Quoting the Quill #6

quoting the quill small

‘All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken:
The crownless again shall be king.’

– J. R. R. Tolkien (The Fellowship of the Ring)

*   *   *

One of my all time favourite quotes! Tolkien is one of the only people that can get away with poetry in my eyes, I am incredible picky. 😛 I can’t quite explain why I love this so much; maybe it’s turning a potential negative into something positive, or the way that the words read silky smooth but each time I feel a sense of power, hope and strength and it makes me shiver every time. 🙂

Of course, there’s also the factor that I am completely in love with Lord of the Rings. :L

*   *   *

On a completely unrelated but bookish note in case you haven’t seen it, the CATCHING FIRE TRAILER IS OUT. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! (For those that don’t speak district 12, that would be the second Hunger Games movie. ;)) I’m so psyched. 😀

*   *   *

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40 thoughts on “Quoting the Quill #6

  1. Nice quote! Haven’t read the Hunger Games trilogy, or seen the first film. How bad of me, I feel completely out of the loop. I think I’ll read the first book once I’ve finished The Hobbit.

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked.

      Ohh my gosh you haven’t? You definitely need to get on that they are such fantastic books!! I know the hype can be off-putting but I really feel in this case it’s worthy of it. I would love to read your review. How are you liking The Hobbit so far? 🙂

      • I read The Hobbit many many moons again when I was a child, but I couldn’t remember the story at all! (I watched the movie version at the weekend, which perhaps I shouldn’t have done.) I’ve got a really nice copy which has beautiful illustrations in, so it’s a pleasant read.

        On another point…I haven’t read Lord of the Rings. Eek.

      • Ahh right I see, a lot of people have decided to do that since the movie came out. I loved The Hobbit but I read it about five years ago now so I’m pretty fuzzy on some of the details, so imagine after that much time it must be close to reading the book from scratch again.

        Yeah, the movie is very different from the books in terms of the way they ordered things and adding in a few extra story lines. Your copy sounds lovely. 🙂

        That’s cool, a lot of people haven’t, more than you think in fact. 😉 They are really different from The Hobbit, more hardcore, they are a bit more of a slog.

    • Oooh wow they would make a great tattoo! Especially if you got it in old fashioned scrip. It really is fantastic. 😀 I might even be tempted to do that myself but the idea of tattoo’s scare me a little, they look like they hurt!

      Haha, that’s ok don’t worry about it!

    • He does indeed!!! 😀 I honestly am so in awe of his brain and creativity, I don’t know how he came up with middle-earth, it’s so fleshed out!

      Haha, I’m glad you watched it and are excited about it too! Because Catching Fire was my least favourite book of the three I’m really looking forward to the movie. It’s a weird trend I’ve noticed that my least favourite book in a series turns out to be my favourite movie of a series and vise versa, lol. I guess because they’re less likely to screw it up. :L

      • Exactly! Your expectations are not as high. As for Tolkien, I am totally in awe too. I could read those books over and over and I still wouldn’t be able to keep track of everything LOL. I don’t know how he did it!

      • Same here! I still haven’t read the last book but it’s been so long since I read the first two I kinda feel I need to read them again before starting the third, otherwise it just won’t flow… dilemma’s. What’s a girl to do? 😛

        Speaking of book to movie adaptions, I’ve just been nosing around Youtube watching Beautiful Creatures clips and you were totally right, it looks very different from the book! Most of the lines in the scenes weren’t in the book as far as I can remember. Did you ever go to see the film in the end?

  2. Too excited about Catching Fire. Too. Excited. And shamefully I’ve never read any of the Lord of the Rings books or seen any of the films… I’ve seen The Hobbit Part 1 and admittedly for the most part I was quite confused.

    • I haven’t read Lord of the Rings either, but the films are some of my all time favourites! They must appeal to my macho fighting side. Let’s face it, something has to counter-balance my insane love of romantic dramas.

      • Hahaa they’re my all time favourites too! All of Aragorn’s slow mo hair flicks. *Swoon* (although of course, that isn’t the main reason I love them :P).

