Book Haul: Invasion of the YA


You guyyysssssss, I’m hyperventilating in the best possible way! 😀

You know what that means don’t you???


I had so much fun taking pictures for this, in the same week I bought these amazing books I also found this beautiful bird cage lamp! I love the way it refracts the lights making patterns on the ceiling and table, it was awesome experimenting with the photos and the text for the header too.

This holiday I have been volunteering at a second hand book shop once a week. I absolutely love it and the only thing that could improve it would be actually getting paid. 😛 It never feels like hard work, the people are lovely and I love the atmosphere of constantly being surrounded by books of all shapes and sizes. Getting to be there when new donations come in you can discover some real hidden gems, a few surprises and a couple of cobwebby dead spiders or two!
When I headed in last week it was like the stars aligned especially for me so that I could collide with some of the best donations possible. 😀 Every so often the shop gets given brand new novels by teen magazines. These books were originally review copies but the ones they don’t want get passed on to us brand new and unread, some we even acquire before the publication date!
So when I arrived bright and early to find nearly a dozen boxes of crisp new releases I honestly couldn’t believe my luck. I soon had a little stack ready to come home with me, most of which were just over £2, can you say bargain?!?

IMG_6648 This first book I got was a short novella  part of The House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast. I started the series years ago when I was just getting into the paranormal romance genre. It’s about a vampire boarding school of sorts where vampirism is almost treated as a disease, the tell tale sign being a crescent moon tattoo on the forehead. It takes a long period of time to become a fully fledged vampire, and some die in the process because their bodies are not strong enough. Those that survive the change get their own intricate unique facial tattoo, which is kind of cool! Unfortunately the series has gone down hill, which is a shame because it has a great concept, but I’m still determined to finish it! I’ll be talking more about this series in the 30 Day Book Challenge. 🙂SDC14686hued

A Really Awesome Mess by Trish Cook and Brendan Halpin is another brand new release from late July. It revolves around two ‘screwed up’ teens with various issues that get them sent to a reform school. I adore reading about heavily flawed characters that I can really get into the psychology of. I like discovering others life changing ups and downs, their personal hang-ups and how they cope with them. Our flaws make us human and I appreciate any books that choose to highlight this. There’s also something about the cover that intrigues me, I always steer towards that cheery yellow and I like that the cover’s a bit of an enigma!IMG_6670edited
Now, this mysterious The Grisha series by Leigh Bardugo keeps popping up everywhere on my WordPress reader, the first book being Shadow and Bone, the second Siege and Storm. I haven’t seen any negative review yet so I’m hoping for good things from this series! Considering I have read several reviews I still don’t have much of a clue what the story is about, I know it’s fantasy, romance (possibly dystopia too?) with some Russian elements added in, but that’s about it. I can’t wait to find out more, the covers are so inviting and classy, fun stuff!

The book I am most excited about though is dun dun na naaaaaaaaaaa! *Looks down.*


Sarah Dessen’s new highly anticipated book, The Moon and More! It’s release in early June was hyped up with endless ads on Goodreads with a lot of squealing and fist pumping from her fans. It’s only in the past three years that I’ve jumped onto the Dessen bandwagon, so I wasn’t quite as desperate for a new novel as I still have plenty of her books to read. Even so, I still couldn’t help getting swept up in the fun. It led to me picking up one of her older books Just Listen which I felt very passionate about! Since then I have decided that everyone could use a little Sarah Dessen in their life. 🙂 The Moon and More is supposed to focus on a protagonist reassessing her life before she goes away to collage, including her long term relationship. This is an issue I’ve seen quite a lot lately so I’m curious to see how the author will handle it. I can’t wait!

