DAY 1: A Book Series You Wish Had Been Longer OR Would Just End Already.

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So here we are, day one, and with a pretty interesting question!
As a general rule, I don’t usually wish for a series I’ve read to go on longer. The thought may pop into my head at first after I’ve just finished a fantastic one (e.g. Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, or the Inheritance Cycle) but in the end I find I am usually happy with the way the author wraps everything up, and I am always wary of the danger of stretching out a series for the sake of the money or for the fans when there isn’t enough interesting material to work with. So instead I’m going to opt for: A book series you wish would just end already!

As soon as I saw this question, there was a particular series that came to mind:

The House of Night series by P.C Cast and Kristin Cast.

I started reading these books five/six years ago, as recommended by a keen friend who thoroughly enjoyed them. So I took her advise and she lent me the books. She was right, I really enjoyed them!
At first.
I read the first five in quick succession and although they varied quite a lot in quality there was something about them that had me hooked.

The series follows the protagonist Zoey Redbird, who is walking along at school one day minding her own business, coming down with a slight cold when she finds a vampire waiting for her by the school lockers. He marks her with the moon sign, recognized by all as a sign of a fledgling vampire. In this world, vampirism is treated as a disease some people contract at puberty, some make it through the change to become vampires, others die in the process. Becoming a vampire means exile, and Zoey must leave for the Tulsa House of Night to be trained by other vampires if she wants to survive.

Sounds like quite an interesting premise right? It was, it was a pretty intriguing world setup and even dabbled with the religion Wicca and a couple of interesting bits of mythology. However as the books have gone on, they have gotten consistently worse. The plots have become thin at best, and instead of focusing on the interesting world building that I initially loved the series for, all they seem to be able to come up with is the exciting plot of who will fall in love with Zoey next. Let’s see there’s *counts on fingers* five different guys she’s run through so far, each of which instantly fell in love with her because she’s just so damn irresistible. I actually liked her character at the start, but after watching her cheat on multiple guys at once, fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat, and treat her friends like garbage (all the while being practically worshipped for her awesomeness) it’s probably no surprise that I went off her. Another of the lead protagonists Stevie Rae, I also loved at the beginning. She was a country girl through and through, right down to the blonde hair and cowboy boots, and she was often the instigator of the most touching scenes in the books. However her character was soon desecrated – along with many of the others. And don’t even get me started on the half man half bidragons oathrd romance….

I strongly feel this series should have been finished on book six, maybe that was even the original plan, I don’t know for sure but I have a feeling it was. But instead the authors have continued to make them, there are going to be 13 novels by the end, along with three novella’s (Dragon’s Oath, Lenobia’s Vow and Neferet’s Curse) and that’s not even including the spin off’s like The Fledgling Handbook 101. I think I’m on book nine at the moment.
I feel exhausted just talking about it.
Finish the series already!

What book series have you read that you wish had gone on longer OR you wish would just end already? Do you have an opinion on the House of Night series?

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46 thoughts on “DAY 1: A Book Series You Wish Had Been Longer OR Would Just End Already.

  1. I really wish the ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS series was longer. Although, its not really a series because the books are companions to one another. Nevertheless, I love Stephanie Perkins and I’m sad that she’s not writing another ya contemporary book after ISLA AND THE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.

    • I haven’t read Anna and the French Kiss but SO many people seem to love it, it makes me really curious! 🙂 I didn’t realise there were linked books either, here’s to hoping you get your wish one day.
      Ohh no, how come she isn’t going to write any more YA contemporary?

  2. Ahh, I bought the first 4 of these books, then I saw how many of them there were and I was like *sigh* so I never ended up reading them…now I’m a bit glad! I’m like that with The Vampire Diaries series, I gave up after book 8…Phantom I think it was called, I was just like urgh, enough! haha

    • Haha I wish I’d realised that when I started them! I thought there were going to be six, which I was okay with at the time, but then they just KEPT ON GOING. AGGGHHHHH. I wouldn’t bother if I were you, I think you made the right decision. 🙂 The thing is, some of the novels are just utter pointless filler, and that really annoys me.

