Friends Know Best…Unfortunately.

Best Friend Meme
I was chatting to a friend last night about my current obsessions – New Girl (it was love at first sight when Jess made a LOTR reference in the first episode) and Game of Thrones. We were discussing how awesome they are because no matter how many episodes we watch we are always desperate for the next one, especially Game of Thrones it’s been so intense this season! Of course, this left to me pondering about buying the Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire books again. I have wanted to read them since the series began and I am a big fantasy fan so they have been difficult to resist. I mentioned this to my friend and the result was some texting with heavy use of Caps Lock, you have been warned. 😉

Me: I REALLLY want the Game of Thrones books.



Friend: BE STRONG.






Me: 😦

Me: Give me a number.

Friend: NO. JUST READ.

Me: Dang.

Friend: Gosh darn it. Etc. 🙂 You’ll thank me one day.


She’s right, I probably will.
Damn sane logic.

Sometimes there’s a downside to having friends that know you too well.

I’ll still get them eventually though, you know I will. 😉

Are there any books you are desperate to buy/have been desperate to buy in the past, but have held off because you know you shouldn’t? 🙂

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60 thoughts on “Friends Know Best…Unfortunately.

    • Ha ha, we are both in good company then! The problem is I just have absolutely no will power when it comes to buying books. It’s like staring at a massive chocolate cake and wanting to eat all of it, eyes bigger than my stomach. :S


        Michael – Yes, yes I definitely would. I couldn’t leave a poor book in such a state, I would have to rescue it from its poor existence of a broken spine, patch it up and then adopt it. 🙂

    • Mmmm, there’s definitely no such thing as having too many books, but I think there probably is a thing as having too many unread books, lol, I’m nearing 200. :S Ohh no! But I’m even worse if I go somewhere second hand because I come out with two bags full on most days! Good idea though, definitely better for your pockets. 🙂

      • To be fair, I’ve placed an embargo on myself regarding new books until I’m through the reading for my degree. Doesn’t really help, though. Actually catching up now on my to-read list while the academic books gather dust on the shelf. People should just understand it’s an addiction. We were born this way. We can’t help it 😀

      • Awwh that’s so sad, probably necessary though if you’re as bad with self restrain as I am. – ‘Catching up now on my to-read list while the academic books gather dust.’ Ha ha, how it should be. 😛 All is right with the world. It’s always good to have a balance though, my problem is if I don’t spend enough time reading or buy any books I suddenly get to a point where I crack and have a whole day of reading or buy a tonne of books. Going cold turkey doesn’t work for me.

        Haha definitely. 😀

  1. Take the advice, Becky. Your eyes are too big. Books are like sweets and chocolate all wrapped up in lovely parcels. But there is such a thing as too many books. It’s called the TBR Goodreads list.

    • I knowww there are Emma, once again a voice of reason. 😦 I know they are farrrr to big.
      Haaa ha, true. You’re right, they are so like chocolate. When I stop and think of how long it’s going to take me to finish all these books…..geez. :S

      • Liz, you’re making me lol so much right now!!!!! You’re like the little angel on my shoulder telling me to do the right thing when the evil devil side is shaped very much like a book. :O

  2. I have heard so much about Game of Thrones but I’m adamant on reading the books before I watch the show. Catch is that I have at least 15 books on my reading list… I completely understand your situation but I just want to buy the books so I can get into reading them… Eventually watching the show after that. It’s a long process lol. It’s great to have friends that understand your passion and even indulge it! 🙂

      • Ohh really? That’s interesting, I wonder if I will feel that way when I read the books. I do remember that it took me a while to get into the first season, but after that I was completely hooked. I’ve also heard that a lot of the characters are different ages etc so I imagine that could be quite jarring!

      • Some of the characters are different ages, but I’d imagine that’s more down to it being easier find actors who are older. It seemed a bit odd at first but after the first episode I didn’t really notice it.

        Book to TV adaptions are always going to be flawed in one way or another.

