Any tips for a first time aeroplane flyer?

In just over a week, I will be embarking on what is probably the biggest adventure in my life to date. Visiting New York City! As soon as the opportunity arose at my school in the form of a Media Studies trip, I knew I had to go. I couldn’t let a once in a lifetime opportunity like this pass me by. New York City is a place I have always wanted to visit. Everything about it appeals to me; the fast paced atmosphere, the amazing architecture, the Broadway…… this trip is like a dream come true! I’m extremely excited, but also extremely nervous. Why? Because I am not a seasoned traveler, far from it in fact. I have never been on an aeroplane, I haven’t even set foot in an airport! Typical me picking a seven hour flight for my first time! But am I going to let my fear stop me from pursuing my dream? No! 🙂
So, with that in mind, I begun my research into world of the unknown. My family and I poured over the details of luggage requirements, packing, and rules of flying. I also quizzed friends, family and neighbours on their flying experiences; some good, some well…….not so good.
This has given me a vague idea of what flying might be like. However, I still feel reasonably uninformed….

Therefore, I now turn to you, knowledgeable bloggers of cyberspace. Have you got any tips for me? Any important things I should keep in mind that I might not know or won’t have come across on airline websites? Have you had any funny or unique flying experiences you would like to share? Let me know! Any help would be greatly appreciated! 🙂

23 thoughts on “Any tips for a first time aeroplane flyer?

  1. When you can move, sit at the back of your group. I had someone very nice shaking my chair on purpose for the entire flight, yelling “TURBULENCE.”

  2. Well on a long flight, which ours will be, it’s good to get up ever so often and have a walk about. Because if you don’t 1. Your legs will feel like concrete when you get off the place but 2. If you don’t you are at a slight risk of getting a blood clot :L. Also. Landing is by far the worst part of flying. Why? Because your ears will feel like they are going to burst! But not to worry, they won’t, just hold your breath when you feel your ears go funny. Errrm… Other than that try to sleep for a bit too but not the whole flight otherwise you’ll be rather confused and tired when you get off! If you want more advice (from me :P) drop me a text later or whenever haha 🙂

    • Blood clots??? Blimey haha, I’ve never heard of that before!
      Really? Thats interesting, I wonder why it’s worse landing than it is taking off….I’m sure there must be some scientific reason for it.
      Hmm, I never would of considered the need to get up and move about, thanks for that 🙂 Now I just have this image of me acting like a four year old running up and down the plane isle going WEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Haha.
      Great advice, thanks (I probably will ask you for more advice when I next speak to you haha) 🙂

  3. This is a hard one. I first went on a plane when I was about two weeks old but I’ve never been on anything as long as a 7hr flight. My advice would be to bring enough things to be occupied or you’ll get pretty bored.

  4. a) Don’t freak out. It’s not worth it.
    b) Definitely bring a book or something so you don’t get bored
    c) Walk around when you get a chance
    d) Make sure you are prepared to be warm (I realize this is winter so it’s probably going to be okay)
    e) People are impossible on flights, there isn’t a ton of space, but just remain calm
    f) For NYC, make sure your bag isn’t easily pickpocket-able.
    g) Have fun!!!

    • Thanks, I’ll try not to freak out, I tend to overanalyse things but I’m sure it will be fine, it’s just the unknown thats scary.
      I will definitely take a book, I’ve purposefully waited to read the last Hunger Games book Mockingjay so that I can take it with me on the plane. That way, hopefully if I feel ill or worried I’ll be able to distract myself with an absorbing story 🙂
      Really? I hadn’t considered that, I guess it could get a bit clostrophobic, do you get asigned seats on an aeroplane?
      Thanks for the great advice, I will definitely use it! 🙂

      • You typically have assigned seats on overseas flights from my experiences, but maybe not. I just meant like be patient with the people around you, especially if its a full flight. 🙂
        Mockingjay will be a great distraction!

  5. Becky, those planes are large, with a lot of seats. Move around the plane when allowed. Watch a movie. Bring a book. Might even bring your laptop? Chewing gum helps keep your ears from “popping” due to changes in altitude.

    You will enjoy it, my friend. And NYC is fantastic. Just guard your valuables when walking around just to be safe.

    • Really? You can take your laptop? I didn’t know that….is it true that you can’t use your mobile on an aeroplane?
      I will definitely take a book, I may take a quiz book as well and I always enjoy a good movie. I will take some chewing gum as you’ve suggested as too 🙂
      I hope I do enjoy it, it’s costing a lot of money! Haha. I’ve bought a new bag for the occasion so hopefully that will suffice, and I will stick close to the group.
      Thanks for the advice mj! 🙂

      • You will have a blast. As for your mobile, you can use it once the staff gives the all-clear after takeoff. Just prior to landing they will ask you to shut them down again.

        Have a fantastic trip, and do tweet about it!

