Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick Review 2/5

Overall Impression: Becca Fitzpatrick once again defies the laws of logic in this disturbing paranormal romance.

(To read my review of the first book from the Hush Crescendo by Becca FitzpatrickHush series, Hush Hush click here.)

This review is wayyy overdue, the sunshine has been making me lethargic, it doesn’t make sleeping the easiest and the last thing I felt like doing was using a laptop that radiated heat! That being said, I have been loving the sunshine and I don’t want it to go away. I hope everyone else has been enjoying it. 🙂
The first time that I read the second installment of the Hush Hush series Crescendo, I remembered it being heart wrenching, exhilarating and dark. The second time around only the latter was true. Unfortunately I had a feeling this might happen, but it didn’t make me any less disappointed. I wasn’t expecting it to be mind-blowing but going from my original five star rating to a two star was quite a fall!

Please note: For those of you that haven’t read the previous book Hush Hush, skip the blurb and first paragraph as it contains spoilers about previous plots and characters from that book. The rest of the review has no major is spoilers.

Nora should know better than to think her life can return to normal after falling in love with a fallen angel. And Nora’s life isn’t normal – her dad was murdered, and the facts about his death just don’t add up. Now Nora’s own life is in imminent danger. Are she and Patch strong enough for the battle ahead?

Crescendo starts with an ominous flashback before snapping back to reality. Nora is anticipating a summer of relaxation with her best friend Vee and her new fallen turned guardian angel boyfriend, Patch. But when Nora lets an ‘I love you’ slip and Patch drives off suddenly without a reply, she can’t help but feel insecure. When Nora discovers that Patch left that night to stand outside Marcie Millar’s house – her childhood bully and regular tormenter but refuses to give her any explanation, she breaks off their relationship.
Distraught and confused all Nora wants is to get Patch back, but it’s not long before she has bigger things to worry about. Someone is messing with her head making her see things that aren’t there, Scott, a volatile childhood acquaintance with a knack for danger is back in town and a scattering of clue’s make Nora question what really happened the night of her fathers murder.
Will she be able to put the pieces together before it’s too late?

This book suffered from the same issues as the first, most of which can be linked back to Fitzpatrick’s writing which seems to defy logic. For instance Nora broke up with Patch because he wouldn’t tell her what he was doing outside Marcie’s house, even though it was clear at this point nothing was going on between the two and Patch gave her several logical hints for why he had acted oddly. This screamed of psycho girlfriend. As their fight continued it was almost as if Fitzpatrick herself realised her readers weren’t going to accept this turn, so she threw in a few extra weak willed excuses to somehow justify their fight, when in reality the author just needed them to break up for her storyline to work. Then throughout the rest of the book Nora recited reasons for their separation which were irrelevant. The plot hinging on a break-up that made no sense only highlighted Fitzpatrick’s bizarre writing, I don’t understand how she was allowed to get away with it because they were not just little writing holes, they were caverns, GRR. The book was full of convenient sections of writing to try and justify scenes that make no logical sense, and as a result I was left feeling irritated and insulted as a reader.
Along with this, the same clunky character descriptions remained, for instance this was the first from chapter one:

‘‘He stood two inches over six feet tall and had a lean, athletic build that even loose fit jeans and a T-shirt couldn’t conceal. The color of his hair gave midnight a run for its money, with eyes to match. His smile was sexy and warned of trouble, but I’d made my mind up that not all trouble was bad.’ –Pg10

Gave midnight a run for its money? PHAAAAA!!! WHAT IS THIS NONESENSE?!? THIS IS THE EQUIVILENT OF MY PRIMARY SCHOOL WRITING DESCRIPTIONS. Not only was it a massive info dump but the author seemed to write her character descriptions as if she was ticking off a checklist. This was not a one off occasion either, remember Nora and her legs like a bar stool? The author obviously hasn’t made much progress since Hush Hush.
Other oddities like this continued to pop up, Fitzpatrick made bizarre word choices like always feeling the need to say the phone ‘shrilled’ or ‘chirped’ when a good old fashion rung would have done the job. It is like she was trying to be unique and different by using odd phrases and word choices but failed. There is a time and place for experimenting with words but don’t try and use something clever when something simple would suffice.
However once again I couldn’t fault her ability to create a spooky and suspenseful scene and this aspect of her writing was why for all its flaws I kept reading Crescendo, I had to know what mysteries were lurking in the shadows.

