Breaking Dawn Part 1 Film Review

Overall Impression: Taylor took his shirt off within the first five seconds, there were cringe-worthy honeymoon scenes that resulted in my rolling around with laughter, and Kristen Stuart actually learnt some more facial expressions! So all in all, Breaking Dawn part 1 was actually, shockingly………..good!

breaking dawn ticket

Well, where to start…..
So many things to say and not enough time! I really have a love hate relationship with Twilight.  Me and my friend have a tradition that we always go to see the movies together, even though we are no longer ‘Twihard’ fans, and in many ways actually dislike it now. I hate many of the messages in Twilight, not to mention the annoying Bella Swan, the cheesiness, the terrible acting, and yet………..the dorky teenage girl in me still kinda enjoys watching it. Of course, part of that enjoyment is also me and my friend laughing our heads off in all the wrong places that are considered ‘serious’ moments, resulting in us annoying half the cinema.

*BEWARE: THERE WILL BE SPOILERS BELOW* (Even though I think the majority of the world already knows what happens, but y’know just incase.)

The Plot
So the movie begins with Jacob receiving the invitation to Bella and Edwards wedding, which makes him super angry and emotional. The result of this of course is him flinging off his shirt and running into the woods. *swoooon* (the Twilight producers really know a way to a girls heart). This is followed by a montage of Bella’s other friends/relatives also receiving their invitation.


(Some nice eye
candy for you)

We’re shown clips of the wedding being set up and Bella looking nervous. Edward visits Bella’s room later that night (god that sounds creepy) to have a ‘serious’ talk with her about his evil past, and how he used to kill loads of murderers, this is an attempt to change Bella’s mind about wanting to become a vampire. Cue some bad acting, although, surprisingly from Edward rather than Bella. We’re so over the brooding thing now Edward. We get it, you’re a vampire, you’ve killed people, moving on.
The next day Bella walks up the ridiculously over the the top wedding aisle and marries Edward. This is followed by the reception where we’re introduced to some of the Cullen’s ‘family’ and speeches and toasts are given that provide some much needed comedy that kept me and my friend laughing for quite a while. Jacob also stops by to say his last goodbye’s to Bella while she’s still human and they have a little dance until it erupts into an argument.
breaking-dawn bella at wedding twilight-breaking-dawn vampires at weddin g

Bella says goodbye to her parents and jets off with Edward to Isle Esme *cringe!* Who buys an island and names it after their wife? Just a little over the top….
Anyways, here entereth the much anticipated sex scene which was so cringy, over the top, and just plain ridiculous that it sent me and my friend into hysterics. It was literally the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.
BreakingDawn honey moon scene

The honeymoon continues to go well and their are plenty of cute, and funny moments between Bella and Edward; the people that have read the books will probably know the scenes I’m referring to. However, their break in paradise is interrupted when Bella begins feeling unwell and shortly after realizes she’s pregnant. Of course, this is completely unrealistic, if he was really a dead dude  it would be PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE. But hey, this is Stephenie Meyer land so we’ll go with it. THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN-PART 1 Edward gets all freaked out because he’s worried its a devil baby so they rush home.
The baby continues to grow which makes Bella sickly (cuz y’know, baby vampires have teeth) and it continues to suck the life out of her but Bella is determined for it to be born anyway, even if this means she will die.
When Jacob finds out he freaks out and runs off to his fellow wolves in despair asking for their help. They decide that they must kill Bella before the baby is born. Jacob doesn’t want this either and splits from the pack along with Seth and Leah Clearwater and they spend the rest of the movie protecting her.
It continues like this until Bella, horrifyingly, breaks her back because the baby is too strong. (bleeughhhh so gross!) They no longer have any choice, they have to deliver the baby. They manage this but Bella’s heart stops beating. Edward quickly injects her with venom, and slowly her body begins to heal. The film ends when Bella opens her blood red eyes. She is a vampire. Dun, dunn, DUNNN!

NOTE: Stay until after the first lot of credits, there’s a scene that comes after them that you won’t want to miss!

The Verdict
I have so many conflicting feelings about Breaking Dawn, so I feel the easiest way to review this is to list it’s pros and cons:

1.) Bella’s acting improved! She had at least 5 facial expressions in this which made for a much more enjoyable movie! I even believed her love for the unborn child, and she played ‘ill and dying’ very well.
2.) Shirtless Taylor, you gotta love a bit of shirtless Taylor 😉
3.) I didn’t at any point check my watch to see how long the film had left, unlike when I went to see the other three films.
4.) Compared to the other movies, Breaking Dawn kept the pace all the way though the movie, there was always some some kind of action or drama going on.
5.) There were some super hilarious moments in this film, yes, it was very obvious humor and it was very obviously set up, but I still found it really funny, especially the Volturi at the end and the wedding toasts.
6.) Seth Clearwater was so cute in this film! He brought tears to my eyes!
7.) There were much darker, and more serious elements to this film that the previous installments didn’t have. For once it really made you question whether Bella and Edward should have ever gotten together, and the negative impact he’s had on her life is shown to the extreme. The part where Bella breaks her back was actually horrifyingly realistic, and it really made an impact and added another dimension that wasn’t in the other films.

1.) Creepy imprinting. It was creepy in the book, and it’s even more creepy in the film. The idea of werewolves imprinting on babies and being permanently attached to them just doesn’t sit right. AT ALL.
2.) Edwards rant about being bad and attempting to put Bella off marrying him. We’ve heard it a thousand times Edward, and you really should have learned by now that Bella has no self preservation and is masochistic; therefore, you will not scare her off. Plus, we saw from the trailer your going on your honeymoon so we know you won’t put her off marrying you!
3.) The honeymoon. I know a lot of people were looking forward to this scene but I honestly just found it hilarious. One of the scenes on the honeymoon also used some really obviously fake CGI, if you can’t use good CGI, you shouldn’t use it full stop.
4.) The werewolf talking scene where Jacob splits from the pack just really didn’t work. They gave them really weird amplified voices, which kinda made me think of a little kid holding his toys and giving them funny voices and pretend conversations.

Originality: 3/5
Entertainment: 4/5
Characters: 3/5
Cinematography: 3/5

Overall: 4/5 

(Please be aware, this is a Twilight rated 4/5. If your someone who’s actually serious about film it would probably be a 2 or 3 out of 5 🙂 )

*NOTE* Apolagies, the formatting on this post seems to have gone weird and seems to be un-fixable, very annoying!

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    • Aha! No problem!
      I had low expectations for this film, but it actually turned out a lot better than I though it would. But its still Twilight, so it was never going to be a work of genius haha!

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