Exams and Tagging Wars

Hello bloggers!
Sorry I’ve been A.W.O.L. for a while and that I’ve been taking a while to answer comments etc, it’s that exam period ticking round again and it’s suddenly hit me the horrendous amount of work I’ve got to cover with not nearly enough time to do it in, and I have to admit, I’m struggling to stay positive. 😦 So blogging, reading, the majority of social networking, any form of normal life really has ceased until the 15th of June.

However Yasmine over at Y@smine in the World. Wide. Web tagged me this week, and I figured “hey, that’s a good excuse for me to do a quick post in the evening when my brain is fried and can’t take in any more revision.”
So, without further ado:

Do you have a middle name?

Yes, it’s Anne.

What’s your favourite subject at school?

Psychology. Watch out y’all, I’ll be analyzing you soon 😉

What’s your favourite drink?

TEEEEEAAAAA 🙂 Nuff said.

Favourite song at the moment?

Eyes Open by Taylor Swift. It matches my ohh-my-god-must-revise-can’t-give-up-got-to-keep-going-even-though-I’m-so-stressed-out-and-worried-I-won’t-cut-it attitude right now.

What would you name your children?

Whoaa? Children! I haven’t really planned that far ahead. Although I quite like the names Peyton, Sophie and Sam as girls names and Tom and Douglas as boys names. So potentially one of them I guess?

Do you participate in any sports?

Not officially. I used to do Gymnastics officially and I loved that, and at one point I could actually do the splits! Yeeoch. I also did Ballet when I was younger. I was good at it I think, but I didn’t enjoy it so I moved on to Tap, then I got bored of that too and quit haha. I do amateur rock climbing sometimes in my spare time, but I’ve never had lessons or done it with an official group.

Favourite book?

I hate it when this question comes up! How can you pick just one? I refuse! 🙂

Favourite colour?

Black. Ohh wait…that doesn’t technically count as a colour does it? Okay…blue or red.

Favourite perfume?

Hilary Duff’s With Love. Mmmm, heaven. It’s pretty much the only perfume I buy.

Have you graduated High School?

Umm…I presume the equivalent here is Secondary School? In which case kinda. I’ve finished my GCSEs and I’m now doing my last year of ALevels.

Have you ever been out of the country?

Yes, although not very much! Why not check out my posts about my trip to New York part one and two.  It was my first trip on an aeroplane!

Do you speak any other languages?

Nope. I’ve never been very good at learning languages, I sucked at French.

Do you have any siblings?

Only child!!! Yeahhh! I get all the presents. Mwuhuhuhuu!

What’s your favourite store?

Hmm…I’m not really a big shopper, but I quite like New Look, and of course, Waterstones 😉

Favourite restaurant?

I don’t really do restaurants. I find people watching me eat creepy! I don’t really know why…I just don’t like it haha!

Do you like school?

Depends on which day you ask me. Right now I hate it with passion. I HATEEEEE YOUUUU REVISIONNN!!!!

Favourite youtubers?

I don’t have a Youtube account so I don’t really follow anyone.

Favourite movie?

Agghh! Another tough question. I’ll just name a couple I think: Lion King, Lord of The Rings Trilogy, the Harry Potter films, Never Let Me Go, The Lovely Bones, Big Daddy, Van Helsing….I think that’s enough for now, I could be here a while otherwise! 🙂

Favourite T.V shows?

I’m guessing you guys already know that by now if you’ve followed my blog for any length of time..….but just in case I haven’t made it clear. BUFFY IS AWESOME AND SHOULD BE COMPULSARY TV FOR EVERYONE. IF YOU HAVEN’T WATCHED IT, GO AND WATCH IT RIGHT NOW. AND YES I AM VERY PUSHY. I have managed to convert 80% of my friends to it. (Yes Lizzie, I’m looking at you Miss 20% 😉 )
I also like Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, Lost, Vampire Diaries, Greys Anatomy, Castle, and my new latest favourite, a very new series Heart of Dixie. It’s got Rachel Bilson, cheesy cuteness, awesome fashion, and best of all, country accents! And I seriously heart myself some country accents!