The pace of this book was messy, while there were still some entertaining scenes the novel lagged without going anywhere. The entire book consisted of Nora yo-yoing between OHHH I LOVE PATCH to I HATE THAT DAMN PATCH I WANT HIM TO GO TO HELL, right back to, I CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HIM and then along to I THINK PATCH IS TRYING TO KILL ME. Nora’s concern that Patch was trying to murder her once again made their relationship suspect and confused the plot. I don’t know how we as readers are supposed to accept that it is totally normal to be in love with someone you also think is trying to kill you! No matter how yummy they are…
The book had a set formula, there would be a romantic scene with Patch, then Nora and Patch would have a fight, Nora would then be plagued by a mysterious threat before the book went full circle back to Patch drama again. It was exhausting and took up 90% of the book, yawn. When the cycle finally was broken for an explosive ending the reader is left with such an abrupt cliff hanger that it is hard not to be annoyed. (Although also clever, because it made me buy the next book, didn’t it?) While the ending was not as tight as the first I still found myself racing through the pages and I loved the eerie amusement park imagery; it was just a shame that it took Fitzpatrick so long to get to the good bit!

I’ve also noticed a weird trend in this series, it’s like Fitzpatrick is sexist towards men. I don’t think it is intentional and may be part of her attempt at bad boy appeal, but once again all the suspects in this book were male! Every guy that turned up was immediately treated suspiciously and Nora believed them to be plotting against her, even the police officer! Yet any females on the scene are overlooked as if they couldn’t possibly be responsible, like there was some unwritten rule. Very odd.

As for the characters…well, as I’m sure you have gathered by now I couldn’t get on with Nora. The author presented her as intelligent and school driven yet she failed to make the most basic of links and refused to make smart decisions. She spent half the book bitching about people and judging them, and the other half running around breaking the law by stealing people’s private possessions or breaking into their houses. She never used logic and always thought one thing and said something entirely different. If I had to describe her in one word it would be neurotic. Along with this her anemic condition that played a key role in the first book all but disappeared with the exception of one small mention.
Patch, the one character I liked was barely in the book, which meant Fitzpatrick didn’t get to show off the one thing she is best at -witty dialogue. Considering his character was one of the only reasons I continued reading, I felt cheated. He was always the one to call Nora out on her troll logic and without him she had free reign.

Save. Us. Lordy.

The fact that his pet name for Nora was Angel still got a good chuckle out of me though!
Newbie character Scott failed to do anything but get in the way and he felt like a substitute for Elliot’s role in the last book. Marcie was consistently presented as the queen of all evil yet I failed to see any difference between her actions and Nora’s. Finally Rixon another fallen angel who was supposed to be Irish SURPRISE, DIDN’T SOUND IRISH. AGH.

The fact that I originally labeled Crescendo five stars means it must have some sort of appeal, but it seems I am not that person anymore. I struggled to find anything about this novel I liked the second time around, but it still gets two stars because despite everything I want to continue with the series. A few scenes were also genuinely creepy which I liked, more of that please Fitzpatrick! I wouldn’t recommend this book unless you feel in the mood for a good rant, but females 16+ who like paranormal romance and dark imagery may enjoy Crescendo if they can overlook some of the illogical writing. 🙂

P.S. Seriously, you guys have GOT to read some of the negative reviews of this book on Goodreads, they’re hilarious and sum the book up way better than I ever could because I’m too polite. Go revel in the insanity! 😀

(To read my review of the next book in the Hush Hush series, Silence, click here.)

Writing Style: 2/5
Originality: 2/5
Entertainment: 2/5
Character Development: 2/5
Would I recommend this book? Nooooo.

Overall: 2/5

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36 thoughts on “Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick Review 2/5

  1. Actually, I quite like the description of hair that gives midnight a run for its money…
    {Ducking as books are hurled across internets…}

    Also, “psycho girlfriend” would be a great name for a rockgroup!

    • Noooooooooooooooooo Tony you did not just say that! 😛 Each to their own. Although I have to admit out of context it doesn’t sound quite so bad, but seriously, in the book it sounds so jarring and awkward, I couldn’t believe how bad it was. (Haha don’t worry, I won’t throw my books at you, promise.)

      Hmm maybe you should start that band, you could play guitar and Michael could play the drums, LOL!

  2. I especially liked the GR review where someone had put the “Not this shit again” picture at the start.

    To be honest, the whole paranormal romance genre confuses me. How long ago did you first read it? A drop from 5 stars to 2 stars is one hell of a change…!

    • Hahaa yeah there are a lot of well timed meme’s in some of those reviews, and I thought a similar thing after I read the first two of three chapters. It was just like really Fitzpatrick, REALLY? LOL.

