I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk Review 5/5

Overall Impression: This book takes escapism to a whole new level! Ridiculously I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk unrealistic yet fabulously entertaining.

Like. Candy. To. A. Baby. SERIOUSLY.
Although wait a minute, candy to a baby? Wouldn’t that be a bad idea? Anyway…
My friend who blogs sporadically over at Escaping Reality with Books lent me a tonne of literature, perhaps you remember? Yeah, it seems forever ago now but guess what? I still haven’t read most of them. 😛 When looking through her shelves she pushed this mysterious I Heart series (of which this book is the first) towards me with unrepressed excitement. I sort of turned my nose up a little bit unimpressed because hey, chick lit.
Wow I feel like such a snob, because it’s the best chick lit I’ve ever read! Like I said, candy to a baby. 🙂

Fleeing her cheating boyfriend and clutching little more than a crumpled bridesmaid dress, a pair of Louboutins and her passport, Angela jumps on a plane – destination NYC.
Holed up in a cute hotel room, Angela gets a New York makeover from her NBF Jenny and a whirlwind tour of the city that never sleeps. Before she knows it, Angela is dating two sexy guys. And, best of all, she gets to write about it on her new blog (Carrie Bradshaw eat your heart out). But it’s one thing telling readers about your romantic dilemma’s, it’s another figuring them out for yourself…
Angela has fallen head over heels for the big apple, but does she heart New York more than home?

This is one of those books that if you look at it with your brain there is sooo much wrong with it, but if you go purely on your heart and the enjoyment factor it’s excellent, and isn’t it good to just go with your heart sometimes?
Yes, yes it is. 😀

I must admit I was worried when the character started complaining about her weight within the first 4 pages – this is a pet hate of mine, the fact that chick lit always feels the need to talk about being overweight/dieting/commenting on the calories of food, as if our society isn’t body conscious enough – especially females. Chick lit seems to like reinforcing negative body views we have, and in my opinion talking about it is only adding to the problem. Okay rant over now, lol. But once I got over that little pet hate there was really a lot to love about this book!

The plot taps into every females suppressed dreams and secret desires (Many of which I didn’t even realise I had!) from having an endless money resource, someone acting as your own personal shopper giving you amazing new clothes, makeup and accessories that transform you from bland to grand. Multiple guys hitting on you at once and an automatic friendship group. Not to mention getting a job after one interview when you don’t even know anything about the company you’re applying for! At the beginning of the book all these things were very hard for me to swallow, as a person that likes to question everything, plot holes and I don’t usually get along, but once I got over how ridiculously unrealistic everything was and just went with with it, it was really awesome! Sure, at the back of my mind I was always waiting for when Angela would go bankrupt but by that point I was already too entertained to care. This is the quickest that I have read a book in a long time, I couldn’t put it down! I would sit there reading and look up about two hours later with almost no idea that time had passed at all, and it repeatedly kept me up until three in the morning.
Of course the setting was also a large part of why I loved this book. Seeing Angela discover New York for the first time and tagging along with her as she visited all the historic sites is a great opportunity to live vicariously through her. 😛 After finishing the book I really wanted to go back to New York!

The writing for the most part is pretty nondescript; not in a it’s uninteresting and dull way, but there is not particularly strong style to it. There weren’t any sentences structures or quotes that stood out but it is bubbly, lighthearted and fun. Kelk makes very easy reading too, if I had to put the book down it only took seconds for me to get into it when I picked it back up. In comparison this was the polar opposite to my last read Dracula and was great for some light relief! There were a lot of ‘awwwh’ and ‘eeek’ moments with the occasional funny thrown in, and apart from the author’s weird obsession with constantly writing shirtdresses into the story, I can’t really fault her fun, feel good technique because it had me grinning from ear to ear!

