DAY 17: Author I Wish People Would Read More.

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I am struggling to write this post today, my brain is refusing to work, AGH. I always expected this 30 Day Challenge to be hard, but it is surprisingly exhausting as well. How do people manage to post every day?!
I’m a little unsure about what this question is trying to indicate, it is hard to judge how much a book has been read by the public without looking at sales figures, and whichever book I choose is probably being read by many more people than I think! So, I’ve decided to just pick an author that I love, because you always want your favourite writers to be read more, right? 🙂

My choice for this post is Kelley Armstrong, a fantasy author with a focus on the supernatural – werewolves, witches, necromancers, the lot. I would say her work leans more towards the sub genre of urban fantasy but I’m not entirely sure if she counts herself in that bracket. She writes both YA and adult books in this style and seems to be equally fantastic at doing both!

I feel like it might be a little premature of me to class Armstrong as a favourite author of mine yet because there are so many of her novels I have yet to read; she’s a prolific writer! Having said that, the four of her novels I have read Bitten from the Women of the Otherworld series and the three books in her Darkest Powers Trilogy impressed me beyond measure. Her books are full of action, swoon worthy guys that will make your heart race and kick ass heroines with tough backbones and a talent for sassy banter. Armstrong seems to be a master at creating believable strong female characters whether it be physically, mentally, their ability to be compassionate or simply because they refuse to give up in some of the most dire circumstances.

The first book I read of hers was The Summoning which followed a protagonist named Chloe who could see dead people. After a particularly spooky encounter it becomes apparent to those around her that she might be psychotic and she is labeled as Schizophrenic. Distraught and betrayed she is sent off to a centre for troubled teens. However, it is not long before she notices that the other residents have abnormal ‘problems’ too, and Chloe begins to wonder if the centre knows more about their patients than they are letting on…

Darkest Powers Trilogy

I had never read a book that focused on necromancy before and the way Armstrong handled it was incredible. I didn’t read the blurb beforehand either so I had no idea what was in store! I was caught off guard when other supernatural powers and creatures made an appearance in the series, and what I loved most was having no clue where the story was going. It twisted in different directions, tricked me, mislead me and surprised me. The trilogy took me on a whirlwind journey from start to finish, they felt so fresh and vibrant in comparison to many other books in the genre at the time. I read all three, one after the other and became attached to them for a week straight that summer. Refusing to be interrupted by others I lurked off to the quieter areas of my house where I could read in peace, only stopping for necessities like food. I felt like a total book glutton. When I finished them there was this massive empty space in my bookish heart, even though I hadn’t had much time to grow attached to them. I walked around my house like a zombie, I needed MOREEE, MOREEE BRAINS KELLEY ARMSTRONG. I had to hear what happened next to Chloe, Derek, (Fictional crush alert!) Rachelle and Simon.
Searching the internet for answers I discovered that there would be another trilogy set in the same world (The Darkness Rising) but that it would follow a different set of characters. *SOB.* WHHHYYYY. Te Darkness Rising TrilogyI still desperately wanted to read them though, but I had to wait so long for the release dates of  the trilogy that I forgot the details of the first set of books. I have been putting off reading them ever since. I may have to reread The Darkness Powers Trilogy just to make sure. (Ohhh the effort. ;))

As much as I loved her YA Darkest Powers Trilogy, Kelley Armstrong is most famous for her Women of the Otherworld thirteen book series aimed at adults. I have read the first book Bitten (it was the second EVER review I did on this blog, it seems so long ago now) and I was very impressed by it. I haven’t gotten around to the others yet because I’m so easily distracted, seriously, it’s like “Ohh yeah I love Kelley Armstrong she’s great, you should give her books a chance they’re- OHHH LOOK! ANOTHER NEW SHINY BOOK. *Forgets about awesome older books sitting on bookshelf.*”
Yepp, short attention span would be a word you could use. 😛

Is there an author out there you wish people would read more? Do you like Kelley Armstrong’s books? 🙂

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34 thoughts on “DAY 17: Author I Wish People Would Read More.

  1. Tricky one. I’d say John Marsden, but quite a few people outside the UK know he exists.

    Neil Shusterman and “Unwind”…but….um….no, quite a few people read him as well.

    I’m stuck.

