My Blog is Now on Facebook! (And Other Noteworthy Updates.)

Blogs of a Bookaholic - Facebook


*Pauses for dramatic effect that’s not all that dramatic because the clue is in the title.*

Blogs of a Bookaholic is now on Facebook! Woohoo. 🙂

GoT Joffrey Approves

See, even Joffrey’s impressed, and he’s not impressed easily!

Truthfully, my blog has actually been on Facebook for a couple of months now but I didn’t link it to my blog. I wanted to have the freedom of tweaking it and getting it exactly how I wanted without clogging up people’s timelines or making awkward mistakes. It’s still not perfect (What is?) but I feel like it’s time to ‘officially’ launch it.

Oooh, that almost sounded all professional and stuff. Although professional peeps probably don’t say ‘and stuff’…

I have a few different reasons for creating my blogs own Facebook page. Firstly, Facebook is still one of the most used social media sites out there so I feel like it’s a more convenient way for some people to follow my blog. Secondly, the majority of awesome bloggers seem to have them and I think they look really cool! Thirdly, I quite like the idea of using it as a space where I can can showcase some other bloggers’ posts. I follow a LOT of blogs, around 100 and they write some brilliant stuff. While I retweet some people’s posts on twitter I don’t really feel like it’s the best medium. Twitter is a great place for rambling incoherently and fangirling out but tweeting links doesn’t look that great, whereas on Facebook it shows an image with the link. I’m not a fan of blogrolls personally, so I think this could work for me! 🙂

So, if you want to get my overenthusiastic bookish posts via Facebook and maybe discover some other awesome blogs in the process you can now like my page here. Or if you prefer, you can click through via the new social media button on my blog homepage.

~ * ~

While I’m here I thought I might as well also mention some other small blog related updates that have happened recently:  Blogs of a Bookaholic

1. blue
I’ve created an official Blogs of a Bookaholic logo, OOOOOOH. I’m really dorkishly pleased with it. 😀 This can now be seen in the widgets sidebar on my blog homepage, along with a mini ‘about me and my blog’ paragraph and some snazzy social media buttons.

2. blue
Because of point 1, I’ve redone my blog badge (a small image that represents your blog that others can put on their sites if they like what you write), so anyone who was using the previous version may want to swap/remove it because it will probably come up with an error!

3. blue
My blog tagline/motto has changed from ‘leaving my literary thumbprint’ to ‘Honest Reviews, Bookish Discussions & Enthusiastic Nerding.’ While I still love the old tagline, I feel like the new one sums up my blog better and is less ambiguous. 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about joining the Top Ten Tuesday weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of meme’s because I feel that they can get repetitive and boring (unless they’re super simple like Quoting the Quill) but I’ve come to really respect the Top Ten gang and they’ve had some awesome topics lately e.g. top ten blogging confessions and top ten book cover trends. It seems like a lot of fun! Whether this will happen a week from now, a month from now or six months on I’m not sure, we will have to see.

Sorry this wasn’t the most fun post in the world. Anything remotely self promotion like makes me feel all squirmy and weird, but I’m really excited about these changes (mostly because I feel all knowledgey filled and proud for managing to do them)! Feel free to stop by and say hi to me on Facebook, or leave me the links to your own Facebook pages so I can like them. 🙂

Happy reading!

Image Sources:
Facebook banner is a print-screen from site.
Game of Thrones gif.
Blog Badge and numbers my own, please do not reuse.

11 thoughts on “My Blog is Now on Facebook! (And Other Noteworthy Updates.)

  1. I agree, I have mixed feelings about book memes as well. But I do participate in Top Ten Tuesday every week, and as long as you make an effort to choose answers that are beyond the obvious ones it’s pretty easy to keep things from getting stale and repetitive.
    Congrats on all your book blog progress! 🙂

  2. Yay for making your Facebook page official! I don’t want to do one, purely because I know I’d have very few likes. Totally friendless.

    Loving the new bits and pieces you’ve got going on here! I feel like I’ve been slacking off blogging recently so your idea of joining in on memes is a rather clever one. I can never think of my own interesting, witty topics. My brain fails me.

    • Woop, woop! And it only took me months to get my butt in gear. 😉 I doubt I’ll get many likes either but we’ll see how it goes.
      Well, Charl, if you had a Facebook page I would totally like it!

      Yeah, I had noticed you’d been posting slightly less lately, but that’s okay, sometimes real life has to come first. 🙂 I like the idea of doing the meme for that very reason! When I’m at university I don’t have to time to come up with so many post ideas so I think it could prevent me dropping off the map so much.

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