    • Aggh you see that is my one big dilemma and the reason my thoughts constantly stray back to the books. You see, I started watching it before I realised that they were books and I got so hooked that I couldn’t stop. Then I kept putting off buying the books because of my tbr pile and next thing you know we’re on season 3 of the TV show and I’m sitting here worrying that now I know too many plot points and it may have spoiled the books somewhat. :/
      You’re definitely doing the right thing by waiting I think, you have much better willpower than me! Thanks. 🙂

  3. I used to read a lot of fantasy, but haven’t touched it for 16+ years. I kind of thought I had grown out of it.

    The other week I decided to give the first Game of Thrones book a go, and I’m now a quarter of the way through the second one. It’s FANTASTIC stuff, and I’m rampaging through it like you wouldn’t believe.

    Ignore your friend and get GoT ASAP.

    I’ve started watching the first series and it feels… empty. All the scenes seem to move too quickly and lack the drama and tension of the books.

    • Really?! That’s so interesting, I never perticularlly pegged you as a fantasy kinda guy, mostly because you always make fun of Gandalf *gives evil eyes*. Awwh, you can never grow out of fantasy! It’s awesome. 🙂

      I noticed that you started reading it but I had no idea you had finished it already! I was really interested to see what you would think of them so I’m glad you enjoyed the book.

      Aggh no, I’m being torn two different ways! Dilemma’s! Don’t tell me that, I already want to ASAP the hell outta Game of Thrones. :S

      As I said in the above comment to you I find that very interesting! Awwh man, now I really want to see how the two books compare. 😦

        BESIDES, I enjoy the TV show so much I don’t want to risk it being “empty.” Therefore I read the book after the series has finished. So I read the first one after the first season, the second after the second… and I feel like there are certain things that are more interesting.
        Also, there are so many characters to keep track of that it’s nice to be able to have the images in your head!!

      • IRL is scary, LOL.

        Yeah I suppose, but I don’t know…..agh it’s all too difficult to decide! All I know is that my heart is yearning to read the books and you along with my brain is telling me no! But as you know now, I managed to resist temptation today, so that’s something at least!
        Hmm, interesting thought process!

  4. You can never too have too many books or chocolate. Friends are a dime-a-dozen though.. 😉

    (Just kidding – about the friend thing, that is!)

    • Haha friends may be dime-a-dozen but GREAT friends aren’t. In fact, I’ve found they’re extremely rare, so if she gives me a ultimatum of ‘the book goes or I go’ I’m screwwwwed, LOL.

      But I agree, you can never have too many books, bought but unread books though….I think I you can probably have too many of those. :S

      • N’aww, I’m a great friend? 🙂 Yeah, if you are tempted to buy the books I will LITERALLY end our friendship. Then how will you survive??? 🙂

      • Yusss, was the meme at the top not obvious enough? 😛 NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO you weren’t supposed to read that!
        Hmm, I remember my ‘great’ friend once saying she doesn’t like ultimatums. Is someone a hypocrite? :L

  5. Love this. My friend seemed incredulous that I constantly buy new books too, when I’ve got so many on my to-read list. She said ‘but why? I only buy books when I need something to read. One at a time.’ Now THAT is strange.

    I’ve yet to try New Girl and Game of Thrones!

    • Thanks, glad you liked. 🙂 Ha ha, I think my friend does kind of get it, she used to read quite a lot but doesn’t so much now. I’m not sure most people understand my full on obsession though. 😛 I could never buy ONE BOOK AT A TIME. Wow, so much self restraint! Very strange indeed.

      Ohh you definitely should, their both amazing. 😀

  6. Nope, I have never held off. If I want a new book, I get it because I figure there are far worse vices I could have :). I mean, where is the negative about too many books? They are wonderful for your mind and they give you incredible pleasure. If you can afford it, go and buy them. I will always have tons of books that I haven’t read yet, but if I ever go through financial problems (worse than I have now that is LOL) I will always know that there are books to read in my house, and that comforts me.

    As for the Song of Ice and Fire books, get them!!!!!!!! I love the show, but the books are way better. I love them so much that I keep them on my “special shelf” for my favourite series. I think I am on the 4th book, but I usually save them for a wonderful, long summer read.

    • Never ever ever? Wow, that’s awesome. I have a lot more lately, I’ve barely bought anything at all, I’ve been very good. I got two books as a self birthday treat but that’s been in since Christmas! Unless I am forgetting something. Ha ha true, very true.

