I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk Review 4/5

Overall Impression: Lighthearted, flirty and fun.I Heart Hollywood

(To read my review of the first book from the I Heart Series, I Heart New York click here.)

Huzzar! I’ve finished the second book in the I Heart series. It may have taken me a while due to the fact that my university fiction reading pace is the equivalent to a snail trying to slither up hill, but it’s the journey not the destination right? Or something like that…
I have to say that I didn’t enjoy this book quite as much as the first, but it still has the same elements of charm, wit and fun to make it a good read, and I will definitely be continuing with the series. 🙂

Please note: For those of you that haven’t read the first book I Heart New York this review may contain spoilers about previous plots and characters in the series. However, for those of you who have read the previous book, this review will not contain any major spoilers about the book I Heart Hollywood.

Angela Clark can’t believe her luck…she’s living in New York with a dream job and a sexy boyfriend.
Sent to Hollywood to interview hot actor James Jacobs, she’s in at the deep end amid the thin and beautiful of Rodeo Drive. The only person who seems genuine is James, despite his ladykiller reputation. But then the paparazzi catch them together at Chateau Marmont, and Angela finds herself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons…
Can she convince her boss, her friend and – most importantly – her boyfriend not to believe all they read in the papers? And will Hollywood ever win Angela’s heart?

The writing in I Heart Hollywood is very similar to its former incarnation, I didn’t really notice any improvements or growth in comparison to the last book, so my thoughts are pretty similar. Kelk’s prose are so easy to read, I could enjoy this book whether I was reading it for two minutes or two hours. It was so easy to sink back into it’s pages and get lost in Angela’s whimsical adventures, and I love that about this series. Her portrayal of Hollywood is not quite as positive as New York and so I don’t really think I’ll be making a trip there anytime soon! Whether the portrayal is correct or not I can’t say, but her comments and observations of it remain entertaining throughout the book. Kelk’s sense of humor really carries her novels, especially the way she pokes fun of all the crazy girl logic we employ sometimes! All the funny little jokes and comments build to make this a really fun book! For instance:

‘OK.’ She cleared her throat dramatically. ‘Jenny and I met about seven years ago. She was out here waitressing, trying out at all these open auditions and shit, basically not getting anywhere. I was working in this vintage store on Melrose and, well, kind of stripping. But classy stripping, you know, not like “drunken bachelor parties” stripping.’

’Oh of course,’ I nodded trying to think of an example of classy stripping. And failing.

Actually…it seemed a lot funnier in context, but hey, you get the picture. 😛

The main reason that I didn’t enjoy this book as much as the previous one was the plot. Angela spends a lot of it worrying about leaving her new boyfriend Alex, and she is only going to be gone for a week! She mulls over their relationship, whether Alex is acting ‘odd’ if he is ‘missing her’ and whether he will suddenly become uninterested in her and find someone shiny and new while she’s away. Come on girl, get a backbone! Think logically for two seconds. I know girls tend to overthink a lot but it did seem a bit ridiculous to me. Consequently, because SHE is worried it ends up becoming a self fulfilling prophecy as Alex picks up on the weird. Wires are crossed, conversations misinterpreted, you get the picture.
Meanwhile Angela can’t help swooning over her movie star interviewee James Jacobs, and he appears to be swooning right back. Temptation, temptation! But again I found this part of the storyline hard to swallow. It’s a bit unbelievable that every good looking guy on the planet seems to be instantly attracted to Angela, is it not? *just agree with me :P* I found myself fighting against the convenience in the storyline once again like I did at the start of the first book. However, towards the end several unexpected things are revealed that help explain some of these convenient issues. But by that point my enjoyment had already been somewhat hindered so I wish these revelations could have been explained a little earlier!

As for the characters? I have to admit I wasn’t so keen on them in this book. We still have our two core loveable leading ladies, but the problem is the situations and plots they’re woven into for this book make them a little irritating. My issues with Angela have already been explained above, but I also had problems with her best bud Jenny in this book. She is quite moody due to her soul crushing breakup and is unnecessarily harsh to Angela at points, as well as giving her crappy advice that could potentially screw up her relationship with Alex. This put me off her character slightly I have to admit, even though I felt sympathy towards her.
We are also introduced to a cast of new LA characters which although highly clichéd were enjoyable to read about. You can’t help but fall a little for James Jacobs flirting and stereotypical movie star moves. His horrendously strict and high strung assistant is pretty fun to read about too. Joe also makes an interesting new character as you are unsure about his motivations for most of the book.

I was pretty torn about whether to give this book a three star or a four…I zoomed through the first half but it took me quite a long time to finish the second half because of uni, and I think that affected my enjoyment of it slightly. So I figured it probably deserves a four star!
I would recommend this book to people that enjoyed the first one, although technically you probably don’t need to have read the first book to enjoy I Heart Hollywood. Fans of chick lit who dream of flying off to exotic places will love this book and this series as it is a great way to travel the world from the safety of your bedroom. Anyone 16+ will enjoy it. 🙂

Writing Style: 4/5
Originality: 3/5
Entertainment: 4/5
Character Development: 3/5
Would I recommend this book? Yes.

Overall 4/5

(To read my review of the next book in the I Heart New York series, I Heart Paris, click here.)

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Book Cover: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/6766226-i-heart-hollywood

21 thoughts on “I Heart Hollywood by Lindsey Kelk Review 4/5

  1. This series sounds pretty cute, good for summer vacation! Or when I am depressed and need a pick me up. Fun review – I definitely like NYC better than Hollywood, but I like a walking city, LA makes you drive and know where you are going before you leave. Too much work and not enough spontaneity!

