Author Interview with Tony Talbot: Talking Writing and Tardis USB Sticks!

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I would like to welcome Tony Talbot to Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic! He is not only an author, but also a fellow blogger! 🙂 He is here to promote his book Eight Mile Island, based around a mysterious elite academy with unusual happenings. He is also offering up ONE FREE copy of his book, so don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Have you always wanted to write?
I work in an 11-14 school in Leicestershire, UK as an ICT technician…luckily it gives me a lot of time to write when I come home!

I always fiddled with writing when I was teenager – making fake characters for the people I knew, for instance, little things like ‘He was voted best person in the world ever in 1988..’. But I had a dream about a faked Apollo landing in 2008, and my wife said I should write it down or stop bugging her with it. I’d dipped into Stephen King’s ON WRITING a few times before that, but that dream really got me going. Four years later, and I can’t imagine doing anything else with my time anymore.

How did you come up with the idea for Eight Mile Island? eight mile island by tony talbot
I’d finished my previous book and was looking around for an idea, just scribbling things and discarding them, when a workmate of mine said he thought the kitchen staff were fattening him up so he would fix their computers faster. Bang! School for cannibals! It sounded like a blast, and I was having a lot of fun sketching it out – a school where the books in the library are cookbooks or are about food, and all PE lessons are cancelled, and the kids play computer games all day and don’t move.
The best part of this? That isn’t AT ALL how Eight Mile Island ended up, but that’s where it started. I wanted to set it on an island again because I had such a good time in TAKEN. And I’d been to the Pacific Northwest that summer, and drove through a hundred miles of forest that are an endless mass of trees, thick, completely impenetrable. I thought to myself, you could hide anything in there – bigfoot, aircraft carriers, whole towns – and never know. The forests of Eight Mile came from that drive; I picked the name of the island from Wikipedia (EightMile Island is in West Virginia), and then had my main character say he couldn’t find it…apart from the one in West Virginia…

If you could be any fictional book character, who would you most want to be?
I’d love to be Harry Potter. Not so much for being hunted by a psychotic wizard, but the spell casting would be cool.
Haha agreed, apparition would be the best!

Do you have a ‘writers cave’ (A place you always sit and write from) and if so, what would we find in it?
I do indeed! A few years ago, I re-arranged the upstairs so I have the spare little bedroom at the front of the house. I can close the door and shut out the world (That’s where I’m writing this!). My PC faces away from the window to avoid distractions, and I have about 30 gew-gaws and knick-knacks on the Ikea desk where I write; everything from Yoda to Gromit and Mr Incredible to a Tardis (My wife bought me a USB one that makes a cool Tardis materialisation sound when I plug in a USB stick). Behind me is a whiteboard with the rough plan of ‘book five’ with some internet-snagged pictures to spark some ideas when I walk past it.

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?
Just keep writing; you’ll get better at it as you go along. There are no barriers anymore to publishing, all the doors to self-publishing are open to everyone now. There aren’t any agents or publishers to tell you you’re stuff won’t sell. Don’t give up writing, and don’t give up having a blast with what you write.

Explain why people should read your book in twenty words or less:
How about this from the three people who reviewed it, all of who gave it five stars?

“…a truly amazing book here! I COULD NOT put it down!”
“…I was so consumed by this book that I had a hard time finding room for anything else.”
“…I could not put this novel down until I’d finished it.”

*   *   *

Thanks a lot Tony! Some really interesting answers there especially the one about your writers cave. 🙂

Enjoyed this author interview with Tony Talbot? Like the sound of his book Eight Mile Island? Don’t forget to enter my big Christmas giveaway for the chance to win a free copy!

P.S. I also strongly recommend you check out Tony’s guest post at asidefromwriting, The Curious Curse of the Cellular Phone (Sherlock Holmes style) I thought it was really funny! 😀

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11 thoughts on “Author Interview with Tony Talbot: Talking Writing and Tardis USB Sticks!

  1. Great interview Tony – I’m jealous of your cave – I have a laptop and somewhere to sit randomly around the house (upstairs bed at the moment – not at all DSE compliant I’m sure!)

    Eight Mile Island is my next book to read once I’m done with writing – looking forward to it 🙂

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