Eclectic Updates and Ego Stroking

Aggghhh stressed! So, so stressed! I have too many deadlines and essays. It’s a spiraling abyss or psychological journals and books on grammar! I have 5,100 words of mumbo jumbo to write all due in by the start of December, and a looming exam. It feels impossible, but I’ll do it somehow I guess… :/

Meanwhile I have all these blog posts I want to write, and all these books I want to read but I barely have the time to touch either of them.

Agghhhfff, frustrated!

Which brings me back to my main point; books. It always goes back to the books doesn’t it? Lol.

2012 eclecticreader

I’m so behind on the Eclectic Reader Challenge! I’ve only read 8 of 12 books on the list and I only have until the 31st of December, and at the snail pace I am currently going there’s no way I will complete it. It’s quite depressing actually. I thought I would complete it no problem, but I keep deviating from the list. I’ve read 20 books this year, but only eight of them are relevant to the challenge. *sigh* So contrary. Not to mention the fact that various big changes in my life keep throwing me off balance which puts me even more behind.
As my first book challenge I really wanted to complete it, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. 😦

*   *   *

In other news…..seeing as I have been neglecting my blogging duties I have gotten very behind with updates in general. Over the course of several months some lovely people have nominated me for blogging awards. Thank you so much guys! I always enjoy a good ego stroking! Lol I joke, I just thought that made a good title. 😛 I am probably one of the least egotistical people you will ever meet, I get embarrassed at the sight of anything even vaguely resembling a compliment haha. But it really does mean so much to me knowing that you’re reading and enjoying my blog.



Firstly Mittenskittens nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award for blogs that you ‘find a joy to read’ For this I supposedly have to answer 10 interesting questions,  so here goes!

1. Does Spongebob Square pants creep you out a little bit now you’re older? Girl, he creeped me out even when I was younger! I never did like the show, it kind of irritated me.
2. What is your favourite kind of big cat? Hmmm….tiger!
3. What’s your personal favourite post on your blog? Agghh that is so tricky! I’m going to pick…. Book Haul: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue because it was a lot of fun to write and also really enjoyable photographing all my books. 🙂
4. Who do you wish would make a wordpress account and follow you? J. K Rowling.
5. What’s your dream job and nightmare job? Hmm…you know, I’d quite like to blog for a living. 🙂 Although I would also really like to get a career in Psychology, that’s the hope anyway.
6. What is your favourite kind of tea? TYPICAL ENGLISH BREAKFAST TEAAAAA!! (Not that I’m addicted or anything, phaaa!)
7. What is your biggest achievement (in your eyes)? Probably getting into University.
8. How many blogs do you run? Or just one? I only run this blog (that’s hard enough to keep up with as it is!) but I did guest post on another blog for a while called Two Bullets, Five Zombies.
9. Favourite band or singer or song? Ahh that’s is just too difficult, so I’ll just put my latest obsessions – The Pretty Reckless and The Civil Wars. 🙂
10. Would you rather be a part of the Brady Bunch or the Addams Family? Errmm I’m not familiar with either sorry.


Next lotsaboutnothin nominated me for the Sunshine Award. Thank youu! This is actually a re-nomination, so I’m not going to pass along, or answer the questions because I’ve answered them before, but allow me to direct you back to my original post. 🙂

Lastly Thoughts & Life Lessons a new follower of mine recently re-nominated me for the Liebster Blog Award! Thank you Ellisse, you are too kind. 😀 This also comes with some cool questions attached that I haven’t answered before, so here goes:


1. If you could be any character from the Scooby Doo gang who would you be? As a typical young girl I always wanted to be Daphne Blake, I thought she was so cool and stylish, although now I’m older I’m thinking that Velma is the better choice. I would like to be the brains of the situation. 😛
2. What is your stress relief? Bubble wrap, it’s kind of compulsive. Lol.
3. What’s your favorite movie? Aggh I hate these ‘your favourite’ questions! It’s impossible to pick just one, so I’m just going to pick one of my many favourites and say Ever After.
4. If you could be any food what would you be? Eeeesh I don’t think I would like to be food, I don’t much fancy the idea of being eaten. So I’m going to say a really off piece of fish, nobody would dare eat that would they!?! Ha!
5. Where do you get your news from? Usually the TV, a bit from blogging, and a bit from Twitter but since being at university without a TV I haven’t really kept up with the news. Bad I know…
6. What nail polish color best represents your personality? Dark red-ey brown, kind of the colour of dry blood but that’s a gross way of describing it. Awwh man, now you’re gunna think I have a creepy personality…..but it only describes me because it’s my favourite nail varnish colour and I wear it all the time, honest!
7. Who is your biggest blog inspiration? Oooh that’s hard….I don’t really know. I like to think that I have my own style really, although I have picked up other bits and pieces from other blogs along the way. I learn a bit more with every new blog I read, and every new post I write, that’s the only way you learn what does and doesn’t work.
8. Describe your blog in one sentence? Discovering, reviewing and celebrating books in a laid back way. 🙂
9. What’s your favorite non-domesticated (i.e. not a cat or dog) animal? Hmmm… I’ve always though Bushbabies were really cute.
10. If you could only visit one place, where would you go? Italy, I’ve always wanted to go there!
11. What’s your favorite season and why? Spring, when everything feels fresh and new. Although I have to say I am loving the Autumn leaves this year!