P.C or Mac?

PC, simply because I used them first. Mac’s seen all backwards to me, like the restore, minimize  and cross being on the left hand side. Very confusing! Although Mac’s are great for media related programmers like Final Cut Pro and Motion.

What phone do you have?

An LG touch screen. That’s pretty much the extent of my phone knowledge.

How tall are you?

Urmmm I’m going the guesstimate (hehe guesstimate, I love that word) I think I am about 5,4 but I haven’t checked in a while.

Well thank you to Yasmine for tagging me, I’m now going to pass the questions on to Niki over at Escaping Reality With Books. She’s new to the blogging community and is a very good friend of mine, so why don’t you stop by and pay her a visit? 🙂 And yes, when I say a good friend, I mean one I actually talk to face to face, believe it or not, I do actually have a couple of those, even with my antisocial bookishness. 😉

To the rest of you lovely bloggers, what would your answers be? I’d love to get to know you a little better! 🙂

49 thoughts on “Exams and Tagging Wars

  1. Becky Anne Day, that makes your initials BAD, but it sounds so posh.

    Your answers made me laugh actually. Despite all the sophistication of your photo and your name, you are silently insane. In fact it has made me slightly nervous about your upcoming Kindle rant.

    I reckon you should have tagged Maggie as well. I bet she speaks 45 languages, doesn’t watch TV, runs her own restaurant and is a demon of a football/soccer player.

    • Haahaa I know! BAD. So ironic, it’s sounds worse if you call me Rebecca Anne Day. That makes me sound like I’ve walked right out of one of the classic books! Haha. Oh, and it would also make me RAD. But I assure you, I’m not posh in any way……I don’t think.

      Haha that’s a good thing then I guess? I don’t really consider myself a funny person but getting a laugh out of someone is always good. Although I’d prefer it to be with me rather than at me… 😛

      Haha I am silently insane! I’m glad you noticed. 🙂 What gave it away? The Buffy rant by any chance?

      Yeah, maybe she’ll answer some of the questions in the comments section if your lucky!

  2. Some great answers there.

    No restaurants, come on girl! You’re missing out. No one’s looking trust me.

    I’m making you pick your # 1 favorite book. No options, what is it???

    Did you like the show Angel as well? I’m just picking it up and loving it. I may have already told you that, not sure.

    You’re going to do great on your final exams. Don’t worry about not cutting it. Prepare and Prevail – that’s my motto.

    • Thank you. 🙂

      Haha I know it’s strange, I think if I just go to them more I’ll get used to it, or maybe I’ve just been to them with perticually strange people that like to stare at people eating haha.

      Ohhh, that’s so mean!! Okay,…I’m just going to have to pick a few because I can’t possibly chose one: The Hobbit J.R.R Tolkien, The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, the Harry Potter series by J.K Rowling, Elsewhere by Gabrielle Zevin, Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Those are the main ones I can think of right now. 🙂

      I love Angel too, but I prefer Buffy just because Angel has slightly more strange storylines. But I own all of the series on DVD. I’m glad you’re enjoying it! Have you ever watched Buffy?

      Thanks mj! I’ll keep that motto in mind, it’s a good one. 🙂

  3. Right so, I regret to inform you and Michael that I do not speak 45 languages (just English and a few words of Chinese) nor am I a football/soccer player. However I was a good field hockey player back in the day, played basketball and lacrosse, did gymnastics way back when, and currently play ice hockey for my college club team 🙂
    Anyhoo, let’s see: I do have a middle name- it’s Liberty.
    Favorite song at the moment is Fantasmic by Nightwish It’s a metal tribute to Disney- how could I not love it?
    Favorite drink is tea.
    Favorite subject is writing.
    Names for kids: Don’t know yet if these’ll even happen, but I love the names Gabriel, David, and Theresa.
    Favorite book is Crime and Punishment
    Favorite color is red.
    Don’t wear perfume.
    Yes, I’ve graduated HS.
    Only been to Canada 😛
    I have four brothers and three sisters, all younger than me.
    No real preference on store or restaurant (and no, Michael, I don’t own one, sadly…)
    For the most part I quite like college 🙂
    Don’t spend much time on youtube.
    My favorite movie: tossup between Slumdog Millionaire, Walk the Line, and The Princess Bride
    TV Shows: I Love Lucy, Hogan’s Heroes, Get Smart, Psych, Castle, Firefly, Once Upon A Time (see, I do watch TV! Granted most of it is on Netflix or youtube…)
    PC. Macs confuse me.
    My phone is a really old flip phone that was a handmedown. It works 😛
    5’4″ on the height.

