My Updates for Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon :)

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Well it’s 1pm here in grey old England and it’s time to kick off the readathon with the Introductory Questionaire!

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? England, woop woop!
2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan, it has been a to-read for ages and is by one of my favourite authors!
3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? I haven’t in all honestly planned out snacks, when I start reading I get so engrossed that I forget about food, lol. So I will just see what takes my fancy. 🙂
4) Tell us a little something about yourself! I’m a University student studying Psychology, which is great but clashes with the creative side of my brain that loves fiction and fantasy!
5) If you participated in the last read-a-thon, what’s one thing you’ll do different today? If this is your first read-a-thon, what are you most looking forward to? Watching my own slow descent into insanity from lack of sleep. 😛

My Stats:
Current Time: 1.12pm
Pages Read – 0

Books Finished – 0
Breaks – 0

Mini-Challenges – 1, Introductory Questionnaire.
Currently Reading – The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan


1.24PM: Sooo…I still haven’t started, but I am now! Will come back and answer comments when I need a break, whoopie! 🙂

1.27PM: This book smells so good guys!

2.07PM: This room I’m in is absolutely freezing, I can’t feel my hands and I can’t really tuck them into a snugly blanket when I’m reading! First world problems anyone? 😛 Also, my dad is doing plumbing work and so has turned off the water in the house, we’ve stored loads of water in containers so we can still make tea all day. So, so British. The book is good, but I’m having trouble working out how to split time between the reading and all the crazy mini-challenges and social networking and whatnot.

2.23PM: Awwh my cat is all snugged up with me now too! I keep getting Tweets through from people  that have already completed books, that just crazy, but congrats to them, they must be superhuman!

Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 3 – Book Appetit! 1a1
The blogger says, “For this mini challenge if you choose to accept it, I will be asking you to come up a menu to go along with your current read or one of the books in your reading pile today” 
My current read is The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan. The drink I have invented to be served at this party is ‘slum juice’ as many of the characters live in the slums and are underground thieves or poor. Folk music would be playing as the book is set in a medieval-esk period. The starter would be soup, the main course pig on a spit, because MEDIEVAL (in case you didn’t get  that already :P) and the dessert would be a mixed bowl of berries to reflect the poverty of the characters. 🙂

My Current Book. Just look how chirpy I am, after 10 hours of reading I may not look so sane!

My Current Book. Just look how chirpy I am, after 10 hours of reading I may not look so sane!

My Stats:
Current Time: 3.47pm
Pages Read – 32 (Yes, just see how slow I am! Must get focused, LOL.)
Books Finished – 0
Breaks – 
20 minutes of social networking.
Mini-Challenges – 1,  Book Appetit!
Currently Reading – The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan


4.04PM: I can’t believe how knackered I feel already, I haven’t even been up long or read much. It’s so typical that I woke up early this morning when I wanted to sleep in. It’s going to make this even more of a challenge. Mwuhuu.

Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 4 – Re-Title Your Current Read
The blogger says “Take your current read or the one you just finished, ReTitle it with something clever and post to your blog, twitter, facebook, or goodreads with your snazzy new title!
I would change The Ambassador’s Mission to Wounded Souls, because nobody seems to be very happy at the moment!

4.32PM: Hmm, I have to say I am not really feeling this book at the moment, I may have to switch it up a bit!

Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 5 – Self Portrait.IMG_6461
The blogger says “Post a self-portrait on TwitterInstagram, or your blog. Be sure to tag #readathon and #hour5! You can also link to your post below. We are not judging your hair style or the size of your coffee cup, so we’ll pick the winner of this one randomly.”
So here’s a quick snap in the name of portrait. 😛

5.10PM: In other news, I have switched to The Silver Linings Playbook that was recommended by so many of you!

My Stats:
Current Time: 5.12pm
Pages Read – 54
Books Finished – 0
Breaks – 
30-35 minutes, snacks and helping my dad fix the water pressure.
Mini-Challenges – 2,  Re-Title your current read and self portrait.
Currently Reading – The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan


5.18PM: I love how the protagonist Pat calls his (I presume forced) separation from his wife Nikki ‘apart time’, it’s just too funny!

5.57PM: I’ve added in some music to the mix, wasn’t liking all the silence, it seemed a bit ominous LOL. I’m really intrigued by The Silver Linings Playbook at the moment, I have a feeling I am going to really like this book!

6.27PM: Readathon, Readathon, Rah-Rah-Readathon! I’m getting into this now.

6.43PM: These chapters have the most wacky names, but it works. 🙂 This book is great so far, I feel like this is how the voice of Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower  should of come across to make it a worthwhile book. I’m wondering what kind of breakdown Pat had…it’s going to be fun piecing it together!

7.07PM: Do you think it’s a crime to drink hot chocolate out of a Keep Calm and Drink TEA mug? :S

It looks so good! Especially since my hands are so cold. Dilemma - Drink it or use as a handwarmer...hmm.

It looks so good! Especially since my hands are so cold. Dilemma – drink it or use as a handwarmer…hmm.

My Stats:
Current Time: 7.10pm
Pages Read – 97
Books Finished –
Breaks – 2
 minutes-ish dancing to the Gangnam Style video readathon posted (God dammit why is that addictive?) and another 5 minutes of stroking my cat. 😛
Mini-Challenges – None, the one posted was for people in the US only *sad face*.
Currently Reading – The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper would make preddy babies *sigh*.

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper would make preddy babies *sigh*.

Thoughts on my current book: Something about this book feels so unique, the writing style is refreshing and I have never come across a character quite like Pat before (although I have to say I hate his name, lol). I love that he believes everything has a silver lining which is so unusual these days. He see’s his life as film and is anxiously awaiting the happy ending, as the ‘down, everything goes wrong’ bit of the movie seems to have gone on quite long enough now. This thought process seems completely pragmatic to him, but saddening to everyone else. His reactions to famous literature like The Great Gatsby are hilarious too and yet insightful at the same time. The character Tiffany has just been introduced and I am looking forward to finding out more about her!


Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 7 – Best and Worst Covers
The blogger says “Your challenge – should you choose to accept it (which I hope you will!) – is to look up one of the books you’re reading for the read-a-thon on Goodreads or Amazon, pick out two or three covers and describe which one you like the best, which one you like the least and why.”
The two books that I have started so far don’t have many variations in their covers as they are both pretty new releases, so I have chosen to look at another book in my readathon stack which I may or may not read, Stolen by Kelley Armstrong.

Cover via Goodreads

Cover via Goodreads

Cover via Goodreads

Cover via Goodreads










The first book on the left is the copy I own and I love the front cover because of the beautiful font and the slickness of it. However the second cover I think is absolutely horrible and just makes it look tacky! I don’t feel like it represents the kind of books Armstrong writes at all and I never would have picked up the book if it looked like this.