      Haha it probably doesn’t help that it’s aimed at females, maybe they should start a sub-genre with guys falling in love with supernatural women instead, hehe. I read it… maybe five years ago, something like that. The ideal age for these Twilight-esk stories really because you just see most of it as wistful and romantic and aren’t as knowledgeable on good and bad writing, lol! 🙂

    • Why indeed Charl, why indeed, LOL. Well because I already own the last two books which are unread so I’m stuck with them now. Plus, for all it’s flaws I want to see this series out to the end, there are elements of it that are keeping me hanging on, granted by a thread but still. 🙂

      The series is terrible yet somehow I do get some form of enjoyment out of it, it makes no sense! I think I almost on one level enjoy how freakin’ bad it is, it lets me vent some anger. 😛

      • Just because you start a series Becky doesn’t mean you have to finish it if it’s awful..! You must be some form of masochist if you keep reading these awful books by choice!

      • Haha but it does to me! Most of the time anyway, besides I already own the last two books in the series so I’m going to read them. I don’t ALWAYS read an entire series if I’m not into it, I’ve given up on a few over the years but it’s pretty rare.

        I can’t help it!! It’s like watching half a movie and then stopping before the end. Even if it’s not the best I still want to see how it ends. 🙂 Also, this novel ended on such a cliffhanger, so I want to find out what happens!

  3. I’ve gone through the same kind of change with this series! I read the first book ages ago and remembered absolutely loving it but didn’t pick up book two until recently. Reading that definitely made me rethink why I liked the first book in the first place!

    • Hmm, maybe it’s an age thing, either that or the second book is just rubbish, lol! I never really got on with the first book because I felt the story was so similar to Twilight, but for some reason I originally liked this one. It’s a real shame when your thoughts about a book change, or when you come across a series with so much potential that fails on so many levels.

      Fingers crossed we like the third book better! Thanks for commenting. 😀

  4. I love reading your rage spiral towards these books. They’re kind of surreal, aren’t they? I remember when I glanced through them, I felt like I was looking at some kind of illusion or funhouse room, where something is horribly off and things that should work don’t because of some distortion elsewhere. Like you point out- the writing is atmospheric, and that normally is one of the hardest things for a writer to pull off. Yet Fitzpatrick messes up basic logic so many times that it’s mind-boggling. The midnight thing is like a metaphor that comes so close to being awesome, and in failing falls flat on it’s face.
    Anyhow I appreciate your struggle through this, goodness knows I’m nowhere near tough enough for this series. Though I do really want to start the unbridled lunacy of The Da Vinci Code sometime soon…

    • Haha thanks, I’m glad someone does and can appreciate just how bizarre these books are! Surreal would definitely be one word to describe it. That’s a great metaphor for it actually, that’s exactly what happen. Everything is bent and warped out of shape so that nothing makes sense. There are so many plot holes too, for instance fallen angels are allowed to kill others with no kind of intervention, but it is only when they fall in love that the rest of heaven feels the need to interfere? I mean, whaatttt? That makes sense.
      I agree, that spooky atmosphere is a hard thing to finesse for authors, many try but fall short, yet Fitzpatrick seems to have it down but she doesn’t seem to write the rest of the book with as much skill.
      Hehee, agreed!

      Thanks. 🙂 I don’t blame you! I can always tell you how it ends if you’re desperate, I’m hoping to finally be finished with this series by the end of the year. I would love to see your thoughts on The Da Vinci Code! I haven’t read it yet but I have all of Dan Brown’s books that I got cheap and second hand minus The Lost Symbol and Inferno. At least then if I don’t like them I can get some entertainment out of your rants about them. 😀

      Have you recovered from your bike trauma yet..?

      • Slowly recovering…. so many bus rides though. It’s driving me crazy. But I’m recovered to the point that I’m just annoyed with the whole thing at this point. Getting to work really should not have been this fraught with difficulty.

        I am, however, recovered enough to be currently working on a review that’s a bit of a different style than what I normally write. I’m having a lot of fun with it.

      • Eugh, I hate the bus, I really do! Give me a train, bike or car, anything but a bus! I hope you get it sorted out soon I totally sympathise, but I’m glad that it’s calmed down a bit at least. 🙂 Maybe we could get you a scooter. 😉

        Oooh that sounds intriguing, I’m glad you’re having fun with it. I look forward to it!

  5. yo-yoing–I need to use this phrase more. Such a shame the second one was such a let down. I didn’t read the first one and not sure I will now.

    • Hehe, it’s the first time I’ve used it in a long time too! It was disappointing, fingers crossed that I like the third book better. :S

      Did you get your commenting issues sorted out TBM? Mine see to have conveniently been fixed two days before the guy finally contacted me.

  6. Oh dear. I feel so sorry for this Fitzpatrick. LOL. Call it writer-empathy 😛

    I know I use some terrible clichés and corny metaphors myself but…legs like a barstool????? Is the character a wooden tripod or something?

