Breaking Dawn Part 2 Film Review

Ohhh my freaking god. What did I just witness? *cue crazy eyeSDC13795d look*
As a person with a love hate relationship with The Twilight Saga, I was pleasantly surprised by how good Breaking Dawn Part 1 was. Unfortunately this time I was pleasantly horrified, and well….a little bored to be honest.
Still, it’s weird to think that this was REALLY the last film in the series. As one of my friends put it ‘Wow, when we walk out of this cinema Twilight is over, our teenage fangirling years are over’.
There are a lot of great memories I have in relation to Twilight. Friendships formed, endless laughs and inside jokes, and a lot of traditions, but I am definitely ready to move on from it.

So we left the last film with Bella (Kristen Stewart) giving birth and being turned in to a vampire. Shock! Horror! What a cliffhanger! (Actually sarcasm aside I have to give it to them, it was good.)
We begin part 2 with Bella reveling in her pale immortal awesomeness and fake eyelashes. Edward (Robert Pattinson) gets super excited that they’re the same temperature now, and they head out for Bella’s first hunt. She has a close call with a rock climber who almost becomes a meat sandwich, but she utilizes the power of self restraint and goes for a mountain lion instead. She begins to settle in to the role of being a mum, a vampire and a wife. This girl can multitask!
But there is just one problem; the Volturi receive news from an unreliable source that the Cullens have created an immortal child. A human changed as a youngster that will never age that reeks destruction and chaos. But Bella’s daughter Renesmee (Mackenzie Foy) is different, she was born and has human blood running through her veins. But will the Volturi believe that? A band of weird and wacky vamps (some relations, others old friends) prepare to stand together for their vampire rights.

Breaking Dawn final fight

The Verdict
Again like the previous film I feel the need to break this review into pros and cons because well, there is no logical train of thought with Twilight!

1.) I loved the cottage that Alice gave Bella and Edward as a post wedding/baby/you’re alive! present, it was really cute and old fashioned. I would love to live somewhere like that one day, you know….if I had the bank balance to pay for it.
2.) The fact that it’s Twilight, and that while it’s unbelievable cringe-ey and ridiculous, it’s in a kinda hey, this is really funny, I’m being entertained by the idiocity way! 🙂
3.) Bella’s awesome fake eyelashes, I really must find out who her provider is.
4.) Robert Pattinson’s face when he does that dorky little smile thing.
5.) TAYLOR LAUNTNER. Need I say more?
6.) The imprinting wasn’t as creepy as I thought it would be.
7.) You can tell I’m running out of good things can’t you?

