On Meeting Trudi Canavan

It was an odd sequence of events that led to me meeting one of my all time favourite rockstar authors. For starters, the wonderful Cindy ignited a spark of curiosity in me after relaying some of her author signing experiences. Secondly, an advert for Trudi Canavan’s new Facebook page just happened to pop up as a suggestion on my sidebar. I don’t tend to spend a lot of time on Facebook and rarely if ever like pages, yet for a reason that still eludes me, I clicked the link to discover a status stating Trudi was going to be in London for a signing! Thirdly, I had recently vowed to spend more time outside of my work filled Hobbit hole in order to investigate more of London. I don’t believe in fate, but it did almost seem as if the universe aligned. 🙂 After finding out the information I proceeded to text one of my best budds, an enthusiastic fangirl and native Londoner (and therefore my first port of call for all things London) to find out if she knew the area. Though she had no clue who Trudi Canavan was, she squealed along with me as if it was the best discovery in the world and offered to go with me to my first ever book signing, for which I will be eternally grateful, I would have been too scared to go on my own!

For anyone who does not know, Trudi Canavan is an author of several high fantasy series, The Black Magician Trilogy, The Age of Five Trilogy and The Traitor Spy Trilogy. Each whisks you away into a unique world full of magic battles and power struggles. I have followed her work religiously since the age of fifteen. 😀

~ * ~

I set out for the train station on a bright and crisp October morning full of apprehension. As it was my first signing I had no idea what to expect about the setup or protocol. I was terrified of not getting there early enough and missing out altogether as the signing only lasted one hour! I tapped my feet, jiggled my legs, and bobbed my head impatiently to an invisible beat throughout the train journey. I greeted my friend with what was probably an overenthusiastic bear hug and we hopped on the tube to our destination. As we walked along the London streets getting closer to the signing I felt as if my entire body was buzzing, I had never felt so aware of the ground under my feet, the wind brushing my hair and the rustle of my clothes as I moved. The world suddenly seemed so bright, full of rich colours. It was as if my body went into overload from the adrenaline, and I was taking in the details of everything around me.SDC14835edited
We reached Forbidden Planet and joined a small queue, which slowly built until it stretched all the way down the street. When the doors were finally opened a high pitched squeal escaped from my lips as we were ferried down to the bottom level of the store, where we formed another queue and were left with our festering thoughts for half an hour or so. Nervous chatter was exchanged back and forth with my friend, and we soon became acquainted with two other passionate Canavan fans in front of us. We bonded in that bizarre way you can only do with strangers when suspended in a weird moment in time, discussing our favourite characters, fandoms and our love for The Hunger Games and The Hobbit. We were all as fidgety and agitated as each other, nervous and unsure of ourselves. When Trudi arrived a ripple of conversation covered the crowd. As I was only ten people from the front I didn’t have to wait long. I watched my new acquaintances go through the motions, then my friend until I found myself right in front of the lady herself. I stumbled over to the desk sitting down with trembling hands…and went completely BLANK. It was as if somebody had hoovered up all the thoughts in my brain. For a while I just sat there staring at her, trying desperately to claw around the corners of my head for something, anything! Eventually I managed to string a few nervous sentences together. I told her I loved her work, had all her books and that they now filled almost one entire shelf of my bookcase. Trudi told me that it was really wonderful to hear, and that no matter how many times a fan tells her they enjoyed her books it doesn’t wear off or grow tiresome. I was kinda just glad she was able to interpret a word I said, lol! She also talked quietly so I really had to strain to hear what she was saying, at least I wasn’t the only shy one, teehee. Then before I knew what was happening she had signed my books, offered me a free bookmark and it was time to move on. It seemed to all happen within a blink of an eye, but it was epic. 😀


I was so dazed afterwards that I felt I was walking around in a trance. I kept pondering everything over and over again, trying to cement as much as I could in my memory for safekeeping. Every five minutes I found myself murmuring whoa, or wow out loud, as if speaking it would make it feel more real.

IMG_6851edited  IMG_6845edited


The three books I got signed – one for each series.