I’m sorry but I’m not going to pass on these award this time because I don’t have the time to go through all the wonderful blogs I follow and pick a select few, it’s a very traumatic experience you know trying to pick just a few because they’re all so good!
But again, thank you so much for the nominations. 😀

*   *   *

So, coming full circle, is anyone else having book challenge woes or deadline issues? Please share, it may even make me feel a tinsy bit better! :S

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18 thoughts on “Eclectic Updates and Ego Stroking

  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Read what you can, get those papers for uni done first and just remember to breathe.
    Not familiar with Brady Bunch and Addams Family? Oh dear.

  2. Hang in there Becky! The first year of Uni is always the hardest, with the biggest workloads and the steepest learning curve. The rate of dropout is the highest as well.

    It’s tough, but it’s worth it; sometimes just to write “Tony Talbot, BSc.” on a formal letter is a blast.

    Keep calm and keep reading! {Sending some positive waves}

    • I will try! 🙂
      Really? I heard the first year of university was supposed to be the easiest! Lol, that’s what people always tell me, but I suppose they don’t take into account all the huge changes and technical new skills you have to learn which is always hard when you first do it.
      Yeah that’s true, our lecture halls were full at the start of the year, but now it seems almost half the people have gone. It makes me feel quite proud that I’ve made it this far. 🙂

      Haha! So true.

      Thanks Tony. 🙂

  3. You have so much on your plate that you should be reading to de-stress not add to your stress. So, I think you should forget about challenges for the time being and just read for pleasure whenever you have a few minutes, even though that might not happen too often right now. I feel for you – I remember those days of essays and exams, and I don’t envy you. However, you will get through it with flying colours. I just know you will!! 😃

    • Exactly! That’s the problem! Most of the books left on my challenge are ones I don’t particularly feel like reading right now, not because I don’t want to read them at all, they’re books I have wanted to read for ages, but just because with everything going on I’m craving easier going YA books that I have to concentrate on a little less.
      Aggh…if only I could though….I don’t think I can let the challenge go that easily. 😛 Once I start something I really like to do everything in my power to finish it. Damnation.

      Awwhh, thank you loonybin. 😀 x

  4. Those challenges…isn’t it funny? We impose these deadlines on ourselves cause it sounds like fun, but it usually ends up stressing us out! I have been trying to read too many books lately too. I joined a PR company for books and signed up for all these book reviews and now I have to DO THEM! Argh…the last one I read until late in the night and just barely got the post in. Why did I do this to myself? So I have told myself not to sign up for anything like that for a bit. That way I can read what I want when I want to and finish what I already signed up for, I do much better that way!
    Are you the type that becomes stressed over something, so you start thinking of all the things that stress you out to pile on top of the first stress? I do that. I imobilize myself that way – I have to write checklists with easy things so I feel like I am getting things completed so I can do the hard stuff too.
    School – so demanding! 🙂 Good luck with it all!!

    • Haha yeah it sure is. I was even tempted at the time to take up several other challenges too, I’m sure glad I didn’t now! Lol. 🙂 It was fun for the majority of the time, it started to became a problem because I kept hitting exam finals back in February and May and so I just kept getting further behind. I didn’t realize how far until a month ago. Whoops! :S I kept telling myself ‘ohh you’ll catch up, you’ll catch up. You can allow yourself that other book that’s not on the list LOL.

      Ohh cool what PR company? I’ve thought about doing that numerous times, as well as reviewing some indie authors books so I can duel them with an interview and giveaway, but I’m refrained from doing either for the moment because I just know I won’t have the time! Haha I’m glad I’m not the only one that imposes all these crazy self deadlines. 😀

      Yeah I do that a little, but in a weird way, lumping it all together and saying it out loud can sometimes get my adrenaline pumping and motivate me to actually do some of it. 😛 But other times it just stresses me out…. Haha! I totally do the checklist thing too!!

  5. See, that’s what happens when you take a book everywhere – nothing gets done.

    I’m appalled with your attitude towards Spongebob. The sketch where he cracks open an egg whilst trying to find Gary, his pet snail, is one of the greatest in the history of mankind.

    Bubble wrap is awesome, though. When I worked in a furniture shop, I used to leave bits of it lying around on the floor. Due to the colour of the floor it was hard to see, and it confused the hell out of the old people when they stepped on it.

    • Hahaaaaa, true, very true. Although since I’ve been here I’ve barely read anything that isn’t an academic journal *sigh*

      Ahh, I know, many people are, I just really don’t like the guy lol. I don’t remember that sketch so I don’t know whether I’ve seen it or not. I’ll take your word for it. 😛

      Haha agreed! It’s addictive, once I start popping it I can’t stop, someone has to drag me away. LOL! That’s hilarious.

  6. Good luck with all of you’re uni work! I recently finished my first year and it feels so good to be done. Look towards that, and your months of free time afterwards 🙂

    Spongebob creeps you out! Tsk, tsk 😛 I think he’s awesome, tigers and awesome too, they’re my favourite as well 🙂 If JK Rowling started a blog and followed me I would fangirl so much. It would be the best moment ever!

    Good luck with the Eclectic (which for some reason reminds me of the way Mr Weasley say ‘electric’) Book Challenge! 🙂

    • Thanks mandarox. 🙂 Ohh you did? That’s awesome congratulations! That is very true.

      Haha yepp, I get that reaction a lot. 😛 Agreed! I would have to run around my neighborhood yelling it at the top of my lungs I think haha. And possibly put a big banner up in front of my house too.

      Thanks, I need all the luck I can get right now! 🙂 Ahh yes, Mr Weasley is a legend.

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