Merry Christmas Everyone!

I hope you’re all having a really great Christmas full of presents, delicious food, and great company!

This year I was lucky enough to get the full Harry Potter DVD boxset and some excellent new books  to add to my TBR pile!!! Reviews for all these books of course, will be heading your way some time in the future!

What presents were you lucky enough to get this year? 🙂

460* * * UPDATE * * *
I got two more books today:

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Everyone!

    • Yes I am, although I have to admit I am more a fan of the TV series than the books in this case, which is rare, it’s usally the other way around!
      Actually I feel extremely bad about it, it’s been somewhat of a moral dilemma for me. For a long time I’ve refused to read the book on principle. However I still wanted to know what was going to happen – but then again I wasn’t sure if I wanted to read what was going to happen if it wasn’t what L.J. Smith wanted to happen. Haha.
      So eventually I came to the conclusion that I would give the first book ghostwriters book a go, and if it’s rubbish I will definitely abandon the series.
      Are you a fan of the Vampire Diaries?

      • I am – one of the few vampire/undead books that dont make me want to vomit with the whole main male character being perfect thing. Though I think I’ll wait for a few reviews before reading it, I dont want to waste money if the elena/Damon relationship just doesn’t happen.

      • Aha, yeah. The whole world has gone a bit OTT with the vampire genre since Twilight.
        Yeah, I read somewhere that the Elena/Damon relationship was the main reason L.J Smith was pulled from the book, because she was going too much down the route of them having a romance rather than Elena and Stefan. I don’t know if that’s true or not though…..Stefan is so annoying in the books though!

    • Ahh, have you read the Eye of the World and found it to not be very good? I’ve heard a lot about this series so I finally decided to give it a go and ask for it for Christmas.

      Yes, I have read the first book Bitten, (it was the second ever book I reviewed on this blog) and I own the next book Stolen which is waiting to be read, and now the two above as well. I have also read her Darkest Powers trilogy. Are you a Kelley Armsrong fan? 🙂

      • The first few Jordan books are pretty good examples of the epic fantasy genre. By the time we get into books 5 and up, the story itself begins to grind to a halt and it’s all about buildup for what they’re gonna do in the future. I’d be interested in hearing how long you last! 😀 I got to book nine, I think, before admitting defeat.

        I enjoyed Bitten quite a lot. It’s on my list of top vampire/werewolf books ( ) and I think the character was done very nicely (esp compared to a lot of the books that deal with werewolf protagonists). I’ve read up to the sixth or seventh(?) book in the series before my attention drifted.

      • Yeah I did read some reviews that said something to that effect, about how the last books are really dragged out, but we’ll see how I get on haha!
        Cool I’ll check out your post 🙂
        I agree, I’ve never really been a fan of the whole werewolf storyline but I think Kelley Armstrong protrayal of them is excellent, in both her Darkest Power Trilogy and from what I’ve read from her Women of the Otherworld Trilogy 🙂 If you want to look at my review of Bitten: 🙂

  1. I can’t tell if your tree is short or your book pile is tall or the angles weird. :L
    Anyways. I was lucky to get these books from a series called the beautiful dead. The person who got them for me has really good taste in books 😉 x

    • Haha, I wonder who that person with really good taste could be? 😉 I’m glad you like them 🙂
      It’s the angle, I had to lay with my chin on the floor to take the picture! The tree is almost twice as high as you can see on the image x

  2. Hope you had a wonderful day yesterday Becky. Those are some nice prezzies you got there! 😀
    There is a copy of the Book thief in my house somewhere but I havent read it, yet.

    For Xmas, bookwise, I got a book called Phantasmagoria, which is a compendium of monsters, myths and legends. And I also got a book on Winston Churchill although I might return it because I feel its a bit bias against the poor guy. I’ve never returned a book to the store before, have you?

    • I did thank you, how was your Christmas?

      I’ve read a lot of reviews highly recommending The Book Thief, so it’ll be interesting to see what it’s all about. It will probably be a while until I get around to reading it though. If you read it before me you’ll have to let me know what you think of it! 🙂
      Oooh the Phantasmagoria book sounds good! I presume you’ll do a post on it at some point in the future? I’d definitely be interested to hear more about it.
      I’ve returned a book to the store once, but it was because the present got duplicated lol. But I’ve never returned one because I didn’t want to read it haha.

      • I had a very enjoyable day thank you!

        With the number of books on my To-Read List and at the rate I’m going, I highly doubt that I’ll be reading it before you!! LOL ;P I’ll wait for the book review from you… 🙂
        I actually asked for Phantasmagoria as a present, for research purposes. I can see it becoming a Bible of ideas for me. I wasnt actually thinking of a post but I think I’ll use it to resume my legends/history themed posts that I use to do before. I think you might enjoy those…

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