DAY 2: Favourite Side Character.

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I’ve had trouble with this question and have spent much time racking my brains. There are so many characters I love, and that includes side characters. How does anyone pick their favourites? I find it especially hard when someone or something asks you on the spot, you can’t immediately recall every book you have ever read, all its characters and the reasons you love them. No doubt, after I have written this post I will think of many I should have included and be annoyed, but for now I have settled on one that came to me first off the top of my head. 🙂

This character is from a little book series called Harry Potter, perhaps you’ve heard of it? 😛

 From the moment Luna Lovegood (known by many as Loony Lovegood) stepped onto the scene I knew she was something special. In all honesty it’s terrible, but I can’t remember which scenes were in the book as opposed to the films, the two have become tangled in my mind even though I have read and watched both multiple times! One thing remains unforgettable though, and that is my love for her character. Quirky, eccentric people always seem to become my favourites and Luna certainly ticks all these boxes, along with many other I didn’t even realise were on the form.

The video shows when the group first talk to Luna in the film adaption:

Instantly recognisable by her straggly blonde hair, random fashion sense and dreamy personality Luna stands out in the crowd. What I love about her most though is her strength, acceptance of others and how comfortable she is in herself.

Luna is often standing by the sidelines to provide comfort, kind words and some much needed advice to the more central characters. I think her part is often underestimated and people tend to like her mainly because she is odd. While this is an important part of her and one of the things we love most about Luna, there is a lot hiding just underneath the surface that can be easy to overlook.

Luna is one of those selfless characters that provides help without being asked and wants nothing in return. She is motivated first and foremost by her good intentions. Where would Harry be at those crucial moments when he feels lost and his main friends don’t quite understand? Where would he be without Luna’s unwavering belief in him? She is always on the sidelines pulling extremely small strings that in the grand scheme of things, end up being key to the story. She seems to have an unwavering acceptance of others, never judging them or questioning whether what they are doing is right or wrong and instead just listening, and understanding. Two highly underrated traits. I love that she sees the best in people.

Her acceptance of others also seems to be rooted in her acceptance of herself. Even in a universe of diverse creatures and magic, Luna is seen as ‘different’. Most of Hogwarts pupils view her in a negative or cautionary light due to her bizarre beliefs, outlooks and behaviours (as you can see from Hermione, Ron and Neville’s lukewarm reactions to her in the video above). Despite this, it doesn’t seem to bother her; she shrugs it off without a moments thought. Whether this is because she is in her own world and it doesn’t reach her, or simply because she is very accepting of herself will probably always be disputed, but I think it is the latter. She may often appear far away but she can also be intelligent and highly aware. Plus, she’s in Ravenclaw, the house of intelligence and wisdom so that has to count for something! 😛

A friend did once say she thought I was like Luna (probably because I have blonde hair and can be random at times) but I think it is too big a compliment. Her qualities do however, give me something to aspire to. 🙂 Thanks for being awesome Luna!

Do you have a favourite side character from a book? Do you have an opinion on Luna? 🙂

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47 thoughts on “DAY 2: Favourite Side Character.

    • Wow really? That was so brave! Do you still have a copy of the letter? I bet it’s really cool to look back at it now. 🙂 I vaguely remember them agonizing over her casting, and Cho’s as well. I think they picked the perfect person in the end though.

      I’m glad you approve, Harry Potter is the best!

  1. Luna is a GREAT choice! Totally agree that her selflessness and self confidence often get over looked by her bizareness but it is really the two former aspects that tie up her character. If I had to choose a favorite side character it would have to be…hmmmm…ummmm…it would have to be…nope, I can’t do it. 🙂

    • Thanks Lindsey, I’m glad you agree. 😀 Of course, we all probably wouldn’t feel quite the same way about Luna without her oddness added in, it gives her a certain naivety, quirkiness and makes her appear quite fragile, but there is a lot hiding under the surface!

      Haha I had a hard enough time picking her! This was such a hard question to answer. 🙂

  2. When I did my 30 day book list I split the favorite side character question into both male and female, and Luna was easily my choice for favorite female side character.

    As the series gets darker and darker in the later books, Luna is always cheerful and a wonderful break from the oncoming gloom and doom. I think that without her the final books would have been far too dark. I loved every scene where she showed up in the books (I haven’t seen all of the movies).

    Luna is a wonderful character and easily one of the high points of the entire series.

    • Wow, what an awesome coincidence. That was quite a good idea to split it by gender. 🙂 Now I’m going to have to try and work out which male I would pick, hmm…

      That’s a very good point! From the end of book four events do become darker and more sinister, Luna definitely acts as a little sunshine. I’m going to have to reread the books again soon because my memory is fading. I remember loving all of Luna’s scenes too but can’t remember them specifically anymore, mostly because my mind confuses the film scenes with the books! I hope you enjoy the rest of the films when you get to see them. 🙂

      I agree!

