The Power of WordPress: An Act of Selfless Kindness.

Once upon a time in a far away land and across a vast and treacherous ocean, a woman was on a mission. It was August 25th full of summer and excitement. The woman had convinced her husband to join her on the long drive, and the anticipation in the car was tangible. When she reached her destination nearly two hours early she sent emails with glee to a girl across the globe. A girl who was just as enthusiastic, sitting at her desk refreshing her emails. The woman queued with the determination only a true fan could have and when she finally reached the desk she took a deep breath.

~ * ~

WordPress can do a lot of things, but I never thought it would send me a book from across the globe.

I’m sure you all remember my participation in the 30 Day Book Challenge? It already seems like so long ago I was writing daily posts in the glare of the sun, feeling the warm grass beneath my feet while I tapped away at my keyboard, but according to my blog history it did happen! One of my posts had the theme an ‘author I wish people would read more’ and I chose to gush about Kelley Armstrong, a YA genius that gave me one of my biggest book hangovers to date.
Little did I know that this post would spark something quite extraordinary. 

A fellow blogger, bookaholic and photographer extraordinaire residing in Canada revealed that Armstrong was going to be just a couple of hours away from her, signing her latest novel, Omens. Obviously I squealed with excitement, nerdiness and just a tad of jealousy, but you can bet I was willing to cheer my book buddy all the way to the signing! 🙂



Soon the fateful day arrived. I communicated with my blogging friend Cindy via email; I from my base in the UK, she from a long line in Canada. I couldn’t believe how excited and hyped up I was getting from nearly 4000 miles away! It was brilliant and exciting to hear all about the set up of a book signing, especially as I had never been to one personally (I know, I put bookworms to shame).
After Cindy made her way through the queue, met the author and came out the other side she told me all about how friendly Kelley was, taking the time to talk to each person and listening to everything her fans had to say. And what more could you want from an author? 🙂

Kelley Armstrong Signing

After all the excitement I got a few cryptic emails with unrepressed happiness from my friend.



It turned out she wanted to send me my VERY. OWN. PERSONALISED. SIGNED. COPY. OF OMENS!!!!! 😀
As a strict rule, I never give my address out to people over the internet that I have never met. Call me a cynic but no matter how sure you are that a person is nice, even if you have been communicating with them for a long time you just never know.  It is not in any way an attempt to cause offense, it’s just a precaution I choose to take. However, this was such a unique and once in a lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t pass it up! After much brainstorming I found a safe one time only way of receiving the book and gave my friend the okay to send it.

Months went by without any sign or word of the book and just when the two of us were beginning to lose hope thinking the package had been lost in the mail, a large bit of post fell with a loud thud through a letterbox. I opened the wrapping with trembling fingers to reveal a beautiful signed hardback copy of Omens still in perfect condition with two bookmarks and a handwritten note. Only a bibliophile with an obsession to rival mine for keeping books pristine could have wrapped it so efficiently! No scrapes, no bumps, nothing. I will now proceed to bombard you with pictures:

SDC14852edited  SDC14869edited


  IMG_6808edited  SDC14857edited
(I’m still nerding about the logo on the side that says ‘Random House Canada’, eeeeeee!!)


I had never held, seen, let alone owned a signed book. I was ecstatic, walking around the house with a big smile on my face (carrying the book with me of course in case anyone dared go near it, my precioousss). I stroked the cover on an hourly basis while also opening the book to stare at the signature. I couldn’t believe it was real! I was waiting for someone to steal it away from me snapping life back to reality, but it didn’t happen. I felt overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude and kindness. This wonderful person who I had never even met had taken the time, money, effort and careful thought of her own free will to send me a book from around the world. It was inconceivable, and yet somehow there it was, sitting on my table, a physical tangible book that was neither a mirage or a hologram.


The power of WordPress; uniting people around the globe since 2003.

There will never be enough ways to thank my wonderful Canadian book buddy, Cindy for such a selfless act of kindness which meant so much to me. Especially since her enthusiasm for book signings led me to attending one of my own, but that’s a whole different blog post. 😉 So this post is dedicated to her: Thank you, Cindy for being an amazing blogger, bookaholic and friend. 🙂 Ohh, and don’t forget to check out her wonderful blog Photosfromtheloonybin!

Image Sources:
Kelley Armstrong Photo: Taken by Cindy, please do not reuse.
Omens book cover shots: My own, please do not reuse.

37 thoughts on “The Power of WordPress: An Act of Selfless Kindness.

  1. Good grief, your infectious enthusiasm has really bowled me over this time – I won’t be getting a wink of sleep tonight.

    That Random House Canada pic is pretty damn awesome by the way.

    Yay for Cindy’s efforts for her friend living all the way on the other side of the Atlantic. I reckon you’ll be chuffed to bits about this for months to come… will you even dare to read it?

    • Ahaha I’ll take that as a compliment, I always think life is much more interesting when you can be enthusiastic about it and I’m glad you felt that way about the post!

      Awwh thank you, I love taking pictures for these kinds of posts, I think it’s my art graphics past coming out, lol.

      Yay for Cindy indeed, I still find it so amazing how blogging can connect you to people all over the world. 😀 I definitely will be chuffed for months to come, I still keep stroking it! I will dare to read it, but maybe I’ll use gloves, HA!