Afterwards my friend and I wandered trying to decide where we would eat. We settled on the pretty and stylish Café Rouge. Now, I do not normally get all that excited about food, the majority of the time I see it as a necessity rather than a big event. However, this food at the time felt like the best meal I had ever had the pleasure of eating! I ordered steak and chips, something I never normally have because of the expense but whoa, I felt like I was in heaven! I don’t know if it was because of the adrenaline, the actual food or all the naff student meals I had been consuming but it tasted absolutely brilliant. So I snapped a picture just for you. 🙂


~ * ~

It still seems surreal to think about meeting Trudi Canavan even now, and if I didn’t have the signed books to prove it I would think it was all a dream. It’s strange to think I was sitting in front of the clever mind that came up with all those stories and brought those characters alive. Have you ever been to a book signing? If so, who did you go to see for your first one, were you just as nervous as me? And if you haven’t, which author would you like to meet if you could? 🙂

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24 thoughts on “On Meeting Trudi Canavan

  1. I’ve never been to a book signing and I’m probably far too lazy to bother going to one… but I’ll happily experience them through your blog if you don’t mind.

    Is that you in the pic there at the table? I love the choice of nail polish.

    Good to hear you enjoyed yourself, I can well imagine you bursting with excitement the whole day.

    • Sounds like you had a blast and a fantastic experience. I’d love to meet a favourite author – John Marsden would be my choice – but since he’s pretty much running a school in Australia and not writing anymore, I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen.

      “Greeted your friend with an enthusiastic bear hug.” I can so see you doing that!

    • That’s okay, Michael. Until recently it had never occurred to me to go to one either. I think until you see a signing for an author you really love, most people wouldn’t bother with the extra effort. Ahaha, well I’m glad to hear that. 🙂

      It is indeedy. Haha thanks!

      I definitely did, not only was it a great experience but was also a nice day out with my friend. 🙂 I am queen of enthusiasm, LOL.

  2. Wow! It sounds mega-exciting. And you describe it so well 😉

    I’m afraid no famous authors ever come to South Africa and when they do they only go to Cape Town, 1200km away from me. I’d love to meet Terry Pratchett, Terry Brooks, Jeffrey Archer and Stephen King. And perhaps GRR Martin, but he scares me, the way he kills all his characters.

    There’s one South African stage actor I unashamedly fanboy about and I’ve had two CDs signed by him. Pretty much the same nervousness and excitement you mention here.

    • It was! Awh, thank you Kokkieh, I worry that my enthusiasm is a little over the top sometimes, but I say better to be enthusiastic than not at all. 🙂

      Ohh what a shame, that must be very frustrating. I often feel like that here in the UK as although we do get authors, places like America get the most and several of my favourite authors only seem to go there. Wow that is quite a long way! I know what you mean, GRR Martin is a little scary, lol!

      I think everyone’s allowed at least one person to crazily fanboy or fangirl over, it makes life more interesting! It’s so awesome that you managed to get TWO signed CDs. 🙂

  3. (Trying that post again…)

    Sounds like you had a blast and a fantastic experience. I’d love to meet a favourite author – John Marsden would be my choice – but since he’s pretty much running a school in Australia and not writing anymore, I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen. Meeting Stephen King would be out of this world as well.

    “Greeted your friend with an enthusiastic bear hug.” I can so see you doing that!

    • It’s so annoying when that happens isn’t it? I’ve been caught out a few times over the years.

      I certainly did, it was brilliant! I still can’t believe it all happened, especially as I came across the announcement by pure chance. Apparently she had been over here before but I had no clue. Hmmph, yes that could make things a little difficult! Maybe you should wait until they have a job opening and then go on holiday and ‘interview’ on the off chance you might meet him, haha! That might be a little extreme though. :L I bet meeting Stephen King would be an awesome experience. 🙂


  4. Sounds like an epic journey! I met Patricia Briggs (I love all her books) and Kim Harrison – I still have a few more to read – but they were super enjoyable to go to, they read from their new books and we got to ask questions before getting a signature.
    I would still love to go to an Ilona Andrews and Christopher Moore signing.