~ * ~

A couple of days later I also came home to a mysterious package addressed to me. It turned out to be my readathon prize I won back in April, whooopiee! Many thanks to the lovely blogger Nolatari for donating her cheering prize to me, I could believe my luck. 😀 A further shout out and thanks to Cabbitcorner who sent me the books, and of course, all the readathoners for creating such a fantastic event!
Originally I never intended to read The Mortal Instruments series, nothing overly stood out or spoke to me including the blurbs and the covers, but everywhere I go now there seems to be intense Cassandra Clare love, you can’t get away from it! So when I saw the opportunity to get the books for free I grabbed them, I ‘m really hoping I will like them. 🙂


So it looks like it’s invasion of the Young Adult this week! I do like other genre’s, promise. 😛 Have you had any impulse purchases recently, do you plan on reading/have read any of these books? How has your summer reading been going?!? 🙂

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27 thoughts on “Book Haul: Invasion of the YA

  1. So THAT’S what the thumping noise was, it was Becky’s hormones kicking in. I thought it was another thunderstorm.

    That bookstore is a perfect job for you, you must wander around feeling star struck the whole time. And that lamp is awesome – I reckon if you dressed up as a gypsy you could make a few bob as a fortune teller.

    My summer reading is still with my Nazi book and the end of the Third Reich is nigh. I’m actually feeling a bit sorry for Albert Speer, it’s quite weird.

    • It wasn’t my hormones, honest! It was me jumping up and down doing the book dance (instead of being a lady that ‘dances round their handbag’ I dance around my books) Sad really.

      It is perfect, in fact, I think it’s set the bar wayyy to high. I mean, what other job could possibly live up to it? This bookstore is like a dream! 😀 Ha, there is something quite magical and mysterious about it isn’t there? Might just have to try glaring into it to see if I can see my future.

      Still?! Wow, how many Nazi books are you reading? Or is it one really long one? Either way you’ll be super hyped up on knowledge in no time. 🙂 I have no idea who Albert Speer is, but I’m guessing he’s a bad guy?

      • It’s still the same Nazi book! It’s kind of Game of Thrones esque in length…

        Speer was one of of the Nazi top dogs, part of Hitler’s inner circle. He’s a bad guy alright but isn’t considered as bad as the others. Unlike the rest of Hitler’s top cronies, Speer wasn’t sentenced to death at the Nuremburg trials.

        Man, I could bore you to tears about WWII for hours. If I worked in a shop dedicated to history my brain would explode.

      • Ahh right that would explain it! Non-fiction always tends to take longer to read as well. 🙂

        Ohh right, that’s interesting. I wonder why I’ve never heard of him before… I suppose they only have so much time to teach you stuff and I guess they just focus on the main issues and players.

        Haha I bet. Well maybe you should! Don’t they have a war museum in London or something? I bet there are plenty of others you could find too, specifically WWI/II related. It would be a pretty interesting job. 🙂

    • Haha that was another reason I jumped at the books. Anything producers think is good enough to create a film for is probably worth checking out. 🙂 I don’t actually know the specific date so I may not get to them in time, but I will try! 😛

  2. OMG, I am outside in the bright sunshine and I can hardly see the screen of my phone, and I will definitely be commenting more later, but I saw the words The Grisha series, and I freaked out! Leigh Bardugo is one of the YA authors that I met in Toronto. I bought both of her books and absolutely loved them!!!! I even got her to sign them It is a wonderful series which I think you will love :). I can’t wait for the third one to come out!! Ok, more comments later when I can actually see what I’m reading LOL!!

    • Wow, sat down outside this afternoon and read a whole book cover to cover. What a rush! It’s called Eight Mile Island by Tony Talbot, and it was great. It’s quite a short book, but boy did it mess with my mind. You should definitely check it out, although by the looks of your amazing book haul, you have enough to keep you busy for a while :). I would have fainted if I was in your position, seeing those boxes of perfect condition books and knowing that I could get them so cheap! I think that is the best volunteer position you could ever find. Who cares if you get paid. I also love, love, love your lamp. It’s so unique and beautiful. As for my answers to your questions, you know I have been reading like crazy this summer and loving it and that every time I step into a book store it ends with an impulse buy LOL!! Remember – we can never have too many books!!!! But I have to know – which book are you going to start with? What a decision!

      • Hmmm, you know I think this Eight Mile Island book sounds familiar, I wonder why that is? 😉 No problem, I’m so glad you liked it, I thought you would. 😀 I loved the twist. Can’t wait to see your mini review on Goodreads!

