A Feminist Story From My 7 Year Old Self.

BEWARE: This post contains extreme randomness.

My exams are over! Yaaaaaay! 🙂 Granted I still have coursework deadlines coming up that need to be completed, but the worst is over. I revised by butt off, so I hope it pays off. My cat even helped me write out my notes on some days.


She wasn’t much help though, her idea of help pretty much equalled snoozing and getting in my way!

Anyway I digress, the real reason for this post is that my revision technique is to write out my entire course onto flashcards, and to do this I reach into the deep depths of my cupboard and take out one of the gazillion of notebooks I was given as a child for Christmas/Birthdays to use. This time round I picked one with a purple flowery pattern (can be seen in the picture above, the little notebook on the far right) and as I begun making my notes in it, I came across  a long lost story I had written when I was younger called The Prince, Princess and Frog.  I proceeded to read it and found myself laughing at my bad grammar and terrible spelling. Upon reaching the last few lines of my story I stopped surprised. What was this? A pro-feminist message from the mind of a seven year old? Possibly.

I have never considered myself a feminist. I tend to associate the word with extremist views, and to some extent, slightly hypocritical people as it seems many feminists only want to be feminists when it suits them. I do not mean to offend anyone, it is just something that I have observed over time. However, I have always been very aware of the portrayal of females in films, music videos, books and advertising and have often been angered by it. I do not expect females to always be portrayed as strong and practical as this obviously isn’t always the case, but at the same time it is also unrealistic to portray every female as useless, or flighty and a slave to their emotions. The best example I can think of on this is the film Six Days Seven Nights starring Harrison Ford and Anne Heche. I literally could not sit through that movie without pulling out my hair in angered desperation. It was the most angering and frustrating portrayal of a female I have ever seen. Anyway, before this post ends up as a feminist rant, which was really not the aim of this post at all, (although if you would like to read more on feminism you can pop over to the post Blogging from the kitchen: On Sexism) I will get back on topic. Whether my story could be called feminist is probably up for interpretation, but I would prefer to look at it that way. So without further ado, I present a story from my seven year old self for you entertainment:

Once upon a time there was a princess called Lucy, now Lucy wasn’t like normal princesses, she was ugly. She had orange frizzy hair, bright blue eyes, round glasses and she was wearing a black polo neck and trousers. Lucy had a pet frog named Bog. This was Lucy’s only friend because she lived in a tower.
A most handsome Prince was sipping Seven-Up with one hand, and running his other  through his fine hair. All the girly girls would faint if they heard or saw him. One lovely day the Prince heard a rumor that there was meant to be a gorgeous Princess locked up in a tower 10 miles away from the Palace. So on Tuesday when the grass was as green as a broccoli, the Prince set out to find the Princess. But soon he came across the most awful foe, the thing was what some people called The Bomb. This is because he’s red and black with a square head, which is very ugly. He also throws sparklers and bombs at you if you come too close.
”You have crossed my path” The Bomb bellowed “now I must destroy you.”
The bomb slithered forward, slowly increasing speed; the Prince dodged taking a swipe with his sword. He missed, suddenly the monster knocked the Prince over. The Price got up and sliced the monster in two. Feeling pleased with himself he walked on until he found the castle.
                                                                * * * * * *
The Prince found some ivy to climb up, and finally he climbed up into the window.
”My Princess I have come for you”
The Princess slowly turned around and looked at him.
”Dear Princess will you marry me?”
”Why does everyone always ask that? For the third time in my life, I don’t need a Prince to take care of me, I can take care of myself, and I like living with my mum.”
”What? I thought you were being held captive by a witch?”
”My mums a witch DUUUUU!!!”
”But will you marry me?”
”You? No way, I don’t need a Prince to save me” said the Princess in disgust.
And with that the Prince climbed out and down the ivy laid window.   

So readers, if you’ve recovered from my badly written story (although I was seven!) the question I pose to you is this: At what age did you begin writing your own stories, did they have any specific themes e.g. feminism, and do you still own any of them today?


27 thoughts on “A Feminist Story From My 7 Year Old Self.

  1. That is actually pretty well written for a 7 year old. I can’t remember what I wrote like at that age but I bet it wasn’t as good as that. I don’t think I wrote anything unless it was for school.

    • I think I wrote a ridiculous story around that time for school and they had them all bound for us. The theme was not be bossy and helping people out. Horribly written and terribly illustrated.

