Quoting the Quill #46

quoting the quill small

“She is too fond of books and it has turned her brain.”

– Louisa May Alcott

~ * ~

This quote is always one that makes me smile. People may think I’m a little crazy for loving to read so much, or perhaps even see me as nerdy, quirky, or eccentric because of it. But it makes me laugh because it’s like a little inside joke, because what they don’t realise is that it’s so much more fun to be that way! 🙂

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Quoting the Quill is an every other week meme created by me at Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic. It runs every other Wednesday. Want to find out more or join in the fun? Check out the details here.

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15 thoughts on “Quoting the Quill #46

  1. Interesting quote. I was about to label Louisa May Alcott as an old hag, until a quick Google showed her to be an author and that it was a quote from a book she wrote.

    And I’d rather sit next to a nerdy reader type, than some pratt who likes to kick off whenever football is mentioned.

    By the way, I sent you a message on Goodreads.

    • Haha! I know what you mean. I’ve never actually read any of Alcott’s books but I saw the film Little Women. The quote above has always been one of my favorites because the person who says it could mean it as an insult while the bookworm may take it as some kind of odd compliment. 🙂

      Definitely agreed on that!

      Ahh yepp thanks, I just got it. I’ll make sure to check I have the updated versions of your books. 🙂

  2. I’m with Mr Cargill. Give me a quiet reader and I’ll eat my lunch beside them any day of the week. Better than someone who talks a lot and doesn’t say much!

  3. I hear you! I’ve had people tell me I’m really weird for choosing to read over spending time outside in the sun. They turn their noses at the sight of books!

    They really do not know what they’re missing.

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