    I’d say “me”, but only because I want to retire to a beach somewhere and write for a living. 😉

    • Never heard of him, which I guess means your right, more people should be reading his books!

      I’ve heard a lot abou Unwind on Goodreads but not from any 3D people in the near vicinity, so Shusterman could probably count. A lot of people have read Kelley Armstrong too so I think I failed on that account. 😛

      It’s tough!

      To work as a writer alone would be such a fantastic scenario!

  2. This does seem like a rather ridiculous question, doesn’t it? It really supposes that we either look at the sales figures like you said or that we assume not many people have read the books we like based on our limited interactions! But I really appreciate this post because I have Bitten and it’s currently resting in my donate box but I haven’t yet read it. Idk why I was going to give up on it, maybe to clear some shelf space since I assumed (dumb) that it would be like Anita Blake but your challenge here is making me think twice! Maybe I’ll keep the book after all XD
    Great post, Becky!

    • It does indeed. I didn’t think about it much at the time I picked it but when it came to writing it I got a little stuck! I think it is supposed to be based on your interactions with others or maybe it means an underrated book? That was one of the other questions though. Ohh well, I guess we’ll never know. 😛

      IN THE DONATE BOX?! NOOOOOOOOOO, fish it outta there right now Missey! 😀 Kelley Armstrong is definitely worth a read, although I can’t say how it fairs in comparison to Anita Blake because I’ve never read her.

      I hope you change your mind, thank you as always, Lauren!

  3. OMG, are you sitting down???? I just got Kelley Armstrong’s newest book in the mail yesterday, and I am already about 1/3 of the way through it. It is called Omens, and it’s more of a mystery/suspense type of novel than her other ones with a little bit of supernatural thrown in. So far it’s amazing, and it’s the first in a new series!! Now, here’s the awesome part. Did you know that Kelley Armstrong was born in my province of Ontario, Canada??? And wouldd you believe that she is going to be only a couple of hours away from me this weekend at a bookstore, speaking and signing books??? I am trying to convince Mikey to take me. It would bore him to death, but there is a casino very close by so I said that he could drop me off and go to the casino :). I have read The Summoning and the Awakening, but I still need to get The Reckoning, and I have Bitten but haven’t read it yet. Ok, so are you still screaming?? LOL

      I did know she was based in Canada but not which part and OHHH MY GOSH YOU HAVE TO GO AND SEE HER!!! She’s so wonderful. You HAVE to get him to take you, tell him it is a book emergency that cannot be ignored, LOL. Plus, then you can report back to me with all the minuscule details and you can tell her hi from Becky in the UK. 😛

      I’ve seen various bits of advertising for Omens, yet I don’t have much of an idea what it is about I hope you enjoy it! She’s great at mystery and suspense as well as all the supernatural elements….she’s just all round awesome basically. 😉

      YES I AM STILL SCREAMING, AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHH. WEEEEEE!! Okay calm, calm. I think I’m hyperventilating…

  4. Writing a new post every day gets to be a big drain after a while! I managed it for a couple of months or so at first but I had to tone it down after that.

    The only author I can think of that fits this (rather odd) question is Frances Lewis. She’s actually a blogger who follows me and I’ve got her – Motherventing – on my blogroll. Although she’s rather mental, she’s also very funny and she’s written three books, of which I’ve read one. It’s called The Dukkering Boy and is about a young gypsy boy who gets kidnapped and taken away from his family.

    • It definitely is! It has gotten to the point that even when I try and go to sleep I can’t stop thinking about all the challenge related stuff I need to do. It floats around in my head. A couple of months is very impressive!

      Ohh right, intriguing. Motherventing, lol, love the title. Sounds like you two would get on well in real life. I love a bit of a humour book every now and again. Sounds like a fun storyline too!

  5. I wish more people would read Melina Marchetta. She is a genius writer from Australia, but it just doesn’t seem like too many people have read her work.

    I really enjoyed the Darkest Powers Trilogy as well. I just checked out the Darkest Rising books from the library!

    • Oooh one of my favourite authors is Australian, I should definitely try and try out more of the fiction from over there, I’m sure there’s some great stuff! I’ve never heard of Melina Marchetta so thanks for the tip. 🙂

      So happy to hear you enjoyed the trilogy Arial, I hope you like the Darkness Rising one just as much!

