Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick Review 1/5

Overall Impression: 464 pages of wasted time!

(To read my review of the previous book from the Hush Hush series, Silence click here.)Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick

It’s safe to say my relationship with this series has not been smooth sailing. Hush Hush had me simultaneously ripping by hair out at the central abusive romantic relationship while secretly crushing on the smoldering love interest. Crescendo made me furious at the inconsistencies in the storyline but admiring the author’s flair for setting a dark, eerie mood. Silence gave me a level of respite with some fun romance and brilliant dialogue but I was frustrated by the lack of progress in the storyline. As for Finale? Oh boy. I teetered close to the edge with this one. I was hoping for some decent action since this was the last book in the series but what I got couldn’t have been further from it.This book is a culprit of the worst crime against fiction: It was boring.

Please note: For those of you that haven’t read the previous books in the Hush Hush series this review will contain spoilers about previous plots and characters from those novels. This review will not however contains any spoilers for Finale.

Nora is more certain than ever that she’s in love with her fallen angel, Patch, despite her Nephilim heritage making them destined to be enemies. For her, there’s no turning her back on him. But now Nora and Patch must gather their strength to face one last trial. Old enemies and new are ranged against them, standing between them and the peace they so desperately crave. The battle lines are drawn – but which sides are they on?

The war between the fallen angels and nephilim is coming to a head and Nora Grey is stuck right in the middle of it. Nora’s father The Black Hand is dead and she has been forced to become his successor, bound by blood oath Nora must lead the nephilim in their quest for vengeance when all she really wants is a cease-fire. With conflicting obligations she must tread a careful path. With the help of her fallen angel boyfriend, Patch, her best buddy, Scott and a nephilim named Dante, will she be able to defuse a war that goes back centuries? More importantly, will she stoop to using the addictive and dangerous substance devilcraft for additional strength to get the results she needs?

At this point it’s safe to say I’m not a big fan of Fitzpatrick’s writing style, as much as I’ve tried it doesn’t sit well with me. Her writing seems clunky and haphazard. She takes a lot of shortcuts when it comes to plot points and her character descriptions especially make me cringe. Some passages in this book were worded so awkwardly that I couldn’t understand how the author herself couldn’t have noticed, it led to a lot of frustration on my part. This is an issue I’ve had with every book in the series, so why did I bother to keep reading you ask? Well, while elements frustrated me I was also impressed by the author’s ability to set a dark mood with the use of eerie backdrops like abandoned amusement parks and graveyards, I love that gothic style imagery and Fitzpatrick has a knack for it. Her dialogue also has a great sarcastic tone at points especially when it comes to the main love interest, Patch. Unfortunately, I felt both of these things were severely lacking in her final novel Finale, which meant there wasn’t one positive thing I could grab onto and enjoy. It’s a shame because as the final book in the series I was hoping Finale would deliver on these points in a way that was even better and more intense than its predecessors, but instead the opposite occurred, the settings and dialogue became bland. Even the ‘plot twist’ was startlingly obvious, and the author had previously been good with those. Taking this into consideration, I can forgive bad writing if there’s a riveting plot or interesting characters to grab onto, but there wasn’t.

The worst aspect of Finale was the plot, it didn’t seem to go anywhere. Instead of looking forward to reading my book at the end of the day I found myself disillusioned at the prospect because it was that much of a chore. I must admit when I finished the previous book in the series, Silence and learnt that Nora would become the leader of the nephilim I nearly choked on my tea. That girl can barely look after herself let alone lead an army! Safe to say I was expecting a train wreck. The train wreck did appear, but not in the capacity that I was expecting. Instead it took the form of pure boredom! The final book was supposed to be when the fallen angel and nephilim conflict was set to burst. I was expecting some serious action to go down but the book barely focused on the war at all, just the peripheral vision. Throughout the entire novel the characters had endless discussions about how they needed to get ready for the war, and yet they never did. They talked and talked but nothing happened, and in the end Nora’s role as leader was almost entirely irrelevant, which was irritating when the majority of the novel had focused on her receiving Rocky style training lessons to increase her strength and endurance to prepare her (scenes which were also incredibly boring). Nothing significant actually kicked off until page 399. THIS IS THE FINAL BOOK IN THE SERIES AND YOU’RE WAITING UNTIL THERE ARE ONLY 65 PAGES LEFT BEFORE ANY SERIOUS SHIT GOES DOWN? ARE YOU SERIOUS?! When the fighting did actually start it felt rushed and was over almost as quickly as it started. Four, 400-ish page books have culminated in a battle that barely even began.

Then there was the annoying subplot going on about devilcraft, a drug like substance that could make nephilim stronger but naturally, had side effects. The characters had a lot of debates about whether they should use it, if it was safe and whether it could be used to their advantage but I found its introduction to the plot boring, annoying and incredibly unoriginal. It seemed to be there simply to pad out the novel, time which could have been spent better dealing with the ongoing war and making it more interesting.

