Mini Film Reviews: Divergent, Catching Fire and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Hello peeps. 🙂 This blog post is wayyyyy overdue, you have no idea how long I’ve wanted to write it! Divergent, Catching Fire and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug were all films I was insanely excited to see when they first came out. I counted down the months, weeks and then days until their release and ran into the cinema flailing my arms with the enthusiasm only a true fangirl could muster. Afterwards, I had so many thoughts that I wanted to write about but it never happened because the films were all released during semesters when I was struggling to find blogging time. However, I don’t want to let the films pass by completely without acknowledging their existence because I was SO excited to see them, yet I don’t really feel they warrant individual blogs. So instead (taking inspiration from Emma’s lovely posts) I thought I would write some mini-reviews as a way of summarising my thoughts. 🙂

Divergent Movie Poster

So first up we have Divergent, but before we get started can I just take a moment to say how annoying I find this movie poster? The background is cool and atmospheric but what the heck is up with the actors’ body positions? They’ve gone to painfully obvious lengths to show off both Shailene Woodley’s boobs and butt in one shot because WOMEN ARE OBVIOUSLY ONLY THERE TO BE A PIECE OF MEAT. I mean, it looks like they’re standing on Pride Rock and Woodley is using her co-star’s shoulder as a butt rest.

I can't even new girl gif

It’s just…. I can’t even….

Anyway, onto the review! Although I adored Veronica Roth’s dystopian novel about a world divided into 5 different factions, I was quite nervous before seeing Divergent; the poster, the trailer, the casting choices, none of them really impressed me. I had found Woodley annoying in most of her pre-movie interviews and the sets didn’t look how I had imagined them in my head. Once the lights dimmed however I quickly found myself drawn in. Woodley’s performance was impressive – her strength, her vulnerability, the way she portrayed the complex emotions of Tris’s character. Theo James as the love interest Four was brilliant, he completely inhabited everything I imagined his character to be (his intimidating strength and of course, imposing good looks). The chemistry between the two was palpable! The train jumping scenes were epic and I could feel my heart pumping in some of the more hardcore initiation sections where Tris had to prove her worth in a faction defined by bravery. I was surprised by how well the serum scenes turned out as well (where characters had to face their worst fears in their head). They managed to make them realistic when they could have easily become silly.

One scene in Divergent that particularly stuck with me Tris and Four were trying to jump onto a fast moving train. Four offered his hand to Tris in aid and she said ‘I’ve got it.’ and Four said ‘I know you do’. It produced such a fuzzy feeling within me because it shows how far our portrayals of YA romantic relationships have come. Four respects Tris, trusts in her strength and acknowledges that she can look after herself, but at the same time wants her to know that he is there to support her if she needs it. I thought it was such a beautiful moment!

Now for a couple of things I didn’t like about Divergent. Firstly, the soundtrack! There was so much Ellie Goulding, and I HATE Ellie Goulding! Plus, because she’s such a well-known artist I felt the songs distracted me from the film. Secondly, while the baddies get decent screen time I would have liked to see more of the initiates. Also, I felt some of the scenes they ditched from the book could have amped up the stakes for the protagonists. Finally, I just felt there was something missing overall. Divergent didn’t leave me awe-struck, but it was a fun ride. 🙂

Originality: 3/5 /// Entertainment: 4/5 /// Characters: 4/5 /// Cinematography: 3/5 /// CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery): 4/5