      That’s so funny, I read The Vampire Diaries too and bought Phanton, but I still haven’t read it years later. I guess it’s because it’s the first ghost writer book and I disagree with the fact that they got rid of the original writer. I’m very undecided on whether to give up on the series or not…

      • Haha, ahh mann! Yeah I know what you mean, that bothers me too. I think the only series I know where I’ve been 100% into it throughout was Sweep by Cate Teirnan. Tbh the only reason I continued with Phantom was because I needed to see if Damon died, because the way the book before ended I was like ‘ 😮 NO WAYYYY!’ but from what I remember it just went back to being all about the love triangle, and the book after phantom was all like ‘who will Elena choose?’ I was thinking ‘When is this going to end?’ hmm it depends, if you’re not too bothered, don’t worry about it too much, like I said I only went on because I couldn’t let that lie 🙂

      • Ohhh my gosh don’t get me started on the Sweep series! I just love them to pieces!! 😀 They’re my all time favourite next to Harry Potter. I know exactly what you mean, they’re so fast paced with a steady interesting story line that it feels like there’s no excess filler at all.
        Yeah, they definitely left it in the lurch, didn’t they? It’s hard not to buy the next book after that. Ohhh no, are you serious? From the sounds of it I’ll be having a sense of dejavu, lol. I do own Phantom so I will read that at some point, but if I don’t like the ghost writer I think I will be giving up on The Vampire Diaries *sigh*. We will see. 🙂

  3. I haven’t actually read many series, but I’d bung The Millenium Trilogy in with this. Lisbeth was interesting at first but after the first book it all started getting a bit BOR-ING.

    By the way, when did all this teen vampire YA stuff start? I don’t think I was even aware of it until about a year ago.

    Zoey Redbird is an odd name.

    • Yeah I kind of agree, I did struggle along with the Millennium trilogy. Funnily enough, they will also be appearing in this challenge at some point. 😉 You see, I found Lisbeth interesting, but I was never fascinated with her like some people were.

      Haha, well it’s been around for a long time but really kicked off around 2007-2008 when Twilight finally got the green light for being turned into a film. It really catapulted it into the limelight, everyone fell in love with it and started looking for other books in the genre. Then, loads of new books in the genre were published afterwards! When people finally got bored of vampires they tried werewolf’s and angels as well!

  4. I have read the first one of these (Marked) and I did enjoy it but I haven’t rushed out to buy the next one as I do with series that really grip me so I’m pretty sure I would end up feeling the same as you, about them. Another series that I loved the first one of was Matched by Ally Condie, the second was good but not as good and I haven’t read the third yet! x

    • Yepp, I was pretty similar, the first book was enough to get me interested, but didn’t have me rushing out to get the next one way. One of the main reasons I continued was because my friend lent them to me for free! They were good at points, and that’s why it’s such a shame that they went downhill. :/ The thing is, now I’m so far through the series I feel the need to finish it!

      Uh-oh, I have the second Matched book to read, LOL.

  5. I agree with you on this one. I read the first five, loved them so much, but then they got so bad that I’ve stopped reading them. They would make a good TV series though.

    • Thank you, I’m glad I’m not the only one. 🙂 I think it was probably around the book four or five mark that I started to lose my temper with them. I agree, they would probably make a good TV series!

  6. Generally, I think that trilogies are perfect. Although there are some exceptions, there are very few series that don’t go downhill after the third book. And what I really hate is when the books in a series are spread so far apart that I have to go back and re-read the previous books to refresh my memory because that wastes time that could be used to work on my TBR pile LOL!! By the way, I have also been getting a little tired of the House of Night series, although I LOVED it at the beginning.

    • I think you’re onto something there Cindy, although there are always going to be exceptions like Harry Potter, a few epic fantasies and possibly that Lindsey Kelk series I’ve been loving, I think ultimately three is a very good number. You’re right, it can be very difficult to sustain anything longer and three generally rounds off a series well, it’s enough detail.
      Ohh gosh yes I absolutely hate that! It’s happened to me a few times now (like the Hush Hush or Darkest Powers series) which is very frustrating. At least we have the internet where we can possibly look up the plots if we’re really stuck.

      No wayy, you read them too? I had no idea, 😀 what book are you up to??? That half bird romance was really the last straw for me that royally pissed me off, LOL.

      • I’m right up to date on them I think, except that I never read the “.5” books. Enough is enough already. The problem with me is that even though I start to get sick of a series I have to follow it through to the end :).

