DAY 9: Most Overrated Book.

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I have been disappointed a few times in the past when I’ve jumped onto a wave of book hype. A story can be life changing and enlightening to some, but utterly baffling or boring to others. Certain books earn their hype through originality, others gain it through controversy and many books become popular because of the sheer amount of publicity behind them.
A few titles that have disappointed me over the years include The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, Fallen by Lauren Kate and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (although in retrospect, I appreciate Gatsby much more, I just didn’t enjoy it from an entertainment point of view). However, none of these are going to be the book I am talking about today. I have chosen two books in particular to focus on, one of which I think will shock a lot of people! :S

My first, no doubt very controversial choice is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

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I can just hear the gasps all over the internet!

Well, before people start setting fire to my blog page let me state straight away that I didn’t dislike Pride and Prejudice, in fact, I gave it four stars when I reviewed it way back when (although it only just about reached a four). It has a lot of social commentary, clever wit and Elizabeth is a smart, impressive protagonist considering the time period the novel was written in. I also liked that she grew as a character. Yet even taking all this into account I can’t help but feel it is overrated. It’s a good novel, but I don’t understand the utter devotion and obsession people have around it.


You see, I don’t feel passionately about this novel, not the way that others do. I’m not sure why but it never hit me with a ‘wow’ or a ‘whoa’ and on the whole I found it forgettable. When I read it I found myself feeling a little bored, restless and underwhelmed. Not much happens throughout the course of the novel and at the end of the day it’s pretty much a well written romance with a little extra depth. I also feel after reading several more classics since, that although there was some great social commentary in Pride and Prejudice, it feels positively lightweight in comparison to something like Oscar Wilde. I’m sure at the time it seemed groundbreaking, but I’m not sure this novel has withstood the test of time for me.
I guess part of my issue was that I didn’t find Mr Darcy that swoon worthy either, I much preferred Mr Knightly from Jane Austen’s, Emma. 😉 In fact, I preferred her book Emma, period! I felt like there was a lot more to it. 🙂
I guess what I’m trying to say it that Pride and Prejudice was good, but it didn’t capture me in the way Wuthering Heights or Great Expectations did, and I tried really hard to get myself excited about it but the end result was a resounding meh. I’m sorry! :S

~ * ~

My second choice of overrated book is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson, or the entire Millennium series really. Again this is a case where I didn’t dislike the books as a whole, I just felt they were so amped up to an unnecessary extent.

The Millenium Trilogy

Sure, Lisbeth Salander the antisocial, antiestablishment skilled hacker and Blomkvist the superhero journalist who seeks justice are intriguing characters, and yes, Larsson weaves some well thought out conspiracy theories, but it amazes me how this series became such a world wide sensational bestseller. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo had the most painful first few chapters I think I have ever read, to the point where I almost gave up altogether. The books were filled with lots of irrelevant details that slowed the down the plot pace, which with a little tweaking could have improved the books tremendously. I fully admit that I don’t read a lot of thrillers, but drawing from the ones I have read, I didn’t feel this series added anything particularly unique or special and I can’t help but wonder, was half the reason they became so popular because of the story behind them? The author’s death before their publication along with word and mouth sure made for a good source of publicity. That probably sounds horrible, but I can’t help wondering…

Overall I enjoyed the Millennium Trilogy, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to recommend it to others unless they were serious fans of the crime/thriller genres. Oh, and I finished the last book in the series around two weeks ago, so expect a review of that coming your way soon! (Soon may be too optimistic, how do I fit in reviews amongst these daily posts?!)

Which books have you read in the past that you felt were overrated? What do you think of my choices? You don’t have to agree! 🙂

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61 thoughts on “DAY 9: Most Overrated Book.