Overall: 4/5

The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug

Next up we have The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, aka, part 2 or 3. *Sigh.* I’m sure you all remember how amped up I was after the first installment. The Hobbit is one of my favourite books and with the first film I was so overwhelmed by the fact that I was ACTUALLY GOING TO SEE TOLKIEN STUFF IN THE CINEMA (I was too young when the Lotr films came out) that I was able to overlook a lot of flaws that became more apparent in the second installment. As horrified as I am to admit it, I exited the cinema feeling really underwhelmed with this one which is odd, because a lot of people liked this second film better. There was a lot more action in part 2 and the pacing was generally better because we start to get into the meat of the story, Beorn appears, the spiders attack, there’s elvish action, we get to see LAKETOWN (a fictional place I love) and we finally face off with Smaug the dragon. I also finally got to see the scene I was most looking forward to, the barrel escape! My heart swelled watching that, it was so fun and perfect, exactly how I imagined it and I never thought I’d get to see it on the big screen. 😀 A couple of other scenes also stood out to me, I loved the conversation between Tauriel the elf and Kili the dwarf about starlight, all the scenes with Bard were brill, Smaug looked phenomenal too. So, what’s the problem you ask?

Wellllll, maybe this is going to make me sound like an annoying fuddy duddy bookworm that’s all about the original material, but I was upset that Bilbo STILL wasn’t taking centre stage. The film focuses too much on the external events of Middle-earth. Jackson tries so hard to link the The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings it’s painful. The scenes with Gandalf were boring and unneeded, the elves while cool weren’t really necessary and the face off with Smaug was so long that I actually zoned out, and you’re talking to a girl who loves freakin’ dragons!!!! I get that they were probably trying to justify the 270ish minutes of running time leading up to Smaug but it was so overindulgent and off base. It says a lot that when I think of the film, I struggle to think of scenes with Bilbo – I think dragon, elves, dwarves, even Stephen Fry! But not Bilbo. Where’s the quaint and heartfelt story of an admirable hobbit who stumbles into a role too big for his boots? I feel like it all got stripped away with the big budget production. 😦

When I first watched Desolation of Smaug I was really disappointed (maybe I wasn’t in the right mood who knows) but when I re-watched it later I enjoyed it more so for now I’ll rate it somewhere in the middle.

Originality: 3/5 /// Entertainment: 4/5 /// Characters: 2/5 /// Cinematography: 4/5 /// CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery): 5/5

Overall: 3.5/5

Catching Fire poster

Finally we have Catching Fire, and even though it’s nearly a year later I’m still trying to find a way of writing this review that doesn’t just sound like:

Ahungkfjsdrijriirrr, Katniss!
Aah humijhnghuihhh, Peeta!
A hugunjgbngggjdfiujfjffff FEEEELS.

Just thinking about it makes me feel all:

New Girl freakout

(This seems to have somehow become New Girl themed, I don’t know how that happened.)

Ohh dear lordy. Catching Fire met all my expectations and so much more. If it’s possible, it might even have been better than the first film, AND WHO THOUGHT THEY COULD TOP THAT?!?

Everything about Catching Fire was mesmerising. The CGI, the sets, the acting. I loved that the film started off slowly back in bleak District 12 and how the pressure slowly grew with the arrival of the Peacemakers and the Victors Tour before we were thrust back into the arena. There’s something so satisfying about a plot that slowly builds to an explosive conclusion. I came out of the cinema feeling slightly traumatised by the ending, even though I knew how it was going to turn out!

Once again all the actors outdid themselves. Jennifer as Katniss was fabulous, I felt her every emotion as she went through the aftermath of the games and the turmoil of the political shenanigans (she also had some great funnies like the elevator scene). Peeta was ever the selfless, steadfast rock inspiring hope in others. The chemistry between the two was electric. I literally wanted to melt into a puddle of emotions when THE beach scene came on and Peeta was all ‘nobody needs me’ and Katniss was like ‘I NEED YOU’.

*Faints from adorableness.*

I love, love, love how the relationship between these two has evolved throughout the films instead of staying static. It’s the satisfaction of that slow build again. Equally I liked that we got to see more of how Gale, Prim and Effie will continue to grow into the people they are supposed to be. It was great to see more of Haymitch as his layers of alcoholism and anger were stripped back. Equally the victors who were put back into the games were exactly how I pictured them, especially Finnick, (the heart melter) Johanna (the sass monster) and Beetee (the eccentric genius).

