Back to School Books of the Fiction Variety! (Aka, Reading my Feelings).


Do you have one thing you always go out and buy when you’re feeling a little down, a bit meh, or slightly avoidey? Some people like to ‘eat their feelings’, others get a kick out of retail therapy. Me? I buy books. Lots and lots of books.
Pretty much any high or low in my life is dealt with by getting my hands on a shiny new novel. Feeling sad because you didn’t get that grade you wanted? Buy a book! Need a break from real life? A book will do just the trick! Super psyched you passed that tough assignment? Well done you clever clogs you worked so hard, you know what you deserve? Yepp you guessed it, a book.
Over the last month one thing has occupied my thoughts, the imminent return to university accompanied by a pang of back to real life anxiety and the imminent doom of my social life (Hello unrelenting assignments. Why did I choose a science degree again?). So, naturally I compensated by investing in some spellbinding stories. 🙂 So without further ado, let me present you with reading my feelings! Or er…buying them.SDC14944edited

Rainbow Rowell has been writing up a storm in the literary world. Her breakout novel Eleanor & Park quickly gained the attention of Young Adult readers. I knew as soon as its beautifully simple and quirky front cover turned up on my Goodreads feed for the first time that I had to have it, before I had even read the blurb! Once I did though I was pleased to find that it sounded exactly like my kind of story. Two utterly flawed teen misfits falling in love? Yes please! Where do I sign up? 🙂
I managed to restrain myself from buying Eleanor & Park for quite a long time, all too aware of all the other books I ‘just HAD to buy’ that were still unread on my shelf. I was doing well too until Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell came out. I loved this cover even more than the first! It’s beautiful mint green, the quirky pink writing, the obsessive fangirl sitting at her computer on the front. WHO COULD RESIST THAT?!? Honestly. Then of course I found out that it was about an obsessive fangirl suffering with the growing pains of starting university among other things and I couldn’t believe it!SDC14938 Everyone tells you that your university years are supposed to be the best of your life, but nobody tells you exactly how difficult, terrifying and full of anxiety it is. I think like anything there is a certain myth around university life, kind of like the American Dream. Sure, for a selection of people it IS the best time in their life, independence, crazy parties etc. but it hasn’t turned out that way for me or a lot of other people I know. It’s certainly not all bad, but just like anything university comes with both good and bad aspects and I was so pleased to come across a book that chose to highlight this. When Fangirl finally came though my letterbox I could barely contain my excitement, I kept stroking the cover, sniffing it and when nobody else was in the room I would just sit and stare at it with a dorkish smile on my face. Books make me so haaaappppyyyyyyyyyy. 😀 I’m so excited to get started on Fangirl and Eleanor & Park, I hope Rainbow Rowell won’t disappoint!
My third brand new purchase was also a book I had been lusting after for quite some time, A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness, another author who seems to be doing incredibly well in the YA market. His Chaos Walking series has been a huge hit since the rise of dystopian and apocalyptic worlds and he has continued to receive acclaim ever since.

SDC14930editedI actually first laid eyes on A Monster Calls before I knew who Ness was, I discovered it while browsing in Waterstones and was drawn to it. The books desolate and artistic cover stood out surrounded by your run of the mill paperbacks. I took it off the shelf and was surprised when I flicked though it to see that the story was illustrated. It was something I had never come across before but the book was still expensive at that point so I made a mental note of it and put it back on the shelf. Finally a year or so later I have managed to get hold of it for a decent price, huzzar! I should probably also mention here that not all versions of this book are illustrated and it’s one of the reasons it took me so long to get hold of because the illustrated version was naturally, more expensive. EVIL RETAILERS. Don’t they know I’m a student? Hmph. The story is a little cryptic, it’s about a young boy and monster. I do know a little more than that but I have a feeling this is one of those books that has more of an impact the less you know about it so I won’t expand!