  1. For me it was The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Everyone who has read it hails it as the greatest book ever, but it just didn’t do it for me. I want to do a review, but I’m scared. I’ve seen the stuff people commented on Goodreads on reviews that weren’t raving about it (never mind those that were negative) and I’m afraid someone will burn down my blog if I write one 😉

    • Funnily enough I’ve also heard all the mighty praise that book has gotten, but I’ve never felt the need to pick it up. Something about it doesn’t appeal. It’s always odd when you’re against the majority, but definitely review it! Honest reviews are important.
      Yeah, those commenters on goodreads are leathal! You should be ok on wordpress though. Plus if they’re rude, it shows them up not you. 🙂

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  2. Some interesting choices (love the OMG faces for P&P)

    I wonder if some of the people who really rate Pride and Prejudice are fans because they love it in other mediums – i.e. the BBC adaption – I was a bit underwhelmed when I read it, but still love that original series from when I first saw it when I was younger. I would watch it over re-reading any day.

    There have been several raved about YA authors / series that I’ve been feel ambivalent about: Veronica Roth (Divergent), Rachel Caine (Morganville) and Aimee Carter (Goddess Test) – I also lost the will to live with the Sookie Stackhouse books after enjoying the initial ones – but maybe those are my ‘House of the Night’ choice 🙂

    • Hahaa thanks! When I first found it I just stared at it for ages laughing, I love Supernatural, those two guys are awesome. 🙂

      That’s a very good point actually Mel, I have to say I enjoyed the adaptation more than the book, I watched the Keira Knightly version and the BBC one is hailed by most as being far more superior, so you may be onto something there! Plus, a little Colin Firth always helps. 😉 I felt pretty underwhelmed by the book too!

      Yepp, I’m with you there, not on those specific authors because I haven’t read any of them, but there have been quite a few popular YA ones I haven’t been able to get on with either! It’s an odd feeling when you feel like you are missing something because others love a book you feel ‘meh’ about.

  3. “The Road” by Cormac McCarthy. Oh, my, it was terrible! Here’s a sample sentence: “The snow fell, nor did it cease to fall.” Huh? Wha?
    It came in the funky size as well, was poorly constructed and very vague. The premise was great; the execution was terrible.

    “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close” has a section where a character types in numbers on a phone – he can’t talk. So the conversation is: 236 8990 112, etc. Fair enough; but did it have to go on for FIVE pages!

    P&P never did much for me either. I can’t remember much of the plot, a sure sign I didn’t enjoy it much.

    • Hmm, is that supposed to be, wait….nope, I don’t get it, I’m lost on that one. That is one heck of a bizarre sentence/statement. But hey, if it works for some people yay for them I guess. 😛 Ohh no, it’s always such a shame when a story has potential but gets completely buried other issues!

      Hmm, I’ve considered trying EL & EC, I loved the film adaption, have you seen it? The scene you’ve mentioned does sound unnecessary, five pages! Geez. I guess he was trying to make a point and went a little over the top?

      Haha, maybe because there isn’t much of a plot? OOOOOOH, BURN. Sorry Austen! :S

      • After all the rave reviews of The Road, I was expecting so much more from it. The film looked more interesting.

        I think the EL&EC author (Jonathan Safran Foer?) was told he had to make it minimum length to sell the book and couldn’t come up with anything better. Or he let his kid play with the number pad on his keyboard. I’ll keep an eye out for the film though!

        Ooo, Austen burn!

      • I hate it so much when that happens, disappointing!

        Ahh, that makes slightly more sense. These days, as a country (possibly as a world too?) we’ve definitely started leaning towards longer books. I think it’s very rare now to get a short book published unless there is something extraordinary about it or the author is already well known and acclaimed. It often shows when an author has tried to draw something out. We readers are intelligent publishing companies don’t you know!
        HAHA, that’s quite probably from the sounds of it! 🙂

        LOL. 😛

  4. I actually enjoyed the movie adaptation of The Perks of Being a Wallflower better than the book, which is a first for me. And, I have to agree with you about The Millennium Trilogy; I couldn’t even make it through the first book! I’ve always wanted to read Pride & Prejudice, but I’m scared it will be too romantic and boring.

    • I have to agree with you on that one, I thought the film was very moving and engaging but the book made me want to chuck Charlie’s thoughts out the window. The writing style in Perks drove me a bit insane. Yet a friend of mine loves the book and hates the film, strange how tastes vary isn’t it?