8.25PM: It’s getting dark guys! THE LIGHTS ARE GOING ON. SHIT JUST GOT REAL, OOOH.

9.38PM: ARRRRG! MY INTERNET WENT OUT. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT. AHBDNJFJFFFF!!! Guess I’ll do an update now seeing as ridiculous amounts of time have passed.

My Stats:
Current Time: 9.40pm
Pages Read – 129
Books Finished –
Breaks –
Urmmm about an hour because I had dinner and then needed to sort out the internet.
Mini-Challenges – 1,  Best and worst covers.
Currently Reading – The Silver Linings Playbook


Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 8 – Book Sentence Challenge
The bloggers say ” create a sentence using the titles of books.  You must use every word in the title, but you can add punctuation.”
Here goes nothing!
130427-215127Phew, that was hard!

10.30PM: So I just had another break (if you can call it a break because I was still technically reading) to be social and pop over to some other bloggers sites. Good job readers, you’re doing so well. I’m having fun checking out loads of your blogs that are new to me!
Thank you so much to everyone who has stopped by my blog so far and cheered me on, it means the world. 😀

10.50PM: Much deserved dessert break! New York style baked vanilla cheesecake with a cup of tea. Mmmmm…at this point it tastes like the best food I’ve ever had. 😀

Nom, nom.

Nom, nom.

10.55PM: LOL. My cat is sniffing and staring intently at my cheesecake, I think she wants some. 😛 The Silver Linings Playbook is still great, they have just gone off to the beach which is making me all nostalgic about past summers. BRING ON SUMMER 2013.

Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 11 – Picture it!
The blogger says “Take a picture of the place and/or book you are reading currently and post it somewhere – twitter, your blog, your choice.”
Well, you’ve kind of already seen it before in some of my other pictures because I haven’t moved but here is my cozy little reading spot!

Also featuring the memorabilia mug I brought back from New York!

Also featuring the memorabilia mug I brought back from New York!

11.45PM: I wonder if I will actually win any of these mini-challenges I have been entering….hmm. If not, it’s still a lot of fun. 🙂

My Stats:
Current Time: 12.00pm – I’ve hit Midnight, woohoo!
Pages Read – 154
Books Finished – 0

Breaks – 
15 minutes of social networking and cheesecake.
Mini-Challenges – 2,  the Book Sentence Challenge and Picture it!
Currently Reading – The Silver Linings Playbook, but about to switch back to The Ambassador’s Mission for a change!

Thoughts on current book: This book mentions football a hell of a lot. Normally that would really get on my nerves but it deals with it in a really clever way. The football is never just about the football, it’s about the connection Pat has with his family, or with Nikki and his turbulent emotions and assessments about the world. I’m amazed that I have been reading this book for so many hours and yet I am not bored with it at all, it keeps a really good pace and every chapter is interesting!



The Readathon Mid-Event Survey
1) How are you doing? Sleepy? Are your eyes tired? My eyes are starting to feel a little heavy now definitely, especially after my lack of sleep yesterday but I still feel pretty alert and am definitely up for reading great books!
2) What have you finished reading? Nothing yet I’m afraid, but that was never my goal, I just want to enjoy myself. I’m almost half way through The Silver Linings Playbook.
3) What is your favorite read so far? As I’m sure you can already tell from my updates I am really enjoying SLP. 🙂
4) What about your favorite snacks? Oooh I tell you what, that cheesecake earlier was amazing, but that’s the only snack I’ve really had so far apart from main meals.
5) Have you found any new blogs through the readathon? If so, give them some love! I have indeed! I’ve chatted quite a lot with Kimberley who is very new to WordPress. Head on over and give her some encouragement!

1.44AM: Had to take a break and print out some university work that I will need for Sunday. Ever prepared. 😛

1.56AM: I swear I can hear some weird consistent beeping going on faintly in the background, it almost sounds like a fog horn or something… Is it real or do you think the hallucinations are starting? :S

My Stats:
Current Time: 2.08am
Pages Read – 180
Books Finished –
Breaks – 
30 minutes to answer comments and print of some work for university.
Mini-Challenges – 1,  Mid-Event Survey
Currently Reading – The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan again!


2.42AM: The night owl in me that is normally around finally seems to have snapped into action! I now feel much more awake and am looking forward to getting further into Trudi Canavan’s book! I’m enjoying it a bit more now, a few more events are starting to occur and I can tell she is starting to set the storylines up now!


Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 14 – Share a Quotereadathon challenge my
The blogger says “this challenge is about sharing a quote from the book that you are reading or books that you’ve read during this read-a-thon. I love quotes, so I would really love hear the one that made a big impression on you. Or that you’ve found it completely hilarious! Or that you’ve simply found it beautiful!”
I’m choosing a quote from the Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canvan, there’s nothing poignant about it or moving or anything like that, but there is something in the way the sentence is constructed that I just love and I think it is Trudi’s way of writing like this that makes me love her work:
‘Along with the desicion to accept entrants to the Guild from outside the Houses, it had been decided that family and House names would no longer be used during Guild ceremonies. All who became magicians were expected to risk their lives to defend the Allied Lands, so all should be shown the same level of respect’ – page 68

3.08AM: My blog stats are very happy today/yesterday, they don’t know what’s hit them!!

3.22AM: I am definitely enjoying this book more now, there’s more action and less recapping and I’m finally relaxing into it. 🙂

3.56AM: YOU GUYS, I HAVE HIT MY STRIDE. I am enjoying myself so much and I don’t feel tired AT ALL. THIS IS AWESOME. The headache has gone away too (probably due to the caffine boost, lol).

My Stats:
Current Time: 4.00am
Pages Read – 200 – Whey, a nice round number! It sounds so small though. :O Although quite a lot for me, considering how slowly I read…
Books Finished – 
0 – Lets face it, I might as well take this category off here, it was a bit optimistic. 😛
Breaks – 
10  minutes-ish of social networking.
Mini-Challenges – 1,  Share a Quote
Currently Reading – The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan

Tea and book both in hand, this is SERIOUS business people.

Tea and book both in hand, this is SERIOUS business people.

Thoughts on Current book: I am so glad I decided to pick this book up because I am enjoying it much more now than I was at the beginning. I think it took me a while just to relax, at the start of the readathon I felt like I was reading for the sake of reading, now I am definitely all chilled and reading because I want to!
This book see’s many of my favourite characters return, although they are now more like shells of their former selves after the horrific events of the war from the previous book, which is a little saddening. They are also much older, which I am having trouble processing because I keep picturing them how I saw them originally! Already several story-lines have been set up, a mysterious killer is roaming the slums killing the top thief’s in charge, a main characters family has been murdered (I won’t say who) and Sonea’s son, Lorkin is applying for a position that will take him to the far away lands of Sachaka, dangerous territory they have been feuding with for centuries and who they recently fought the war against – with horrific consequences.