As well as being a little indulgent with my online basket I decided to take my physical one out for a spin. On my first day back at university I decided that I would have a prowl around all the second hand book and charity shops around my area in search of a bargain, and bargains I did find! My original intention was to acquire a copy of Gone Girl, and while I did find one it was battered with smudges and stains on the cover as well as throughout the book. It was also overpriced for what it was so I exercised my will of self restraint and grudgingly left it behind, instead picking up three books that were still less than Gone Girl would have been altogether! Each book was only 50p as it was still considered to be in the Christmas sale bringing my expected crazy spending spree to bank-breaking £1.50. 😛

SDC14969edited     SDC14975edited

I picked all these books up in the same charity shop, although I can’t remember which. There was a small corner tucked behind a wall with two overflowing bookshelves. You really had to rummage around to find anything because the books were packed in tight and double stacked but I managed to uncover a few gems!
When I saw the second book from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time famous fantasy series I snapped it up straight away. I have owned the first novel for at least three or four years now but have been hesitant to start it because of the length of the series. Taking into account how much it will cost me if I decide I like it enough to continue reading, I figured I need to save all the money I can!
I mmed and ahhed over my second purchase, a two book combo of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer but eventually decided to go for it. I must admit I have never really had a yearning to pick either of these books up. I have often heard the horror stories about how tough they are to read. However in my quest to complete The Rory Gilmore Challenge and read more classics I thought why not? I can always work up to Twain by reading a few easier classics first and I have already surprised myself a few time by enjoying books I never would have picked up otherwise. Besides, it was only 50p after all and that made it 25p per story! The kid on the front cover looks a little creepy though, his head and legs are way out of proportion with the rest of his body and I swear his eyes follow you like the Mona Lisa.
How I Live Now was probably the second hand purchase I was most enamoured with. I recently finished Meg Rosoff’s latest book Picture Me Gone (full review to come soonSDC14960edited hopefully) and was impressed with how striking and honest her narrative voice was. Her story left me with the feeling that I wanted more so I couldn’t believe it when I found this books shiny cover on the shelf, as if it had been waiting for me! The story is said to follow a young girl who is shipped off to live with her cousins during a war of some kind (I think). The title seemed strangely familiar to me and when I returned home I remembered why. The story had received a lot of acclaim and recently been turned into a movie starring Saoirse Ronan which for some reason mostly passed me by. Ronan is one of my favourite actresses and I still can’t believe she’s MY AGE. How is she allowed to be that phenomenal and gifted and why can’t I have some of it?!?! LOL. I have never seen a film of hers that I haven’t liked, so now I am even more excited to read the novel. 😀

And so I guess that’s a wrap! It felt so good to do a book haul post again, I have missed reflecting on my book buying spree’s and having fun messing around with pretty photos. I actually have a tonne of new books I have yet to share with you guys which predate my back to school spurge. I hope I will have the time to spotlight them at some point but I thought this was enough to contend with for now. 😉

Do you ever go out and buy books as rewards or to cheer you up? Have you been on any book buying sprees lately? I would love to hear all about it! 🙂


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52 thoughts on “Back to School Books of the Fiction Variety! (Aka, Reading my Feelings).

    • Never fear, I have my eye on Attachments too and the newbie release Landline! 😉 I thought I better actually read some of her books first before acquiring all of them, just in case I dislike them (which I highly doubt will happen). Hopefully they will live up to my expectations. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting Stephanie! Happy reading.

    • Haha glad you approve! I’m hoping they will do just that. 🙂 I just have this FEELING that I’m going to adore her book. I really hope I haven’t set my expectations too high. :S

  1. Give me a reason, any reason at all, and I will gladly go on a book buying spree :). Books make me smile and they fill my heart with happiness and my soul with peace. I did something yesterday that only a true book freak does. I recently finished that new book Red Rising by Pierce Brown in ebook form, and I loved it so much that I just knew I had to have it for my collection. So, even though I have already read it, i headed to the nearest book store to buy my very own shiny hardcover copy. And yes, just like you when I got home I sat and stroked it and sniffed it and even hugged it :). Life without books would just suck!!!

    • Aha, amen to that! As you can tell from my post I do the exact same thing. Books are so unique; it still amazes me how we read words on a page, our brain interprets them and then we see them as pictures as if are really there in front of us. Nothing else will ever quite compare to that feeling. 🙂

      Ooooh good, I take it you liked Red Rising then? It sounded like a great story so I made a note of it for later. Plus, the author is super hot AND smart, LOL! Can I have him? Pretttyy pleaseeeee? 😛 Anyhooooows, off topic! I totally understand your need to buy the physical book as well, I know that if I had an eReader I would still want to buy the paperback or hardback version of a lot of the books I read, especially the ones I enjoyed most!
      Stroking and sniffing a new book is the BEST, glad you agree. 😀

      It would!