The characters were likable and easily lovable. We immediately sympathize with Angela after her jaw dropping revelation that her boyfriend of ten years is cheating on her – among over things. The fact that her first gut reaction is to take off and fly to New York on her own, instantly makes her far more fascinating than any other chick-lit leads I have come across. She feels a little more unique and different.
Jenny, Angela’s New York BFF is also subtly developed more than the average best friend character. It soon becomes apparent that the reasons she throws herself into fixing and improving Angela’s life is to avoid dealing with her own.
Alex….well *dorky smile time* 😀 he makes the perfect love interest and had me swooning at all the right points. He was described so well that I could picture exactly what he would look like in real life and his interactions with Angela were believable and sweet.
Tyler I wasn’t so keen on, he is based on a woman’s theoretical ideal; he is a Wall Street banker with money to burn, has a healthy relationship with Tiffany’s and a Prince Charming complex. This is never really something that’s appealed to me so I didn’t warm to him quite as much, but it is still hard to resist his charms at points and he made an interesting character.

I would recommend this book to anyone who loves chick-lit and doesn’t mind unbelievable storylines in favor of entertainment. I Heart New York would also be great for anyone interested in New York City and those considering visiting it some day because you get a good tour of the place from Angela’s viewpoint. This book will be perfect for any females 15+ looking for a lighthearted read. For the record, you are witnessing history here! I have never given a chick-lit book five stars, and I didn’t think that I ever would! Now I have to eat my words. 😛

I’m really interested to see how this series will progress and if it’s entertainment value will lend well to a whole series. I’m also looking forward to seeing how the author will adapt the story to other places (I heartHollywood, Paris, Vegas and London) and whether it is simply the excitement New York that makes this one particularly great.

Thanks for listening to my rambles as always guys! 😀 Also I’m curious to know – Do you have an issue with the way chick lit portrays body image?

Writing Style: 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Entertainment: 5/5
Character Development: 4/5
Would I recommend this book? Yes.

Overall 5/5

(To read my review of the next book in the I Heart New York series, I Heart Hollywood, click here.)

Image Sources:
Book Cover: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6202661-i-heart-new-york

24 thoughts on “I Heart New York by Lindsey Kelk Review 5/5

  1. Nah, these reviews where you really like the book are boring. Could you start reading more things you don’t like?

    I think chick lit is like the Batman comics for me, I know it’s nonsense but I love it all the same.

    You should have finished the review off with “Would I recommend this book? HELL YEAH BABY.”

      • Haha, well while I’m glad both of you find my literary anger entertaining, I’m not going to plan to read things I don’t like on purpose because you see it’s the strangest thing, but I actually like reading books I ENJOY.

        Call me crazy. :L

        But don’t worry, I’m sure there will be a few duffs along the way. 😛

  2. I am soooo glad you like it!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
    Feeling weirdly happy about it! :L
    But I am very envious. You’ve basically managed to say everything that I wanted to say and everything that I love about this book but I just can’t manage to write it down like you do! 😦

    • Hehee me too! I was so skeptical when I started it because I had my this-has-to-make-sense hat on, but once I let go of it I got really into it and couldn’t put it down! 😀
      Haha it’s always great when someone likes a book as much as you do! Especially when you were the one that recommended it. 🙂

      Awwh thanks 😀 but I think your review of it is good too and I think you explained yourself pretty well!
      Also, practice makes perfect. 😉

      • That’s fair enough. I read these so long ago that I don’t remember what I was thinking when I first read it but knowing me I was just wondering what would happen.
        I love books like that! You just wanna read them! And when you have the time then great but when you have uni work, it’s a bit like, why does uni have to get in the way. Haha.
        Yeah. I really am glad that you liked it. The rest of the books are similar so I think you’ll enjoy them as well. Maybe even more as I think, maybe one of them, is a little more realistic but I’m not entirely sure, they could all be as un-realistic as this one. Want to read the rest but you have them… Haha, never mind, gives me something to look forward to 🙂
        Thanks. I’m pretty sure it’s just a long post about how much I want to go to New York! Haha.
        Yeah, I think I’m good a focusing on the characters as you’ve probably just seen in my hinger games review but it’s probably a good thing to think of something else to write about every now and again. :p