Cons Breaking Dawn parentage
1.) It took at LEAST 20 minutes for Launtner to take his shirt off, now that is just not acceptable.
2.) Bella acting like a mum. SO WEIRD. It just didn’t look right, it felt like she was playing a role in comparison to Pattison who did a lot better. Somehow Stuart doesn’t seem the maternal type…I bet you if you gave her a house plant, she would kill it.
3.) No continuity. It seems that with each new Twilight film the abilities of vampires keep changing and getting more dramatic and ridiculous. Since when have they been able to scale flat rock surfaces? That’s a Dracula move, not a Twilight one! Tree’s sure, they have branches. Another baffling moment was when Renesmee was catching snow flakes and she oddly glided up in the air to catch one, practically stopping midair. Like whaaa…? Vampire can’t fly, and that’s what they made it look like. I think maybe it was supposed to be in slow motion, but if so, it’s the worst weirdest slow-mo I’ve ever seen.
4.) Bella’s wardrobe. She changes into a vampire and suddenly becomes fashion conscious? Yeah that makes sense. What happened to your trademark jeans and plaid Bella? Huh? HUH? Just because you’re a new sparkly vampire doesn’t mean your too good to dress like a normal person.
5.) Alice remains her normal freakishly controlling self where she feels the need to improve Bella’s life (refer to point above and point 1 in the pros section.) has she never heard BrunBreaking Dawn hunto Mars’ song Just The Way You Are???
6.) When Bella is first turned into a vampire she shows unnaturally impressive self restraint in terms of her bloodlust and adapting to the change, apparently because that’s part of her super duper vampire power but I thought this was explained terribly. It  just comes across as a convenient plot twist, whereas in the book it was explained in a lot more detail. In comparison the film comes across as – hey, I’ve been a newborn for like five seconds and I can already resist bloodlust in comparison to my husband Edward who too 3 movies to get over it. Cause’ that makes all kinds of sense.
6.) Renesmee – All she does is stand there like a startled rabbit and touch people’s face. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT PEOPLE.
7.) They kept my favourite scene in like I was hoping when Bella and Emmett arm wrestle, but it wasn’t given enough screen time and didn’t have any of the humor or impact that it did in the book. Breaking Dawn Emmett
8.) In comparison to the previous film Breaking Dawn Part 1 where I noted ‘I didn’t at any point check my watch to see how long the film had left, unlike when I went to see the other three films’  this one had me checking my watch far more than all of the previous ones combined.
9.) The last and most important point: The ending! Wtf man, WTF?!? I’m still angry and reeling from it. Deviating from the book for a cheap trick that will only work once. It’s not so much that they changed it from the book, lets face it, we’re all used to that.  It was the fact that instead of using subtlety and actually putting some effort into it they just went for the shock factor which will only work once. I mean, when everyone watches it the second time it will be a pointless 10 minutes of their life wasted.

I’ve seen a lot of articles saying that Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the best movie yet, but in my opinion, it is the worst of the lot. At the end if the day they didn’t have enough material for two movies, and I wish this stupid splitting the last movie trend created by Harry Potter would go away already.

Originality: 3/5
Entertainment: 2/5
Characters: 2/5
Cinematography: 2/5
Computer-Generated Imagery): 1/5

Overall: 2/5

I had a lot of fun writing this review, can you tell? 😛
What did you think of Breaking Dawn Part 2 and its wacked out ending? Thumbs up, or thumbs down?

26 thoughts on “Breaking Dawn Part 2 Film Review

  1. That.Was.Awesome! You needed to have a few drinks like I did before the movie. It makes them much better and the time goes by a lot faster. You just have to make sure you don’t have to use the restroom.
    I was totally freaked out by the cgi baby faces they had Renesme making. That was the scariest part of the movie.
    I was so sad at the end. All those heads popping off willy nilly. I don’t know. You are right though, I think I can watch it again in a few years, no sooner.
    Did you notice there weren’t very many words said in the whole movie? Things were mainly conveyed by looks and stuff. My friend said it was an editors movie. I have to agree.
    Her eyelashes were totally amazing. Jasper still looked constipated. Too bad, he is a good looking dude. Lee Pace was amazing though. He was the best of the lot, besides Taylor of course. 🙂

    • Haha, thank you! 😀 Oooh that was a smart move, damn, I should have done that, lol. Although I definitely would have needed a loo break! :S
      100% agree! I know Renesmee is supposed to be special but the whole thing at the end of the day was unneeded and a bit pointless. I would have been perfectly happy with them using a normal baby. It was so weird! And just think how much it probably cost them to do that. Ugh.
      Haha, I wasn’t so much sad as confused and me and my friend were just staring at each other with shocked face and our hands in a prayer of what the fuck lol!! But after it happened to even more of the main characters I knew there was something up. Glad it got you emotionally invested though!
      You know yes, I did notice that, and that’s a good point. In which case, sack the editor, teeheee. 😉

      Ha ha haaaaa! Ohhh I’m so glad I’m not the only one that thinks Jasper looks constantly constipated, such a waste. 😛

  2. You should watch more films that you don’t like, the review always makes for entertaining reading.

    The entire Twilight Saga saga has passed me by completely, so I can’t say anything insightful I’m afraid. Um, who wins the arm wrestle?