      Ohhhh no!!!! You’re a bad influence CIndy, you’re going to talk me into it, LOL. It’s so interesting that everyone thinks the books are much better, I just can’t imagine, the series is already so great! Glad to hear that you love them though and the fact they are on your favourites shelf is high praise indeed. 😀

      Funnily enough, I went into Waterstones with a friend today and I just ‘happened’ to find the fantasy shelf with A Song of Ice and Fire on and they were buy one get one free! I HELD THEM IN MY HANDS and then I put them back on the shelf and left. 😦 😦 Even with the half price though they are far more expensive than I could get them online and I had already spent £50 so that’s why I didn’t cave.. :/

    • Haha it seems it was! Although I will probably end up buying it soon anyway….my resolve is crumbling with all these people telling me how awesome it is. :S I’m glad to hear you love it so much and YAY FINALLY another New Girl fan!! I just watched to season finale, you’re going to LOVE IT.

  7. As far as GoT goes, I think the books are definitely better. I’m still trying to keep myself from getting the third book in the series, which was my favorite… and of course the only one I own is the second book. The show undermines a lot of what the books had- I think Michael mentioned the changed ages, and IMO, that really hurts it because much of what happens to the characters is affected by their position, and age does play a huge role in my perception of the characters, particularly Robb and Jon, who I like in the books but find hugely irritating in series.

    Again, this is just my opinion, and it’s actually coming from someone who really really REALLY hates A Feast For Crows (bk. 4).

    I also keep telling myself NOT to get The Black Count, a biography of Alexandre Dumas’s father that looks SO COOL and that I would not be able to read until at least halfway through the summer. I also really want to read NOSFRA2 But other than that, I have too many books to read, so there aren’t that many that tempt me.

    • Hmmm, again interesting. I’m sure they probably are, the books are always better. 😛 It’s just I enjoy the series so much it’s hard to picture how the books could be even more awesome. I can’t wait to find out. Yeah I heard that some of the ages changed, especially the mother of dragons (I’m saying that because I can’t spell her real name, lol) but that was probably to do with the explicit scenes, no way could they have cast someone younger and I do absolutely love her in the series. I don’t know if there were other age changes but that’s the one I know about. I actually find Robb very irritating as well! Jon too although not as much.

      Haha true! It’s such a shame that a few of the books go down hill…

      Ahh, I wish I was like that. It’s so annoying that no matter how many books I have, I always find another one better that I really want *sigh* the grass is greener and whatnot. I’ve never heard of either of the books but I hope you manage to get them when the time is right. 🙂

      • If I had to pin down what makes the series so much better in book form, it’s that you get to see the thought processes of the characters in a ton of depth, which makes it very complicated when they do something that you know they shouldn’t. And I actually didn’t mind the age change for Dany- she could sort of pass for 15/16 in show, which isn’t that much older than her age in book. But Robb… Robb is so awesome in the books because *minor spoiler* he’s FIFTEEN. 15. As in younger than me when I got my first job, and he’s taken kingship and winning battles. And the few mistakes he makes are very much attributable to his age and he keeps learning as he goes. He’s completely awesome. And then the show made him older… for some reason. I don’t know what. And Jon in book is 14! They’re basically kids and yet they’re handling themselves amazingly well, given the shit their world is throwing at them. As they are in show, though, they just come across as bland typical ‘fantasy-type’ heroes. That said, I don’t think the show is all bad, though I really wish it would stop with the ‘naked women as props’ that HBO is so very fond of. I think my favorite parts of the show are Sansa, Tyrion, Tywin (in a ‘great villain’ sense), Dany, Margaery, and the setting (and even then I think the show is making Tyrion way too nice), whereas there’s a LOT to like in the books.

        Honestly, i feel like Martin just lost interest and track of his characters by book 4. The story is still there, but it was like he couldn’t be bothered to write it down in the fourth one- he only fit half his original cast in! But I’ve heard that the fifth book is a bit better, so I’m trying to brush up and re-read.