      • Awwhhh that sounds really cool, I wish I’d had the oppotunity to have that done! 🙂 I remember this author came to our school once and we all had to write a story and the best one won a prize, I was so upset when I didn’t win haha. Ahh terrible illustrations, I always find it so strange to look back on your own ‘childhood art’ you see people drawn with huge eyelashed and purple faces, and I just think, what the heck was I thinking when I drew a human like that? 😛

  2. UMMMM I think most of the stories I wrote always included romance. Like once my teacher had a go at me because I put romance in a story just because it was my expert field. :L

  3. I had a ton of imaginary games where I was always rescuing some prince from an enchantment (this way if he saved my life later, it was okay because he owed me 🙂 ) I did write biographies for my stuffed animals, as I recall. But when I actually began writing stories… it was usually trying to emulate something else I’d read. A lot of my earlier stories involved mysteries in a fantasy setting- that was probably the product of my love of Tolkien and Agatha Christie. I still have one of those- a girl in a fantasy city somewhere finds out her guardian’s been poisoning her and she runs away to find out why. I never finished it, but I’ve gone back to it occasionally and thought about continuing it- I think I was twelve or so when I wrote that.

    • Awwwh thats so cute! Writing biographies for stuffed animals, now why didn’t I think of that!? 🙂
      Yeah I agree with you, I think this story was probably my own interpretation of childhood books I read and collections of Disney films etc as much of the stuff I watched when I was younger was about Prince’s and Princess’s. For instance, some of the phrases I’ve used I’m pretty sure I must have emulated from something else, I know I never could have come up with them myself!

  4. Ha ha ha ha ha!!! LOL !!! 😀 *Nisha gets up off the floor after falling off her chair*

    No man, Becky, you sure you wrote this when you were 7? Did you edit this before you posted it because there’s no way a child could have written this, this was brilliant! How awesome was that twist in the end?! “My mum’s a witch, duh!!” Ha ha ha ha!

    This is definitely one of the best fairytales I’ve ever read. Would you mind if I transcribe it?

    • Haha, I’m glad you liked it! I was thinking that I’d post this on here and everyone would just be like “ok, thats ummmm….interesting?” haha! 🙂
      I’m not 100% sure I wrote it when I was 7, but it was definitely around that age, I wrote tons when I was younger, I used to copy out books I owned onto sheets of paper and notebooks as well, just because I loved the feeling of writing, and I wanted to make the story last longer! (I was such a geek)
      Sure you can transcribe it 🙂

    • Haha thank you! You know what? I will 🙂
      I used to write pretty much non-stop when I was younger, I absolutely loved it, but I stopped probably around my first few years of secondary school because I just never had the time. Starting this blog has made me realise how much I miss it actually, and I’m determined to start writing again this year, and I may just post some random bits and pieces on here too 😉

    • Haha I know! I don’t even know where I got that from, I never even used to drink Seven-Up! Very stange indeed, I probably saw it on tv or something.
      Thank you! 🙂

  5. This was an interesting post; the story was well written for your age at the time 🙂 I didn’t really start writing my own stories until last year when I took a Creative Writing class, although I’ve been writing since I started keeping a journal at age seven. I haven’t written enough stories to have a theme yet, but they are targeted at teens.

    • Thank you 🙂 Really? Thats interesting, is that because you just never considered writing previously?
      Creative writing class *sighs* Whats that like? I’ve always daydreamed about what it would be like to go to a class focussed specifically on writing, and whether my work would be up to standard or if I would end up hanging my head in shame, haha.
      Journals are great, I’ve kept them in the past and it’s so interesting to look back at your life. 🙂
      Well everyone has to start somewhere, and that sounds like a pretty good start! I wish you the best of luck (although I’m sure you don’t need it 😉 )

      • My Creative Writing class was fun, although I had a hard time letting other people critque my work at first. Also, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in 8th grade, but until last year I only wrote poetry. Until I took the Creative Writng class, I wasn’t sure how I wanted to go about writing stories. The class really help me think outside the box with my poetry, gave me a good start with writing fiction, and most importantly it made me realize how truly passionate I am about teenagers.

      • That sounds great! I’m glad Creative Writing helped you develop your writing so much, and helped ignite your passion 🙂

  6. Nice. Very descriptive – dare I say Hemingway-esque?
    Do you think it’s a feminist message, or an independent 7 year old?
    Either way, fun story. Have you thought about rewriting and updating it?

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m afraid I will have to admit my ignorance as I have no idea who Hemingway is, but I shall take your word for it! *immediately stumbles over to wikipedia*
      Hmm I’m not too sure on that, like I said above I would like to think it was a feminist message but in truth it could have been many things. Thats a good suggestion, it could be, or maybe it was just because as children girls and boys don’t like each other that much and I was just being stubbon. Who knows? Haha! 🙂
      I hadn’t, but thats a great idea! I just might do that, thanks 🙂

      • Haha yeah I know, shame on me! I guess I’ve just never run across him… :S Old Man and the Sea, short stories. Got it. Will do 🙂

  7. That’s adorable and would make a great children’s book! Especially the “DUUUUUUUU” part 😉 We need more of those sort of kid’s books!

    • Haha thank you! 🙂 I especially love the DUUU bit too 😉 I haven’t heard that expression in years so it was so funny to read back and see it when it must of been one of my common phrases.
      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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