      • That’s so awesome that he accepted! What did the message he sent say? Maybe I’ll try, although I usually feel a bit funny about friending authors before I’ve actually read their books, not sure why. 😛
        Ahahaaaaa! AWKWARD. Ohh well, at least our feeling are out in the open, loud and proud. 😉

      • Here’s what I said:

        “I just wanted to tell you that I finished Red Rising last night, and I was totally blown away that this is your first novel. I literally sat staring at a wall for about 15 minutes after I was done, trying to digest everything and get over the fact that I would now have to leave Darrow’s world. Honestly, you are a natural writer – like a wizard with words – and I am so glad that I saw this book advertised somewhere and took the leap. Your world building is so complex, your characters are so diverse and interesting, and I lost count of how many times you made me stop and really contemplate what just happened or what was said. This is a very thought provoking read. I truly can’t wait for the second book!! Congrats because I know Red Rising is going to be a huge success, and I will be recommending it to everyone!”

        Here’s what he said in reply:
        “Hey Cindy,

        So wonderful to hear from you, especially when your words are so kind. It means the world to me that I’ve been able put this world into your head. Sometimes I think I’m a mad scientist. I cackle in my laboratory, thinking “oh, however shall the reader handle THIS? Muahhaha.”

        It’s an honor to have made you stare at the wall.

        I plan on doing it again, if effort joins luck once more. And if I do manage, I hope to do it again and again. There’s nothing I love more.

        Happy reading.”

        Pretty cool eh?

      • Awwh wow he was so nice to reply! And he has a cheeky little sense of humour too. 😉 But at the same time you can tell that he does take it seriously. I think I might just have to find an excuse to email him myself, LOL. I’m also going to bump his book a little further up my wishlist pile, I can’t resit.
        Once again too bad he’s not from the UK, it would be easier to stalk him then, HA! 😛

        Also, be happy once more that you have been a VERY BAD INFLUENCE ON ME. Temping me with more awesome books, LOL. Your mission is complete. 🙂

      • I love his sense of humour!! I even told him that he should come to Canada to do some book signings because I would be first in line with my camera of course :). I think it’s wonderful that we are such a bad influence on each other LOL!!

  2. I noticed that I didn’t buy books until I had some big life changes – now I do the same thing! There’s nothing that can compare to finally buying that book I’ve been waiting for, especially when I’ve had a bad day. And I love Fangirl and Eleanor & Park covers too; they’re so soft but really unique at the same time.

    • Ohh really? That’s interesting, I’m glad it’s not just me that has made a habit of this! I completely agree, sometimes waiting and biding your time purchasing a book can make it seem even better when you finally get to read it, just because of the anticipation. It’s so rewarding. 🙂
      Soft and unique, that’s a perfect way to describe them! I think it’s the colours and quirky writing that gets to me the most. I often think the simplistic covers are the more effective ones.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and reading Kayla! 😀

  3. Good grief, I don’t think I’ve ever lived through someone else’s session of retail therapy in such detail before. I think the WordPress servers bulged with excess enthusiasm when you posted this.

    I’ve never gone on a book buying run like this, I only ever buy them when I need them. I did used to spend a stupid amount on computer games though…

    • Ahahaaa, well there’s a first time for everything! When I talk about books my enthusiasm does tend to go into the extreme, and I hope the WordPress serves did bulge with excess enthusiasm because that would be quite an accomplishment. 🙂

      Awwh, you should try it, Michael! It’s so much fun. I think it’s easy to spend a lot on video games, they’re so ridiculously expensive, hmmph.

  4. I’m reading the three parts of The Chaos Walking trilogy by Patrick Ness. I read How I Live Now as well…didn’t do well against John Marsden Tomorrow series, but that’s IMO. 🙂

    • Yes, I saw that you recommended the first one to me. 🙂 I have kept an eye on Patrick Ness for quite a long time now, but still have yet to pick any of his books up. I’m hoping A Monster Calls will be a nice short introduction, and if I like it I will probably check out his other books! How far through the series are you at the moment?
      Hmm, well I haven’t read the Tomorrow series so hopefully it will be okay. 🙂

      • I’ve read the first part of Chaos Walking – the other two look War and Peace thick, but I’ll be starting them when I finish Neal Shusterman’s “Unwholly” (Excellent book, btw!)