4.24AM: I have been visiting a few other blogs, everyone is staying strong and are still enthusiastic, it’s amazing. Keep going guys!! Just keep reading, just keep reading, reading, what do we do? We read. 😛

4.25AM: Ohh also, I found out that weird noise from earlier wasn’t my imagination, it was the washing machine trying to trick me!

Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 16 – Turn the Page
The blogger says “For this challenge, you must turn to page 32 of the book you are currently reading (or the nearest page with text on it) and find the most entertaining phrase to complete the following sentence ‘I would rather read than ________ any day!’
So I used The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan and created…… ‘I would rather read than have a firm circle of snooty friends any day!

4.47AM: I can hear the birds tweeting!!!

5.06AM: The sky is changing colour and the birds are getting louder! I’ve almost made it through the night, and that’s got to be the hardest part right? The book is still great, Sonea just had a huge face off with her son about whether he could go to Sachaka or not, she pulled him front of a jury and everything! Now that’s extreme parenting. 😉

Mini-Challenge Allert! Hour 17 – Six Word Celebration
The blogger says “Your challenge is to creative a six-word celebration of Dewey’s Read-a-Thon. Go on, you know you want to!”
So here I go! Dewey’s genius remains, literary lovers unite.


Sunrise! I made it, but will I last the full 24hours?

Sunrise! I made it, but will I last the full 24hours?

My Stats:
Current Time: 6.00am
Pages Read – 232, yipeee!
Books Finished – 

Breaks – 
20 minutes of social networking and basking in the fact that I made it through back to sunlight hours!!!
Mini-Challenges – 2,  Turn the Page and Six Word Celebration.
Currently Reading – The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan


6.04AM: Hmm my tummy is grumbling, time for a super duper early breakfast?

6.07AM: Oooh it’s so misty outside, I hope Dracula’s not sneaking up on me!

Breakfast is served! Buttered muffins. :)

Breakfast is served! Buttered muffins. 🙂

6.20AM: I MIGHT HAVE WON A PRIZE! I MIGHT OF! MAYBE. POSSIBLY. BY DEFAULT I THINK. BUT MAYBE! OHH YEAH. Gotta wait to hear back…this victory celebration could be too early…lol.

6.23AM: The readathon site put a parody of the song Thrift Shop as the stay awake video. Hell yeah, I LOVE THIS SONG.

6.38AM: I have a feeling my dear character Sonea is falling into the trap of a douche bag that shouldn’t be trusted, and that she should know better than to trust. Don’t do it Sonea! Use your brain. I’m going to switch back to The Silver Linings Playbook before I get annoyed at her stupidity, lol.

6.48AM: Note – The Silver Linings Playbook spoils the endings of a lot of classic books, you have been warned!

7.05AM: Ok, I feel very sleepy again now, which is probably due to the fact that I put the snugly blanket back over me and I am slouching much more. It would be sooo easy just to close my eyes, agh, but I can’t!

7.19AM: I feeeeels vair tired y’all.

7.22AM: I’m seriously wondering where Pat’s fear of Kenny G the musician comes from. It must be psychologically connected with his Nikki related trauma, I’m just wondering how. I looked up the song by him that he keeps going on about and it’s kind of slow jazz. Current prediction – In the past Pat walked in on Nikki cheating with another man and that song was playing in the background. Educated guess, but could be totally wrong! I’m looking forward to finding out. 🙂

7.53AM: Ew, cold tea! Whoops.

My Stats:
Current Time: 8.00am
Pages Read – 278
Books Finished – 

Breaks – 
20 minutes for an early breakfast.
Mini-Challenges – 0.
Currently Reading – The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

Just over half way through The Silver Linings Playbook now!

Just over half way through The Silver Linings Playbook now!

Thoughts on Current Book: I think I have been given a few more clues about disaster that led to Pat’s spiral into a breakdown, but I can’t be sure. There hasn’t been much on Tiffany in this section, but rather more on Pat’s parents and their relationship, an interesting change of pace but I will admit not as interesting as some of the other sections of the book!


8.33AM: Aghh my eyes feel crazy weird. I think I’m spiralling into that insanity we talked about earlier. I feel like I should be grabbing at some shaky handheld camera like in The Blair Witch Project and saying something like, ‘hour 19, still no sign of life on planet book, have been experiencing strange mood swings and mirages of giraffes wandering around in pajamas.’

8.39AM: Participate in the readathon they say. It will be FUN they say….

8.40AM: Kidding.

9.06AM: Must. Keep. Going. Arrgh. Can’t. Think. Of anything. Intelligent. To say. *Brain melts*.

9.50AM: Playing this in an attempt to keep me awake, among other upbeat songs. I can do this. I can do this. I CAN DO THIS.

My Stats:
Current Time: 10.00am
Pages Read – 303
Books Finished – 

Breaks – 
20 minutes of trying to prevent myself from falling into a book coma.
Mini-Challenges – 0.
Currently Reading – The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick

Thoughts on Current Book: Tiffany just gave Pat a mysterious letter that he is not allowed to open for 48 hours and must be in a good mood to read. Intriguing, no? Enough to make me continue reading anyway, even though the book seems to have gotten even more sports orientated. Come on Matthew Quick reel it back, get back on track with the story!
Also I swear I just keep reading and reading this book feeling like I’ve read loads, but then I look at the side of it and I still appear to be in the same place. It’s taunting me people!


10.01AM: Three hours to go!!!!!!!!

Trying to stay chirpy guys! I dread to see how tired I will look once I take the makeup off, lol.

Trying to stay chirpy guys! I dread to see how tired I will look once I take the makeup off, lol.

10.17AM: Sleeeeeeeep. NEED SLEEP.

10.44AM: The finish line is getting closer and closer!! Really don’t feel all that good now if I’m honest, I think my body clock is EXTREMELY confused.

11.06AM: The book has suddenly take a random turn, he’s decided this certain point of his life is like a montage so this section of the book is made up of tonnes of little snippets. It’s weird, but it works! 🙂

11.08AM: Not too long to go now, I’m going to do it! I really am! 😀

11.29AM: This book is quoting Bonnie Tyler. That was unexpected.

11.42AM: This part of the book is so good! It’s all happening at once, like a big crescendo.

My Stats:
Current Time: 12.00pm
Pages Read – 358
Books Finished – 

Breaks – None.