Literally the only negative thing I have to say about Catching Fire is that the peacekeeper outfits made me think of a daft punk music video (which makes it kinda hard to take them seriously sometimes). Someone please tell me this is not just my crazy brain?!?

I laughed, I cried. It was brilliant. Guys, Mockingjay is going to wreck me.

Originality: 5/5 /// Entertainment: 5/5 /// Characters: 5/5 /// Cinematography: 5/5 /// CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery): 5/5

Overall: 5/5!

~ * ~

Okay so this turned out to be a pretty long post, but you guys know that I’m incapable of summing up my thoughts in one paragraph! When I say mini reviews, I guess they’re mini reviews by my standards, LOL. But still, I’m glad that I’ll be able to look back at this post years from now and remember how these films made me feel. 🙂

Did you guys see these adaptations? Did any of them disappoint you? Which adaptations are you most looking forward to at the moment? Personally, I can’t wait for The Maze Runner, I just finished the book and it seems like it was made for the big screen!

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Divergent Movie Poster.
Desolation of Smaug Movie Poster.
Catching Fire Movie Poster.
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39 thoughts on “Mini Film Reviews: Divergent, Catching Fire and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

  1. I loved the barrel escape in DoS and the Smaug – Bilbo conversation was great…but the parts in Lakeland…er town…seemed padded and too long.

    As for the Divergent poster, there’s a website called TV Tropes (You’ll lose days in there!) that calls it a T-and -A pose. I’ll let you figure out what the initials stand for. 🙂

  2. Loving the film reviews!

    Ok, Divergent – I’ve never joined the Divergent bandwagon so I can’t really pass comment, however the poster looks so unbelievably airbrushed! A bit too brooding and “arty” for my liking 😉

    Desolation of Smaug – Something I can definitely discuss! You know what, I’d never really considered the whole Bilbo thing; how it’s supposed to be his adventure but you’re completely right, thinking back on the film there are so many other things going on that the actual heart and intent of the story gets a little lost in the Hollywood makeover. It’s SO unbelievably padded and often had me scratching my head and wondering whyyy. I did quite like the inclusion of the fighty she-elf but the lurve stuff feels unnecessary, as does the brooding (there’s a theme forming) Legolas. I did enjoy the barrel scene even though it added so many extra bits! I really enjoyed this film purely as a visual spectacle rather than as a faithful adaptation.

    Catching Fire – YESSSSS. So pleased you match my enthusiasm with this one! I loved it. It felt bigger and better than the first one. The arena was even better than I imagined and it really does the book justice. Relevant things are included which push the story along and I liked the balance between political stuff then fighty stuff. You’re totally right: the peacekeeper outfits are like a Daft Punk/Stormtrooper crossover and I do not like the outcome.

    Fabulous as always!

    • Thanks, Charl! They were long overdue but hey, I got there eventually, just in time to write about the sequels. 😉

      Yes, airbrushed is the perfect word! It’s all the slick and blah, seems more effort has gone into making it look pretty than making it make sense.

      Yes I can definitely understand why the Bilbo thing isn’t a problem for most people but it’s because I love the original tale and Bilbo’s personality so much that it saddens me when it feels like it’s missing. :/ Don’t get me wrong, Smaug is still a great bit of old fashioned entertainment, but I’ve never felt invested in it because it’s lacking the emotional impact for me. Yes, very padded! I too loved the she-elf stuff, Lily was the PERFECT person to play her but it just frustrated me that Jackson was using it as yet another side distraction. So yes, Smaug was lots of fun but a bit of a disappointment from a fan perspective. 🙂

      Catching Fire was THE BEST THING EVER. And you know? I think that might have been another thing that affected my opinion of the Hobbit, it was the next film I went to see after Catching Fire so I naturally compared the two and the Hobbit seemed so slow and lacking in emotion in comparison! Yay, someone who gets the Daft Punk madness. 😀

      Thank you, lovely!

      P.S. This has totally reminded me that I still need to read YOUR Catching Fire review.