      I don’t blame you, I almost gave up! I must admit I did find it a little boring, but there’s not nearly as much romance in it as you would expect, so you might want to give it ago. 🙂

  5. It takes a lot for me to give up on a book, and I gave up up on The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, I read the first few chapters and they were painful! I had no idea what was going on and couldn’t for the life of me sort it out. I also gave up on Twilight because even though many people told me there was a good story hiding beneath the comma splices and overused adverbs, all I found was a one dimensional unlike-able heroine.

    I have never attempted Jane Austin (I know, I know), but I certainly don’t understand what the hype is all about.

    I also appreciate the gratuitous Supernatural gif. 🙂

    • I don’t blame you at all, the start was a painful slog! I don’t actually remember that well either, something about the importance of journalistic sources and the ethics and issues surrounding that…maybe something on libel or slander? I can’t remember much of it, other than that it was boring!
      Haha, fair enough! I think I was lucky, I read Twilight before I had any knowledge of good or bad writing so my teenage romantic brain got swept up in it very easily without jarring against any of the writing. I was a much more passive reader back them!

      Wow, I think that is quite rare! But there’s nothing wrong with that either, if you don’t think it will be your sort of book, why waste time on it?

      Hahaa thank you, I love Supernatural and the gif makes me laugh so! 😀

  6. I read Pride & Prejudice and felt like you — meh, but it was all right. I didn’t understand the fuss. Then I read a biography of Jane Austen, and an annotated version of P&P — and wow!! I completely fell for it then. Austen struck me as a lively, rollicking girl//woman with a hardy pen.

    There’s so much social detail in P&P that’s lost on our century.

    (If that matters. Fair enough if you simply don’t like it. I prefer Sense & Sensibility.

    • Hi Mabel! That’s very encouraging to hear, I hope one day I will be more enthused about P&P. 🙂 Maybe I would benefit from an annotated version as you’ve said, to give me another layer of appreciation! I would be intrigued to read a biography on Austen because people often say that we know little about her life in comparison to other authors.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  7. Ah, Pride and Prejudice. The number of conflicting feelings I have about this book. It was my first classic ever, and I approached it out my love for the movie which I could recite aloud if prompted. Therefore, it holds such a dear place in my heart. I guess if it hadn’t been as accessible, I never would’ve moved onto other more complex classics that I now enjoy and revere. Yet, after I came upon Persuasion by Jane Austen, which is far more profound and subtle in its telling, I started to wonder why P&P was what everyone raved on about. I’d heard of many Jane Austen novels, but Persuasion was the only one I hadn’t heard of and stumbled upon by chance. But I truly fell in love with it! And even though I admire Mr. Darcy, I came to admire Captain Wentworth a lot more! And even though I see myself in Lizzie Bennett, I LOVED Anne Elliot and her nobility and subtlety.

    So I’m not sure I’d say that Pride and Prejudice is necessarily overrated, but I could wholeheartedly assert that the way some people talk about it does divert people from other works by Jane Austen that may be superior to it.

    • Ooh, and a good choice as your first classic too, you don’t get more acclaimed and well know than Pride and Prejudice. 😉
      That’s very understandable, there are a lot of books out there that I have extra love for because they have nostalgia attached to them as well as being good stories. You’re right, that is one thing I can say pro reading Pride and Prejudice, it is probably one of the most accessible classics I’ve come across, partly because of the writing style and partly because everyone knows the story to an extent!
      I haven’t read Persuasion yet, but I have Sense and Sensibility (which I half read years ago and had to return to the library) and Mansfield Park. No doubt Persuasion will eventually make it’s way to my bookshelf at a later date. 🙂
      Yes, that’s exactly what I mean about Pride and Prejudice! It feels more obvious with it’s observations rather than subtle which is how I found Emma, that’s what surprised me, that Pride and Prejudice is the favourite!