Mini-Challenges – 0.
Currently Reading – The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.

Thoughts on Current Book: This great book is definitely now winding down the story to a  finish, along with the readathon! Whether the book will have a happy or sad, I am not quite sure! Annoyingly I don’t quite think I will finish it in time either. 😛



End of Event Meme

  1. Which hour was most daunting for you? I think right around the 6.30am mark it really started getting to me. I felt like I was through the worse because I made it to daylight again, when reality I actually had about 6 hours left!
  2. Could you list a few high-interest books that you think could keep a Reader engaged for next year? The Silver Linings Playbook seeing as managed to complete it, but also any Lindsey Kelk books, they are very lighthearted. Basically just books that won’t give you a headache from concentrating so long!
  3. Do you have any suggestions for how to improve the Read-a-thon next year? No, I thought it was really great, I don’t really know how you would improve it!
  4. What do you think worked really well in this year’s Read-a-thon? The cheerleads and the rest of the blogging community were so great keeping me motivated, and the mini-challenges were great for breaks.
  5. How many books did you read? I read two books, but I only finished one.
  6. What were the names of the books you read? The Ambassador’s Mission by Trudi Canavan and The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick.
  7. Which book did you enjoy most? The Silver Linings Playbook because I manged to complete it right at the end!
  8. Which did you enjoy least? Well there’s only two, I think you can do the maths. 🙂
  9. If you were a Cheerleader, do you have any advice for next year’s Cheerleaders? N/A
  10. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? What role would you be likely to take next time? I would definitely participate as a reader again, or maybe a cheerleader if I had deadlines and wasn’t able to do the full thing.

My Stats:
Current Time: 1.00pm
Total Pages Read – 413
Books Finished –
Breaks –
Mini-Challenges – 1, End of Event Meme.

I really can’t believe I made it! THANK YOU so so much guys for following me along on my journey and checking back in every so often. It really means so much to me and your encouragement helped me complete the entire 24 HOURS! I hope you had fun seeing me struggle along into the early morning and back again, I know I did. 😀

Although it may look like I didn’t read all that much considering my number of pages, I spent almost every moment reading apart from updating this blog. The rest of the time I was either reading your lovely comments, or reading other people’s blogs, and discovering some great new blog owners, I think that counts don’t you? 😉

Speak to you all later! I’m off to catch some Zzz’s O_-   

The books I read.

The books I read.

163 thoughts on “My Updates for Dewey’s 24-Hour Readathon :)

  1. Looking forward to reading your updates. I’m going to join the next one in October. What part of England are you from? I’m originally from Manchester but been in the US for 6 years now. Good luck!

    • Thank you, I’m so thankful to every person who comments! There’s already so many more than I was expecting. 😀 Oooh that’s great, I hope you enjoy it. I’m from Kent, so a bit below London. 🙂 Wow, I would LOVE to spend that amount of time in the US, you’re so lucky! Do you miss England?

      • Really don’t miss it. Plus I’ve been here so long now that here is home. And my kids are real little Americans. They would stick out like a sore thumb if we ever went back lol.

      • Ahh that’s fair enough. You can get used to anywhere and make it feel like home in no time at all I’ve found! Especially since moving to university. 🙂

        Ohh really? That’s so funny! Do they have American accents with a British twang? 😛

  2. Ended up deciding not to do this 😦 Unfortunately I’ve got my deadlines coming up and I really need to finishing writing the code for a website that I’m making at the moment. How’s your uni work going?
    Also hope you manage to stay awake for it all. Will probably be up quite late tonight, knowing me, and so I’ll see how you’re doing when it becomes Sunday :L Plus I’m going to keep your blog open so I can read your up dates as breaks from my work 🙂
    We’ll have to see how things are in October, maybe I’ll be able to do it then…
    Enjoy 🙂 x

    • Awh that’s ok, there’s always next time! I have deadlines too but I just thought screw it. I’m supposed to have a presentation on Monday worth 40% of my grade and I m completely ignoring it and very unprepared, LOL.

      Yay thank you, that would be great! I haven’t done much actual reading so far though…hmmm. It takes a while just to get your head round things.

      Thanks Niki! 😀

      • Yeah, well sorting out this website is, unfortunately, something I can’t say screw it to :/ Haha, wow, what’s the presentation about?
        Haha, yeah, that’s fair enough. But as long as you get it done 🙂 It’s all about the taking part! 🙂
        That’s ok 🙂 x

      • Holistic face processing and the composite effect. I swear it’s not even the english language, LOL. I’m doing it with a group though and I’ve for the most part done my bit, so it’s not too bad. 🙂 Good luck with the website!

      • Errr….What?! :L That’s alright then 🙂
        Thanks… Haha. I just want to get it done now :L Because if I get it done then I’ll have finished 2 units (out of 6!!)
        Have you changed the room around (the self portrait picture mini challenge thingy) Looks like you’ve moved the sofa….?

      • My thoughts exactly, LOL!
        Ohh yeah that would be great, I only have three deadlines left now which is awesome, one’s the presentation, an exam and my short story so I’m feeling a bit more chilled now. 🙂

        Yeah my mum changed it round when I was away at uni. Coh, you go away for a bit and next thing you know the whole house has changed! 😛 It’s now set up as two mini sofa’s.

      • Fair enough. Must be nice to be relaxed. I think I’ll only really be relaxed when I’ve done all my work. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to do all my work today as well :/
        Ahhhh right. I know what you mean. Dad had drawn up plans for changing the house! As in building! :L
        I’m pleased that you like Silver Linings Playbook 🙂 It’s easy to read through it all quickly
        How’s it going? And I hate to point out mistakes but you’re not half way through quite yet because you started at 1 so shouldn’t you be half way through at 1? And also the next up date will be at 2am not 2pm :L

      • Ohh no, sorry to hear that, you have to remember though that even a little progress is good. 🙂
        Whoa really? That’s crazy!

        Thanks, I’m not really reading it quickly though considering how small the chapters are and that it’s quite a small book because I am doing all the social networking at the same time, which is half the fun.
        Ohh god I know don’t even get me started! I’m sure there are SO many mistakes in this thing, my brain is a bit foggy at this point so I can’t even spot them anymore, LOL.

        Yeah I only just realised that too, it’s because our clocks went back or forward (whichever) and so the readathon site posted that it was half way through when in fact I still have another 20 minutes to go! I’m just going to leave it how it is now anyway.

