And This is Why I Shouldn’t be Allowed in Bookshops…

….especially second hand ones.

I went into town with the intention of buying some stuff for my room at University to make it feel a little bit more homely.
Instead I came home with two bags full of books.

That pretty much sums me up as a person doesn’t it? Lol. 😛

You should have seen the ladies face when she saw how many books I was buying! I don’t  think she could believe it.

But thinking about it, how often do you walk into a second hand book shop and find THAT many amazing books that you want? It must be fate! And you know, I think I deserve a little reward for surviving the first month of University, it certainly hasn’t been easy!

Looks like the book ban is broken once again.

SDC13717The first book I laid eyes on was Neil Gaiman’s American Gods. I don’t know much about it but the the blurb is really intriguing! It’s striking cover immediately caught my attention with its filigree gold detail and unique typography. How could I resist? Especially after recently reading Stardust and enjoying his quirky writing style. I am very interested to see how this book compares. 🙂


I have heard so many great things about A Thousand Splendid Suns on the blogosphere, so when I saw this beautiful hardback version for only £1.99 I grabbed it straight away! As a reader I really try consciously to read a lot of different genre’s, I think it’s something that is really important. It’s interesting to see how the conventions vary, the pace of the story and even if I don’t end up liking the book, I find I get a lot out of it and they quite often challenge me as a reader. I think A Thousand Splendid Suns could be one of those books. 🙂

SDC13710I have wanted to get my hands on Jurassic Park for a very long time, but for various reasons I have always ended up putting other newer books higher on my wishlist. I find anything dinosaur related fascinating. When I was younger I watched all the Walking with Dinosaurs, I was obsessed with The Land Before Time films and I even have a dinosaur top that says ‘Rawwrsome’ as in ‘awesome’. Lol. So naturally, I also loved the film Jurassic Park and I hope the book will be just as good. 😀

This next book is a bit of an unknown gamble, but the unusual title and the Chinese/Japanese script in the corner automatically caught my attention. When I read the blurb I was so curious and I just had to know more! And again, it’s a super predddddyy hardback so how could I resist?SDC13723

‘You may think that the sheaf of paper you hold in your hands is a book. It is not. You may presume that the fine black lines that fill its pages describe a world that exists, but you are mistaken. Do not be deceived. What you are about to read is as empty as a locust shell, and as immaterial as smoke. It is a house of lies.

Lies, lies, a house of lies: such is the place you are about to enter. It is a flimsy construction made of ink and white paper, as ephemeral as the shrines dedicated to our native gods, which are built every generation only to be torn down and built again. Do you choose to pass through the red gate that leads to its fictional precincts? Be careful. It may collapse at any time. The garden through which you will walk, verdant as it is with moss and camellias, may wither in a moment. Do not stray from the stony path. Leave your possessions by the door. Prepare yourself for all you had expected…’

Now is that an enticing blurb or what? Usually I can’t stand something so obviously trying to attract a readers attention e.g. The Bad Beginning from a Series of Unfortunate Events, but there was something different about this one. The tone of despair, the unusual language. SDC13720I just couldn’t resist!

This is the second book in a series written by the celebrity Hilary Duff. I have been a huge fan of her since I was very young; I bought all her albums, saw all her films and she was the only reason I would ever pick up a magazine – if there was an article on her. I guess I would consider her one of my role models, and I think she really influenced the way I lived my life. So of course when she released a book I had to get it. The first book Elixir was average, pretty much what I expected. After all, she’s a celebrity not a writer. But that is why I never got round to reading the second book, but when I saw it (once again a pretty hardback) in the shop I had to snatch it up. Hopefully it will be better than the first!

SDC13724I couldn’t believe it when I looked at the bookshelf and saw the ENTIRE Vampire Academy series! This is a set of books that have been highly recommended to me numerous times by YA fans. The first book has been on my wishlist for ages with a specific note next to it *must be red front covers* because they’re the pretty versions!!! And well, when it comes to book covers, I’m vain ok? I admit it. If there’s a cover I like, I’m willing to pay more for it rather than buy the cheaper version with the average cover.
So that has to be fate right? To walk into a shop and find an entire series you’ve wanted for ages, with the EXACT front covers you wanted, in practically PERFECT condition?!?!
I think so. 😉


So that was my book haul of the day. SDC13732

However a few days later I was out again, and I couldn’t resist a few more purchases. 😉
I saw these beauties in the charity shop. The Lord of the Rings set. I’ve been trying to get my hands on these for ages but unknown forces seemed to be conspiring against me, and I was refusing to buy them new because it was more than I wanted to paeight mile island by tony talboty for them. But no more! Mwuhu. I’ve already read the first two, but not the third, so I’m looking forward to it.