      Thanks for commenting Manno. 🙂

  8. I completely agree with the Millenium series. I thought Stieg Larsson’s character writing was impeccable, I mean, Lisbeth Salander is AWESOME (though infuriating) but the actual story wasn’t very compelling for me. And goodness gracious, we get it, you like to shop at IKEA! His editor totally failed him. Interesting theory of why it’s so popular, totally plausible…

    • Mmm, you see I’m even a bit iffy with his characters. Lisbeth and other main ones are pretty good, but I didn’t feel like the secondary ones were developed as well, they all just sort of moulded into one for me and I often forgot who was who! I agree, the storyline was compelling but so, so slow! I think that kind of ruined it for me. Ha, yes! His OBSESSION with IKEA, so random. 😛
      Thanks, I do think it contributed. 🙂

  9. The reason people like Pride and Prejudice or want to like it,is because it’s a classic. It’s like hating the Queen. People tend not to go against the gain, so everyone will say what a great book it is without ever reading it. ( I.E my mum). Its like the movie 39 steps, boring as hell but still a classic.

    P.S I also find the The Great Gatsby, shitty. It’s a story that is way to short, and basically revolves around one love sick man. Who can’t get the girl because his to nice.

    • Ha ha that’s so true! It has almost come to the point where it is a crime to dislike this book, and I guess that is what I am trying to get at by using it for this question. Yes, it’s a good book, but for me it wasn’t an epic, life changing or a revolutionary event and that’s how a lot of readers say they experienced the read. There is definitely an aspect of it’s a classics so we should love it going on.

      Yay, a Gatsby sympathiser! I felt so alone with my thoughts on that one.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Rion. 🙂

  10. Interesting choices. I have yet to read P&P and being a confirmed Austen hater I’m dreading it! I don’t get the whole social commentary thing, if I was interested in people sitting around having tea and talking about their love lives I’d watch Big Brother.

    The Millennium trilogy on the other had I really enjoyed. I didn’t expect to but I really got into the first one. I found my interest waning a bit by the end of the third but on the whole I rate them as good reads.

    • Thank you. Oooh an Austen hater, this is a rare thing but very refreshing! What was it that confirmed your Austen hate? 😛 I know what you mean, social commentary is all well and good but if there’s not much happening in the story line of interest it’s pretty pointless. Hahaa omg yes! And I hate big brother.

      I did enjoy the Millennium Trilogy, but similarly to Austen I didn’t feel it deserved the pure amount of hype around it. 🙂

      • I know I feel like a bit of a traitor every time I say it (queen of British literature an all that) but it’s true. I’m not a fan of romance anyway so the stories never appealed to me and the first time one I read was Emma because it’s on The List. Thing is it’s a huge book in which very little happens. And it confirmed everything I’d ever thought about why I wouldn’t like Austen. Then I read Persuasion which is smaller and nowhere near as bad – I mean Anne actually has a personality, dramatic things happen and overall it was pretty good. But the more I hear about P&P the more I suspect it’s closer to Emma in terms of storyline :/ The Big Brother premise was an interesting social experiment the first time but it failed and I cannot believe anyone still watches it now!!

        I know what you mean about the hype, the more you hear about how amazing a book is the harder it has to work to impress you. I’m not sure Millennium really deserved all the bigging up it got but I still enjoyed it.

      • Hehee, I don’t blame you! I almost felt like I was letting down Britain simply by stating it was overrated in this post! :S I understand exactly what you mean, although I wouldn’t exactly class Emma as a romance because it’s only the ending where something actually happens, the whole thing is written in a very romantic style and that’s enough to make the whole book feel that way. I did find my attention waning in the middle as well because as you’ve said there’s not much that happens! Having not read Persuasion, Emma is quite similar to Pride and Prejudice, only P&P is MORE romantic. I actually felt like Emma had a little more plot wise.
        Haha I watched it once as well, and once was enough!

  11. I am having the worst time trying to post a comment here because my Internet connection keeps dropping. GRRRRR. But anyways, I hope these comments aren’t reposting more than once :/ You’re not alone, Becky! I also think Pride & Prejudice is overrated. Sure, it’s an enjoyable and interesting piece of literature and I really like the BBC movie (seeing Mrs. Bennett & Mr. Collins in real time is just too funny) but I never understood the total hype. I haven’t read anything else by Jane Austen so I have no way to compare her other stories, but I do like Colonel Brandon from the film version of Sense & Sensibility! I also haven’t read the Millennium trilogy yet; I have the first book but haven’t read it. Oh and that picture of Sam & Dean – I LOVE Supernatural!!!!! 😀 That made me gush out loud *fangirl*!

