Quoting the Quill #7

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‘To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best, day and night to make you everybody else means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting.’

– E. E. Cummings.

*   *   *

This is another one of my all time favourite quotes on a subject that is very close to my heart. In this world, if you don’t fit into the stereotypical mold you are going to come across people that will look down on you for it and be rude to you. You like reading? You’re ‘weird’ You want to study science or math’s? Your obviously a ‘nerd’. You like classical music instead of mainstream R&B/Pop? Your obviously a ‘freak’. You don’t like binge drinking? You’re such a ‘boring drag’.

I’m sure everyone has been looked down on or sneered towards at some point in their life because they liked something that is not perceived to be cool or the norm by everyday people, but it is always important to remember that it is easier to follow the crowd than fight day in and day out to be yourself, and as E. E. Cummings says, you should never stop fighting for your right to be you.
This is a quote I always try and send other people when they are feeling down and remind myself of too because it sums up the issue well with so much conviction.

Bloggers, you are AWESOME and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. 🙂

*   *   *

Quoting the Quill is an every other week meme created by me at Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic. It runs every other Wednesday. Want to find out more or join in the fun? Check out the details here.

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24 thoughts on “Quoting the Quill #7

  1. love e.e. cummings! i don’t know if it is like this on your side of the pond, but it seems to be becoming more “mainstream” to have a quirk, or at least pretend you do. those darn hipsters! i have come across people who love harry potter but “have only seen the movies”.

    • I love this quote so much but I’ve never actually read anything written by him, there are some great quotes of his flying about though. 🙂
      It is to some extent, but that doesn’t mean unfortunately there is still a long way to go from what I have seen!

  2. Everyone always laughed at me when I told them I collected cockroaches. No-one would ever believe how pretty they looked inside their matchboxes.

    Actually, me and my friends used to play that Dungeons and Dragons board game. We were complete dorks, but it was great fun.

    Ah, the memories.

    • Ohhh Michael that is horrible, if you want to collect cockroaches you should be able to collect them in peace!

      I’ve heard of Dungeons and Dragons and that it was a big thing at one point, it kind of makes me curious, what was so awesome about it? Apart from DRAGONS that is? 😛

  3. Great quote, I will have to remember it when I am feeling particularly odd 🙂 I am going to participate in your meme later today I think. I found some fun quotes so hopefully I don’t deviate too much from how you expect this meme to run 🙂 Cheers!

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  5. Love this quote and I have to tell you that your Quoting the Quill posts have inspired me to start something new. My new Nook ereader/tablet has some note taking apps, and I decided to start keeping track of my favourite quotes. I have one “note” where I keep track of general quotes that mean a lot to me and another one for listing quotes about books and reading that I love. Definitely going to add your quote from today :).

    • Thanks I’m glad you liked it. 🙂
      So happy to hear it has inspired you Cindy! That sounds like a great idea to me, quotes are always awesome for inspiring when you have a down day or just need a good laugh, I hope you have fun!
      Hey, maybe you will even be able to throw back a few epic quotes in my direction now. 😉

      • Ok, here’s one for tonight. I have no doubt in my mind that you will love this one!

        “I always read. You know how sharks have to keep swimming or they die? I’m like that. If I stop reading, I die.”
        ― Patrick Rothfuss

      • LOL. I’m a night owl so I’m always up late. 🙂 That’s why I was so up for the readathon because I tend to wake up more when it gets later but am terrible in the mornings!

      • Awhh, that’s a cute picture. 🙂 It’s probably because you’ve been busy busy all day though! You see until about 3pm I am walking round like a zombie only half in the world, the darker it gets the more awake I become and usually when it reaches 11pm I wake up completely!
        Yeah at night is definitely when I get the biggest bulk of my reading done, less people around to disturb me. 😉

      • I have always been a morning person. I am up at 6 or 6:30 every morning, even on Saturdays and Sundays. I can’t sleep in because I wake up starving, so I get up and read while the house is totally quiet, before everyone else gets up.

      • Ha ha, I guess it works the other way around too then! 🙂 Seems we are complete opposites in terms of sleep patterns. I wish I could be a morning person, it would make work and school commitments a lot easier, LOL, and somehow I always feel like I get more done on days that I wake up early.

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