    • Yepp that sums them up completely. 🙂 They are perfect for a light read when you don’t have enough time to focus on something more complicated!
      Thanks. 🙂 I must admit I’ve never really been attracted to Hollywood, it just doesn’t really appeal to me. Ha very good point! I love how in New York you can just walk out and find everything you need on your doorstep!

    • Haha thanks Cindy, that makes me feel a little better! 🙂 It’s just so frustrating having all these amazing books and knowing it could take me ten years to getting round to reading them…

      • I always keep two things in mind – one, we’ll never, ever be bored and two, if something terrible ever happened where we lost everything and couldn’t afford to go anywhere or do anything, we would always have our books which would last us for years! 🙂

      • Ha ha, that is very true! I’m also thinking my stacks of books will me good for the next few years anyway because I’ll probably be broke from being a student, so at least I will have plenty I already own to keep me going! 🙂

      • Indeed. 🙂
        Lol, ohh right sorry, I haven’t seen it yet!
        Errmm, I have to admit I’m not that into it at the moment, the writing isn’t really grabbing me. Plus I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was reading a backwards version of Twilight at the beginning with a male Bella Swan, lol! But at the same time I keep wanting to pick it up to see where it’s going to go, and I’m not very far through it at the moment so I have a lot to look forward too. I’m not all that sure where it’s going! 🙂 How long did it take you to get into it?

      • I’m getting a bit more into it now! Ethan’s just gone to that dinner where all her relatives turn up. 🙂 (Also sorry it took so long to reply, my uni internet has been down! I’ve been looking at my computer rocking back and forth, going into withdrawal, LOL!)

      • I’m glad you are enjoying it more now. I was going to go see the movie this weekend, but now I’m not sure if I want to or not. The reviews are not very good, and everyone is saying that it is totally different from the book, and therefore they are not enjoying it :(. Oh well, my son is home from college for reading week, and he really want to see the new Die Hard movie, so I think we will see that instead :).

      • Ohhh no that sucks! I must admit, within the first few chapters even I was thinking the casting from the trailer looked wrong, lol. When I first saw the trailer it made me curious to read the book, but it still didn’t appeal to me enough to pay full price for it. :S I’m not sure yet whether I will go and see the movie or not! I’m hoping it might be good in a different way..I haven’t read any reviews yet though, not a good sign that they’re bad. :S
        Well I hope you enjoy Die Hard instead. 😀

    • Die Hard was great fun!! It is never going to be an award winner, but that’s not why my family goes to see movies like that. As a review I read put it, you check your brain at the door because it doesn’t have a complex plot or amazing character development. It’s just car crashes, explosions, gunfire, sarcastic humour, and excitement!! All in all a great time :)! It didn’t get good reviews at all, but I think people are getting to picky nowadays when they go to see movies. Different movies have different purposes, and for this one it’s to have fun!

  2. I’m sorry you didn’t like it as much but I kinda understand. I just loved all the books in the series. Maybe a lot was put into the first book as it was the first one and so it was the beginning and had to be great and then not so much was put in for this book. I don’t know, just trying to make excuses :L hopefully you’ll like the next one 🙂 xx

    • Haha that’s fair enough. I think the majority of the reason behind it is this is the down book, a series can’t be all happiness and rainbows the whole way through, and Hollywood was a lot more about the down part after New York. Plus the place she was visiting wasn’t quite as interesting in this one!
      Lol, that’s ok, you’re allowed to make excuses! Hopefully, although I still didn’t dislike this one! 🙂 I don’t actually know which one comes after this..

      • Yeah, I suppose, I hadn’t really thought of that :L yeah, I didn’t find Hollywood that interesting either. Paris is quite nice, back to how New York was, finding all the little places down the backstreets, well as far as I remember it it is. Ahhh right, good good 🙂 Paris is next, then Vegas and most recently London 🙂

      • Ahh right, that sounds cool. 🙂 I loved Paris when I went there so I expect I will probably love the book too! It’s again one of those cities that has a really nice vibe to it. I’m looking forward to reading that one, so I’m glad it’s next!

  3. Hi! I’ve just found your blog because I was trying to find a review of this book (as I finished it today and had mixed feelings). I enjoyed the start of the book, absolutely hated (!) the middle and seriously contemplating putting it down and not finishing it, but ended up loving the ending of it all.
    How did you find the character James? Or rather, what did you find likeable about him. I personally hated him, basically saw nothing charming about him and just wanted to punch him square in the face for the most part. Since none of my friends read (anything at all) it would be interesting to hear how someone else viewed him. If you can remember 😅

    Would highly recommended “The To-Do List” by Kelk, it’s a standalone, but I just loved it and enjoyed it the most out of anything of hers that I’ve read.

    All the love ❤

    • Hi Lisa, thank you so much for visiting my blog! I’m sorry to hear you can’t discuss the book with your friends but completely sympathise with this as I have the same issue 99% of the time (which is why I started a book blog)!

      I didn’t like James for most of the novel, once I understood a bit more about what was going on behind the scenes contributing to his behaviour I came over slightly more to his side – but that was right at the end! To be honest, pretty much all of Kelk’s novels have left me feeling conflicted, I feel like they tread the line between flirtatious wish fulfillment fun, and being unbelievable and irritating. For the most part, I did really enjoy this series apart from I Heart London which was horrendous. They do carry on in a very similar vein all the way through the series though.

      Thanks for recommending the to-do list, I’ll look that up!

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