Blog 10: The Greatest Service

I don’t normally reblog people’s posts, (unless I am linked to it in some way e.g. a readalong) but when I saw this fantastic one I knew I had to make an exception! It’s about the importance of listening to other people’s stories, and really spoke to me on a personal level; I hope it will to many of you too. Please take the time to check out kokkieh’s awesome post over at The Book Notes Project!

The Book Notes Project

Last time I wrote about how each one of us is a story, that you are the author of your story and that you have to make the choices that will determine whether or not your story will be a good one.

But that made me think of something else: we all have an innate need to tell our stories.  And more importantly, we all have a need to have our stories listened to.

That’s probably one of my biggest frustrations in life: I can’t find anyone to listen to my story.  See, I’m a natural listener.  If I sit next to someone on a bus or stand behind someone in a queue, they just start talking to me.  Nothing too personal…at first.  But I can’t help listening – I’m naturally good at it and I’ve been trained as a counsellor which merely honed my existing skills – and…

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6 thoughts on “Blog 10: The Greatest Service

  1. This is a great post. It made me think about what role I play and I think that I’m a pretty good listener although I contribute equally. I think that conversion is an art which takes reciprocation. If someone asks what I’m doing this weekend, I take it as a sign that they want to tell me about theirs. This made me realise that maybe I should listen a bit more. Sometimes I do try to fix things. Thanks for the post!

    • I’m sure the person who posted it will be very glad to hear that! It was a thought provoking post. I don’t think there is anything wrong with contributing equally, the problem becomes when someone constantly takes and never gives. As it mentions I think most of us could do with listening more and we’re all guilty sometimes of tuning out, especially if someone goes on for a long time about something we are interested in. We always want to know that someone is listening to us!

      I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

  2. I think the sharing of stories is one of the things that make us human, some primal part of us gathered around a fire somewhere in the dark, listening. Perhaps sharing them is what first brought us together – we’re a social insect, after all!

    • I completely agree with you Tony, we all have that innate need to get others to understand how we are feeling or to show them something we have weaved together in our brain; we all like to be heard. 🙂

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