  6. First I must say well done Becky! I couldn’t post everyday! I haven’t read anything by Kelley Armstrong but you are the second person this week singing her praises. I think I will need to keep my eye out for her books from now on.

  7. I’ve never read anything by Kelley Armstrong but I love fantasy, so I’m going to have to check some of her books out. Posting every day is REALLY hard! I plan most of my posts weeks in ahead (except for a lot of the book reviews- I do those last minute) and schedule them for certain days.

    • If you love fantasy, suspense, supernatural beings and hot love interests you will love her books. 🙂
      Tell me about it! I mean, I always knew it wasn’t going to be tough, but not THIS tough! Planning in advance is always a smart idea, I do that sometimes too.

      Thanks for commenting Holly. 😀

  8. I love Kelley Armstrong – she is wonderful. I read the Darkest Powers trilogy and have two of the Women of the Underworld left to read. I should get on that! 🙂
    You are doing an awesome job, posting every day is lots of work!! I get tired and cranky if I have to do it. Good luck!! They are fun to read.

    • She is wonderful, it’s weird even though there are so many of her books I haven’t read, I just have this confidence that they are going to be great because she hasn’t let me down yet. 🙂
      Wow seems you are a devoted fan, much better than me, phaaaahaa. I’m way behind. 😛

      Thank you, I must admit it is making me tired and cranky at points. Yay, so glad you think so!

  9. I am so excited to see her as your author! I’ve had her on my shelf for years and have been wondering whether they’re worth my time to pick up soon – question answered ha ha!

    • Thanks, I’m so happy you recognise her as an author! She’s certainly not unpopular by any means but I don’t think she’s quite reached the mainstream status. 🙂

      They are definitely worth the time, don’t wait a second longer. 😀

  10. I love Bitten! Do you know they’re currently shooting a TV series? It should be out next year, so we’ll get to see Elena and Clay on the big screen.
    I’d recommend L.H. Cosway for an author I’d like people to read more. She’s an Irish writer and I’ve reviewed her work on my blog a few times. She writes fun, sexy, moody paranormal and contemporary fiction. Check out Painted Faces and Tegan’s Blood – two very different genres, but I adored both these books.

    • You know I did hear that somewhere around on the interwebs, I’m so excited about it, I hope they get the viewers! It also means I’m going to have to speed up and read more of the books. 😉 Have they given the TV series a name yet?

      Fun sexy AND moody? Sounds great, I’m in. 🙂 Sounds like the perfect combination.

  11. Hmmm, now how did I miss this post…??? *scratches head* 😛

    Armstrong really has a thing for gerunds doesn’t she? LOL. Sorry, for some reason I found that really amusing. (Don’t mind me, I’m strange like that) 😀

    I know everybody thought this Challenge question was silly and odd but I LOVED it because if there’s one author I wish everybody would read it would be………Elizabeth Gaskell!
    Seriously, nobody reads her enough and it upsets me and I want to throw a hissy fit like a diva.
    Okay, I’m not really that upset, but I do feel she’s grossly underrated. 🙂

    • Hehee well there are a lot of them to keep track of right now!

      Nisha you are just too high-brow for me, I had to look that word up and I still don’t really understand what it means, but I’m guessing it’s to do with the titles. 😛 I bow to your wisdom!

      Of course, Gaskell, I know how you love her. 😀 I really must get round to reading some of her stuff, although I’m worried if I don’t like her books I may have to face your wrath, LOL. I totally get it, if there was an author I felt was unappreciated out there that I loved to bits, I would want to scream it from the rooftops! Especially if people were picking a certain Austen over another superior author. 😉

      • Hardly highbrow. It took me years to drill it into my brain what it was. 😛

        If you don’t like her it’s okay, I don’t expect her to be everybody’s cup of tea(I hated Wives and Daughters, so I would understand), but I would be eager to know your opinion. 😀 I do think she’s a far superior writer with a bigger conscience than that other woman 😀
        (Just for the record, I never met anyone who’s read Gaskell and didn’t enjoy her… unless they’re lying to me 😀 )

      • Hehee well it looks like it worked! 😛

        Good, I know you wouldn’t really unleash your wrath 😉 but I really hope I like her because she sounds great. Describing her as a writer with a conscience sounds intriguing and the fact that you haven’t come across someone who dislikes her yet is definitely a good sign! 😀

        Now I just have to get my hands on one of her books!

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