      • Ohh wow really? I don’t think I’ve ever seen them in physical format. I’m sure there’s some unwritten rule when your publishing children’s/YA fiction that the first book has to be small so it doesn’t put off readers. Then once they’re hooked in they’re like ‘Aha! We can make the books as big as we want now!’ Lol, it seems to happen a lot.
        I will keep an eye out for you reading them. Make sure to let me know what you think. 🙂

  5. Books are one of the things I turn to when I’m stressed out, that and writing both. Lately for my budget I’m trying to keep myself to rereads and finishing up old recommendations from friends. The one I’m currently reading involves tons of shenanigans with computers, game plots, kidnapping, and terrorists. Lately it’s been a struggle just to get enough sleep lately, so I feel you on using the books as a means to help with the stress. Hopefully everything goes well for you when you head back to college! It never is what you expect, I think, but there are odd bright spots that’ll pop up when you least expect them.

    • Me too, Maggie, me too. 🙂 Even if I don’t have the time to actually read them, the act of buying some or just staring a my bookshelves for a period of time can chill me out! I know what you mean, the ol’ books can be hard on the budget especially if they are new releases, so I completely understand your attempts to be more picky with your choices. Shenanigans, ha, I really should try and use that word more! Sleep is severely lacking on this side of the world too, an issue which naturally affects everything else making tasks ten times harder! Sending you some sleepy vibes over the internet that will hopefully do the trick. 🙂
      Thank you, I’ve been back for about a month so this post was way overdue! The woes of being a blogger and a student. That’s true, these days we have so many perceptions of what certain experiences should be like from the media, and sometimes they are not true at all. Hope you’re doing well Maggie, it was nice to hear from you again!

      • I know what you mean about the new books being relaxing, but I’ve had to put a severe curb on my purchasing due to having to buy things like groceries for lunch and train passes. Stupid adulthood. And I hope you can get some sleep! It’s so crucial and yet it takes up so much time and is so hard to get. Hopefully I’ll pick up the vibes and send some your way 🙂

        I hear you on the woes of being a blogger and student- in my case, full-time intern. With a commute that’s an hour both ways and an eight hour day, it doesn’t leave me a whole lot of time to write. I’m trying to work on some posts, but they’re taking way too long.

      • God damn living expenses. I often find myself having the same problem, I literally look at my basket of food and think ‘but I could buy several books with this money!’ LOL. Never mind eating or the cost of living, as long as you have the books my brain whispers. Of course, then I have to give it a good ol’ slap.
        Too right, we need to start taking cat naps! Thank you *receives vibes*.

        Eugh, I feel tired just reading your explanation. There’s never enough hours in the day. At least you can maybe read during the commutes? Depending on the type and how awkward the journey is. :S

  6. I love buying books. We have some awesome used bookstores around here and if I find one I like…well, I have to pick it up. The only way to avoid buying books is to avoid going…but if I get stressed, or have extra time, or want to escape – off to the bookstore I go! I recently found E&P and can’t wait to read it! Hope you enjoy your books!! 🙂

    • Me too ocdreader, me too, there is nothing else quite like it. I swear it’s almost become an addiction! Although as far as addictions go, this is a much healthier one.
      Ahaa, that is SO true. 😀 If I go into a bookshop you can almost guarantee I will come out again with at least one purchase, I can’t resist so sometimes it is best if I don’t go in at all. I get so much pleasure out of browsing though that often I can’t resist.
      Ooooh I hope you enjoy it and I look forward to seeing what you think. Thank you!


    The Rainbow Rowell books are on my ‘Buy Now!!’ list too. I totally agree with everything you’ve said. If I’m feeling pleased about something, I’ll treat myself to a book. If I’m feeling utterly shit and despairing at life, I’ll buy a book to restore my faith. Some people get drunk, some people take drugs, some people party, some people buy clothes or furniture. I buy books. Books are my thang.

    I’m poor but I always find the money for books. Books make life infinitely better 😉

    • Heheheheeeeeeee! I think I do you know. 😉 It’s the same green eyed monster I get when I see somebody else’s book haul post.