There were a couple of surprises in Finale I wasn’t expecting and Fitzpatrick did deal me an emotional whammy right at the end that brought a tear to my eye, but I was so fed up by that point that it couldn’t make up for the rest of the novel. I think if this series had remained a trilogy it could have been a lot better and far more action packed.

The character development in this novel felt weak-willed. The only person who undergoes any kind of transformation is Nora, who attempts to go from a helpless victim who always gets in the way, to a slightly less helpless victim who always gets in the way. I have a feeling her storyline was supposed to be empowering in this book, she makes steps to try to make herself more competent and refuses to let others coddle her quite as much but honestly, I just couldn’t take any of it seriously because even when Nora was trying to be strong she was really awful at it. Not to mention she moaned and complained every step of the way. She kept giving all these speeches about how capable she was which was ironic because she managed to get herself in trouble repeatedly in this novel and others kept having to come to her rescue. She did get out of a few situations by herself but the ratio wasn’t looking too good.
And then there’s Patch. Oh dear god WHAT was going with Patch in this novel? He’s always been a controlling maniac but he also managed to be vaguely sexy and entertaining while doing it. In this one though he was plain creepy. For some reason in this installment Patch felt the need to always quell Nora’s fear of impending danger by saying firmly ‘you’re mine, angel’ followed by something along the lines of, ‘no one would dare hurt you, or I would rip them apart’ etc., etc. I could let the author off if she said it one or two times, but when you start encountering the phrase ‘you’re mine’ in every conversation it begins to feel incredibly uncomfortable and possessive. I wish I had counted because I’m sure it appeared at least 15 times, which is also a bad sign of repetitive writing.

The secondary characters were slightly better although no more rounded. Vee and Scott provided the occasional fun one liners but didn’t really have any purpose other than acting as springboards to move the story along. Dante seemed like a pointless, unneeded addition to the cast who I never truly got to know or care about. And don’t even kept me started on Pepper Friber’s mess of a character. Oy.

In all fairness with my track record when it comes to this series I shouldn’t even have bothered reading past the first book, maybe if I hadn’t already owned all the novels I wouldn’t have bothered. However, there were certain elements of the story I did want resolved so I guess from that point of view Fitzpatrick did do a few things right. I always had the hope that this series would get better, but Finale was the worst book of the lot with bad writing, poor plotting and irritating characters which has led to me feeling as if I have utterly wasted my time with this series. Still, at least it’s a relief to have finally finished it!

I recommend this book to people taking anger management classes. If they can get through this book/series, they can get through anything!

Writing Style: 1/5
Originality: 1/5
Entertainment: 2/5
Character Development: 1/5
Would I recommend this book? Are you joking?

Overall: 1/5

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32 thoughts on “Finale by Becca Fitzpatrick Review 1/5

  1. “Recommended for people taking anger management classes.” I love this blog! I’m still grinning.

    Sounds like this was written because the author had to finish it somehow, but didn’t get any further than that!

    • Haha, thank you. 🙂 I’m glad someone got some enjoyment out of me reading and reviewing this awful book, even if it wasn’t me!

      I completely agree, it reads that way as well: messy. I think originally this was intended to be a trilogy and then the author up’d it to four books. Big mistake in my eyes.

    • Eeep, I know! I always try to pick out some positives in every book I review even if I didn’t get on with it, but honestly, I couldn’t come up with a single one for this book which is really worrying.

      I have no doubt you work will be better than this book. 🙂

      • Some books just have nothing you like. These days I tend to put them down before I reach the end. But as you point out, you already owned the book. I’m also more likely to finish something on which I spent money.

      • Yes definitely, if this hadn’t been the last book in the series I think I would have DNF’d it (did-not-finish) even though I owned it because it was such a struggle.

        Agreed, money is always a big incentive for me to finish something too!

  2. i too , once upon a time would read bad writing in the hope there would be some meaning/gem there in the final words, after all did not the book come 2you, there are so many!!!
    so now, if bad by page three
    it b banished 2 the prop boxes
    sum still having pretty covers
    and booky smells
    :-* :-* :-*

    • That’s a good mantra actually, if it doesn’t grab you straight away, move on! It’s not worth wasting time reading a bad book, even if it does have a pretty front cover or smell good. Good advice.

      Unfortunately I am similar to you sometimes, I often continue reading with the hope that it will get better or hoping their will be some gem at the end. That definitely didn’t happen with this book!

  3. Wow this sounds intriguing, you’ve really sold it to me and I’m DEFINITELY going to pick it up. Thanks! (Major sarcasm there).

    I think I’ll avoid this one like the plague. Thank for the tip and thanks for taking the bullet and reading it so we don’t have to 😉

    • I’m SO glad you think so! You’ll be running to the bookshop so you can make this your next read then?

      Haha, luckily I’m a huge fan of sarcasm. 😉

      I think that would be a smart move!

