Author Interview with Seraphima Bogomolova: Talking travelling and charismatic heroines!

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Everyone say hello to author Seraphima Bogomolova, who is here to promote her new book My Trickster – a novel of mystery, intrigue and discovery. 🙂 She is also offering up THREE FREE copies of her book, so don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

Tell us a little bit about yourself? Have you always wanted to write?
I am originally Russian born a romantic city of St Petersburg, Russia. I love travelling and discovering new cultures and countries. I have lived in many places, but the dynamics and urban cultures of such cities as London, New York, Moscow, and Dubai attract me most.
I have always had a passionate affair with words, first as an avid reader and now as a writer. My writing journey started in October 2010 in New York where a certain sequence of events and meetings helped me to recognize my talent.  

What was the inspiration behind My Trickster?
The inspiration for the story of My Trickster book came from my own life, and people IMy Trickster have encountered over the years. However, there is one person in particular who was instrumental in prompting me to start writing My Trickster, Robert Forrester. It’s the dream that he had on a snowy Christmas night back in 2010 that laid the first stone in the base of the book.

Are there any characters in the book that share your personality traits?
Yes, of course. Angela Moreaux, the main heroine of My Trickster book, is partly drawn from me. For example, charisma, strength, intellect, seductiveness, magnetism are the personality traits I share with her. Also the dilemmas and predicaments she experiences in the story are the ones I have faced on numerous occasions in my own life.

What was your favourite book as a child?
My favourite book from childhood is ‘Dunno’ (Know-Nothing) by Soviet children’s writer Nikolay Nosov. This was my very first book that I ‘read’ at the early age of 4. I loved its illustrations and strange symbols, letters and words, that I studied for hours trying to figure out how they were all connected. Then, I would take it to my father and ask him to read it to me. And while he was reading it, I would memorize the story page by page, and then later, on my own I would flip through it and ‘read’ it reciting it by heart.
Haha how strange, I actually used to do that myself! 🙂

If you won the lottery, what would you spend it on?
I would buy a beautiful house, renovate it to my taste, and then invite my artistic friends to spend time there and throw parties for them. The remaining money, if anything left at all, I would spend on travelling.

Explain why people should read your book in twenty words or less.
For the experience of exhilarating ride and for the pleasure of being tricked at the end.

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