    So yeah, there’s some stuff about me that’s new! 🙂

    • Awwhh, such a shame! I reckon you have the brain capacity to do it though! I think Michael thinks you’re a really posh version of Superwoman or something 😉 Ooohh you did gymnastics too? Cool, something we have in common besides books haha.
      Wow, Liberty, that’s such a cool middle name! I listened to the song as well, it’s awesome. How on earth did you come across it? I loved Walk the Line and The Princess Bride too, great movies.
      I’m curious, are any of your siblings bookworms like you? Or are you the only book lover in the family?

      Thanks for answering the questions. 🙂

      • I did do gymnastics, yes. It was quite fun, I was sad to leave it.
        I think I came across the band through Pandora, liked them enough to get one of their CDs, and that song was on it. As for the movies, they really are (and I should probably add Doctor Who to the list of tv shows. It was a case of it being so obvious, I forgot about it.)
        They all like books to some degree, though at the moment none of them are quite as much into reading as I am. I have hopes for them when they get older though.
        No problem! They were fun 😀

      • She really is a posh version of Superwoman though! She is really smart as well, and threatens to zap people with her brain, just like River did to Jane in that episode of Firefly.

        Maggie Liberty… I reckon her surname is Bartholomew.

        If I’m wrong, then, well, it means she is telling fibs and zapping our brains.

      • Hahaaaa Michael, to quote you earlier, I also think ‘you are silently insane’ but no worries, you’re in good company with other people who are also equally insane. 🙂

      • That show has everything- big damn heroes, spaceships, and smugglers.
        I love that episode of Castle. Granted it’s because all I see is Nathan Fillion solving crime as Mal Reynolds, and that sight just pleases me greatly.

      • I love Castle! I’m actually watching it right now. A lot of the time I get fed up with detective type programmes like CSI because there’s so many of them and so they get a little repetative, but Castle is different, it’s much more entertaining. 🙂

        I haven’t seen Firefly yet but I’m always interested in seeing anything produced/written by Joss Whedon. I must admit it’s a lot more Science Fictionly looking than the normal programmes I would watch, but I’m certainly willing to give it a go at some point!

      • To be honest, Firefly is actually quite light on the sci-fi side of things. Some episodes are set almost entirely on a planet somewhere. There are no aliens at all and none of that silly Star Trek technology speak either.

        I made the mistake of seeing the film, Serenity, before watching the TV series. Don’t follow in my footsteps…!

      • Ohh right cool. 🙂

        Ummm….I’ve already followed in your footsteps :S Haha. I’ve seen Serenity, I have the DVD. It was um…..a unique expirience. Kind of like Resident Evil, but with Spaceships and less interesting. I take it you’re not a fan either haha.

      • Doh! I quite liked Serenity when I first saw it, but it seemed that there were far too many characters, and not enough explanation of who they were. It was enjoyable, but not something I would bother watching again.

        However, after watching the Firefly episodes, (only 13 were made ‘cos FOX are gay) it made far more sense. The characters are great.

  4. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. I’ll watch it, eventually!! Maybe. 😉
    Ohmygod I meant to tell you and your mention of it reminded me. I managed to slip a Gilmore Girls reference into a conversation yesterday. I lol’d so much at myself. #special.