    • Haha I do a little too, but I can’t help it, it’s just…so…bad. I would love you to read it Nisha, your facial expression would be priceless. Especially if I say that it’s worse than Twilight…
      I hope she can grow as an author because parts of her work are great, just not most of it. Maybe she’ll be able to pull it out of the bag with a different set of novels. 🙂

      HAHA! That’s EXACTLY what I pictured. 😛

      • Okay I just read that they’re going to make movie adaptations so I don’t feel sorry for her anymore 😛
        I also read the Goodreads comments. It does seems very Twilight-ish. I get the impression that she was just cashing in on the popularity of the genre. A bit like what Amanda Hocking did. Not that there’s anything wrong with that but from a personal and creative perspective, I feel authors who let the markets dictate what they write are letting themselves down. #justsaying 😀

      • A movie?!?!!! No way, I had no idea! That’s uh…a little worrying.

        Hehee, that would be because it is very Twilight-ish. The series so far has followed the exact same formula, the first falling in love, the second the rocky part of the relationship, lol. There’s nothing wrong with the formula as long as an author can put their own spin on it though. Lets face it, most books are formulaic. 😛
        Yeah I agree, it must be so tempting to do because if you follow the market you’re more likely to get published, but personally (and I’m sure you’d agree) I’d rather be the fresh one on the scene CREATING the trend in the first place rather than being the one following it. 😉

        A hashtag!!! 😀 Are you missing Twitter? Lol.

      • I most certainly agree with you. I’m a natural non-conformist so the thought of following the trend is actually not very tempting to me 😛

        And yes, the angelfairy is most certainly missing Twiiterville. Expect a comeback in the near future… 😀

  7. Oh snap, I remember liking the first and second book of this series but falling out of love with the third… sorry you didn’t enjoy this one much, though the snark and your outrage within this review are more than amusing (in the best possible way)! Your overall impression made me smile. (: Great review!

    • Ohhh no, that might mean I might not like the third book either then?! Damnnnnn. Maybe you disliked the third one because you were older when you read it, it sure felt like there was a big gap between the first and second book in comparison to the third…but maybe that’s just me.

      Hehee thank you, 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the snark, although along with it also comes a little bit of guilt. I know some are against negative reviews but I feel like they’re important!

  8. Oh no, Becky. I’m afraid to go back and read Twilight because I love those books!
    Well, at least the book cover for Crescendo is powerful and inviting.

    • Yeah I wish I hadn’t gone back and reread them at a later date because I felt very differently about them the second time around, when you’re not as caught up in the story you see more of the holes and issues with it. You never know though, you might still love them! I think this series is much worse.

      Yes I do love the front covers. 🙂 Although oddly enough the protagonist has ginger hair yet they picked a girl with brown hair for the cover. I find that a bit silly!

  9. heyy, first off, I know what you mean about the sunshine! makes you want to sit outside and do nothing all day, partly the reason why I’ve not been blogging as much as I could *need motivation! haha.

    I read this series a while back, but I know that I read silence and I should’ve gone back and re-read the others before-hand because I didn’t get into it as much :/

    is it bad that I kinda like the midnight description? haha, kinda sounds dark and mysterious…I dunno. But yeah, I definitely liked Patch, I think I’m just a fan of witty, cheeky characters 😛

    And I definitely agree with you about the endings of the books being the best bits, it’s like the whole book plods along and the endings are when you start tearing through pages to see what happens next, which makes you want to read the next book. I really enjoyed the ending to Hush Hush and I thought this one at the fairground and the twist with Rixon at the end were really good. I got given the last one for xmas so I’ll have to re-read them all at some point before that one.

    • Hehe it totally zaps the motivation doesn’t it? But I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂 Everyone needs a break sometimes and I think the sun gives us an excuse to do that. I love reading your blog posts though so uh, get some motivation!! Tehee. 😀

      Ohh dear, I seem to be getting an all round negative vibe for Silence, everyone is saying they didn’t get on with that book as well. Seems there may be another rant coming at this rate! Hehe yes, bad! Very bad! But I’l forgive you. 😉 I loved Patch too, he’s one of the only parts about the book I like, his dialogue is so witty.

      I’m glad you agree, I totally didn’t see the Rixon thing coming the first time around either! I did on the second read, but I think that’s because my memory of the story started to come back rather than me spotting it. I loved the fairground touch too. I have the last book as well, I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

      • oh definitely! it’s great to have a bit of sunshine 🙂 haha! aww thank you! I’m making a schedule to get back into it and do a couple of posts a week because I want to keep doing it, I’ve just been being lazy 😛 haha

        Ahh man, really? urgh, hopefully if I re-read the series I’ll get back into the story it may not be too bad. haha ok good 🙂 yeah it makes his character more appealing for sure.

        No me either, I loved that it was so unexpected, but as you say, took a while to get to it! Thank you, you too 🙂 I hope it doesn’t make you hurl too many books across the room 😛 🙂

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