      • Haha, yeah, got a fair amount done, just more than I expected to be done for it.
        Haha, yeah, I don’t think any of it is actually going to get done because as far as I know nothing more has been happened :L
        Yes but remember even a little progress is good 😛
        Are you on facebook or is all the social networking on here?
        I don’t really think there are any others, it was just the times. You know how I notice things :L
        Ohhhh right. Well if they put it up then don’t worry about it as every one will have done the same then 🙂

      • Yeah, of course I am!! 🙂 It was such a good piece of advice that I decided you could take your own advice for once by hearing it from someone else. Oh my god! People should so do that! Be completely weird and write down advice people give them and then when they’re in the same situation they can tell them what they were told!!! 😀
        I think the hour of the night is getting to me too. I have no idea why I’m still up! I should be asleep, Damn it! :L
        Fair enough, was just thinking we could have more of a conversation if you were tired or bored or whatever 🙂

      • Just to let you know I am going to shut down my laptop and (probably, hopefully) go to sleep now. Hope you manage to stay strong as the hours keep on passing! Turning on my laptop will be the first thing I do when I wake up to see how you have faired during the night. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll manage to stay up til 1pm 🙂 xxxx

      • They totally should do that, it would be hilarious!

        Okie dokie, thank you so much for cheering me on! 😀 Have a good sleep and I will speak to you tomorrow! (Providing I have survived the night, LOL.)

      • Haha, I know right! 🙂
        So, I am awake again and you have managed to survive through the night!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD 😀 XD 😀 XD 😀 XD 😀 XD 😀 XD 😀 XD
        You only have 3 hours left!!!! You can do this!!! 🙂
        How is it going though? 🙂

      • HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! 🙂 That is a LOT of smiley faces, thank you!

        I have survived, I’m not totally sure my sanity is still in tact but hey ho.

        I’m really struggling with these last few hours.

      • And why shouldn’t there be loads of smiley faces?! trying to help you feel more awake 🙂
        Haha, that doesn’t matter, we all lost it at some point, you’re just losing it sooner than others 😛
        Ahhh no, how can I help?

        Btw, you’re doing well with mistakes and spelling. The only mistake is on the time again, you’re going to check in at 12pm not am…. :L 12am has been and gone 🙂

      • Hahaaa no smiley are a good thing! Not really, just gotta keep reading. Makes me a little sad I’m not even going to finish one book though, lol.

        A lot of people have already dropped out and gone to sleep by this point!

        Hahaa thanks. 😀

      • Exactly! 🙂
        Fair enough. Well only 2 1/2 hours left! 🙂
        That doesn’t matter, you’ve made good progress through the ones that you are reading. And you’ve got 2 on the go so it will make you feel like you’ve accomplished more rather than reading 1 whole book in all the time 🙂
        Then feel proud at how well you are doing! 🙂
        That’s ok.
        So, I have an idea that probably for the one in October we should do it together. As in be in the same room as each other so we can keep each other company and keep each other awake. 🙂 you could come for a trip down to see me or something like that. 🙂 Because, if I’m honest, I think the one in October will be a better time for me to do something like this as April will always be full of work I think. 🙂

      • Woop woop!
        True, very true. It’s just I look at some bloggers and they’ve finished something ridiculous like 8 books. Don’t know how they do it, but my aim was never to do that anyway so it’s ok. 🙂 Thanks!

        Haha that could be cool, team effort lol. We will have to see though, deadlines are going to be tougher in our second year and we will have to wait to see where the deadlines fall as to whether we can do it or not. But I would like to. 🙂

      • Well that’s just crazy! We should read loads of short stories so we can finish like 10 books and everyone will be really impressed (until they read the titles and know that they were only like 50 pages each :L)
        Yep! 🙂
        Well it’s in October so I don’t think deadlines will really be an issue… Well at least not for me. I start uni in the last week of September/the first week of October…
        And I imagine my deadlines will be similar to this year so I won’t really have any until December/January 🙂
        Want to skype for a little bit?

      • Haha touche, that’s a really good idea, we will look epic, LOL.

        Hmmm, I think my deadlines were pretty crazy in October last time is all, but I have no idea how they will pan out next year so it might be ok!

        I can’t sorry, I am determined to finish how I started, reading! 😀 You know, I’m quite close to the end of this book but I just know I am not quite going to finish it in time.

      • Haha, I know. Exactly my plan 🙂 Mwahahahaha :L
        Ahh no 😦 That’s annoying.
        Well I wasn’t planning on it being long. But fair enough. Only an hour and a half left to go! 🙂
        Well if you’re close enough you could just finish the book and then collapse 😛

      • It’s ok. Maybe sometime this week. Once you’ve recovered from this and your roommate isn’t in one night 🙂
        well if you just keep on reading until you finish and just not put your book down you’ll probably get through it 🙂

      • It’s gone 1pm! You did it!!! 😀 Well done! 🙂 You now have permission so sleep for a week :L But it might be easier to stay awake and then go to bed early otherwise you’ll probably make your sleep patterns crazy…

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *raises pom-poms in the air and does a silly dance which confirms why I should never be a cheerleader*

    PS. Are you doing updates on Facebook by any chance? (I can’t cheer you properly since I’m not on Twitter… 😦 )

    • Hahaaaa woop woop! Thanks Nisha! 😀

      Nope not on Facebook, all my friends would label me crazy. 😛 I’m not doing updates on Twitter either though, just on my blog. Otherwise it is just too hard to keep up!

  4. Haha…slow decent into insanity. I love it! Go you! This book seems like a great choice. I recognize the cover and thinking it looked like a cool read (go ahead, bash me for judging a book by its cover. I do it all the time >.< ).

    I'm also not thinking about snacks either. Maybe tea after I finish my coffee, but that's about it. I'm more of a drink person over a snack person.

    Happy reading!!!!

    • Haha thanks. 😀 Yeah, it’s part of a series by the same author, so there are a lot of similar covers on each book with people in cloaks. The start was intriguing but I’ve switched for a change to The Silver Linings Playbook for now.
      Don’t worry, I ALWAYS judge books by their covers!

      Me too, although I have grabbed a massive pack of Dorito crisps for safe keeping. 😉

      You too!

      • I hope you win some of those challenges. You’ve done a lot! And I’m loving the NY mug. You look like you have a very cozy reading nook yourself. 🙂

        Also, I really want to watch Silver Linings Playbook. I love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper is a sexy man. I had no idea that it was a book though. Very cool. I think that’s a good break book, especially because (I’m guessing) it’s a totally different genre. Enjoy! (that is, until you back to the first one)

      • Hahaa me too, there are some awesome ones! Thank you, I love it and it always makes me think back to my trip. 🙂

        I didn’t realise it was a book at first either but then I saw my friend reading it. I didn’t really plan on buying it but then that same friend bought it for my birthday, so here I am. 😛 I am really looking forward to seeing the film as well! Bradley Cooper is indeed a sexy man. 😉 Yepp I’m going back to the other one as we speak!