    • Hahaa, you better 🙂

      You did?!? I didn’t notice! How very, very cool of you Lizzie. I shall award you 2 bonus geek points. 😉

      Ohh dear, the hashtag seems to be appearing more and more lately. Twitter withdrawal? (I personally just like # tags, no matter the place. hehe.)

  5. Hey I also have an LG Touchscreen!!! Do you have the Optimus Pro???
    Becky Anne Day, that’s so pwetty 🙂 What if I told you that Nisha is actually my middle name and I never use my first because its just downright naff??? Yes, I hope for my sake you don’t believe me! LOL.

    I agree with MJ on restaurants. I luuuurve going out to eat. If it were not for obvious health reasons, you would probably find me at a restaurant every night! 😀
    ANd btw I also did ballet when I was young. HATED IT. But awww, I can actually imagine pretty little Beckster in a pink tutu with hair tied in a chignon and pirouetting(did I spell that right??)!!!!

    • Really? Cool! Haha. To be honest, I have no idea….I have minimal phone knowledge. It’s not a particularly fancy phone though, more middle of the road.

      Awwwh thank you! You can thank my parents for that 😉
      :O Your first name isn’t Nisha!?!?! Haha that’s so strange, the name kind of seems to fit your personality somehow…..if that makes sense. It sounds sweet, but also kind of unique, like your personality. Ohh, now the suspense is killing me! What’s your first name??? It can’t be THAT bad…..can it? :S

      YAY! Another ballet hater. Lol, I loved all the pinkness when I was younger but now I can’t stand pink, unless it’s a really pale pink. Come to think of it…maybe my hate for it came from my dislike of ballet!

      • Yep, Nisha means ‘night’ in Sanskrit so based on this fact alone, I agree that it suits me! *evil, maniacal laugh* Mwhahahahahaha!!!!
        The actual story of my name is a mighty long one, probably the length of an entire blog post itself! If you study hard, Beckster, I might just tell you that story one day…mwhahahaha!! 🙂

      • Ohhh cool, I love it when names have meanings behind them. 🙂

        Ooooh, now if that isn’t motivation to study I don’t know what is! Now I’m even more curious lol…..

  6. Your post cracked me up, loved some of your answers. Also, I wholeheartedly agree with not wanting to choose just one fave book. With Buffy toooo!!!! It should be compulsary tv for everyone, hands down!
    No youtubers eh? Well after you’re done with exams and such, you should check out communitychannel, start from her earliest vids- she’s amazing and funny and great and makes me lol every single time-, nigahiga – funny, funny man aaaand oh raywilliamjohnson of course!
    Good luck with your exams x

    • Thank you! I’m glad it was entertaining, I’m always concerened that tagging/award posts will be boring. 🙂

      Woo! Power to the people! Maybe we should start a petition for compulsary Buffy watching? Do you think it would catch on? Haha.

      Ohh right cool, I will check them out. I’m always up for watching some funny video’s.

      Thanks, I definitely need the luck! x

  7. Have you met anyone from Buffy? I went to conventions a lot when I was younger and met a lot of the cast! I love Buffy so much, I bought the complete boxset for my mum for Christmas a couple of years back and we just spent boxing day and a few days after just watching the whole lot of them. I have a serious compulsion to start watching it now as well haha. What was the first episode you saw?

    • No I haven’t. Ohh my gosh I am so jelous of you right now!!! Which ones have you met?!? Were they conventions in England? I only ever really see about ones oversea! Lol, sorry, major excitement leads to excessive use of exclemation marks.

      I love, and I think always will love Buffy. I have all the boxsets of both Buffy and Angel.
      I think the first episode I ever saw was season 6 and it was either the one where Buffy is invisible or the double meat palace one with that crazy old lady. Either way I was only about 6 or something and it terrified me haha. I forgot all about it until one day when I was 11 or 12 and I was off ill from school and I just happened to see it on and for some reason and started watching it. It was the episode in season 5 where Buffy and Drusilla are tied up by Spike because he’s trying to prove his love for Buffy. And well…I haven’t gone back since. That was the best cold I’ve ever had! Haha.
      How did you come across Buffy?