  3. I haven’t seen any of these films and the only one I have any frame of reference for is Catching Fire. I thought the first film was entertaining but flawed (like most adapations), but the second book of the trilogy is actually my favourite so I’ll have to get on it when I can.

    I know what you mean about the Divergent poster, it does seem a bit daft, but it’s useful as it lets me know that there is at least one female in the film.

    The last time I went to the cinema was in 2012 when I watched both The Dark Knight Returns and Skyfall. In both cases they were huge let downs that won’t be joining my wee little bluray collection.

      • Mel! Hello again! How you doing?

        I thought Batman Begins was great at the time, but The Dark Knight came along and smashed it out of the water. That second film is just marvellous whereas the third is a complete mess.

      • Agreed! Wasn’t the biggest fan of the final film, I had to attempt it twice. It had such a slow start which I didn’t think it ever totally recovered from. Bale as Batman kicks serious butt though. I feel like I need to rewatch the second film again, everyone says it’s their favourite but it’s the one I remember the least.

    • Hello Cargill!
      Funnily enough, The Hunger Games is a film that has really grown on me. The first time I watched it I thought it was great but I did have a few complaints about pacing etc, however, the more I watch it the more perfect it seems! (It’s possible I may have watched it 10+ times *hides*). Catching Fire is definitely worth a go if you enjoyed the first film, very well made.

      Daft is the perfect word for it. 🙂

      I hated Skyfall! I got so damn bored of the cliches and got annoyed with it. To be fair, I’m not a bond fan but I did think the first film with Craig was spectacular.

  4. Love the reviews 🙂 Definitely with you on HG, Catching Fire was my least favourite in the books, but I still liked it, so I wasn’t sure how I’d find the film. I also came away thinking it might have been better than the first film – the ‘baby’ bit on the talk show and the beach, it was like I didn’t know what was coming! I felt a lot more of the atmosphere and people’s anger at the games seeing the film than I had done in my first read of the books.

    Divergent is out to watch on TV now and I’ve waited on seeing it because I’m not the biggest fan of the books, but it sounds like it’s worth a whirl.

    • Thank you, Mel!
      Catching Fire was my least favourite book as well! I’m not sure why because there was lots of action but a few things didn’t quite click with me. I’ve discovered a weird trend with these adaptations, the book I dislike the most usually turns out to be my favourite movie. Isn’t that weird? 🙂 The beach scene broke my emotions. Best. Thing. Ever.
      I agree with you, there was a lot more atmosphere in Catching Fire – lots of tension and desperation.

      I hope you enjoy Divergent! I really liked the first book although I had some problems with the worldbuilding. The second book was very ‘meh’ though and I’m yet to read the third.

      Thanks for reading. 🙂

      • Just a little update 🙂 I watched Divergent over the w/end, and it wasn’t bad.

        Some of the issues I had with the book you avoid with the film (i.e. not really liking Tris that much and not buying that if you don’t want divergence, why do you even let the kids move faction in the first place… Brave New World, anyone?) Getting away from a first person narrator that you don’t like does improve things alot 🙂 I could also get a bit more of a feel for why Dauntless were interesting than I did in the book (I’d probably be the nerdy faction, so really didn’t believe sensible people really want to jump off trains or be beaten up on a daily basis). So, overall, I probably enjoyed it more than the book, if I’m honest. And just like you, I thought book two was *shrug* and haven’t bothered with the last one as yet. I wonder what the film will be like?

        Random one though – I really struggled with the guy who played Four – all I could picture through the film is his final scene from The Inbetweeners: pooh nose does not make for a hot love interest! 🙂

        Look forward to your next reviews…not long now for the Hobbit!

      • Ooooh, exciting!

