Quoting the Quill #50

quoting the quill small

“Always be a first rate version of yourself and not a second rate version of someone else.”

– Judy Garland

~ * ~

I think this quote is one of the most important life lessons anyone can give you! It can be so easy to focus on following the crowd and copying what other people are doing, or to emulate someone you admire in the hopes of becoming more like them. It’s human nature to compare yourself to others, the catch is, you’ll never be that other person no matter how much you try, and the more you try, the more you’ll fall short. To truly thrive and be happy you have to learn to be comfortable in your own skin and to find your own unique way of doing things and navigating the world. Once you do, you’ll be unstoppable!
Growing up, it took me a long time to realise that.

Thanks for the wise words, Judy!

~ * ~

Quoting the Quill is an every other week meme created by me at Blogs-Of-A-Bookaholic. It runs every other Wednesday. Want to find out more or join in the fun? Check out the details here.

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16 thoughts on “Quoting the Quill #50

  1. I like that quote. Simple and effective. 🙂

    How’s the closing days of Uni going? Exam overload? When will you know when you’ve passed?

    (I did say *when* you’ve passed. 🙂 )

    • Me too. 🙂

      Good thank, Tony! I’m in the exam period at the moment but I only have one to go and then all my work will be finished. It’s insanity! I can’t believe I’ll have made it through.

      Ha! I love your confidence, thanks. 🙂 I don’t think I will know until June unfortunately.

      • It’s a big thing to step into the world from Uni…working for a living, urk! 🙂

        June isn’t bad…that’s only next month, after all. I was thinking it would be September or October. Take the summer off and get in some three R’s: reading, relaxing and reviewing!

      • I know, eeep! I don’t know how to do non-student life.

        Yeah, we have to know by that point because of whether we get to go to the graduation ceremony or not. If I get there I’m totally going to feel like an extra on Harry Potter, hahaa. Ooooh, I like how you think! The three Rs, I like that. 🙂

  2. I’m happy with “me”, so I’m certainly not going to try to be anyone else :). Great quote!

    By the way, Bryan passed with flying colours (just like you are going to), and his graduation is on June 10th. Anddddd, Daniel picked his courses for first year uni, and he’s totally excited :).

      • Thanks Becky :). I have other exciting news today too. I nabbed two spots at an exclusive meet and greet with bestselling author, Nadia Hashimi, at the publisher’s offices in Toronto. She wrote the book, The Pearl That Broke Its Shell, and at the event we are each getting a free advance copy of her new book which comes out in July. There are only 30 spots available, so I was really lucky to get in. I’m really excited!

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