    • Haha, it sure felt like one! Wow two author signings that sounds brilliant, especially if one was an author you had followed for a long time. 🙂 I would love to go to a signing that included a talk or a reading so I’m super jealous! I will have to stay on the lookout to see if any opportunities occur.
      I’ve seen a lot about Christopher Moore’s books over the years but have yet to pick one up, perhaps I should remedy that!

  5. The fact that you got to meet your favorite author is even cooler because I’ve been to the Forbidden Planet you’re describing.
    I’ve only been to one book signing – Charles DeLint. He was very nice and ended up signing my guitar.
    I also went to a 25th anniversary DVD signing for Spinal Tap. they also signed my guitar.

    Congrats, and glad your author turned out to be nice in real life too!

    • Ohh wow really? That’s awesome, I think Forbidden Planet is pretty much the centre point for nerdom, they have memorabilia for all the best shows.
      Signing a guitar that’s pretty darn cool, and I’m glad he turned out to be so nice! There’s always the worry when you meet someone you’ve admired that they may not live up to expectations.

      Thank you, and I’m glad too! 🙂

    • Thanks Lottie, it was an unexpected but awesome turn of events, I’m so glad I managed to find out about the signing before it had already passed! I’m sure one day you will. 🙂

  6. I have Priestess of the White in my bedroom somewhere waiting to be picked up and read.
    And the signing was in Forbidden Planet? Love it. The last time I was in London with my dad, we ate in Cafe Rouge! Glad you enjoyed your first book signing, Becky. It was lovely hearing about it. Great pics too.

    • You definitely need to get on that, Emma. 😉 Best not to leave Trudi waiting, lol! I hope you enjoy it whenever/if you get round to it.
      It was, it was my first time visiting the store actually so the whole thing was a new experience. No way, that’s so funny. Isn’t their decor just beautiful? So classy, and with the food to match.
      Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed the post!

  7. Oh, I am soooo happy that I was able to ignite that spark. I just knew that it would be an amazing experience for you because you feel the same about books and reading as I do :). My heart was thumping as I was reading this post because I could feel your excitement through your words. And I totally understand that feeling of anticipation as you were waiting in the lineup and the camaraderie that you felt with the other people in the lineup and being tongue tied when you finally stand before the author. Afterwards, I always think of things I should have said or asked LOL! I truly hope this is just the start of a long list of author signings you will attend.

    By the way, I have a series you have to read!! It reminds me so much about the Sweep/Wicca series that I know you would love it. It’s called The New England Witch Chronicles by Chelsea Bellingeri, and I’m on the second book already. Check them out on Goodreads :).

    Merry Christmas my book buddy!!! Hope Santa arrives laden with books :).

    • Hahaa so am I, that spark had perfect timing! It was definitely a new and exciting experience I will remember for years to come. I’m so glad you got into the post, it took me a while to get into it myself because such a long time had passed since the signing that I really had to concentrate in order to put myself back into the situation, what happened and how I was feeling. It was nice to revisit it in so much detail. 🙂 Hehee it is such a strange feeling to bond with people you’ve never met in the space of five minutes! I did kick myself a little afterwards for being so tongue tied, but after reading her books for so long I wasn’t surprised. I will simple have to go to some more signings in order to practice don’t you think? LOL. 🙂

      Ooooh anything that is similar to the Wicca series intrigues me. I love all that kind of stuff, I will make sure to investigate. How are you getting on with the Wicca books by the way? I know you were taking a break from them but I can’t remember where you got to, lol!

      • Yes, you must definitely go to more signings to practice!! 🙂

        I think I’m on Book 7 of the Wicca series. I want to get back to it, but I keep adding more and more books to my TBR pile. What is a girl to do?!?! LOL

      • Hehee, I will have to keep an eye out!

        Ahh right cool, you got quite far then. Don’t worry I totally understand. 🙂 I’m well known for starting series and finishing them like ten years later because I get distracted by shiny new books! It’s tough when you are pulled in so many directions with too many great books around. 😀

    • Thank you Charl, I can’t either! It was so surreal sitting in front of the mind that came up with all of those wonderful stories.
      Ahh, it’s good to know that I am not the only one with minimal book signing experience. Weirdly and considering I am a bookworm it was never something that had occurred to me to look into.

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