    • Yay I’m glad to hear your excited too! I just hope the second film can live up to the first, The Hunger Games was excellent and it seems to get better the more times I watch it, which is pretty rare for me!

      Haha that’s ok, as I said to charldibs above a lot of people haven’t actually read them, more than you would think. 🙂 They are quite hard work as reads and it is a rare case with me where I love the films more than the books, I still really enjoyed the novels for the world building but the films give a whole different dimension! They’re worth reading for bookworm credits though. 😉

      The Hobbit was very different to the book.

      • Just for the sake of interest: Hobbit is so much different from the book because they included a few sub-plots not contained in the book, but that were still written by Tolkien. Jackson used quite a bit on information from the non-mainstream Middle Earth books, e.g. The Silmarillion, The Lost Tales and the histories of Middle Earth. I’ve seen entire blogs dedicated to discussing this by people who are true ring-nuts, so let me say no more so as to not make a fool of myself. I do think An Unexpected Journey was wonderfully done and am anxiously awaiting the next installment.

        LOTR is a harder read, I think mostly because they’re almost written as histories, rather than stories. However, after reading them you’ll understand some things in the movies much better, like why Theoden doesn’t like Gandalf, and why Saruman the White’s robes look more like greyish brown when he and Gandalf battles.

        As for The Hunger Games, I’m another who haven’t read them yet, but I loved the first film. Looking forward to the next one.

      • Haha I’m such a hunger games fan girl at heart. I devoured the trilogy in about 4 days or something utterly ridiculous like that.
        I probably won’t start reading them any time soon to be honest. I’ll probably just watch the films instead! (I’m such a cop out.)

      • To kokkieh,
        Yeah I heard about all of that too, he just embellished on ideas that had been mentioned by Tolkien in the histories and stuff. I heard that they couldn’t get the rights to The Silmarillion so I don’t think they could use that though unless it was mentioned in the appendices – I think. They had to get his son’s permission and the Tolkien estate wouldn’t give them the film rights because apparently they hate the films, or something like that. But I’m definitely no expert, this stuff confuses me to be honest so I just don’t even attempt it, lol! But Radagast was vaguely mention in passing in The Hobbit apparently but I don’t remember it, and the extra villain they added in I think was mentioned in the appendices or something.
        Yeah I loved the first film, I can’t believe we have to wait so long!

        Yeah LOTR is definitely harder, but I think in a way you almost appreciate them more because of it. Interesting that you see it more as a history, that’s probably why the world building is so impressive. 🙂 I would like to read the books again because I feel like I probably missed out on so much the first time round, there’s too much to take in in one go.

        Ahh they’re great, you should definitely give them a go!

  3. Oh yay! I was hoping they really would do the whole trilogy, you never know.
    LOVE Tolkien quotes. I keep trying to memorize the riddle, from The Hobbit, need to work on that again! 🙂

    • Me too, I was so glad that the first film was popular enough for them to convert the rest of the books! I was holding my breath.
      Oooh good luck, that’s a great idea. I keep trying to memorise the quote in this post but I always get stuck towards the end of it. :S

  4. Pah, I reckon if Tolkien belched you fangirls would be squeeing yourselves to death about how sweet his coffee breath smells.

    You’ll no doubt be pleased to know that I watched The Hunger Games film at the weekend, and I found it rather enjoyable. Quick review thingy:

    I always imagined Mitch as being older and fatter. He seemed too good looking in the film.
    Peeta seemed a bit too thin considering he is supposed to be big and strong.
    Donald Sutherland was good as President Snow.
    Effie looked like a man.
    All the other contestants were about as menacing as my younger brother. That’s probably because I’m a bit of an old git.
    Everything seemed to move really quickly and I wonder how much of the film would make sense if I hadn’t read the book. That’s a fairly common problem when it comes to book-to-film adaptations though.
    I love Jennifer Lawrence, she is brill.

    The enthusiasm for Catching Fire – from yourself and the other girls posting here – is fantastic stuff. I actually enjoyed the second book the most of all of them, so I’m kind of interested in how it’ll turn out as well.