This one was an unexpected surprise. I received an email telling me that I had won a giveaway, one that I had actually forgotten I even entered! This book is by the indie author Tony Talbot, a very nice guy I came across on Goodreads through various forums. I have never read any of his previous books so I am looking forward to reading this.
Cheers Tony!

And my last purchase….. the one that I am most excited about:


Eeeeeeeee!!!! Just look at it! Isn’t it preddyful?!?! In all its hardback glory. The dust jacket is made from that really nice velvety feeling paper too, I keep stroking it. 😛 I know there have been mixed reviews about this book, and for a long time I was reluctant to even consider reading it, but anyonething finally convinced me, and from her review, it sounds exactly like my sort of book! 🙂

*   *   *

So loyal readers, have you read any of these books? If not, have you bought any new books recently? I would love to hear about them! 🙂

Until next time. 🙂

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Eight Mile Island cover:
All other images are my own.

41 thoughts on “And This is Why I Shouldn’t be Allowed in Bookshops…

  1. Becky, you’re a girl after my own heart. I go crazy in second hand bookshops. Excellent purchases; they shall keep you busy for a good long while.
    Hope you are settling in at university, Happy Reading.

    • Haha, back at ya Emma. 🙂 They really are a gift from heaven for bookworms, you get so much more for your money. You can get three books for the price of one normal one!
      They definitely shall, it’s taking me forever to finish a book at the moment with all the fun assignments my uni is setting.

  2. Ohhhh, shiny, pretty books!
    The Vampire Academy series is pretty good, I liked it. Loved the first novels, but it got less than brilliant towards the end of the series.
    I SO want Rowling’s latest book, even though I was very disappointed when I saw it’s an Adult novel.
    I wish we had second hand bookshops with books written AFTER 1920 or something. XD
    Oh, well. Enjoy them!

    • Haha, my reaction exactly! xD
      Ohh you’ve read them too? Cool. I take it as a good sign that you liked them, although it’s a shame that they go a bit downhill, but then that’s often the way with long series!
      Haha yeah, I think it’s hard for any Potter fan to accept. Do you think you will read it eventually or are you against the idea? I was for a little while, and then I caved. :L

      Haha, thank you. 😀

      • I like Richelle Mead, I read both TVA and her Georgina Kincaid series, but that was..annoying.

        Well, hmm, I think I’ll read it. I mean, Rowling is an exceptional writer and so I doubt the book’s bad. I have been seeing people call it bland, though.

      • Ohh right, I didn’t realize that she’d done another series.

        Ahh cool. I think it’s probably gotten some negative reviews because it’s a specific kind of book; dark, slow and maybe more subtle than Potter, and no doubt that’s why a lot of people haven’t liked it or don’t get it. But my opinion of that could completely change once I’ve read it myself! Lol. 🙂

  3. Wow, you’ve been busy.
    I on the other hand have been very good and not actually brought a book since coming to Uni which I’m very proud of myself for! :L
    Hopefully these can take your mind off everything else going on at the moment 🙂
    I really need to find a second hand book shop here with good books that are nice and cheap. Haven’t really explored very much so there could be one out there just waiting for me to walk in! 🙂 x

    • Why yes, yes I have. 😛
      Wow, that is very impressive, well done. All my damage was done during reading week, but apart from that I haven’t bought anything. It’s ridiculous as well, I haven’t even read any of the books you’ve lent me and I’m pretty sure I’m going to fail my Eclectic Readers Challenge because I’m extremely behind after everything with university. I’ve barely read anything since I’ve been there. I never get to time or the quiet to do so! Yeah I hope so. 🙂
      Oooh sounds like a good plan, I hope you find one soon! Have you met any bookworms at your uni yet? xx