    Actually, the only decent vampire films I’ve seen are the Blade films. The rave scene at the start of the first one is amazing.

    Oh, and I started The Hunger Games the other day. I’m about a quarter of the way through, and it’s enjoyable if unspectacular at the moment. The names of the characters are a bit daft, hopefully there’ll be some deaths soon.

      • Well, that did it for me – I spent the last hour listening to that tune on YouTube! It’s AMAZING.

        I never had you down as a raver, Emma. In your blog pic you look so serene and peaceful, I thought you only listened to angels playing on flutes and harps.

    • Ha ha yepp, they make for entertaining writing as well! I love tearing into really really bad books too, that’s a lot of fun but I haven’t had to opportunity to do that on my blog yet, I haven’t given any 1 stars.

      That is probably a good thing to be honest. Bella wins the arm wrestle because she’s a newborn vampire and therefore stronger than the average vamp according to Meyer law.

      I’ve only ever seen one of the Blade films and it was ages ago so I don’t really remember it!

      Yay yay! 😀 Finally conformed to the majority then. Hope you enjoy it, it gets better when they get into the arena if your an action junkie. Yepp they are a bit weird, although Katniss is actually the name of a plant that the author picked to link in with her whole pro hunting and survival nature.

  3. >>It took at LEAST 20 minutes for Launtner to take his shirt off, now that is just not acceptable.

    I’m still rolling on the floor after I read this! 🙂

  4. Oh, I really adored the cottage. My big sister always says she pictured me living in one.
    Part One was much better. I was at first horrified when they deviated from the book towards the end, but glad in the end as it provided much needed action and entertainment. If they hadn’t made that change, Breaking Dawn: Part Two would have been a snooze fest. The opening and closing credits were beautiful, though.

    • Hehee ohh me too, it’s beautiful. 🙂 I think I could picture you living in a cottage like that as well, you would fit right in.
      I agree, I thought Part 1 was actually the best film of the lot when I saw it, it really reeled me in. This one however as you put it, was a snooze fest! Even with the ending, for me the ending couldn’t save it I’m afraid.

      I agree, the opening credits were pretty, although I have to admit I don’t remember what the closing ones were like, I think I was too startled by the ending to notice! Lol. 😛

  5. That was truly an entertaining review!! I agree with your cons, but Emmett’s arms in the arm wrestling scene made it all worthwhile for me. I think it was at that moment that I switched from Team Taylor to Team Emmett LOL!! Wahooooo he’s hot in that scene! Ok, I’ll try to calm down now. Wait, I can’t – I keep looking above at the picture 😃. I may be getting older, but I’m not dead yet LMAO!!

    • Haha, thank you! 😀 Yeah, Emmett’s arm is definitely something to behold, lol! Especially in that shot, it’s very impressive. I think he is almost a bit over-built for me though. 😛
      :O Noooooooo! It always has to be Taylor! Hehee, no that’s fine, you just go ahead and keep on looking at the picture. Go for it gurrrl. 😛

    • Thanks Emma. 🙂 Haha I totally don’t blame you, it was so snoooooze inducing! By the end of it I kind of felt like I was routing for the Volturi to win, lol. Not a good sign. Awh such a shame! Ohh well, I’m sure you can look at pics of him on the interwebs instead. 😉

      Thank you for nomiting me. 🙂 Hehee I know?!? Must be awards season of something. 😛

  6. Excellent review! I wrote a review on the film as well and I, as always, had similar comments. Kristen Stewart as a mom = 0/10. On a different note, I nominated you for the Blog of the Year 2012 Award! Make sure you check it out on my blog 🙂

    • Thank you. 😀 Ooh did you? I must of missed it, I will have to go back and check!
      Yepp I would give her a similar mark, it just didn’t work for me at all!
      Ooooh thank you, I will go check it out right now. 🙂

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