  3. Another thing we have in common – Luna was my favourite side character in Harry Potter too, and I absolutely loved how she was played in the movies :). You know, it’s been a few years since I last read the books. Maybe it’s time again LOL! Like I don’t have enough to read already!!

    • Awwwh man, we just can’t get any cooler can we?!? I’m so glad we have this in common too. 🙂 I honestly can’t imagine anyone else playing Luna on the big screen, it wouldn’t be the same.

      Ohhh no, don’t you start too! LOL. As I was writing this all I could think was ‘I want to reread them, I want to rerreeeeeaddddd themmmmm’. I think this 30 day challenge is going to make me very nostalgic. I’ve had the urge to reread Harry Potter so often this summer that I’m amazed I’ve managed to resist. 😛 Touche!!!

      • Harry Potter is totally tempting me for a re-read and so is the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon because the 8th book is coming out in March, but I have so many other books to read. Oh, what to do?????????

      • Ohhhh noooooooooo! What’s a bookworm to do?! 😛 The only thing I will say is that you seem to read very quickly, so even if you choose to reread I don’t think it will take too long, especially if it’s a book you love, you won’t be able to put it down! 🙂

        My vote is for Harry Potter, but I’ve never read the Outlander series. Damn, another one to look up. 😉 I can’t wait to check out all the recommendations I’m getting at the end of this challenge, it’s going to be really fun!

      • Well, if I look at it logically, every book in the Outlander series is hugeeeeeee and quite heavy reading compared to Harry Potter, so maybe I should re-read HP. I think you should too :). Tempted yet? HAHAHA

      • Ahh right, definitely go for the Harry Potter then. 😉

        Yes, very tempted!!! Stop torturing me, bad Cindy! ARRRGGGHH! 😛 Maybe I’ll take them with me when I go back to uni… *evil laugh*.

        My question if I do read them is whether I review them, I mean, how could I possibly sum up Harry Potter?!??! O_o Hmm, that will be a tough decision.

      • I don’t think I could ever review a Harry Potter book. They are just too amazing to put into words!! You should definitely take them to uni with you. What a fantastic stress reliever that would be as long as you could put them down long enough to do your school work :).

      • I know what you mean, it seems impossible. I think you’d almost have to do a tribute post rather than a review, hehee.
        It would be an amazing stress reliever but I think you’re onto something there, the work might go by the wayside! 😛

  4. Luna is a great side-character, as is Neville. Other favourites of mine is Marvin the android (Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy), Reepecheep (a mouse from Narnia), and Merry and Pippin (Lord of the Rings – though they’re probably closer to main characters)

    • I’m glad you agree! Funnily enough as I was ending this post I started thinking that I should have included Neville too, but if I had I knew the post would end up twice the length and I just didn’t have the time. I’ve never read Hitchhiker but I read a few of the Narnia books, I’m not sure if I encountered Reepecheep or not though. 😛 Ohh I love Merry and Pippin! I did consider putting them on here but I think I actually prefer their portrayal in the movie as opposed the the books so I decided against it.

  5. God bless the Irish (because no-one else will…).

    Um, I can’t really think of any supporting characters in particular. There’s lots in The Stand who are pretty good, though it’s been over ten years since I read it.

    I’m not sure if Tyrion Lannister counts as a supporting character or not, but he is blimmin’ awesome in Game of Thrones.

      • You know that was another big issue I had with this question, I wasn’t 100% sure which characters should count as secondary ones! It was harder to make a choice between the two than I thought.

        I haven’t read any of the GoT books yet but I absolutely love Tyrion in the TV show. 🙂 Hopefully that means I’ll like him in the books too!

        I’ve heard great things about The Stand, mostly from you and Maggie. 🙂

  6. Luna is such as good choice 🙂 when I read your opening lines I thought “who would I pick?” It’s seriously tough, maybe even more difficult than main characters.

    One of the things I loved about Luna’s casting in the films was that she was a fan who won a competition (I think) – and Luna was her favourite character. Of all the supporting characters, I think hers was one of the best casting choices of all.

    I off to ponder who my own fave would be – don’t think I’ll do it, though 🙂

    • Thanks Mel. 😀 It is a very tough question, although I would be really intrigued to see who you would come up with!

      You know I think you’re right, I do vaguely remember something along those lines. I was quite young at the time and so I don’t remember it well and I never watched the news much back then, but I do remember them talking about something along those lines. What a dream come true for a fan!
      I totally agree, to an extent you can imagine other people playing sideline characters, yet I can’t imagine anyone else playing Luna. 🙂

      Haha, good luck!

    • Why thank you Charl. 😀 It’s certainly something she’s fantastic at, having said that I think she writes great strong male characters too that don’t have to be ridiculously macho to prove a point! She’s just epic, period! 😛

      • Ha are you calling Harry and Ron good blokes yet slightly drippy? I jest! Totally agree, Rowling is brilliant at characterisation. I’d struggle to pick somebody for this question.