      • Haha, Fair enough.
        Oh right. We never got a Reading Week :/ Really could have done with one as well. But I suppose there isn’t much reading on my course… Haha
        Oh, I know! I haven’t read very much since being here. There always seems like there’s something else to do. Or there’s TV to watch instead of reading and then I stay up late doing that instead of reading :/
        Haha, well I haven’t even posted about the challenge or done anything about getting on to it.
        Well turns out that there is a shop called The Works and they have books there and you can get 3 for £5 but the books aren’t very good. They aren’t very recent but I did buy my first books since being here! 🙂
        No. Well not that I know of. No one that I’ve met has expressed a love for reading 😦
        (Sorry for the delay in replying. Forgot to tick the box to get an email when you replied)

      • Yeah, I think that’s so unfair! Ohh there’s tonnes of reading on my course. 😦 In fact, I’m just taking a short break from some as we speak. Have to use at least 10 scientific journal articles in this essay and it’s like reading French! Doing my head in.
        Ooooh cool, well that’s something at least. 🙂 Ooh cool, what was the book?

        Haha that’s alright, don’t worry about it.

  4. Becky, you are literary insane. Yes, I meant that as a pun.

    I sort of want to laugh at you getting all giddy and excited about the red covers, but I’ve done similar things in the past as well. Like that time I bought the very first Prodigy vinyl release for £60, and a year later learned that it was a bootleg. Oh, how I laughed.

    Jurassic Park is a decent read, but very different from the film.

    I’ve seen Tony Talbot talk about his wares on Facebook, Twitter, etc. but never actually read his stuff. Indie writers usually smell of bad BO, they’re like skateboard kids who haven’t grown up yet.

    Incidental news: Don’t bother watching Skyfall, the new Bond film. I saw it last week, it’s crap.

    Well done for surviving uni. I reckon most of your classmates are wandering around Tammy Girl, squealing with delight at their £26.89 purchases.

    • Ha ha class Cargill, class. How do you ever come up with these things? :L

      Lol, you are well within your rights to laugh, but getting giddy over book covers is a pretty great feeling. Everyone’s got their weakness, mine are books, by the looks of it yours is Prodigy vinyl. Ha. Have you EVER gotten crazy over a book cover? Surely there must be one! 😉

      Ohh you’ve read it? Cool, how is it different from the film?

      Hahaa, maybe it’s time to rectify that then eh? Ha, I’m sure they do, I expect they talk to invisible people too.

      Ohh really? That’s a shame. I’ve never really been a Bond fan, the stories are too repetitive for me, but Daniel Craig is pretty good, so that usually makes up for it.

      Haha thank you! 😀

  5. {Blushing} She called me a very nice guy, and we’ve never met! Jurassic Park is different from the film, but a lot better for it. The usual Michael Crichton useless-scientists-endup-being-kickass-at-the-end, but one I dip into occasionally. For a really good MC read, try THE GREAT TRAIN ROBBERY, I love that one.

    An ENTIRE vampire academy series, I’m impressed!

    • Haha I did indeed. Or at least you are via interwebs anyway, I can’t make any assumptions about the real life you LOL.
      I don’t really know much about Michael Crichton or any of his other books. Interesting that you say it differs from the film as well. Is it more scientific? Because I’m sure the film must have played up the action scenes for entertainment value and etc.

      Haha and so you should be! 😛 I probably won’t even get around to reading them for years to come at this rate anyway… *sigh*

  6. I’ve read a whole bunch of books lately, but have been pretty good on not going crazy with the purchases. Though I did buy myself Gone Girl as a present for scoring my first hockey goal ever. Mostly I’ve been digging up books from the school library (i’m reading The Godfather at moment and am almost done…) but right now school is killing me- I have a bunch of book reviews to write but I just don’t have the time anymore…

    • Ahhh check you out mastering the big old self restraint! Something I have yet to learn…lol. Although I haven’t been too bad, I could have been a lot worse I suppose.
      Oooh I’ve seen Gone Girl around a lot, and with some pretty good reviews too so I hope you enjoy it. It sounded like an interesting book. 🙂 And congrats on the hockey goal!
      Ohh no 😦 Damn studying always getting in the way. I’ve been the same, I finished The Brutal Art weeks ago but I still haven’t started a post about it, I’ve been too busy. :/ We’ll get through it, eventually!