    • Haahaa no worries! I recently moved into the 21st century and got a phone that can use the internet and I was having trouble posting comments the other day. Grr.
      Yaaay! That is so good to hear. 🙂 That is exactly how I feel; the book is fun, enjoyable, has some good moral lessons, a dash of commentary but nothing that made me go WOW, this book is genius.
      I think Mr Collins was my favourite character in the book, he was so horrendous it was fun to read about.
      I loved the film versions of Sense and Sensibility, I’ve seen two and loved both. However, I took the book out of the library when I was around 14, got about a third of the way though and then decided I wasn’t bothered, (partly because I’d seen the film and knew how the book turned out) I’m not known for doing that, but it didn’t grab me at all. I thought Emma was great though! A solid four stars for that one.

      You love Supernatural too?!?!? The more I learn the more I like you and your blog. 😉 Wuthering Heights, Supernatural, Harry Potter? This could be a match made in blog heaven. 😛

      • I’m beginning to think that smart phones are not all I once cracked them up to be because I’ve had mine for a year and it’s just started dying in various ways! i.e. the external speakers blew, it lags, the screen blacks out sometimes. And it’s an iPhone! Allegedly these things are impervious to viruses and whatnot! “But this ship can’t sink!…” *2 hours later it sinks*
        I’m not that keen on reading any more Austen soon, but if you say Emma is really that good, I will make that the next Austen book I read (whenever I get to do that!).
        And yes, I love Supernatural! I actually stopped watching some time during season 6 though :/ I would have been satisfied if the show ended after season 5. I mean, not that I wanted the adventures of Sam & Dean (and Castiel!) to end, but the storyline after that went in a direction totally different from the one that I was really into. I am a steadfast Dean girl, though, so I’ll get around to watching the rest of the series one day! I agree, this combination is totally awesome!!! 😀

      • Haha, you may be onto something there. 😛 I installed the WordPress app on my phone the other day and it’s really quite awkward to use! Ohh no, I hope mine doesn’t do that! LOL, that’s so true.
        Hahaa don’t worry, neither am I really! Maybe next year or something, but she’s going on the back burner for now so that I can discover some other classic authors I might be more keen on. 🙂

        I have to 100% agree with you again! Both on being a Dean girl aghhnnnnu mumnnsssfg (Can you hear the hormones kick in?!?HA. :D) and also that the series should have ended a while back. While the later series aren’t bad, they don’t have the same intensity, drama or creepiness!

  12. Most overrated book, interesting question. This is really kind of odd because I’m a huge fan of Fantasy novels, and most people who like Fantasy love this author, but for me the most overrated book that I’ve ever read is The Colour of Magic by Terry Pratchett. All I hear from the Fantasy community is how awesome Pratchett is, and how wonderful all the Discworld books are. The Colour of Magic is arguably the single worst book I’ve ever read in my life (it’s only competition is Great Expectations by Dickens, god I hated that book).

    Another bit of anathema for a Fantasy fan to say is coming up as well, I’m not a big fan of Neil Gaiman’s work either, it’s not that I think the books are bad, but I don’t think they’re the be-all end-all of Fantasy like everyone else does.

    • It is isn’t it? It’s not something we tend to think about usually.

      I love fantasy novels too (although that might be hard to tell from my blog because I haven’t been able to read many lately) so I am also aware of the halo of light around Terry Pratchett. I own The Colour of Magic but have felt cautious about picking up, the trouble with humourous series is that they can be very hit and miss depending on your tastes. I have heard that the first few books in the Discworld series aren’t very good though, so maybe you should give the series a go further down the line if you feel like persevering? 🙂
      Ha ha! I read Great Expectations this year and LOVED it, but I remember hating Oliver Twist when I was younger with a passion! It seems Dickens is good at infuriating people.

      I tried Stardust last year and was disappointed, so I second that!

      • I took a break to finish another book I was reading (The Changeling by Christopher Shields which you would LOVE!), but I can’t wait to get back to the Wicca series. My books should be arriving in the mail tomorrow or Monday. Yayyy!!!!!

