Author Interview with Michael Cargill: Talking Sociopaths and Going With the Flow!

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I would like to welcome back, Michael Cargill! I first interviewed this guy way back in April when he was promoting his book Shades of Grey – Three short stories surrounding different people and their battle to survive.
Since he was such a joy to interview the first time, I thought I would invite him back again! 🙂 Michael is offering up FIVE FREE copies of his latest book, Underneath, so don’t forget to
enter the giveaway for a chance to win!

So it’s nice to have you back again Michael, and with a full length published novel this time! How did you find the process of writing a novel, different to writing a short story? Was it harder?
It was only harder in the sense that it took longer to do, and the editing process made me feel twice as suicidal as it usually does. Each time I’ve started writing something, it’s ended up longer than the one that came before it. The one I’m working on now is longer than Underneath, and it aint even finished yet.
The thought of doing the editing for it is making me feel really suicidal.

Tell us a little bit about Underneath, and where you got the idea from?
No, it’s a secret.
Umm, not really sure where I got the idea from really. I had an idea for a sociopath character and also for some police officers for another story. In the end, they got merged because my brain couldn’t handle too many things at once.

Underneath by Michael Cargill

When you write, do you plan/map out the story first? Or do you just write and see where it goes?
Nah, I just get a kernel of an idea and run with it. If I tried to write a plan, I would just end up writing the story. Plans are boring, winging it is much more fun. Incidentally, I make a cracking Christmas dinner: microwave noodles, ice cream, wafer thin ham and fried goats cheese.
Just go with the flow, man.
Haha I would have to agree with you there!

If you could have dinner anyone, whether they were dead or alive, who would you pick?
Jesus. If he can turn water into wine, then it means he can turn my impromptu cooking into something worth eating. Or maybe Charles Darwin, so he can tell me all about the voyages he went on before he wrote The Origin of Species.

If you could pick one fictional universe to live in, which one would you choose?
See, I’d love to go into a fantasy world where wizards fling fireballs and lightning bolts all over the place. I’d learn their tricks, and then pop over to Middle Earth to ask Gandalf why he doesn’t do more stuff like that. If he attacked me with his sword, it would prove my point.

Explain why people should read your book in twenty words or less:
‘Cos it’s a thrilly thriller, with thrilly bits in it.  Plenty of laughs and creepy bits, too.

*   *   *

Like the sound of Michael Cargill and his latest thriller Underneath? Don’t forget to enter my big Christmas giveaway for the chance to win a free copy. There’s still time! 🙂

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Send a Tweet his direction: @MichaelCargill1
Like him on Facebook: Michael Cargill
Check out his blog: Regular updates of sarcastic and irreverent nonsense.
Discuss books on Goodreads: Michael Cargill

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12 thoughts on “Author Interview with Michael Cargill: Talking Sociopaths and Going With the Flow!

  1. It’s an honour to be featured here on your corner of WordPress, Becky.

    Incidentally, I bought both stuffing and sausage meat from my local butchers today. I might freeze them, and then serve them up as a kind of savoury dessert on Christmas Day.

    • Awwh, thank you Michael. 🙂

      Ooooh, get you! I wish you good luck with that. I personally hate cooking, and I’m bad at it so I just eat other people’s! Mwuhuhuuuu! 😛

      I hope you have a good Christmas Michael!

  2. You don’t microwave the ice cream and the noodles together, do you…? There’s your problem. My wife is thinking of having tacos for Christmas dinner, but she’s American; the nation that invented spray on cheese.

    I always thought Gandalf was a pants wizard, personally (sorry, lotr fan Becky!). He never did much in the film but left off some fireworks.

    Underneath is on my TBR list, one day…

  3. Michael, if you want that kind of wizard, go to Chicago and meet up with Harry Dresden of The Dresden Files. Fire is his specialty and he’s prone to accidentally burning buildings down. He’s been described (by another character in his universe as ‘Gandalf on crack and an IV of Red Bull’). He’s also a detective, in addition to being a wizard.
    That said, Gandalf is the Middle-Earth equivalent of an angel and has a history of badassery that goes way back before the events of The Hobbit. So, um, good luck in your throwdown with him. I’m sure Becky can arrange a nice funeral for your ashes 🙂

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