    • Haha why thank you loonybin. 😀 You know…that is sound advice, I should but that up on my wall!
      I am starting to feel a little overwhelmed/dragged down by my tbr pile now though, it’s starting to feel a bit restrictive when I want to buy new releases and I’ve got books from years ago that haven’t been touched. Do you ever get that problem? :S

      • I currently have the exact same problem :). I was thinking that maybe for the winter I could stack my books up along the outside walls of my house to use for insulation. What do you think? LOL!!! Hey, speaking of having too many books to read, I have another series for you to try if you haven’t already. There are two out so far – Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue – and the author is Kerstin Gier. You really need to look them up. I read the first one and it was awesome, and the second one is currently in my Leaning Tower of Pisa TBR pile. 🙂

      • Haha ohh right!
        LOL. That’s a great plan, maybe I should consider doing that too…
        Ohhh no, ohh no you do tempt me! I can’t resist a book recommendation. Haha I will definitely have to investigate these books. 🙂
        Tower of Pisa TBR pile…hmmm that’s a great way of describing it, I’ll have to remember that one. 🙂

    • Glad to hear from another person with a healthy obsession with buying books. 🙂 Ahh, another Neil Gaiman fan, I didn’t realize there were so many! This is intriguing indeed.
      Thanks, glad to hear you enjoyed A Thousand Splendid Suns, that means hopefully I will too. 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!

  7. yay lots of good books 🙂 i did this a lot last year but this year ive not been into a bookshop due to the 400 odd books i have to read as it is!

    YAYAYAYAY read The Casual Vacancy i loved it 😀

    • Hehee I hope they are good books anyway! I will have to wait and see. 🙂
      Hmm….400 books, it looks like my tbr pile is starting to get that way now to be honest. I’ve got to cut way back. The problem is I am such a slow reader that it just takes me forever to make any progress. I envy your reading speed Laura. 😉

      Haha I will, as soon as I can! In fact, I may read it in December if I don’t get set to much university work. I want to be able to give it my full attention. 🙂

    • Hi specsandginger, love the name by the way!
      Yaaay, some more bookaholics! They really are one of the greatest inventions aren’t they? I sure hope they’re treasures, the only thing with second hand bookshops is when you take a chance you often come across some duds now and again, but hopefully this time that won’t happen!
      Happy reading to you too, and I wish you lots of future book bargains. 🙂

      Thank you for commenting and subscribing! Hopefully we can chat some more in the future. I’m off to check out your blog now. 🙂

  8. I did almost the identical thing when I moved into university halls 3 years ago. Instead of filling my room with heart throb posters, I went for books and more books. At the end of my course, I had 250+ books – adding to my library back home. I have been meaning to read A thousand splendid suns for a while now, I think it will be on my agenda for 2013. I tried attempting LOTR series but they just weren’t my cup of tea – too descriptive and not enough action. Being a fan of Harry Potter, I too want to read Rowling’s new book, just waiting to finish 1984 (which I highly recommend!). Happy reading!! 🙂

    • Ohh really?? Haha that’s awesome! At least it’s not just me. 🙂 Once again we are very similar, I don’t have any heart throb posters either. I think picking which books to take with me to Uni was one of the hardest decisions and had to make during the moving process.
      250+ books! Wow that is impressive, I approve. 😛
      Ohh cool, it seems to be a book that has gotten a lot of great reviews, so hopefully we will both enjoy reading it when we get round to it. 🙂 Ohh that’s a shame, I understand though. I’m a serious lotr fan, The Hobbit is one of my favourite books! But with the main three books it’s one of those rare cases where I do actually prefer the films. Did you like the films?
      Always glad to find another fellow Potter fan!
      Oooh I’ve wanted to read 1984 for ages! Do you ever write book reviews? I would be interested to hear your thoughts.

      • I’m sure by the time you finish uni, you will pretty much have a library that Belle would envy (Beauty & the beast!) I am going to add Thousand to my reading wish list for 2013. Now that I finished university and am working, it is almost impossible to fit a book in the middle of it all – hence it taking me forever to finish 1984. It is an excellent book and I can see why everyone loves it. I think you will like it a lot. I actually haven’t read The Hobbit… yes, it is quite strange but no one has ever recommended it to me. I like the LOTR films, but still don’t get the whole hype…
        I do write reviews everytime I finish a book… they are quite rare since I barely have time to read, wish I could write more but this is what work does to you 😦 Drop by my blog sometime end of next week, maybe 1984 review will be up (no promises though). I absolutely love you blog – its a great find for me 🙂