      • Awesome, best to space them out or you will be finished with the whole series before you know it, LOL! Agh, I would love so many of your books Cindy, can I borrow your reading speed sometime? It would really come in handy! 😛

        On a side note, this challenge is so much fun but it leaves NO time for reading, I’ve barely read a thing for a week. It’s kind of like a reading detox. :S I’m going to go crazy soon, just you wait!


      • I love reading your posts, but you need to finish that challenge soon and get back to reading girl :). Can you imagine the two of us in a bookstore together? It would be such a blast and such a wallet emptier LOL!

      • Hahaa I know right? I can’t believe I’m only a third of the way through! It feel like I’ve been doing this for ages and I’ve barely even begun. :S I’m definitely missing the reading, but I have been quite busy with uni related stuff lately too, getting ready to head back etc, so will have had an impact too!

        Ohhh my gosh it would be EPIC. We’d buy half the shop!!! 😀

  13. I agree with you on Pride and Prejudice. I liked the book, but I don’t have obsessive devotion to it. You already know my feelings on the Millennium series. I loved them, but I acknowledge my lack of objectivity in regard to that series. My biggest book let down was Great Expectations. I don’t know what I was expecting. But that wasn’t it. Dickens models great episodic writing. But I didn’t find the story compelling. I blame my failure to connect with British Literature on my being an American.

    • Thank you, that is the main point I wanted to make really, it’s a good book, but it’s been hyped up to an obsessive state that I don’t think is necessarily warranted.
      Hahaa I do which is an equally valid opinion, I’m glad you were able to get the enjoyment out of them that I couldn’t! 🙂
      Oooh that’s really interesting, I read Great Expectations this year and loved it and was really surprised because I hated Oliver Twist when I was younger. I’m British and I live British literature and I haven’t necessarily got on with some of the American classics as much as I hoped, so I can totally understand where you’re coming from. 🙂

  14. Looks like you’ve got plenty of company with your comments on Pride and Prejudice!

    I agree entirely with your thoughts on the Millenium Trilogy. The first book had the most interesting storyline by far and I was disappointed that the entire thing was dropped within five pages in the second book. The third one seemed to be jumping the shark towards the end.

    I’ll add Stephen King’s Joyland to this. There was lots of talk from King about returning to the old ‘pulp’ feel of books and there were many positive reviews for it. The old paper book vs ebook debate was reignited as well, with King blabbering on about how he purposefully wasn’t releasing it as an ebook because he felt that the story ‘belonged’ on paper and that it wouldn’t be the same reading it on a Kindle… which is like saying that you can’t understand The Ten Commandments unless you go to the top of a mountain and see them etched on stone tablets.

    The story itself wasn’t all that and it was available to download as an ebook within a week on pirate websites anyway.

    • I know, I was really surprised! From my personal experience I have only ever seen Pride and Prejudice associated with praise and overenthusiastic obsession, lol, so this post has made me feel a lot better. 🙂

      Thanks Michael, Weirdly the second book was my favourite, but in terms of narrative the first book is much tighter and linear than the others, it feel like it has more of a complete story and the ending is more resolved too. So I would agree that the first book was the best written. I think the first few chapters about journalistic sources put me off in the grand scheme of things though! I agree, there was a lot more mystery and suspense in the first book too.

      Wow, that is quite a lot of spiel for a novel. As you know I’m pro physical books but I don’t have any nostalgia for pulp because I was never into it in the first place. HAHA! Good comparison, that is very true actually. 🙂

      LOL, that’s pretty funny!

  15. I have another controversial choice I hope people are sitting down because my over-rated novel is Jane Eyre. I thought it was beautifully written but Jane herself really annoyed me. Jane is clever, hardworking, and has a strong faith all things I could admire but in stark contrast she made rash and stupid decisions, and worst of all she was so self-deprecating! Like you I didn’t dislike this novel but I just didn’t love it like so many other people seem to.