    How’s the uni group work coming along…?

    • Eughhh, definitely not. I’d jump back at the grossness and tell him to get some manners. The weird thing is I don’t think I would like Tolkien as a person at all, I get the impression he was arrogant and not the biggest fan of women, especially having to write about them in books but that could be wrong. But either way, creatively he’s a genius. 🙂

      Ohh I’m glad you liked it Michael! Agreed, I pictured him as older and more messy looking too, I wasn’t sure at first, but I decided that the actor worked in the end. In fact, I agree with everything you’ve said so I’ll just stop there! 😛 I think they purposefully didn’t make them menacing because at the end of the day they are normal innocent kids and turning them into monsters would make the game ohh too easy because it wouldn’t be so tough having to kill them.

      Ohh really? That’s interesting, Catching Fire was actually my least favourite, lol, I liked the first one best. I love that they’re keeping a lot of things under wraps with this first trailer to build the excitement.

      It is done, it is finished! (Another LOTR quote, lol) I did the presentation yesterday and I’m so glad it’s done and I can forget about it now. I have another one coming up though, -_-. I’m going to pretend it doesn’t exist. :L

    • Ohh no, I’m sorry to hear that. Don’t despair though, it’s only the teaser trailer so I think there will be another one coming out and that might be better for you. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like it too. 🙂 There’s a lot to love about LOTR so I can never find enough words to express it.

      Me too! I’m not too sure about the actor they’ve cast because it’s not how I pictured him, but I thought that about Peeta until I saw him in the first film and he worked really well.

    • Ohh good! I’m glad I could be of use. 🙂 It’s such a teaser trailer because it doesn’t show you any of the new characters in action, it just makes me want to see more, lol.

      Yay, glad you liked it, LOTR is the best!

  5. That is one of my favourite quotes ever, especially since Aragorn is the subject of the verse. 😉 Haha, no, seriously, it’s just so meaningful and powerful in its own way. =D

    • Yaaay, glad you agree Zen. 🙂 Ha ha touche! He is rather dreamy.
      Definitely, I always keep my vocal points on cute actors to a minimum with LOTR because I don’t want people to feel that’s the reason I like it, but it definitely wouldn’t be the same without those amazing actors! 😀

  6. I agree Beckster, I’m very cynical when it comes to poetry in general but that quote really is a piece of lyrical art.
    I’m yet to watch the Hunger Games movie! Argh! I’m so delayed, in my life in general, I’ll probably just wait until Mockingjay the movie comes out and they sell the whole movie trilogy on special or something…LOL. 😛

    • Lyrical art…I like that phrase. 🙂 I’m glad you like it too!

      Haha sounds like a good plan. If you do watch it though, it seems to get better the more times you watch it. I guess because at first all you can do is compare it to the book and the picture you have in your head, but once that wears off you can appreciate it a lot more. When I originally watched it I gave it 4/5, but now it’s definitely a 5 for me!

      Have you started Mockingjay yet? I’m really eagerly awaiting your opinion of that book. 😛

      • Not yet. I actually like to wait a while before I proceed with the next book in any series. Makes the fun last longer instead of finishing it all in one go 😀
        Maybe after my exams I’ll get to it… 🙂

      • Me too actually, so I get that. I never normally read a series in a row, and if I do it will only be two books back to back and they would have to of been good enough for me to consider it. My bookworm friend thinks that’s weird, but I disagree!

        Oooh yeah, that would be a great prize for completing them! To snuggle down with tea and an awesome book. 😀

  7. Hi! Am here through Elisa’s Blog Lost Inside the Covers and what do I find but my favorite quote from LOTR?!! I ADORE The Lord of the Rings and Tolkien. I read it every year and every time I read it, it just gets better and better 🙂

    Am off to explore more quotes! Great meme 🙂

    • Hello, thanks for stopping by! Elisa has a great blog. 🙂 I’m glad to find another LOTR enthusiast! Such an epic series. Ohh really? That’s good to know because I am considering rereading them.

      Cool thanks, I hope you enjoy reading them. 🙂

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