        Hehee you know I think I nearly did, it was so unreal!!!! They were literally waiting for me as soon as I got in the door, my jaw dropped. 😛 I was almost tempted to take more that I didn’t necessarily want just because they were in such good condition! Aggh I know it’s unreal, my other friend is going to volunteer now too because I think she wants a slice of the literary pie! And who could blame her? It’s so awesome.
        I’m so happy you like the lamp, another surprise find. I love it so much that I just keep wanting to turn it on even when it’s daytime. I don’t think I’ve ever got so excited about lighting. 😛 I’m going to take it with me when I go back to uni so it feels nice and homely.

        Hehe you have indeed! So much so that it’s hard to keep up but it’s great to see. I’m not quite as prolific as you but I think I’ve been reading way more in this holiday than I ever have previously. BOOKS FOREVER! ❤

        Ooooh I know it's impossible! I think maybe The Moon and More, that one seems to be calling to me at the moment. 🙂

    • Haha you know I was actually wondering if The Grisha series was one of the people went to see, for some reason there was a sort of niggling feeling in the back of my head although it was only tiny. Seems I should have listened to it, LOL. I’m so glad to hear how excited you are about it, and I’m super jealous that you got them signed!!! I wish more of these awesome authors would come over here! I hope I love them as much as you do, your enthusiasm is so infectious. 😀

  3. Fab post! Love the pics, especially the banner at the top. I’m jealous of your bookshop volunteering and I’m jealous of you acquiring so many new books. I’m jealous of the lamp.

    Just generally jealous really.

    • Thank you. 😀 I had so much fun with the pictures, I think I spent about an hour doing it because I was so determined to make the photo’s look all magical and booky ect. a bit excessive maybe but tones of fun!

      Hahaaa! You’re so funny. Well, since you’re from the UK I can give you the tip of that the lamp came from a homestore/DIY kind of place beginning with H and ending in ‘base’. 😉

  4. Yay for new books! And that looks like a pretty awesome haul too. 😀 I’m not planning on going near Cassandra Clare, but everything looks pretty spiffy. I have been wanting to read A Really Awesome Mess too; that cover is just too fantastic.

    Congrats, Becky! I already did my impulse purchases a few weeks ago, but I feel like going on another spree after looking at all your pictures. 😉

    • Thanks Zen. 🙂 Hahaa that was exactly how I felt the majority of the time! But they’ve gotten so popular now that I kind of feel like I kind of want an opinion on them, whether good or bad. Do you have a particular reason for avoiding? Spiffy, hehe I so don’t use that word enough!
      It is brill isn’t it? I just love that yellow and the quirky type, I hope the book can live up to the cover.

      Thank you muchly, this was certainly all impulse and I can’t wait to read them now. 😀 I hope you enjoy your impulse buys too!

  5. That is an awesome picture! It’s really well photographed. And the books are really great too! I’ve been dying to read The Moon and More, but I just haven’t been able to get my hands on a copy. Great post!

    • Thank you Holly! 😀 I was so dorkisly proud of these pictures, I had so much fun taking them. Yay, another Dessen fan?! I’ve heard a few people say it is a slightly different set up to her others book, I don’t know if that’s true or not but I’m kind of intrigued!

      Thank you for the comment and stopping by. 🙂

  6. That is so much fun! I felt a little fluttery as you described your book haul – you know, when you spy a book in the used bookstore that you WANT and you practically fun over there, yank it off the shelf and look around to make sure it is yours and no one else can grab it from you?! lol – sounds like a super fun place to volunteer – AND that lamp is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE love love it and want to find one of my own you lucky girl you. 🙂
    fun post

    • Hehee thank you Elisa! I always get super hyped up and excited about other people’s book hauls, so I’m really excited this post made you do that too. 😀
      Ohh my gosh I am exactly like that! I thought it was just me that acted a little possessive over my finds, LOL. Once I have it I hold it tight so no one else can get it, it’s like survival of the fittest in those bookstores. 😛

      Thanks! I can’t stop looking at it and twirling it around to watch the light changing, so awesome. I’m glad you liked it. 🙂

    • I know right? Free utensils are always awesome, I’ll definitely be taking it to uni with me. 😉

      Haha I’m all set, maybe I should buy some tarrot cards, I always thought they were cool…

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