    I can sympathise with both your choices. I read the Millennium series and enjoyed it but probably won’t ever re-read them. While I did love Pride and Prejudice it certainly isn’t my favourite of Austen’s novel. I prefer the wit of Emma, the beauty of Sense and Sensibility, and the heart-break of Persuasion. I also agree I much prefer Mr Knightley to Mr Darcy 😛

    • Hahaa ohh gosh yeah, I bet you get some real protests with that choice! Sorry to hear you didn’t get on with Jane Eyre, I know it must have been such a disappointment because it’s one of those incredibly praised classics. That is a bit of a odd contrast! I can’t overly comment because I haven’t read the book, I’ve owned it for years but have been worried about picking it up because I really want to love it. :S If it makes you feel any better, I had a housemate at university that didn’t get on with it either. 🙂

      That’s good to know! I agree, I will never want to reread the Millennium series and in a few years I will probably forget all about it until someone brings it up. I loved Emma so much more than P&P, I hope I will like S&S and Persuasion jusst as much in the future!
      Mr Knightly rocks. 😉

  16. HOW ARE WE FRIENDS YOU HAVE SUCH BAD TASTE IN BOOKS AHHHHHHHHHH. (I am kidding, of course. But I feel like it’s one of those things where it depends when you read books? Like I read P&P before I was really into “the book world” with classics and crap. I read it because I’d seen the film and the book is still one of my favourites. Because I never really experienced the “build up” or the “hype” I decided it was worthy of all the awards. But a book that I felt was hyped up too much would be…………. actually I can’t even think of one. Maybe THG – Mockingjay? But that’s a tumblr overrated thing.)

      Hmm maybe, I don’t know. I read Pride and Prejudice before I was into classics too, I had only read Wuthering Heights, so it was only my second classic! I did see various adaptations and knew the storyline before I read it though and I do feel like that could have had an impact because all the omg Darcy’s actually nice etc. wasn’t such a revelation. To be completely honest even if I had read it before I knew about the hype I still don’t think I would have loved it. I do think it’s a good book, just not a fantastic one! I think the Lizzie Bennett Diaries might also have improved your love of P&P. 😉

      THG? Blasphemy. 😛 Mockingjay I understand though.

  17. Oh…*face falls*

    Actually, as much as I love Pride and Prejudice, I do agree with you. I think it’s become a bit of an institution and a romance staple, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the story is amazing. For the time, I think it was pretty ground-breaking, but now it probably falls in with generic romance. Ooft I’d take Mr Darcy any day. He’s a bit of an arsey bastard but he comes good.

    I’ve never read Emma but I’ve seen the film. I will rectify this! I guess Mr Darcy just tends to overshadow the majority of other male characters doesn’t he? Also, never read the Millennium trilogy either. Got them on my Kindle but I can’t say they’re high on my list.

    • Ohh dear! *Apologizes for making face fall.*

      Yeah, that’s the general impression I get, I’m sure at the time it would have been this breakout revolutionary tale that was quite original and unique, but now it just seems… an everyday tale, dare I say if it was published now that it would be chick-lit and would slide in with all those other books without anyone batting an eyelash? Possibly… The truth of it is all those books have probably stolen their ideas from P&P in some form, but unfortunately it doesn’t work in the stories favour! LOL, I must admit that I would be much more likely to swoon at the Colin Firth version of Darcy. 😛

      Ohh definitely read Emma, there’s some pretty awesome quotable passages in it! Funnily enough I haven’t seen the movie version, I must rectify this! 😉
      Haha, sorry I couldn’t inspire you to read the trilogy.

  18. Woohoo, the Great Beckster just dissed a JA novel! That deserves a Weeeeeeeeeee!!!!! (LOL, just kidding 😉 )
    Ha ha, Sam and Dean going OMG…I love that pic!

    Not sure if this is going to make sense but when I read Life of Pi, a long, long time ago, I thought it was good-not really the type of book I normally read but I enjoyed it to a certain extent. But when I heard they were making it into a movie, I was like: what? It’s definitely not a bad book but I was confused as to what prompted someone to adapt it to the big screen. And obviously this ended up generating more publicity for the book. So I guess I find it overrated after the fact, if that makes any sense… 😛

    • I did indeed! I thought you’d be pleased. 😉 YAY! I love it too, it makes me laugh no matter how many times I watch it. 😀

      That makes complete sense, when I heard the idea for the plot I was really confused as to how they could even turn it into a movie and have enough material to keep viewers engaged. Films are definitely a quick way to boost a books popularity and gain it the overrated status!