      • Yeah they were in England, up in London, I think they happened every year, and I was really young at the time and they seemed quite surprised because obviously it’s quite violent and stuff so they tended to talk to me quite a bit haha. I’ve met Angel (I can’t be bothered to spell his real name) Giles, Spike and Cordelia, they’re the main ones. And also the guys who played Jonathan and Ethan Rayne, they said my name was cool haha.

        Ah I love the episode where she’s invisible, I just think Warren, Jonathan and Andrew as bad guys was quite funny! Have you started reading the comics which carry it on? I’ve only read one of them but it’s really good!

        The first one I watched was Hush, with the gentlemen where no one can talk, which creeped me out, my mum (who had never seen Buffy before) had to sit with me and watch it and from then on we were hooked!

      • Wow! That is……….WOW! You’re so lucky! You met Spike!?!?!?! *fangirl squeeel* I think I might faint if I met him! Haha. And Angel! Wow. And they actually talked you and……eeeep! Major dorky excitement here. That’s just so cool!

        Haha I loved Jonathan and how everyone calls him because they forget his name, Tucker’s brother haha. I wasn’t so keen on Warren, but that’s just because he was such an evil little geek.

        I haven’t read the comics, I don’t think I’m really a comic kind of person, (but that’s probably just because I’ve never read one haha) and well I looked up the storyline of them on Wikipedia, and they sounded really crazy weird. Like, I think Buffy becomes a lesbian and random stuff like that. I don’t know…I think the series is probably best left the way it finished, in true Buffy style, going out with a bang you know? So I’m not sure I will ever read the comics. I have however, read loads of the Buffy novels which are set all around/during the seven seasons. Have you ever read any of them? 🙂

        Ooooh I love Hush Hush! That’s one of my favourite episodes, although like the Double Meat Palace one, quite a spooky one to first come across! Haha. I love the bit where Giles is using the projecter and there trying to communicate, that bit was so funny. 🙂

      • Ah only just saw that you replied!

        It was pretty cool, but I kind of barely remer it because I was young. My mum took full advantage though! Yeah Ilove Jonathan too he was so cool, even if he was nerd, but who cares about that right?

        Yeah, I’m not much of a comic person either but these are just so in the style (mainly because it’s by the actual writers) that the first one really hooked me. I haven’t looked at any spoilers so have no idea what’s happening (except maybe something with Giles) but it sound kinda cringe-worthy if that is the case, she can’t encroah of Willow’s territory!

        No, I haven’t but I’ve always wanted to though, are they an good? And yeah I agree, I loved the ending of Buffy (not of Angel though, that was disappointing) and omg poor Anya, she was amazing.

        Yeah, I love Double Meat Palace as well despite the insinuation for most of the episode that the secret ingrediant was people. I also really loved the one when everyone was dealing with Joyce dying, so sad. And Once More With feeling, I totally have the soundtrack on my ipod!

      • Haha, that’s okay no worries!

        Hmmm well if you liked them I am rather intrigued now… it’s so great that the writers are still happy to do it, I love nothing more than seeing people’s commitment to a project (unlike the Twilight cast for instance who act like Twilight was the worse thing ever, even though it fast forwarded their careers)

        I was SO disappointed with the end of Angel too, I would be very interested to see how the comics deal with that ending! I completely agree. The Body (yes sadly i know that without looking haha) and Once More With Feeling were some of my favourite episodes! Along with Chosen, Hush Hush, and Pangs. Genius, just genius. Ohh and one of my fave speeches of the whole series: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFmj0Wd1wwY for the episode potential. Brings a tear to my eye everytime :’)

        Hmm…the books are sort of hit or miss. The problem is, they never quite live up to the real thing ya know? Although they are quite good for a general Buffy fix. Some are really good, but they tend to be the ones that are set in alternate dimensions, because then they can mess around with the characters and kill people off etc, whereas if they’re set in the normal Buffyverse they have to stick to a very set formula, so nothing dramatic can really happen. Therin lies the downfall. But there are some really great ones, so definitely come back to me if you want recommendations as to which are the good ones 😉

      • Awwwwwwwww, I love Xander! That was a pretty touching speech. Need to watch it right now.