  2. MAD PROPS TO CINDY! This is amazing Becky. You are one hugely lucky blogger and I can really tell just how grateful and excited this has made you. It’s adorable! Ha. Enjoy Omens, I’m looking forward to hearing all about it! 🙂

    • MAD PROPS INDEED! Thanks Lottie, I definitely feel like I’m on cloud nine right now, and feel so lucky to have found such a lovely blogger like this by chance willing to do something so kind. Who you find on here is often a fluke and I can’t believe how many wonderful people I’ve bumped into. 🙂
      Haha, nothing like a book to get me overenthusiastic? So a SIGNED book from so far away? Whoa.

      Thank you, I will!

  3. You are so very, very welcome! I am grinning from ear to ear, and I’m sure my face is going to get sore because the grin is not going away any time soon :). I have loved your blog from the first day I found it, and I now cherish the friendship we have developed through our mutual love of the written word. I never thought I would every meet another person who adored books as much as I do, so much so that I can often be found hugging and stroking new books myself, especially autographed ones. My family thinks I’m crazy! As usual, your writing is so amazing that reading this blog post I felt the excitement all over again. Now I understand the true joy of giving, and I would do it all over again in a heartbeat. Happy reading my friend :). By the way, Mike says to tell you that he still thinks you’re hot LOL!!

    • Awwwh I’m so happy that I made you grin. 😀 I really am so thankful to you for sending me this book, it’s truly brilliant. Omens is now officially my favourite book of all the ones on my shelves because it has its own little story behind it, and that’s before I’ve even read the ACTUAL story, LOL!
      Hehee you are too nice, you make me blush! I do find it amazing how by chance we found each other. I spotted your comment on a blog I just happened to be reading and all this has spiraled from there! The internet really is an amazing place and if I was writing a novel, I couldn’t have made it up. 🙂 I love reading your blog too and of course, chatting and fangirling with you over books.
      Ahahaa, too many thank you’s to write in one comment! But thank you again, I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, I really enjoyed writing it.
      LOL tell Mike he is hilarious and thanks for the compliment!

      • 🙂 🙂 :). I have been out all weekend visiting my son and his girlfriend who are away at university and doing tons of Christmas shopping, but I have enjoyed checking in regularly to read the comments on this post, and I’m still smiling :). Now, after such a busy weekend it’s time to put up my feet and start a new book. What better way could there be to end a weekend?

      • Ooooh busy, busy, sounds good! Much better than my weekend, LOL, which has been uni work, work and then more work (but I did manage to fit in some Christmas shopping and the buying of five books for yours truly in between ;)).
        Haha good, smiling is the best medicine, especially if you have been feeling a little bleugh the last week! Sounds wonderful, there definitely is no better end to the week, enjoy your book. 🙂

  4. What a fantastic, fun filled story. Your enthusiasm is as infectious as ever! The power of ‘tinternet at work. I’ve never owned a signed book, but my reaction would probably be the same. In fact, I’d probably buy another copy and not open the signed one!

      • Thanks Tony I’m really glad you liked it. It may have taken me a while to write but I hope it was worth the wait. 🙂 It’s so funny, I never thought I was particularly an enthusiastic person until I came on here and people kept telling me so! I think I like it as a trait though, and there’s not much I’m more enthusiastic about than books. 😀

        Wow so you’ve never had a signed book either? I don’t feel quite so bad about my lack of signage either now.

        You guys are so funny with your Harry Potter, but that’s actually a great idea!

  5. That is an AWESOME story. Love it. I hope you enjoy Omens, I can’t wait to dig into that story as I totally agree with you that Kelley Armstrong is completely amazing!
    You had Christmas come early, a pay it forward type story that makes me love mankind a little bit more, or Canadians, maybe I love Canadians a little bit more. 🙂

  6. Wow, I can’t believe you have a signed Kelley Armstrong book! You are sooo lucky!! I love her! I was obsessed with the Otherworld books – especially all the ones with Clay and Elena but I’ll need to check this one out too!

    • I can’t believe I have a signed Kelley Armstrong book either!! I have to keep checking on it to make sure it hasn’t evaporated. 😛 Thank you, I love her too and I hope you can get your own signed copy one day. 😀
      Because I caught onto her later I still have yet to read most of the Otherworld books, I can’t wait to dive in, they are high priority!

  7. I know exactly how you feel!! It was like when my friend Martin sent a part of his prize collection of Sherlock books to me, it’s so exciting you get dizzy and you don’t know what to do with yourself. LOLLL!!!
    Cindy is an awesome web-buddy, you should hang on to her! 😀

  8. I have more cool news for you :). Are you sitting down? About a week ago, I sent a message to Kelly Armstrong through Goodreads that read as follows:

    “Back in August I told you about a blogging friend of mine who is one of your greatest fans. She wrote a whole blog post about your books. It ended up leading me to a “pay it forward” situation when I attended one of your book signings. I thought you might want to read about it. Here is the link –…”

    Today, she actually responded with the following message:

    What a great thing to do for another blogger! Thank you for doing it and for sending me the link. Loved reading about it 🙂 Hope you both have a great holiday season!
    All the best,

    How do you like that? Kelley Armstrong actually read your blog!!!!! Pretty cool eh?

    • OHHHH MY GOSH KELLEY ARMSTRONG READ MY BLOG. I CAN’T. AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE. I genuinely can’t believe she read this blog post. She was probably horrified by my grammar and sentence structure as a writer, LOL. But wow, that is such a surreal thing to think about. You are such a kind and wonderful person Cindy, and I’m really glad to have come across you on WordPress. 😀

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