight I was looking all over for similar books to it. But by the time I wrote this post I was getting really exhausted with the whole thing! Especially as a lot of the ones I read weren’t very good books at all so I felt like I’d been cheated!

      • Yeah they did! I own them actually, I bought them because they were so cheap but I don’t like the covers very much at all, I kind of like classics to have – well, classic covers. Lol. On one of the versions (it isn’t on mine though) it actually has a circular badge on it saying ‘Bella’s favourite book’ or something along those lines, there was a tonne of uproar in the reviews section of Amazon.

  7. I have definitely noticed this, and I definitely don’t like it. What I hate most of all is the publishers who remade classic covers to look like them – especially Pride and Prejudice. I don’t want to associate those classics with modern vampire romance, please.

    • Hi Tiffany, I love that even years later people are still venting their frustration about this topic! It almost seems that we will never shake the ramifications of Twilight doesn’t it? There are references everywhere!
      I completely agree with you about the classic revamps, of course it is all a marketing ploy but that doesn’t mean we have to be accepting about it does it? I think it is so wrong.

      • Lol yep. Twilight seems to be stuck to our generation. I’m sure however, that some of the younger generations will be like, “What’s Twilight? You read that, seriously? And it was a big deal?”
        I’ve seen so many beautiful classic revamps. We don’t have to resort to these cheap marketing tactics.

      • Hahah ohh my gosh that would be so funny, I guess we will have to wait and see!

        You’re right, there are so many beautiful revamped classics out there, I personally like the Vintage Classics and Everyman’s libary ones!

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