    • It is great so far and I will definitely write a review of it at some point. It’s also a small book so it makes me feel more like I am making progress!

      Thank you. 😀

  5. Seeing your progress is so awesome! I found I had more fun with this when I turned off the computer altogether, so I think I’m not going to be on the Twitterverse as much as I thought, nor the challenges. But I’m writing up what I’ve done so far- it’s been really enjoyable to forget about the internet and get lost in a book for long periods of time 🙂

    • Thanks Maggie. 😀 That’s fair enough, we all approach it different ways and I have to agree I was feeling very overwhelmed at the start with all the updates and challenges and whatnot, but now I’ve gotten into the swing of things and am really enjoying myself. Glad to hear your having fun too!
      My main aim was to have fun rather than get through tonnes of books so that’s why I am doing so many updates, as you can see, I haven’t actually read that much, LOL.

      I’m popping over to your site now. 🙂

  6. You’re doing well so far, Becks! Looking utterly gawj and relaxed in the pics, too.

    I see that you slayed and skinned a tiger in preparation for this challenge – keeping the legs warm is all-important when you’re pulling an all-nighter.

    • Thanks Michael!! 🙂 Not so relaxed now I’m afraid, my internet went out for an hour which was really annoying. But I’m back now better than ever!

      I did indeed, it was hard work too. My cat seems to love sitting on it though which is a bit worrying, do you think she realises it is a form of her own species? *Awkwardddddd.* She might need some therapy after I tell her eh?
      LOL, I couldn’t stand real fur ewwwww.

  7. 6.27PM. Becky descends into madness after only 6 hours of non-stop reading. Just kidding. 🙂

    Thanks for asking what I’m up to! I dug a bush out of the back garden in between hailstorms, posted a blog I’m taking part in next month and played Lego City on the Wii-U. And I keep checking back here to see how you’re doing. {Passing over tea and biscuits}

    Bananas are good for an energy boost if you start to lag around midnight. Do you have to read all night and into tomorrow morning and afternoon as well?

    • Haha not just yet, Tony, although I do feel a lot more disheveled now that my internet went out for about an hour! That threw me a bit.

      No problem. 🙂 Whoa that actually sounds like a really interesting day, nice combination of hardcore activities (extreme gardening) education (blogging) fun (Wii-ing, if there’s a politically correct way of phrasing that let me know, LOL) and socializing (on my blog, yay). Glad to see you’ve been up to some fun stuff!

      Ohhh no, not bananas, I hate those things, all mushy and eeesh….maybe if I get really desperate haha. Unfortunately yes because in my time zone it started at 1pm, so I have to read into 1pm the next day *sigh*.

      • 10:49PM. You’re doing great, Becky! Get some caffeine and you’ll manage it easily. I posted on my FB that you were doing this and told everyone to come over and give you their support. Good luck going into the night. Will check back in the morning!

      • Awwwh thank you! Haha yepp I will definitely be sticking with the caffine *drinks more of her tea* I think this is my 5th one today lol. Aw that’s so kind thank you!

        Good night and speak to you soon! Hopefully I will still be awake. 😛

    • A little headachey if I’m honest, and the internet went out which kind of ruined my flow because I had to fix it, but otherwise good thank you. 🙂 I might switch books again in a bit. How are you getting on?

      • Ah, too bad! Unexpected events are not welcome during this Read-a-Thon, why doesn’t the Universe get that? :p Good idea! What book are you going to read now? I am doing ok, I am getting a little bit sleepy but I am going to participate in a mini-challenge so I’ll stay focused :D.

      • The Ambassador’s Mission, so I’ve gone back round to square one! Nothing wrong with that though. 😛

        Good idea, mini-challenges are great for that!

  8. Woot! I’m glad to see you’re still going strong and that you’re enjoying the Sliver Linings Playbook. The first thing I thought about when I started that book was how it compared to Perks. You haven’t watching the Silver Linings movie yet, right?

    • You definitely should, it’s so much fun although it is going to be really tough to last the whole 24hours I can tell already! It sends your blog stats through to roof as well. 😀

      • Haha I think your prediction is correct! I am still so so knackered today I definitely haven’t righted my body yet, that I could deal with, but the reprocussion headaches are killer. Plus, I had to do a presentation worth 40% of my mark today with sleep deprivation. so that was challenging….LOL.

        If you do I will make sure to cheer you on. 🙂

      • Yea I think that if I’m going to do this I’m going to have to make the commitment to stay up till like 6 – 7 pm and then go to sleep till about 11 am so it’s relatively kinda normal plus an couple of extra hours. But I’m guessing it’s easier said than done 😛 Boy, a presentation on sleep deprivation.. It wasn’t on the effects of sleep deprivation by any chance was it? That would have been good 😛 How did it go?

        I guess all you can do now is sleep!

      • Ahh that’s fair enough, a lot of people do it that way, it makes a lot of sense especially if you have commitments the next day or anything like that.

        Ha ha funnily enough that was the exact same thing that ran through my mind! But no it wasn’t it would have been really funny if it was though, I could have used myself as a living example, lol. It went pretty badly if I’m honest, although not on my side of things, it all fell apart a bit for various reasons and one of the girls freaked out completely because she froze up. :S Hopefully it will be a pass though.

        I LOVE sleep now.

  9. Just read through all of your updates. Not sure I could cope, I’d have gone stir crazy after 7 hours, let alone 24.

    So glad you chose Silver Linings, I really enjoyed the book. I also hated the idea of so much football, but it works really well. Have a nosey at my review if you get chance. I’ll be interested to see what you think when you’ve finished. I’ve bought the film to watch as I’ve heard many good things!

    In hindsight, Pat is a much stronger character than Charlie in Perks. Hope everything is going ok, and that you’re still enjoying yourself!

    • Hahaa it certainly isn’t easy! I’m starting to feel quite tired now, but the key is to have lots of breaks, I have been regularly replying to comments and taking part in challenges as well which means only half my time has been spent reading. 🙂 Thanks for reading all my updates!

      Ha ha yeah it’s surprising isn’t it? I was worried when he began talking about it more and more but it really does work. After I’ve finished the book I will definitely stop by and read your review and give you my thoughts. 🙂 I can’t wait to see the film either.

      He is indeed, I’m enjoying reading about him a lot more too. Thanks for popping back charldibs!

  10. Hey Becky!! It sounds like you are doing great and having fun too. I so wish I could have joined in, but we spent the day moving my son home from college as you know. However, since you will be up all night, I will join in for a few hours (after I go through my emails) and read along with you. I’m going to start a new “real” book tonight – The Golem and the Jinni, and I’m really excited about it. The cover is really cool, and I know how much you love covers :). I also downloaded Silver Linings Playbook after hearing how much you are enjoying it. I absolutely loved the movie, and I would like to see how the book compares to it. Happy reading!!!