      Hows the studying going Nisha?

      • Quite busy, I have 5 more assignments due for September but I’m also working on my application for the actual postgrad degree next year. But it’s all good so far. 😛
        Hope you’re enjoying your break… 🙂

      • Eeeek, busy busy then. Good luck! 😀 It seems your term times etc are different to over here because we don’t start until September.
        That’s what we like to hear!

        I am thank you, but there’s not much of it left now, it will soon be back to business as usual. *Sigh.*

  19. I also agree on this hurrah! I never got past The Girl who Played with Fire I just got so bored. I’m not a thriller girl at all which may have something to do with it but I bought the entire trilogy excited about the hype and was sorely disappointed.

    (Great series of posts by the way, I’m loving reading back. Fab idea :-))

    • I don’t blame you, I really struggled to get into the first book and if it hadn’t been for my motto to stick always read a book to the very end I’m sure I would have given up!
      You know, I keep trying thrillers and I’m never impressed so I don’t think they are for me either!

      Thank you muchly! So glad you’re enjoying the posts. 🙂

  20. I completely agree about Pride and Prejudice!! You are the first person I have ever find that agrees with me. Persuasion is my favorite but Emma is right behind it. For me, besides Pride and Prejudice, it’s the Hunger Games. I like it but I don’t get the obsession. Peeta….no. Divergent is my favorite of the dysotopic future books. It has a much bigger plot and all of the characters have multiple layers.

    • I’m not surprised you felt isolated in your opinion, Shannon because I felt exactly the same way! I have learnt from this post though that there are more of us out there than I thought. 🙂 I haven’t read Persuasion yet so there is still plenty of time for me to change my mind, but I did enjoy Emma far more than P&P. I felt like it had a little more substance and story behind it but that’s just my opinion of course.
      Ohh no! I really loved The Hunger Games but fair enough if you didn’t enjoy it, we all have our different tastes. I haven’t tried out Divergent yet but it’s on the top of my tbr pile, I hope I like it as much as you do. 😀

      • Persuasion is lovely 🙂 And I completely agree about Emma. Out of all of Austen’s heroes, honestly Henry Tilney is probably my favorite followed very closey by Mr. Knightley and Captain Wentworth. There’s just so much more to them than Mr. Darcy. I like The Hunger Games, Katniss is pretty awesome, but I prefer Divergent.

      • Haha I will keep that in mind. 🙂 I agree, I never really warmed up to Mr Darcy and I’m not sure why because so many people love him! As you say I thought there was more to Mr Knightly, but maybe it’s just me being contrary and going against the majority. 😛
        Katniss is awesome, I like Peeta too although it took me longer to warm up to him, and of course Effie, she was so much fun!

  21. I’ll agree that I’m not a massive fan of Jane Austen, but I remember discussing it with Mum (she loves books too), she pointed out how influential Austen was for her time. In a world where their lives were dictated by their love lives, it must have been pretty horrific for Austen who wasn’t able to marry if she wanted to write. And while her books are chick lit, her characters are often strong-willed which probably was a rarity for literature of that time.

    I really loathed The Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce. t was listed as the number 1 favourite book and I hated it! It took me about 3 weeks to read it and its less than 200 pages.

    • It’s so funny how many people have admitted on here that they’re not big Austen fans, I always felt I was in the minority! I guess maybe it’s one of those things you don’t say unless prodded or maybe it’s kind of like insulting the Queen or Mother Theresa. 😛
      Yeah, that’s the number one thing people always tell me too and I’m sure they’re correct. I give her nothing but praise for what she managed to achieve in her time and the massive effect she has had inspiring others. Unfortunately respecting her as a person doesn’t make me any more enthralled by her books like others are.

      Uh oh, not James Joyce! I’ve not had the pleasure but everyone seems to tell me horror stories about that author, lol. Sorry to hear you were so disappointed.

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