        Tris is definitely not the most likable character in the world. That’s a great point about the factions and being able to move, I hadn’t thought of that before! Maybe Roth would justify it as a way of avoiding uprisings for people who really didn’t gel in their factions? I don’t know. Some of the world building was definitely a bit dodgy, but you’re right, I didn’t take as much issue with it in the film!
        Ohh I loved Dauntless in the book, but that may be because I can be a bit of an adrenaline junkie on the quiet sometimes. 😉 The effects definitely brought it to life though.
        I’m glad to hear that you got more enjoyment out of the film! I think the movie version will probably improve Insurgent, one of the biggest irritants with that book for me was all of Tris’s internal moan-ey monologues, so at least that won’t be in the film!

        Ohh my gosh, I have no memory of Theo James being in The Inbetweeners! That would be some seriously weird imagery.

        Thank you. 🙂

  5. Lol! This was a fun post to read. I enjoyed watching Divergent the first time, which was prior to reading the book. After reading the book, I rewatched the movie and didn’t think it was that great so I just fast-forward to the part where Theo takes his shirt off. I agree with you about the movie poster. Homegirl looks stiff standing like that. She looks robotic (as if under the effects of the serum).

    I avoided seeing the Desolation of Smaug because I disliked the first Hobbit movie. But after reading your mini-review, I think I’ll give it a chance. I would like to see their depiction of Beorn. I love the costume and makeup and hair for the dwarves. Thorin is almost exactly as I had him in my head. And I would like to see Laketown as well.

    I wanted to see Catching Fire but I’m sulking. I’m too upset with the Hunger Games movie. I prefer my imaginary depiction of the book… Still, I am tempted to see the transformation of Katniss’ dress.

    • Awwh thanks, glad you enjoyed it! Yes agreed, I thought the film Divergent lacked a certain power to it that the book had, and because I read and watched them in quick succession it was all the more apparent. LOL. I love that you just forwarded to Theo shirt scene! Yes very robotic, too airbrushed me thinks. The whole thing looks awkward. I mean, what if Theo moves his arm slightly? He’ll hit Tris’s butt and she’ll fall off the edge! That would be a short film…

      Ohh no, sorry to hear that. I loved the first Hobbit film when it first came out, but when I tried to rewatch it I realised how much excess padding there was and went off it a bit so I can totally understand where you’re coming from. Hate to tell you this, but I was really disappointed with the depiction of Beorn. :/ Although to be fair he isn’t in the film that much. Laketown looks amazing though! Definitely worth watching just for that, and Bard.

      Ohh no, I thought The Hunger Games movie was excellent, sorry to hear it didn’t match up with the image in your head! Fingers cross you like the second movie better. 🙂

  6. Catching Fire was everything; in Francis Lawrence we trust. I just can’t wait for Mockingjay any longer. It’s seriously killing me thinking about where they are going to split it because if it is where I think it is going to be I’ll probably die.

    For Smaug I am probably biased because so many of my favourite actors are in it that regardless if it was good or bad I was going to enjoy it. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice as Smaug AND the necromancer. Nuff said.

    And Divergent. Oh Divergent. I won’t lie and not say that the only reason I picked up the book when I did was because I saw the casting for Four and fell in love, but after I had read the book I was genuinely excited for the movie. And I was disappointed. Very disappointed. I just thought it was boring and all the fights looked overly choreographed. It probably doesn’t help that Shailene Woodley annoys me quite a bit. But yeah, I was really disappointed with it :(.

    • Agreed! Catching Fire was everything I hoped it would be and more. I don’t think I will ever tire of this franchise. Mockingjay feels like it is taking FOREVER. I’m worried about where they’re going to split it too. If it’s when the THING with Peeta happens my brain might implode! :S

      Ohh I thought Cumberbatch’s voice as Smaug was excellent, it was the amount of running away from him and trying to escape and all that which annoyed me. I felt it went on for too long and I always kinda felt Smaug was an old fashioned kinda dragon and it seemed to… I guess cheapen it a bit for me. I am a nitpicky bookworm though. 😉

      Ha! Love that you decided to read and watch it because of Theo, it’s amazing what a good bit of casting can do. Sorry to hear Divergent disappointed you! It did all feel very slick which I didn’t really like but I think because I had reasonably low expectations for the movie I came out mostly satisfied. Pssst, Woodley annoys me too, I totally understand. 😉

  7. Nice reviews! I’ve only seen Catching Fire, but I do want to eventually get around to seeing The Hobbit Part 2 and Divergent as I’m a fan of both of the books. In saying that, Divergent does appear a bit lacklustre, and I’m also not a big fan of Shailene Woodley.