  4. Yep. Yep. I wholeheartedly agree. Nora was ridiculous as a heroine. And Patch…God, worse than Edward Cullen in the possessiveness/creepy stalkerness. I hardly remember the storyline, I must have blocked it from my memory, but all I remember is the “you’re mine” thing making me incredibly uncomfortable.
    And what kills me about subpar best sellers is that I know so many writers who may never get published but who are infinitely more talented than those on the best seller list. There are some amazing pop culture authors (Cassandra Clare) but there are also some terrible ones. Fitzpatrick is definitely the latter.

    • Thanks Bec, it’s great to know I’m not the only one sitting on my soap box! Nora does me in so much in these novels, she thinks so illogically and is a total hypocrite, grr. And agreed, Patch is way more possessive than Edward Cullen and that’s saying something!
      It is amazing to see some books that get published, these days it seems to have less to do with talent and much more about trends, numbers and how easy they will be to market. It’s a bit sad really but it’s the world we live in.

      • It just really annoys me. As a writing degree graduate I just knew so many talented people who won’t ever get published because they don’t write things that fit the trends.
        Ugh, the trends. How I hated the Twilight trend. The only decent series to come of that, I think, was Vampire Academy/Bloodlines. So many duplicate plots and characters. And the only decent “angel” books out there were the ones written by Clare.

        It speaks volumes that a heroine like Nora or Bella or Luce and possessive guys like Patch, Edward, and Daniel are part of such bestselling series. It worries me a little. And Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey? What?

        But that’s a whole other issue

      • Aggh, that must be so frustrating! I guess this is the one positives with ebooks, people can publish their work when publishers won’t because it doesn’t fit the trends or what they’re looking for. It’s not the way most people want to go of course and its a hard road of self promotion but at least it gives people more of a chance than they did 10 years ago and some authors have gotten a lot of success out of it.
        I must put my hand up and admit that at the time I loved the Twilight trend, but I did grow out of it and I disliked a lot of the books that were published because of its popularity! I haven’t read the Vampire Academy yet but I do own all the books, I hope I will like them as much as you did. 🙂

        It is a bit worrying isn’t it? However, I do take comfort in the fact that I think most people only like those relationships on paper, not in reality.

  5. Hahaaaa, the fact that I couldn’t even remember if I read this book says a lot. But I think I did… I think I enjoyed reading the series while I was reading them but then promptly forgot about their existence afterwards. And patch was definitely possessive mcpossessivester. 😛

    • It does say a lot! I might have enjoyed these books more when I was in my Twilight phase, I loved Crescendo the second book when I was younger but I can’t stand these books now.
      Glad you got some enjoyment out of them though. 🙂

  6. Oh Becky, thanks for the warning. My sister gave me the first book but I think I am just going to donate it. I was pretty sure that was my move, but you definitely helped!
    I am impressed you finished them all, and so quickly!!

    • No problem, always here to warn my fellow bookworms, LOL! Honestly, I was hoping that if this last installment could make a three star it might rescue the series a bit and put it on the ‘okay’ scale, but instead it hit the one star mark and therefore the whole series has hit rock bottom in my eyes.

      Thank you!

  7. I finished Hush, Hush a few days ago and I’m about to start Crescendo. The writing in the first novel was definitely sub-par and the story wasn’t very original, however it did keep me hooked. It was a fast and easy read. I don’t really think the other books are worth the time (it seems that you agree), but I can’t bring myself to stop in the middle of a series. I always have to read them all, as stupid as that sounds! I tried to skip some parts of this post to avoid spoilers, but it was still a great review! Thanks for posting 🙂

    • Ohh wow what timing, great minds think alike. 🙂 Yes, the writing does leave a lot to be desired in places and unfortunately that continues throughout all of the series, although it seemed the worst in Finale. (But maybe that’s because I’ve read so many great authors recently!) I agree, even though I had SO many gripes with the first book, it did make me continue and find out more.

      Ohh no, it sounds like you’re just like me! I have such trouble leaving a series unfinished even if I don’t get on with. I know it could save so much time if I gave up on series I wasn’t enjoying but it’s a hard habit to break! In that case, I hope you enjoy the rest of the Hush Hush series more than I did. 🙂

      Thank you! And thanks for taking the time to read and comment. 🙂

  8. Why do you do yourself to this Becky? I swear you’ve hated this entire series… Why would you carry on reading it you silly bean?

    That being said it might be a good christmas pressie for someone you’re not overly keen on…. Muahaha. x

    • I don’t know, Lottie, I think I need a good shake! I just find it so difficult to leave series unfinished, but if this experience has taught me anything it’s that I will never do this to myself again because this final book was horrendous. There are too many great books in this world for me to spend so much time on ones I don’t enjoy.

      Ha! I LOVE that idea, I will keep it in mind. 😉

  9. Oh no. You’re good to write a review for a book you didn’t enjoy. These days if I don’t like a book, I don’t finish it. I used to feel guilty about that and try to push my way through to the end, but life is short.

    • Oh no indeed. That’s a great approach, Emma, I wish I could do that. I find it impossible to leave books unfinished, I guess it’s the hopeful side of me thinking that it might get better as it goes along?

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