      You know what I’m going to say don’t you? If they’re on your ‘Buy Now!’ list, GO BUY THEM RIGHT NOW. LOL. I am such a bad influence. 😛
      That’s so true, most normally people would probably go out and get drunk to get over and escape whatever they were feeling but I head straight to the books, I guess that’s an introvert for ya! Well, all I can say is I’m glad I’m not the only one with this book reward system, it’s comforting to know. 🙂


  8. Just picked up Fangirl and A Monster Calls myself. I’ve heard so many great things about Patrick Ness and Rainbow Rowell so I hope they live up to the expectations. Excited to hear your thoughts missy! 🙂

    • No way, what a coincidence! We obviously have good taste. 😉 I hope they live up to expectations too, with blogging you often see all the hype before picking up the book, I never had the problem beforehand. It’s interesting how it can affect your thoughts on a book.
      Hahaa why thank you, back at ya! 🙂

    • Ahahhaa yes! This is what I’m talking about. 🙂 So glad you decided to check it out and I hope you enjoy it. Always glad to point someone in the direction of a book. Make sure to let me know what you think!

  9. Yay you finally got the Rainbow Rowell books! And such pretty hardcovers too; mine were paperbacks, but I like you could not resist. I bought them at the same time when I was only intending to get Eleanor & Park because that cover of Fangirl was too darn awesome, haha.

    I too go on book binges when I’m feeling sad (or chocolate binges but that’s an entirely different matter!). I went on a book binge last month and came out with five or six new books… I can’t really remember. I also went on another binge this week.. well, sort of. I ordered four books and they’re bound to arrive in two weeks or so – I just can’t wait to hold them… and sniff them! 😉

    • I did indeed! I had been pining over them for such a long time and this felt like the perfect excuse to finally fork out the money to buy them. 🙂 Ahh yes I’m glad you noticed that. I spent double to get them in hardback simply because I loved the covers so much and knew they would look even better in that format. I’m a sucker for pretty books. 😀 I don’t blame you at all for getting reeled in, these books are truly hard to resist! I’m definitely picking up Fangirl as my next read, I can’t wait any longer, hehee.

      Ahh that’s good to know, it makes me feel much more normal about the whole thing, and a chocolate binge sounds like an excellent idea! Perhaps I’ll have to try that one next time. Ooooh sounds exciting. Will you do a book haul post? I’d be interested in seeing which ones you picked up. 🙂 Sniffing books is THE BEST. I feel you gurl.

      • I think I’ll be reading it next too! I’ve had to restrain myself after finishing Eleanor & Park, but sufficient time has now passed since I read that book!

        And of course! I’m always happy to post about new books!

      • Ahh yeah I get that. Sometimes you need to separate books by the same author so that you look at them as two individual works rather than blending them together. 🙂

        Oooh yay, I look forward to it!

  10. Ummmm…..were we separated at birth? I do the same thing! Rain, hail, shine, happiness, sadness, denial? I buy a book. Clothes and shoes are boring, and I wear the same jewellery day in, day out. I just moved interstate and to adjust I went on a book buying rampage!

    Funnily enough, that rampage included Eleanor and Park. Because I have read Fangirl and loved it!. If you want a review:
    I can’t plug Fangirl enough. 😀

    I’ve read How I Live Now. It’s a little like the British version of John Marsden’s Tomorrow When The War Began Series. Rosoff is pretty awesome. There are elements in the book that disturb me a little but…well, you’ll see. 🙂

    If you’re after quality YA, I would strongly recommend Hannah Moskowitz. Like Rainbow Rowell, she writes stand-alone YA. And it is incredible. Her book Teeth popped up on my Goodreads feed a while ago and I snatched it up ASAP. Again, if you want a detailed review:

    I just bought another of Moskowitz’s books and it’s my plan to buy the rest of them. Rowell too. And I really want to read Ness’ More Than This, but hardcover is so damn expensive!

    Sorry for the rant, but I got excited that someone basically reads exactly the same books as me. Hope I haven’t completely taken over the comments section >.< Have a good day!

    • Hiya Bec! Glad to hear from you again. Hmmm, maybe we were, just maybe. 😛 I’m so happy that you saw a little of yourself and your book buying habits in this post. Books have such an ability to settle your mood whether positive or negative and ground you. As many have said they are the closest thing we have to magic. 🙂

      I loved your review of Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell and commented on it quite a few times!