        The episode where she kills angel gets me every time, even though I know he comes back and goes on to get his own series haha.

        Oh I definitely will do! It’s a shame they can’t all be good but at least there are some I suppose!

      • Hehe ohh yeah that get’s me too! It just shows how great the show is that it can maintain it’s awesomeness even when it’s rewatched over and over.

        Cool, I’ll be interested to see what you think when you try them. 🙂

    • Haha, unfortunetly sometimes the blog has to suffer for the greater good, it’s a shame, but sometimes it just has to be done!
      Thank you, I definitely need the luck! I’ve only got one exam left now thank goodness. I hope yours have been going well too. What is it that you are studying? 🙂

      Haha really? Awesome, I love season 3 when Faith comes along and causes a load of drama. It’s great to find another Buffy fan! 🙂

      • I studied English with a creative writing emphasis. Essentially, I have a degree that claims I can write haha. I tell you though, taking that final exam of the semester/quarter feels AWESOME, like a huge veil got lifted to show all this free time you suddenly have! I’m sure you did spectacularly on it 😀

        Also, while I’m watching Buffy, my roommate is watching Dollhouse. It’s a Whedon-fandom here. 😛

      • Ohhh cool, that sounds great. 🙂 I admit I never got on with English at earlier level but I do slightly regret not giving it a go, I can see that if I hadn’t given up on it, it could have been really interesting to discover the themes behind famous books and etc.
        I have to agree with you, my last exam is tomorrow and I can’t wait for freeeeedomm! Haha. My plans for this summer? Reading, a lot. Harry Potter marathon. Then reading some more! Hehee.

        Wow ok, that’s double awesome, you guys have good taste! 😉 I was watching Dollhouse but I missed the next series when it came back, I’m hoping to pick it up again at some point!

  8. Yea, Buffy was a guilty pleasure even for a middle aged guy. I just wish Joss Whedon would do a film version. The Secret Circle is my new Fantasy/I mean guilty pleasure. Good luck with school though I imagine you will do just fine!

    • Haha cool, I love how Buffy appeals to so many people across the spectrum, it shows there’s something really universal about it. 🙂 I’ve actually heard that there is going to be a Buffy film, but that Joss won’t be doing it, or any of the original cast, so it will probably be pretty terrible if it ever actually gets made.
      Ahh yes I watched The Secret Circle, I have to admit I thought it was pretty terrible, and the lead character Cassie really annoyed me! Haha.
      Thank you! I need the luck, and thank you for stopping by and commenting. 🙂

  9. Oh, I LOVED taking Psych this year! It’s hard work but so fun. As for some of the other questions…I really like the name Jayden for a boy. Some good YouTubers: vlogbrothers, nerimon, charlieissocoollike, hayleyghoover, for a start. Favorite TV shows: Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Legend of Korra, The Mentalist.

    • You took it too? Awesome! Yeah, I love it! And I tell you what, I bet it will come in handy for writing your characters as well, I’m sure it would help with mine when I actually get around to creating some haha. What area’s of Psychology did you cover?

      Jayden…that hadn’t even entered my mind as a name but I quite like it too, it’s not one you hear everyday. 🙂

      I’ve heard really good things about Sherlock, I think I will definitely have to check it out at some point. I’ve watched the Mentalist on and off, I quite like it. But I’ve never heard of The Legend of Korra….what’s that one about?

      • It was a high school class, so basically Intro to Psych. We covered the basics of just about everything. And yeah, I agree with you there on the characters. That was one of the factors in my choosing that class, it might come in handy when I need a deeper understanding of them.
        Korra is the sequel series to Avatar: the Last Airbender, if you ever watched that. It’s geared mostly toward kids, sure, but I think it’s good viewing for just about anyone.

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