      • Haha, whoops! I’ll try and not hog them for too long. :S

        Yeah, definitely seems like you have a lot more to write about when you talk in terms of characters, see I’m almost the opposite, I’m not quite so good at talking about the characters, lol. 🙂

      • Haha, don’t worry about reading them super fast. We haven’t arranged a date for you to come visit yet so at the moment the next time I’ll be seeing you is easter hols. Plenty of time. But if you like the rest as much as you like this one then you’ll probably get through them quite quickly 🙂
        Haha, just combine our posts and we’d have the perfect posts every time. Something about the characters, plot and writing style of the author :p

    • Haha, that sounds like a good plan! You’ll definitely have fun exploring New York from the safety of your own home. 😀

      I don’t normally do chick lit either, but I really enjoyed this one!

      Thanks for commenting! 🙂

  3. My heart definitely plays a big part in the books and movies that I love. Part of the reason why my favourite hobby is reading is because it allows me to escape into another world and experience things I may never have a chance to experience in real life. So many people lose their imagination as they grow older, but I think reading reminds us that it’s ok to dream and imagine even if it’s not realistic. I am definitely going to add this book to my TBR list :).

    • Oh no, Becky, I did it again. That bad thing. I ordered more books!!! I was looking up the Beautiful Creatures series on Amazon, and they had all 4 HARDCOVER books in the series for $47 Cdn. Usually hardcovers here are about $30 a piece, so I would have been stupid to pass this up right??? I’m a bad, bad girl LOL!!!

      • Hahaha ohhh noooo! Well, oh yay but ohhh noo! LOL. I’m so jealous!!! Mine isn’t a pretty hardcover, and it’s second hand so not in perfect condition. So glad that you treated yourself though. 😀 Super duper bargain. I hope you enjoy reading your beautiful books, and I look forward to seeing what you think of them!

    • Haha agreed. I guess it was more because I was writing the review, I thought can I justify giving a chick-lit book five stars? And then I though you know what? Yes I can! 🙂 That is very true! What is reading if not escapism and experiencing thousands of new lives apart from your own? 🙂 I soooo miss my youngster imagination. I bet I could write a lot of great books if I still had it. 😛

      Ooooh yay! glad to be helpful, I hope you enjoy it. 😀

  4. I read a chick lit book recently where every girl was described in a sexual sort of way. Girls were not pretty and full of life. They had long hair, full breasts, slim waists, and long legs. They gave only flirty glances and smiled mischievously at the object of their affections. I found it sooooo interesting that there was a woman writing a book about women in such an objectified way that one would normally pin on male writers. Yet, like the book you read, I couldn’t stop reading it. Read it in two days while it took me a month to read Game of Thrones. Crazy how easy it is to eat that stuff up….

    BTW, you mentioned in the beginning how the novel as a whole was “nondescript.” That reminded me of this interview with Stephanie Meyer I read where she explained her reasoning behind not describing Bella in too much detail compared to many of the other characters. She explained that having Bella described in minimal detail would allow anyone reading the book to pretend they were Bella as they read. Interesting thought, yes?

    • Yayyy someone took up the gauntlet! 😀
      See that is totally part of the problem too, and it was the same with this book. I think it would be hard to find a chick-lit book that didn’t describe females that way. There’s a media theory by someone about how girls now look at each other how a guy would look at them, immediately assessing how good looking they are etc because we’ve been male-ized by the media! 😛
      Haha if everyone flirted and glanced mischievously as much as they did in chick lit the world would be a creepy place me thinks! Oooh I’ve wanted to read A Game of Thrones for ages. I think it’s hard to compare the two though, because chick lit is made specifically for easy reading, whereas R. R. Martin was probably trying to be the next Tolkien.

      Ohh really? Cool. I vaguely heard something along those lines about Bella before but I hadn’t particularly linked it to the writing in this book. That’s an interesting idea!

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