      • Ohh wow good on you, I fell behind on the book before Destined, I need to catch up and get the whole thing over with I think. 😛

        Ha, I have the exact same problem, I seem to have an inability to leave most series unfinished, especially after investing so much time!

  7. I totally agree with the idea that The House of Night should’ve ended already – they kind of lost me with the first book from Stevie Rae’s point of view. I really did enjoy the first couple, though 🙂 I’ve decided not to pick up another one until they are all written then I will take a weekend and just devour them.

    • Yes, I agree! I didn’t like that book at all, it was very weird. I don’t like what they’ve done to her character now at all. I think they really lost me with the half bird romance, that was too much for me, LOL. It’s such a shame, I really enjoyed them at first too, especially book two or three where I bawled my eyes out!

      That’s quite a good idea. 🙂

  8. I read the Magician’s and the Magician’s King by Lev Grossman. When I read the Magician’s I was totally cool with how it ended, it wrapped up nicely as a stand-alone. Then Grossman added the Magician’s King and when I turned the last page I was SO mad at the ending because he had no plans to continue the series. Luckily, I think he realized that he couldn’t leave all his readers hanging and the final installment comes out next year.

    • Ohhh no it’s such shame when authors do that. I think there are a lot of great books out there that could have been standalone’s, yet the author decides they want it to continue. It’s a tough line between making a series better and ruining it!

      I hope the next books gives you the closure you need as opposed to making you annoyed again. 🙂

  9. Damn, wish I’d started this 30 Day Challenge.

    I’m crap, I haven’t heard of these books either. Or any others that you’ve mentioned.

    Therefore this comment is pointless.

    • You still can Charl! You can start it whenever you want, there’s not time limit or a certain day you have to start on. 🙂

      No worries, I haven’t heard of all of the books you’ve read either, there are so many out there that it’s hard to be aware of all of them! There are tons that I
      don’t know about either.

      There’s no such thing as a pointless comment. 😉

  10. When I saw the title of your post the first thing that came to mind was The House of Night Series – I couldn’t agree more with you! Started out so good but then fell apart and became a dread to read. I believe the series was to only be 6 books but then they got popular and the authors changed their minds. I’ve also heard there were movie options being talked about and the authors thought Miley Cyrus would be perfect for Zoey – some bad casting there if true. Kind of give you an idea on why the books went “bad.”

    • No way! That’s so funny, we’re definitely on the same wavelength then. 🙂 That’s such an apt way of describing it, it did come to the point where I dreaded reading them, and I still do. Yet I know I need to finish the series to be satisfied.
      That’s what I believe too, I haven’t actually found anything to support the theory from the authors or publishers themselves but then I haven’t overly looked for it. I felt like book six would have rounded off the entire story, and instead they backed out as you’ve said and made the series longer!
      I’ve vaguely heard the rumours about the movie too, but since they announced it there hasn’t been much progress so I’m a little doubtful whether it will end up happening. Miley Cyrus?!?!?!?! Ohh gosh, she’s nothing like how I pictured Zoe. I hope that doesn’t end up happening! 😛

  11. If it’s a great story,I always wish there was more, but I appreciate a good ending.
    One series that did that well was the Well of Souls books by jack Chalker – 5 books in three sets (1, 2 and 2) – with good endings. there was also a one book one-off that was interesting.

    Then there are the serials that just go on, like Harry Dresden or the Chrnicles of Elantra. Great series, but get to the punchline already!

      • That seems to make logical sense El Guapo 🙂 When I finish a series I’ve been addicted to I tend to walk round in a sort on haze for a while cursing the worlds unfairness because whhhhyyyyy did it have to end? However, usually later I’m glad that they left it the way they did.
        Oooh I’ve looked into the Dresden books quite a few times, they look great but I am a little hesitant to pick them up because of the length!

        I’ve never heard of Well of Souls, I’m going to investigate that one. 😀

  12. I so agree! I started and enjoyed this series but couldn’t keep going. I had one of them the second or third book where the POV splits and we follow Stevie Ray and her romance and then someone dies, Zoe is trapped. I don’t know. Anyway, I just couldn’t read them any more! Boring. Too much teen angst, pissy romances etc. Started great, went awry.