        My bank account is sort of forcing me to have self-restraint, lol. Too many expenses lately as it is… and much as I love books, I have to hold back eventually. Not that I’ve done a very good job, but I’m trying. Really. *hides used paperbacks under the bed*

      • Hey, sorry for the delayed reply! I just moved all my stuff out of university halls this week so it has been very busy, and surreal. I can’t believe first year is over already. O_o

        Yeah I imagine that would give you so much more insight into the characters and I think that is what I truly love about books over TV and film.

        Fifteen! Whoa, you’re right, that would be so much more impressive *mind implosion* now I’m rethinking everything in to show in my head.

        Yeah definitely, it must be really hard to keep writing about the same characters for such a long period of time and not get a little exasperated, I imagine it must feel quite restricting. I’ve heard that he decided to write more books after the series was picked up – I’m not sure if that’s true or not but that might also be another reason for the less lackluster books, he may be doing it for the sake of it or feel more under pressure.

        Agh I hear you, damn money. That’s actually an excuse I use for my massive tbr pile, I say I’m stockpiling for second and third year when I will be broke, LOL.

    • Ha ha yepp, that about sums it up! 🙂 Sometimes I wish I could start my bookshelf over again with a clean slate, but I know I would just end up picking most of the same books again. 😛

    • Hahaa, I think that may be my story soon enough! My confidence is fading even by the comment, people say so many good things about it that it’s hard to resist!! What’s a bookworm to do?!?

      Thanks for commenting. 🙂

  8. I was trying to refrain from buying books, then I went and ordered six books all at once yesterday…. and this after buying three new books two weeks ago. I’m so bad. 😦
    Your conversation with your friend reminded me of one time I went to the bookstore with my friend and she kept putting back every book I picked up. In the end she made me march out with just one book. Sad panda.

    • You see, that is EXACTLY what happens to me too! If I manage to go a long time without buying books suddenly I will just crack and get loads at once. Going cold turkey definitely doesn’t work. :/ That being said, I’ve only bought two books since my Christmas haul, the rest have all been books others have given me. I think the severity of my tbr pile is finally having an affect. 😛

      Ohh my gosh that’s hilarious! Although I might be a little annoyed at the time if it were me, but she had your best interests at heart…probably. 😉

  9. I applaud your friend’s attempts to save your pocketbook, but I think he/she is totally wrong. The only sin you can commit, book-wise, is to not read the books you want to read. I mean, if you’re buying tons of books and never reading them, that’s a whole separate issue. But if you’re buying books because you WILL read them, and because you want to support the author so they can keep doing what they love (i.e., writing), then I whole-heartedly support that. If the issue is not enough free time, that might be more of a problem — not sure what you can do about that. And if the issue is money — library that shizzle up!

    • Hahaaaa that is a good point. 😉 The problem is, I want to read the entire world. :S I am buying lots of books and because I am buying so many of them it will take me forever to read them, and I am a very slow reader as well! That being said, I will definitely pick up the Game of Thrones book at some point, I’m just not sure when…free time is definitely an issue unfortunately. :/ ‘Library that shizzle up’ – LOL such a cool phrase, I’ll have to remember that one! 😀
      That’s a good point, buying a book is a great way of giving your support to an author. Thanks for commenting!

  10. This is hilarious! Honestly, I can’t watch, then read the book right away (or vice versa) because I get too upset about the changes they have to make to turn things into tv or movies. Good luck! I would end up picking them up somewhere, beg borrow or buy if I were that obsessed, but I have WAY too many books on my shelves too. In fact I am pretty sure I have GoT in there somewhere. Haven’t read it yet. ooopsie

    • Haha thanks, glad you think so! I was half laughing and half despairing during the conversation at the time. 😛 I am exactly the same as well, I watched the film adaption of The Silver Linings Playbook right after reading the book and I just found myself comparing every little thing! The good thing about Game of Thrones is that it’s such a complex story that you forget bits along the way. 🙂
      Haha I am pretty obsessed but I know you totally understand my dilemma! 😀

    • Hehee, such a bad influence! 😛

      I’m like that as well actually, I’m always saying go on, treat yourself, you really want it etc etc, it’s a lot easier to say though when it’s someone else spending the money, lol! Haha yeah I’m lucky, I actually find it painful parting from my money at the best of times, books are the only thing I regularly allow myself to splurge on. 😀

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