      • Yes, yes I am. 😛 No but seriously when you think about it, she picked a straggly guys with glasses and a redhead. (I think redheads are awesome but others seem to disagree.) I love that she rocks the realism! 😀

        I’m sure you’d come up with one eventually! What about the therapist from Silver Linings Playbook or something like that, lol.

  7. Fantastic choice! Luna and her father (whether it’s the book version or the Rhys Ifans film version) strike me as singularly awesome characters. I don’t think JKR anticipated how interesting they’d be! I say this because JKR didn’t even include Luna in the epilogue (grrrr epilogue), despite Luna totally owning her place among Harry’s trusted company. The part of your blog where you write “Where would Harry be at those crucial moments when he feels lost and his main friends don’t quite understand? Where would he be without Luna’s unwavering belief in him?” is so spot-on. I have to be honest, I don’t really like the 5th film for some reason (love the book, but not the film), but the shining moments of the film are the ones Harry shares with Luna. I think that Daniel Radcliffe and Evanna Lynch had such a proper Harry/Luna chemistry on-screen. I still picture her gently reaching for his hand after Sirius’s death and looking up to find her shoes hanging from the ceiling! *gush* Great post!

    • Thank you so much! You know I think you’re right, I don’t think she had any idea how much people would get attached to Luna. 🙂 It actually really annoyed me too that she wasn’t in the epilogue, I wanted to know what she was doing! I bet she got married to Neville, those two are meant to be!!! 😛 I must admit I wasn’t a big fan of the epilogue but I didn’t dislike it either. I think it would be impossible to round off the series in a way that made everyone happy. I found the names of Harry’s kids a bit much though! You’re right, she totally earned her place, she kicked butt and survived kidnapping too! We were supposed to feel sorry for Hermione when she was being cursed in the last book but Luna had been imprisoned there a lot longer, I only dread what they could have done to her!

      Thank you. 😀 That’s so funny, the fifth book is my favourite too, although I never totally sure why, something about it made more of an impact on me that the others. I’m sort of indifferent to the fifth film, I enjoy it when I watch it but the book is much, much better. I completely agree, my favourite moments in it were all with Luna in! Awwh yes, that scene just broke my heart! I can’t remember if it was in the book or not, but if not, the producers did a perfect job, the two interact so well. I also love that Harry chose to take her to that party in one of them.
      *gushes even more* 😛

      Thanks for the detailed comment, and for following!

  8. Luna is an awesome choice. She was definitely one of my favorite characters in HP. I have no idea who I would choose as a favorite side character! Seriously, I can’t pick favorites, cause all I remember are the books I have read too many times and those I just finished. sheesh, great challenge!! 🙂

    • Thank you Elisa, I’m glad you approve. 🙂 Luna is so memorable for a variety of reasons and I think that’s why I ended up choosing her. For a while there I didn’t think I was ever going to be able to come up with an answer!
      It’s so tough to make a balance between old and new, unique and relatable etc. Whoever can up with this question was mean, very mean. 😛

  9. That’s a toughie. Side characters are usually foils for the leads, and tend to be a more two dimensional and fade into the shadows. Luna is a good choice – the actress playing her is brilliant, and JKR was subtle in making her important to the plot.

    Nope. Scratched my head for five minutes and can’t come up with a better choice!

    • I agree, that happens far too often and it is very easy for them to become stereotypes. Thank you, it was pretty tough to choose but I’m glad I went with Luna in the end!

      Awesome! That means I’ve done my job well then. 😀

  10. ‘Her acceptance of others also seems to be rooted in her acceptance of herself.’ Love that!
    And you made me realize something which I didn’t before. The wizarding world is so strange in itself yet Luna still stands out as being weird. I think that attests to Rowling’s superb writing and her characterization…

    • Thank you! 😀

      Yeah it is odd but also interesting that it is possible for someone to be seen as weird in a wizarding world full of weird! It sure does, J.K. is a character genius, Luna is one of the most unusual yet distinctly so characters I have ever encountered. 🙂

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  13. Excellent choice! Luna is definitely one of those under-rated characters that are actually pretty amazing.

    I actually also really like Mrs Weasley in Harry Potter. I think she’s an awesome example of what feminism can be in the 21st century. She’s often over-looked because she’s ‘just a housewife’ but when times are really tough, she shows her inner strength. Plus, she calls Bealtrix a bitch and then kills her. Awesome.

    • Thank you. 😀 Yeah, although I love her presence in the books I wish she got a little more screen time and book time in the Harry Potter world because she’s awesome.

      I loved Mrs Weasley too, but especially in the films I thought they really brought her to life in the best way. That’s a good point, I hadn’t thought about that angle before. Gotta agree, anyone that can stand up to Bealtrix is a strong person!

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