      I think someone else mentioned John Marsden further up as well, which is interesting because I haven’t read the book that is being referred to, I think I will have to look it up. 🙂 I recently finished Picture Me Gone and was blown away with her writing, so I hope I will enjoy How I Live Now just as much.
      Oooh yes I’ve heard quite a bit about Teeth although I am not aware of any of the authors other books. I might have to look into that one, thanks for the tip! I will make sure to check out your review.

      Ahh I totally understand your lust after the hardback of More Than This, I keep drooling over that one too!

      Hahaa no worries, rants are always welcome here. 😀 I always get excited to come across someone else with similar tastes to, it’s a rare find!

      • I found this awesome poem that basically sums up the magic held in books. I think I need to be the collection…you know, anything to buy a new book!

        Maybe they need to invent Bookaholics Anonymous? Even though, it’s not really bad for your health. Just your wallet 🙂

        And you did! Man, my internet memory is soooo short. But I loved that book. Can’t wait to re-read it 🙂

        John Marsden is pretty incredible. He’s Aussie, Yay! The Tomorrow series is awesome. There are seven books in the series, and they are sweet. But don’t even bother with the spin-off, The Ellie Chronicles. They are terrible. He just couldn’t let the story go.

        Moskowitz has Teeth, Break, Gone Gone Gone, and The Invincible Summer. There’s another one, but I think it was written for pre-teens. Zombie Break, I think it’s called.

        Man, the blurb for More Than This just sounds incredible! I think that’ll be my first book purchase when I find a new job. 🙂

        I love finding out people are just as into YA as me! There are so many good books in that genre and most people I know just overlook it. Morons, haha

      • Ohh wow that was brilliant, thanks so much for sharing! So darn true. I would love to have that framed on my wall or something.

        YES. They totally do. Although to be fair if that was a real thing, I would probably get so into discussing books with the other members that they would recommend novels to me and then I would relapse. LOL. Still, I really do need to find a way to keep my book buying to a minimum, my tbr is getting unhealthy. 😛

        Ahaha no worries, I get that too! I spend so much time on the interwebs chatting to random people I often forget some things. 🙂

        Thanks for the tip, I will keep an eye out for the books when perusing the second hand bookstores, and if I ever manage to get my tbr pile down I might buy them new! Ohh no, I totally hear you on the spin off things, I have had a few experiences like that in the past, it’s a real shame because it tends to taint the rest of the series that you previously enjoyed.

        Ahaha, I’m a sucker for a good blurb!

        I am definitely into YA, crazy into YA at the moment in fact. I probably read more of it than any other genre now and I’m glad to come across someone else that loves it too. 🙂 People that bypass YA without giving it a chance are just snooty, either that or they haven’t found the right YA book yet. 😉

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  12. Loved this post! 😀 Eleanor and Park looks so good. I’m really jealous. I really liked Fangirl, when I read it- last week, I think 🙂 A Monster Calls is probably by favourite illustrated book. It’s so beautiful.
    And I think I buy books whatever mood I’m in, haha! xD Especially when I’ve saved money and I’m bored. I’ll just go out, looking for one book, and come back with about seven. Oops.
    -Gee x

    • Thanks Georgia, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it! You’re right, Eleanor and Park does look awesome, I can’t wait to get reading it. If you fancy it, maybe you should treat yourself to your own copy. I’m sure you can find a excuse to buy it. 😉 So glad to hear you liked Fangirl, I’m about a third of the way though it now and I can’t put it down!
      A Monster Calls will be my first illustrated book, unless you count The Sky is Everywhere (which I don’t particularly) or if I pick up Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children first. I’m looking forward to a new reading experience. 🙂

      And that’s the best way to do I think! Perhaps not for your pocket though, haha. Thanks for reading Georgia!

  13. I love this post! I am the exact same way about purchasing books. Whether I’m happy, sad, or just plain bored, buying books makes me feel all better! Lol
    Oh, and the fact that you are a Gilmore Girls fan just make sit clear to me that you are awesome! 😀

    • Awwwh thank you, I’m so glad the post resonated with you! I think whenever you find something your passionate about it’s important to hold onto it, so if buying a few book makes you feel good I say why not? The bank can take it! 🙂

      Always excited to come across another Gilmore Girls fan, this must mean you are a totally awesome individual too. 😉

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