    When I watched Catching Fire, I cried…multiple times. I think the best thing about the series is that even though it is for a YA audience, it doesn’t pull punches. It is a film/book about war and instead of making out that being a hero is great and yada yada yada, they’re created a story that shows how awful war is – and luckily Suzanne Collins’s story is backed up by great acting and direction!

    However, I wasn’t a fan of Mockingjay so haven’t decided if I’ll go see that at the cinemas…

    • Thank you! Well, it looks like you picked the best film to go and see of the three. 🙂 Catching Fire was definitely my favourite. I think lackluster is the perfect word for Divergent! It was missing a certain something all round. I was really worried when I saw the trailer because it didn’t appeal to me at all, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out in the end.

      Yes, Catching Fire is definitely a crying kind of movie, it got to me too! So much tension, upset and heartbreak aggh. I completely agree with you, for a film aimed at teens it doesn’t sugar coat anything or speak down to the watcher which is so important!

      Ahh yes Mockingjay, the most controversial book of the series. I loved it but I also understand why a lot of people didn’t. Who knows? Maybe the film will improve it for you. 🙂

  8. Hey book buddy :). Great revews! This may sound strange, but I’m not nearly as analytical about movies as I am about books, and I rarely compare them to the books because in my mind there is just no comparison. The books are always the best :). I go to the movies purely for entertainment – they don’t have to be realistic and if based on a book they don’t have to follow it exactly. It’s very rare for me to come out of a theatre disappointed. I loved all three of these movies and can’t wait for the next instalments :).

    • Thank you. 🙂 No that doesn’t sound strange at all! I’m definitely don’t critisize movies as much as I do books, when it comes to films I’m more of a passive watcher, whereas I’m usually an active reader.
      I think it’s great that you are able to view the book and film as two separate entities! It something I have been trying to master for a while but I haven’t totally succeeded yet. I still find myself going ‘they changed that!’ quite often but I’m not as bad as I used to be and it doesn’t impact my enjoyment as much any more. 🙂
      I think Desolation of Smaug is the first film I’ve been disappointed by in a very long time. Such a shame. I still can’t wait for part 3 though!

  9. Great reviews, Becky. Skitting laughing at your description of the Divergent poster, but it’s so true. I saw Divergent in the cinema and noticed the Ellie Goulding love, but I like her music so… Having not read the book, I didn’t know what to expect, but I enjoyed it, and liked both of the main characters. Looking forward to reading the novel next and seeing film number 2.
    Haven’t seen any of The Hobbit films, but thought Catching Fire was amazing, and found it more entertaining than the first, which I also liked a lot.

    • Thank you! Haha yeah, I definitely went a little into rant mode there, I just find that poster so ridiculous, and it looked even worse blown up on the wall of the tube. The funny thing about Ellie Goulding is that I think I would like a lot of her songs if she didn’t sing them, it’s her voice that I don’t like. 😛 I hope you enjoy the book as much as you enjoyed the film!
      Yay, so happy you loved Catching Fire too! Fingers crossed Mockingjay is just as good. 🙂

  10. I’m planning on reading Divergent after the book I’m reading right now, with an eye towards maybe making a menu for it next year. What did you think of the last two books in the trilogy?

  11. Love this post!
    I definitely know what you mean about The Desolation of Smaug. That movie was so long it was difficult for me to get through, and I was watching it in theaters!

    Divergent for me is the wired one, because I actually enjoyed the movie more than the book (which is saying something cause I loved the book). It is mostly because the antagonist (I can’t remember her name) gets more screen time than she does in the book.

    As for Catching Fire, I am not into the Hunger Game Series, so I can’t really say anything.