    • Hey Cindy! Hows it going? I am definitely having fun but I cannot believe how tired I am already! The trouble is, I woke up at 9am against my will and the readathon didn’t start until 1pm, sucky! So really I have been up a lot longer, just not reading, lol. Don’t worry, there’s always October, or next year! How did all the moving go? I hope it went smoothly. 🙂
      Oooh yay, that’s great. Ohh yes I remember you mentioning that one, I hope you enjoy it and you’re right, the cover is awesome!

      Ohhh good, there goes me and my bad book buying influce again. Mwuhuuu. 😉 I can’t wait to see the movie.

      • The move went great although I still have a ton of stuff to organize and put away until September. Bryan got his room put back to normal so it doesn’t look empty anymore and then his girlfriend came for a visit, so we’ve had a full house tonight. We just finished watching the movie Django Unchained (fabulous movie by the way), and now it’s time for me to join you for a while ….. 3, 2, 1 Read!! 🙂

        Don’t you just love opening the cover of a new book for the first time???

      • Ohh good. 🙂 It’s crazy, I have to move out of my halls soon and find my own place, this academic year has gone so quickly! Ooooh I watched that in the communal area with a tonne of housemates, 98% of them didn’t like it though! I thought it was good. Phaa, no taste. 😛
        Woop woop! Check back with me and let me know how the books going. 🙂 I absolutely do, when you just know any kind of magic and mystery could be inside it, knowing you’re going to embark on an adventure!

      • OMG, I can’t believe you are still up! You are really doing it Becky :). It’s 11pm here, and I have usually fallen asleep with my book in my lap by now, but you are inspiring me to stay up later tonight. Goooooo Becky!!!

      • Neither can I! There was a point where I literally thought I was never going to make it, I felt so tired. Luckily my nocturnal instincts (which are usually on full alert and normally the problem is turning them off, LOL) seem to have finally kicked in! I feel wide awake. 🙂
        Hehee wow, time differences are crazy, no wonder I’m always late replying to your mystery photo’s!

        Yaaaaay thank you!!! 😀

  11. You are doing GREAT! I love that you’re doing so many challenges, good for you! I hope your hands have warmed up 😉

    Everywhere we go
    People want to know
    Who we are
    So we tell them
    We are the readers!
    The mighty, mighty readers!

    I hope you’re having a fantastic Read-a-Thon!
    Jennifer ~ Team Panda
    The Relentless Reader

    • Thanks Jennifer! I am trying to participate as much as possible, I am in it for the expirience rather than the number of pages I read. 🙂

      Haha, I love your cheers, they’re awesome and always give me a boost! Thanks so much for stopping by and supporting.

      Team Panda!!!

  12. Go Becky! This post is super fun to read. I was laughing that you were tired after an hour of reading. 🙂 Good luck! I can’t wait to read your recap post and hope you win a mini-challenge!!

  13. Just reading through your readathon postings makes me want to check out your entire blog. LOVE! Sounds like you’re doing a spectacular job at maneuvering through the tough hours and that you’ve chosen the right book to keep you motivated. I look forward to your recap of Silver Linings Playbook. I haven’t been sure about seeing the movie but the book might just get me to change my mind about the whole thing. Keep up the great work!

    Happy Reading!

    Team Panda

    • Hahaaa awhh thank you I’m glad you’ve enjoyed reading it! 🙂 Thank you, this is my first year doing it and I am having a whole lot of fun. It was difficult to work out timings and stuff at first but I think I have it down now.
      Thanks, I think the film looks awesome but I wanted to read the book first. I guess you would class it as light humour, the author has a unique way of putting his points across that are so refreshing.

      Thanks for cheering me on! 🙂

  14. KEEP THE OWL UP! I’ll probably have to head off in a bit ’cause it’s already 5 Am here but you keep on going! I also think my book will have me end up depressed. Just needed to add that. No silver linings there. You know, a character like Pat would’ve changed the course of my poor dead characters’ lives. Okay, less rambling more reading. GOOD LUCK!

    • Heheee. 🙂 That’s fair enough, it is a very difficult task and I know you have a lot of work to do so I don’t blame you! I hope that maths work doesn’t trouble you for too long. I hope you have been enjoying your readathon experience. 🙂

      Ohh no, not necessarily what you want when you are trying to get inspired to stay up late! He totally would of, you should send an angry letter to the author, just like he would, ha.

      THANK YOU!

  15. Oh I saw the movie The Silver Linings Playbook and your posts make me want to read the book! I think I need to move back to the UK as your start time works much better for me than 7 am!
    Keep up the great reading!

    Jenn and The Cats *Team Panda*

    • Ohh cool, did you like it? I’ve heard a lot of great things about it. You should definitely read the book.
      Haha really that’s funny, I would have rather had the 7am one, we should definitely switch! 😛
      Thank you!


  16. Hey, girlie! I wanna give you the prize spot that I won earlier for cheering. Interested?

    Check out the readathon site’s list of prizes and choose a few (in case your first choices aren’t available anymore).

    Send me your top prize choices plus your mailing info so I can forward to the prize people. My email is listed below.

    If nothing suits your fancy, that’s okay too. Just wanted to share if you had an interest.


    P.S. So awesome that you endured the entire night! Way to go!

  17. Hey don’t give up! It’s the last lap, we can do this! What’s a funny and/or enraging character from your book? I think you know the thoughts I’m having about that one in mine. *hides battleaxe and blunt instruments behind back*

    • Haha I’m trying!! I’m hoping the sleepiness will just suddenly pass like last time, lol. The sky is fully blue outside now, I can’t believe it!

      LOL. Sonea was annoying me a bit from a previous book because she was just acting in silly ways that I didn’t want her to. The trouble is, I’m used to her being a teen/early twenties age character from the first book in the series, but now she’s all grown up and sensible and she seems to have lost her fighting power, hmmph!

  18. Wow. I’ve just woken up (sorry, couldn’t resist 😉 and I thought I’d check in and see how you’re doing! Is it weird that I feel slightly proud of you? Maybe because you’re the only readathoner that I’m actively following but even so. You’re doing so well! keep going 🙂

    • Hahaa meanie! 😛 Thank you for checking in. 😀 Nahh I don’t think it’s weird, it’s kinda cool, maybe I can cheer you on another time!

      Thanks Lottie, it’s getting really hard now but I am determined to keep going!

  19. I’m amazed you haven’t spiralled into complete insanity and delusion. Glad you’re soldiering on with Silver Linings. Quite an apt title considering your challenge!