      • Ahh I see, that’s a great help thank you 🙂 I will definitely Tweet about it if I get the time, and I may even dedicate a couple of blog posts to the trip, that is, if anyone’s interested, we’ll see 🙂

  6. I’m too lazy to read all the comments, so you may have already gotten this tip, but anyways… bring chewing gum!!! The changes in altitude hurt your ears a lot :S (or at least they did mine!) and chewing gum helps relieve the pain or the pressure or something. At any rate, it helps your ears pop so it doesn’t hurt so much!
    also, I’m super jealous! haha I have always wanted to go to New York city! I hope you have a fantastic trip!!!!

    • Haha, I don’t blame you!
      Thank you I will definitely do that, I think somebody suggested holding your breath or something as well. It’s strange how these things help!
      Thank you! 🙂 I’m sure I will I can’t wait, it doesn’t feel like it’s actually happening, I still can’t believe it!! Well hopefully you’ll get to go one day too! I never thought I would get the oppotunity 🙂

  7. Oh my gosh! I am so excited for you! 😀 I know you’re going to have the best time! Take loads of photos. Don’t worry about the plane. Just think, once you’re on it, you’re that much closer to NYC! HAVE FUN BECKY! 😀

    • I definitely will! I’m going to be ‘snap happy’ as my dad would call it (happily snapping photo’s of absolutely everything)
      I’ll try not to, and that’s very true! Aghh, I just can’t believe this is really happening!
      Thanks for the good wishes! 🙂

  8. Sorry Becky, as you’ve probably noticed I haven’t been around much, so I only got to read this today (I hope you haven’t left on your trip already! Lol.)

    I’m so excited for you, an awesome experience awaits you! I went to the US and NYC almost 20 years ago(egad! am I that old?), but I was a little girl back then and not old enough to appreciate the experience. But the two things I do remember about NYC are Macy’s(I can’t believe I’m such a girl) and the smell of roasted chestnuts on the streets. YUM! (Have some for me won’t you? 🙂 )

    As for flying tips, just make sure you walk around and stretch your legs once they give you permission to do so. Imperative for circulation. The one thing that does annoy me is the ear-popping, gum does work like the other commenters mentioned. Also keep some sweets and chocs in hand. This is just me but when I’m travelling in a confined space like a plane or bus I tend to feel light-headed so sugar helps!
    I do have a saying: travel light, travel happy. Restrain yourself from carrying too much clothing or other stuff. Take only whats necessary. There’s nothing worse than landing in a foreign place and being forced to drag tons of luggage around while looking for your hotel or on the street etc. And don’t be tempted to buy miscellaneous stuff like gifts at the airport.
    Have a safe and happy trip Beckster, and remember to savour very moment! 😀

    • Sorry I’m not sure what happened but an entire sentence got wiped out of my comment! Oops!
      What I meant to say after ‘dont be tempted to buy…at the airport”, was that as cool as those airport shops are, you always have time to buy from there when you’re coming back. So many people buy stuff before they depart and they end up carting it around for the entire trip! I could never understand that. Plus you might find cooler things on your actual trip! 🙂

      • Haha no it’s ok I’m still here! I leave on Monday 😉
        The smell of roasted chestnuts……..mmmmm that sounds delicious, exactly like a scene from a book, I can’t wait, and I will try and get some! 🙂 And awwh! Now I just have an image of a minature Nisha trotting around New York pavements with wonderstruck eyes staring at a Macy’s store, so cute! 🙂 And, you’re only as old as you feel Nisha 😉
        Thanks for the great tips! I especially like the chocolate one, sounds like an excellent idea to me! 😉 I’m only going for 4/5 days so I’m aiming to pack light. Suprizingly, I’ve always been pretty efficient at packing light, so hopefully I won’t have too much of a problem.
        Agggh, I’ve never actually seen those airport shops but I can already imagine how tempting they must be! So much great stuff packed into one place, its got to be hard to resist, especially if books are involved! But I shall try and follow your very sensible advice and restrain myself 🙂

  9. Gosh, this is two years out of date! Take it from someone who has been on a 10 hour flight to Seattle more than once: Sit on the very back row left or right, and take the aisle seat. The back row on a 747 and equivalent has only two seats, and the aisle widens out back there. Also, behind you is the emergency exit (quick to get out if you need to!) and there’s a bucket seat and window where you can stretch your legs and have a private view. Loo’s are close to you as well.

    Go to the loo before they serve the main food – there’s always a queue afterwards. Walk around as much as you can. Take comfortable slip-on shoes – I recommend a pair of deck shoes.

    • Hahaa, how the heck did you find this old post? 10 HOUR FIGHT? Geepers. The 8hrs was enough for me, I felt SO plane sick, who’s every heard of someone getting plane sick? Eeesh, annoying.
      Thanks for the advice, I’ll have to use it next time I go on a plane. 🙂 Hahaa, love your tip about the loos! That one will definitely come in handy.

      Thanks for the advice, Tony!

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