    • Aha! Another person who has been reading these books! I don’t come across many people that talk about them (probably because they want the series to end) so it’s surprising to see how many people are aware of them. 🙂
      You’re much stronger than me by giving up, lol! I really wish I could but I’m so far through now that I need to finish them. If I’d realised how long the series was going to be when they started going downhill I would have stopped. *Sigh.*

  13. There’s a series of books by Charlie Higson “The Enemy”. Adults have been turned into zombies and kids are fending for themselves.

    I gobble them up when they come out and he needs to write them faster than two year gap where you can’t remember what the characters were doing from the last book (or worse, the one before….). It’s to the point it needs a timeline and a character bio recap. Maddening! He needs to end it so I can read them all back to back. 🙂

    I wish the Artemis Fowl books had gone on longer. Or forever, preferably. They were fun books.

    • Oooh that sounds like quite an interesting idea. It sounds similar to that other series that always has black covers with a luminescent font…Gone and Light are a few of the titles I think, LOL. 🙂

      A two year gap! Wow, that would drive me crazy, I think I’d have to wait for more of them to come out and then read them closer together, it’s so easy to forget details over time, that’s why I love looking back on my reviews to remember books. I hope for your sake that the writer speeds up soon Tony!

      That’s interesting, I’ve never read an Artemis Fowl book either, probably because the covers are aimed to attract males, but they seem to be very popular!

  14. I love the book covers, all set up next to each other, they look so pretty 😀
    But it sounds like a soap-opera version of Twilight, sorry, LOL.

    Half-man half-bird romance???

    I hate to be predictable and boring but being a massive HP fan, I was very sad when I finished Deathly Hallows. I really wouldn’t have mind if she continued it in some way or written a few prequels. I’m actually hoping one day she creates a new series-maybe one with the Potter or Weasley grandkids or something. Very sentimental, I know, but hey… 😛

    • Hehee they do, it’s a shame that what’s inside them doesn’t quite live up to the covers. Hmm, that’s probably because it is a soap opera set at a boarding school with the occasional bit of mythology. Although that’s one thing it does have going for it, at least it doesn’t in any way follow the formula set out by Twilight.

      Indeed. O_o

      I think two thirds of the world weeped when Harry Potter finished, LOL! For the longest, longest time I desperately wanted more, even now I still do in a way. Yet at the same time it is so perfectly rounded off as it is that I would be terrified that further books may dilute the awesomeness, if that makes sense? Omg, Weasley grandkids would be epic! 😀

  15. My pick for series what I wished would have gone on longer is The Millennium series by Stieg Larsson. I wanted more Lisbeth Salander in my life. The Swedish films are faithful to the books and a great watch. I haven’t seen the American film yet, so I can’t comment on it.

    • I have a bit of an uneven relationship with The Millennum series. I must admit I wasn’t overly bothered by them, but then I am not a big fan of thrillers in general. I do find it really sad that he didn’t get to complete them though! I just finished the last book a week or so ago, and while I felt it wrapped everything up nicely, I felt a little twinge because I would never get to see where the characters lives ended up.

      • I’m pretty sure I loved that series for number of reasons peculiar to me as a reader. My mother is first-generation American from a Norwegian family. So, I was enamored with the setting. And I work in IT and may or may not have done a bit of hacking. The tech bits of the novels were accurate; I admire an author who does their due diligence in that regard.

      • Ohh wow that’s cool. I must admit I did enjoy the unusual setting, you don’t get many book set in that area of the world that makes their way to other countries.

        That’s great, I always wondered how accurate the IT stuff was, now I know! It sure sounded realistic. 🙂

  16. Oh! I just discovered this on your blog – which means I’m going to start reading and commenting on all of them haha (just as a warning). I really wish that the Stephanie Plum series by Janet Evanovich had ended at about 12 books. After that it was the same tired storyline and little else. It really felt like either she was trying to make as much money as possible, or worse, they had a ghost writer pumping out the books under her name. Shudder.

    • Ooooh yay, I hope you enjoy the posts and I look forward to reading your comments! I’ve never heard of Janet Evanovich but I’m sorry to hear the series went downhill. It is always disappointing no matter how many times it happens. Probably the former I imagine along with pressure from her publisher *sigh*, it happens all too often. Sometimes authors make the mistake of not following their first instinct to finish a series.

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