Quoting the Quill #38

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“’Sleep is good,’ he said. ‘And books are better.’”

– George R.R. Martin (A Clash of Kings)

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When Tyrion said this in A Clash of Kings I wanted to reach through the book and give him a high five! I couldn’t agree with this quote more. I’m regularly sleep deprived because I’ve stayed up too late reading a book and as I’m not at university at the moment I have found myself staying up until a least 4am every night, sometimes even later, and I am absolutely loving it!  My current record for this summer was staying up until 6am, courtesy of the fantastic novel Trouble by Non Pratt. 🙂

Which book has kept you up all night reading this summer?

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23 thoughts on “Quoting the Quill #38

  1. OMG!!!! You won’t believe this. Guess who was in Edinburgh when I was there, and I had no idea?!?! George R.R. Martin. I could have met him and got his autograph :(. What an incredible honour that would have been. Oh well, I will just have to be happy that I have his wonderful books to enjoy and lose myself in :).

    • I saw that George R.R. Martin was there but I didn’t realise you guys overlapped! That is SO ANNOYING, ARRRRGH. Such a shame you didn’t get to see him. Ahh well, he does look a bit scary in person, LOL. 🙂 Are you up to date with his books now? I still haven’t picked up book 3.

      • In a way I think it’s better that I didn’t know because our trip was for history and sightseeing, not books :). We had a hard enough time fitting in all the places we wanted to see. I am more than half way through book 5 now, and I’m really enjoying it. He is such an amazingly gifted writer, and I find that his books really exercise my brain which is great too.

        Having said my trip was not about books, did I tell you that our last day in Scotland did revolve around a book, or was inspired by a book? We went to Rosslyn Chapel which played a large part in the DaVinci Code by Dan Brown, and it was gorgeous! It was so cool being there and thinking back to the events in the book. Now I want to read that book again LOL!

        Oh, I also wanted to tell you that Mike and I went to see the movie, The Giver, last weekend. I just read the book about a month ago, and thought it was fantastic. I was really quite impressed with the movie adaptation as well :).

        So, when do you start back at uni? Did the summer just fly by? Do you feel like you got enough relax/book time?

      • Yes, that is true. Once you go down the book road they can become very distracting! When I went to Edinburgh I’d heard that it was a very bookish town and planned to go scouting some bookshops, but when I got there I didn’t visit any at all because I felt it would take time out of other once in a lifetime opportunities. A tough decision, but the right one me thinks. 🙂 Wow book five, that seems like so many pages away from me right now, LOL.

        Ahh, no way! The Rosslyn Chapel was on my original to-do list but I soon discovered it was too far out to visit from where we were based (and taking into account our budget). I bet it was beautiful. 🙂

        Oooh, I’ve heard a LOT about The Giver, I didn’t realise it was out yet! I kind of want to read it but SO MANY BOOKS. I also want to see the movie, but then I think ohh but I want to read the book first…and thus, I go round in circles, LOL.

        Not for a little while yet, I have until mid September. I am soooo not ready to start 3rd year yet and start the dreaded dissertation! it was definitely great to have some time to sit back and relax, and I have got a lot of reading done (although there are still a ton of books I wish I had gotten to). Aren’t there always? 🙂

    • It wouldn’t have been fair to Mikey either, so I think it worked out for the best :).

      The Rosslyn Chapel was beautiful! We had a week long bus pass, and when we found out that it included going out to Rosslyn Chapel, it made our decision for what to do on the last day easy. I really liked their setup there. They have these huge laminated sheets that you can walk around the chapel with which tells you about all of the important symbols inside the chapel. Then you just have to find them which made it kind of fun. You feel like a detective looking for clues LOL!

      I have also been going around in circles trying to decide what to read next. There have been so many books turned into movies this summer, and I always try to read the book before I see the movie. I think the next one I need to read is The Maze Runner because it is coming out soon, but then I won an ARC of Visions by Kelley Armstrong, and I thought I’d better read that because she was nice enough to send me a signed copy. Plus now I am looking into a book festival in downtown Toronto that takes place at the end of September, and of course I would like to read some of the books by authors who will be there. Oh my, what is a book lover to do? Maybe quit my job and read all day every day? If only I could :).

      You are so smart and such a good writer, your dissertation will be fabulous!! I just know it. This weekend we move Bryan back to college for his final year, but this year will be even harder for me because he has rented his first apartment this time instead of staying on campus. That means that he has to take all his bedroom furniture with him, and his room at home will be completely empty. I have already had tears :(.

      • Ahaaaaa! So true.

        Eeeep, that sounds right up my ally. I love searching for clues and doing puzzle kind of things, and playing detective is so much fun! What a great way to make a chapel more interesting to tourists. That sounds fab, maybe I’ll get to go back one day and see it. 🙂

        AGREED. The book adaptations are relentless this year, I can’t keep up!!! I’ve had to admit defeat in a few cases because I can only read so fast. The Maze Runner movie looks amazing, but I’m to torn about whether I should read the book because I already have so many books like it that I haven’t read yet. Oooh, congrats on the Armstrong ARC! I honestly can’t keep up with that woman she is publishing books quicker than I can read them, LOL. I really hope I can return to her books at some point this year. Ohh no, not a book festival! you will be INUNDATED. Teheee, good luck. 🙂

        Awwh thank you, you are so sweet. 😀 Ohh no! That must be so hard seeing his room so empty. I was lucky because although I live in a house it was fully furnished. That must be so strange. *BIG HUGGLES.* You can do it!

  2. It wouldn’t be the first time I’d stayed awake to finish a book, but all night reading is far more than I managed. 2am I think was the latest. No interruptions and no distractions!

  3. Following your conversation above about Edinburgh. You weren’t there at Easter were you? I spotted someone who might have been you in the museum coffee shop!

  4. Usually when I’m up late these days it’s because I read too much during the day so I have to struggle to make amends and catch up on my work during the night, haha. The earliest I’ve gone to bed was probably 3 a.m!

  5. I love when you find a book that keeps you reading long after you should be fast asleep and preparing for the working day ahead. For me, it was probably Stephen King’s IT. Possibly not the kind of book you should be reading right before sleep.

    • Me too! They’re the best kind. 🙂
      Oooh, that’s great to hear because I have IT sitting on my bookshelf. I hope it will have the same affect on me! Ha that’s true, although maybe reading it would feel more realistic at night?
      I wish you many more stay-up-and-read-books in the future!

  6. Jesus woman! 6am?! Maybe I’m just getting old. When I was younger I pulled an occasional all-nighter but they were pretty rare. I’m in awe of your sleeping pattern skillz. Excellent quote as always.

    Also, Trouble sounds like a Charlotte kind of book. Cannae wait to read your review.

    • I know, I know! That’s not a normal thing for me though, it just happened to be a particularly superb book I couldn’t put down. 😛 My normal range is around 3am. My brain just seems so much more awake and creative at night so it’s my favourite time of day. The mornings? Not so much! Haha, thank you.

      It is definitely a Charlotte kind of book! Hopefully my review will be up in the next week or so. 🙂

      • Thanks Becky! Oh yes! It is a great read and I highly suggest it. It does get pretty graphic sometimes and emotional as well. I stayed away from it as first because of the same reason (I hate to cry) but although it is emotional, I haven’t dropped a tear yet. You should give it a shot. Housseini is a great storyteller.

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