    Anyway I loved this post, and hope you’ll do some more soon!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you liked it!
      I’m glad it wasn’t just me shifting impatiently in my cinema seat. Desolation of Smaug was SO drawn out and long. The LOTR film are long but because they were so good and action packed I never really noticed. It didn’t work that way with The Hobbit unfortunately.

      You liked the Divergent film more? Very interesting. 🙂 You’re right the film showed a lot more of the antagonist which I thought was a good thing because in the book she wasn’t nearly as menacing!

      Ohh really? Did you try The Hunger Games and dislike it or has the craze just passed you by? Most people I know who like Divergent like The Hunger Games as well.

      Awwh thank you so much, I’ll do my best. 🙂

      • For Hunger Games it really isn’t either, it just sounds a little too dark for my tastes is all, especially since it involves a lot of young children dieing (really that 8 year old from the first one).

        The biggest issue with the Hobbit (or at least I think), it that it is such a short book and yet they are trying to stretch it out into 3 movies. The LOTR is a three book series, so there was plenty to fill three movies.They should have just made the Hobbit one movie, instead of trying to shove stuff in from The Silmarillion.

        Exactly! In the Divergent movie, Janine did pose a bigger threat while in the book she barely shows up. Then the finale fight scene was a lot better in the movie, and I liked how they not only kept the fight with Four, but also added a fight scene with Janine!

      • Ahh right I see, that’s fair enough. 🙂 It can be a little dark in places and the concept of young children dying is of course, horrible. That’s why the characters plights are so fascinating and inspiring to me, they’re fighting against oppression and it’s such a powerful story. It’s definitely a fave of mine but I can understand why it wouldn’t be for everyone!

        Yes I completely agree, stretching 1 book over 3 movies was always going to be a struggle, there’s just not enough material even taking into account their use of the appendixes from Return of the King! I think 2 could have worked, but 3? It’s too much.

        It think it helped that they picked Kate Winslet as well as she’s such a good actress.

        Thanks for reading! 🙂

  12. I haven’t seen Divergent, but now I so want too. I hate it when some of my favorite scenes get cut. I’m still upset about Uriha and the muffin scene.

    I liked the second Hobbit even better than the first and oddly I even liked the non canon love interest. Smaug was perfect!

    I liked the Catching Fire as much as the Hunger Games, I thought they did a good job fitting everything in. It almost felt too fast, like there wasn’t room to breath, but probably what they were going for.

    • Haha, I loved Uriha’s character. I was sad that in the movie we didn’t really get to see much of him or his personality.

      I did enjoy the love interest vibes and all the scenes with the elves were pretty cool, those were additions I quite liked. I more took issue with the fact that those scenes slowed the rest of the story down, when taking into consideration all the other bits and pieces they included!

      Glad to hear you enjoyed Catching Fire as well. 🙂 I know what you mean about the pacing, it was so intense!

  13. “he background is cool and atmospheric but what the heck is up with the actors’ body positions? They’ve gone to painfully obvious lengths to show off both Shailene Woodley’s boobs and butt in one shot because WOMEN ARE OBVIOUSLY ONLY THERE TO BE A PIECE OF MEAT.” WELL DUH. Even when it has a woman protagonist she still has to have the pose of a damsel in distress (see every single superhero film ever made).
    (i’m gonna stop commenting on your blog now but like yes i agree with thg review and you have made me reconsider giving up on Divergent so quickly – i only got 20 minutes in before i got bored ok)

    • I know well duh, but I hadn’t come across an example that was quite this blatant and stupid in a while, especially for YA! It really is exactly like a superhereo poster in terms of the pose. What makes me laugh most is that if Woodley moved her butt slightly she could knock her co-star of the ledge.
      Now that would be a short movie.
      Hahaa, no need to on my part, I always love comments!

      Don’t blame you about the start of Divergent, I rewatched it for the first time this week and was SO slow and kind of cringe with all the faction explanations etc, it gets better though. 🙂

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