    P.S. I hate Pat’s dad. I just want to give Pat a hug.

    • So am I! It’s getting closer and closer each minute though!
      Haha very true, I hadn’t thought about it like that. 🙂 I am enjoying it but the constant football stuff is dragging me down a little now, probably because I am reading so much of it in one go it makes it seem more repetitive!

      Me too, I don’t get his problem, hmmh.

      P.S. Looking forward to reading your review of Atonement when I am more coherent, lol. I’ve wanted to read that book for quite a while now. 🙂

  20. You are totally rockin’ this readathon, Becky! And I’m absolutely LOVING your one-liner updates as the night wore on and morning collapses upon you. So hilarious! You’re just adorable! And I’m stealing the minute-by-minute updates for next readathon, just so you know. 😉

    Stay strong. You’ve GOT THIS!

    ~ Nolatari

    (p.s. you should have an email from the readathon girls re: your prize choices. Enjoy!)

    • Haha thank you Nolatari, and thank you so much for the prize! 😀 I’m glad you liked them! I’ve never done it before so I wasn’t all that sure how people updated but I thought it would be fun to do it like this. 🙂 LOL, yeah it’s been touch and go a few times along the way, but I’m nearly there, yaaaaaaay.
      Thank you, and feel free, it’s so much fun!

      I’m a big fan of Caps Lock, you’re right, I GOTTTTT DISSSS. YEAH.

      Yepp I did, I got my first choice so I’m super happy!

      • Yay for first choices! I look forward to following your blog on normal days with normal(ish) schedules. You’re a vibrant personality! I’m thrilled your readathon was such a success. One more hour to go and then… zzzzzz. Readathon Hangover.

      • Hahaa your going to follow? That’s great! I look forward to getting to know you more. 🙂 I haven’t really had the oppotunity to have a good look around your blog yet with so much going on, but I will once I have had some sleep! 50 minutes to go now, woop woop!!!

        The weird thing is, I feel like I’m almost so overtired that I won’t be able to sleep….if that makes any kind of sense.

  21. “There’s less than two hours to go here, and the crowd gathered at this lovely young womans virtual blogging door are radiating enthusiasm. Some of them strangers here for the first time, some old friends. All of them bringing their own stories of this shy, unassuming woman who welcomes them all with warmth and friendliness and tales of books good and bad. Despite her tiredness, we’re all urging her on, wishing her well and hoping she can make it. Some of them have been here all night, and I spotted some cheerleaders at the back – not all of them female – waving their pom-poms. All through this crowd, one thought emerges: Go Becky!”

    • Awwwwhhh this is so nice Tony! Thank you!!! 😀

      You should be a sports commentator, LOL.

      I am so gratefully to everyone who has helped me along these terrifyingly difficult 24 hours!

      • I was out shopping around 1:00pm and wondering how you were doing! So glad you managed the whole 24 hours. Not sure I’d have the stamina for it. I think you did a fantastic job. Must have been the blue nail varnish. 🙂

        And now you know you can pull an all-nighter at Uni if you ever have to!

      • Thanks me too! I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to make the whole time because I was so tired when I started so I surprised myself. Ohh yeah, it was definitely the blue nail varnish, it gave me extra superpowers LOL.

        I do indeed! Although I have to say I wouldn’t want to, it’s killer.

  22. Lol – the book smells good. I so get that.
    Wounded Souls would be a great title for a book. Off you go now and start writing that story. 🙂
    Keep Calm and Drink Tea is going to be my new motto/mantra. I love the mug. And great pics by the way.
    I own the same cover of Stolen. I love the raised font on the Women of the Otherworld books. The other book cover is tacky and wouldn’t make me want to pick it up.

    Well done for doing this, Becky.

    • Haha book smell is the best.
      I’m glad you like it. 🙂 Hmm.. maybe one day.
      It is a very good motto to have, I’m glad you agree, I could not live without tea, I am a caffeine addict.

      It is so tacky isn’t it?! I don’t know what they were thinking. I wonder if maybe she didn’t get that much money put into her books at first, and then as they became more popular they put more money into them and decided to amp up the covers… or they could have just thought they would sell with covers like that better in different countries.

      Thanks Emma!

  23. Wow!! Great job! 🙂 You managed to stay awake too 🙂 🙂 I can’t wait to read The Silverlining’s playbooK! I bought it for my sister’s birthday a couple of weeks ago! 🙂 🙂 She’s excited 😀 And great quote you’ve picked! 🙂 🙂

    • Thank youuuu. 🙂 Ohh that’s great, I hope you and your sister like it, I thought it was a really good quirky book.

      I’m glad you liked the quote and thanks for stopping by!

  24. Haha, it was fun reading through your updates! At some points it appeared like tiredness took its toll on you. 😉 But congrats on making it through and finishing a book! I could not have made it. You have officially won the internets now. =D

    Also, that mug of yours is fantastic. Gotta find me one of those. I share a very close relationship with my tea!

    • Awh thanks Zen I’m so glad you enjoyed reading. 🙂 Haha it definitely did at two points, but I’m so glad I made it. Thank you, glad you think so. Lol.

      Hehee yeah I love it! Of course, I normally put actual tea in it rather than hot chocolate. It’s a necessity to any tea-a-holic I think. 😛

    • Thank you, I’m glad you liked it. 😀 I think overall I probably did more social networking than actual reading, but I still got a good chunk done and had so much fun splitting my time between the two!

      Awh thank you, and thank you for joining the fun and following!

  25. Well done! Sorry I wasn’t able to cheer you on yesterday but I loved reading your updates today and I’m well impressed you managed to get all the way through! Hope you enjoyed your sleep when you got it!!

    • Thank you! That’s alright no worries at all. 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed reading, I was worried the updates had the potential to end up boring so I’m really glad they didn’t!

      Hahaa I have never enjoyed sleep so much in my entire life than after this readathon. 😀

  26. Girl, you look actually gorgeous in the pictures. When I stay awake for 24 hours +, I do not look as preddy as you. Also – was the Silver Linings Playbook good? I watched the film and it was so mehhhhhhhh but you seem so enthusiastic about the book?

    • Awwwh, thank you. 😀 Hahaaa, neither do I! It’s partly because I kept my makeup on which hides the tired better and partly because the pics were done with webcam (easier to upload quicker) and pictures taken on that are a lot more flattering! 😛
      Ohhh no, I was looking forward to watching it I thought it looked good. Then again with our different tastes you can never tell…lol. Yeah I really liked the book, it was awesome, quite funny and it reminded me of The Perks of Being a Wallflower in terms of the main characters voice. You can borrow it during summer if you want..?


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