      • Haha, I’m sure you’re right! Aggh I love Beauty and the Beast for that very reason. 🙂
        Ohh that’s good, so you’ve just graduated from university? If so congratulations! What an amazing achievement. Ohh I bet it is, I am having trouble fitting any reading at university and the moment, let alone when you start a full time job *sigh* I can imagine! Tis sad indeed. All those wonderful books just waiting to be read…

        Oooh! In that case, read The Hobbit, 🙂 I think you will like it a lot more than lotr. There is a lot more action, it’s more lighthearted and fun because it was originally aimed at people of a young age, and in general it’s just a very heartwarming tale, very similar to a fairytale, just a really long one. 🙂

        Ohh good, in that case, I will be on the lookout! 😀 Awwhh thank you so much! That really means a lot to me.

  9. You SCORED! I get that shivery feeling when I see a book in a used bookstore I really want, you must have been hyperventilating! I would have been. Vampire Academy, fun stuff, I have the last one left to read, hope you enjoy! Thousand Suns – really good, sad, hard but so well done, it definitely expands your literary mind. Love Gaiman and really enjoyed a lot about American Gods, hope you do too! Good luck getting to them around your course work. That is always the delicate balance but I am sure you will figure something out 🙂 Super fun post.
    By the way, I am most of the way through Casual Vacancy and I am really enjoying. Those people are jerks! Do you ever watch Little Britain? One of the characters kind of reminds me of Vickie Pollard…which actually makes me laugh, even though it really isn’t funny.

    • HAHA. I did indeed. 😀 Agghh same! I couldn’t believe it when I was looking along the shelves and I just kept seeing more and more books that I wanted, and then soon I had picked out so many that I couldn’t even carry them! Luckily I had a very kind friend around to lend a helping hand.
      Ohh really? That’s great, the way you’ve described it makes it sounds like everything I was hoping it would be, so hopefully I will enjoy it too! 🙂 I was quite confused by the blurb on American Gods but also really intrigued, but I don’t really have any idea what to expect of that book, which I see as a good thing.

      Aggh yes, it is pretty depressing. I’ve barely read anything since I’ve been here. Speaking of which I have a book I finished ages ago and really need to review, but just haven’t had the time *sigh*. I’m just so snowed under with work at the moment because I was ill a lot at the start of the semester, so I am a lot further behind that I would like to be…

      Thank you. 😀 Glad to hear your enjoying The Casual Vacancy, I’m going to save it for a time when I have slightly less work so that I can really enjoy it. 🙂

  10. What is it about second-hand bookstores that make them so much better than their premium counterparts?
    And I don’t know why but I go all fuzzy and tingly when I see old classic worn-out books were you have to look at the spine to see the title, LOL. But it’s even better when you find brand-new looking books. These new purchases of yours: I would never have guessed you got them at a 2nd-hand store! 🙂

    • Haha I know right? I think like you’ve mentioned – the history behind the book, knowing that someone else has read it and wondering what they were like. They’re books that have been on journeys. 🙂 I also love that you never know what your going to get with second hand ones. Walk in to any Waterstones and yes they will have great books, but they’ll also be the ones you will see in any other store, whereas second hand shops are unique. You’ll never find the same selection of books. 🙂
      Oooh I get that too! I love it when you find old fashioned books with detailed beautiful front covers. Although I have to admit unless they are old fashioned books, (where it adds to the personality and history) I like mine to be in good condition, LoL. 😛

  11. Second hand bookshops are the worst for overspending! You go in thinking ‘everything is so cheap, I can buy a couple of books’, but then you can’t choose between all the amazing books they have on offer and can’t bear to leave without them when they are all so cheap! I always end up spending loads! I do love second hand bookshops though – they have such a nice atmosphere. I’m normally a lot more on guard in a full priced bookshop…

    • Haha I totally agree! I mean, if you think about it you get a lot more for your money, but because you can get more for your money you just end up spending so much more! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one with this dilemma though. 🙂
      Ahh yes agreed, I have to admit I rarely purchase something from a normal bookshop anymore. It tends to be Amazon, ebay etc because I just can’t afford it! The only time I do tend to purchase a book from there is if it’s a brand new one and it’s the same price everywhere to show as to show my support to a particular bookshop.

      Happy reading. 🙂

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