I’m going to YALC!


Hello everyone!

Today I wanted to highlight a bookish event going on in the UK. This is only the second year it has run so it’s a very new thing. While I saw many bloggers post about this event last year suggesting it’s widely known about, I thought I would mention it here just in case because I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out!

YALC is the UK’s first young adult literature convention and is held in London over three days with 40+ authors in attendance. It gives readers the chance to have books signed by their favourite authors, visit panels about bookish subjects and even take part in workshops and more!

If you’re from the UK, and are anything like me, you’ve probably seen all the amazing book events that go on around America such as BEA and YALLFEST and have pined with desperation at all the amazing photos and bookish goodness, secretly resenting your parents for not living in a book friendly part of the world! I think this is why YALC is so exciting, not only does it show that the YA genre is finally being taken more seriously and is here to stay, but it’s also suggests that organizations are finally responding to popular demand by finding ways that both readers and the book industry can benefit from getting together around the world, celebrating our love of books and inspiring this feeling in others.

July of this year will be my first time attending YALC, as I was unable to go last year. I have never gone to a book event of this magnitude, so I will be equally excited and intimidated! Unfortunately, I’m only going for one day as travel and tickets are expensive, but if I enjoy it enough I might see if I can go for longer next year if it runs again.

Since booking my ticket, I have gotten together a YALC to-read stack, aka, a pile of books from all the authors that are supposed to be at the event, whether officially or unofficially as book lovers. It’s a bit frustrating at the moment because there isn’t an official programme up and only a couple of authors have been confirmed for specific days. So basically, I have no idea who will be there on the day I go other than Cassandra Clare and Judy Blume. So, my aim is to try and get through as many of these as I can so that I will hopefully get the max enjoyment out of my experience!

2 (2)(I’ve read a few of these already and I accidentally left off Solitaire by Alice Oseman, whoops!)

Since I know that Cassandra Clare is definitely going, and I have never read a single one of her books, I’m also making The Mortal Instruments series a priority. I’m so excited to delve into this series because it has a huge following of passionate fans, and I want in! Here’s hoping I like it as much as everyone else.


If you’re interested in going to YALC there are still tickets available, and details can be found on this website.

Will you be going to YALC? Did you go last year? Do you ever wish that the country you live in held more book related events in your area? Let me know if you have any tips to help me survive attending my first book convention! 🙂

32 thoughts on “I’m going to YALC!

  1. So jealous! I think if there was anything close to me, I might be able to con my boyfriend into going. If not maybe my mom. Sadly, living in Florida is apparently not as important as the other coast…sigh. I do know Ellen Hopkins has been here which I missed because I had been working. Ugh. Being an adult 😉

    • Oh no, that sucks that you’re in an area where it’s difficult to get to any bookish events, but I can relate because until YALC came along I was in exactly the same situation! And even YALC is a long way to go for me. Here’s hoping authors, publishers and other organisations realise they can benefit from more events in your area in the future. 🙂

      And yes, being an adult does suck on occasion, haha!

  2. Yayyyyyyy!!!!!! I am soooo excited for you, and I wish I could go with you. Wouldn’t we have a blast? And you get to meet Samantha Shannon – I am so incredibly jealous LOL. So, you will need comfortable shoes for sure and a camera to make sure you get pictures of yourself with all the amazing authors. Other than that, try not to take too much else with you because you need your arms for carrying all of the amazing books :). I just know you are going to have the best time ever!

  3. This sounds like so much fun! I feel like I am missing out on so much, living in Australia. I’m pretty sure we don’t have any big bookish events here! It’s really quite sad! I’m excited to hear of your experience at YALC!

    • I hope so! Oh no, that’s so frustrating. There are some AMAZING Australian authors too. if they all got together it would be awesome. 🙂 I think more organisations in all different countries just need to realise there is a huge interest in these events and that it can be incredibly good for the publishing industry – more exposure to books and authors = more people buying book!. I imagine it is horribly difficult to arrange as well though. But have hope, I didn’t think anything like YALC would happen in the UK, and now it has. 🙂

      Thank you! I will definitely post about it.

  4. I am kind of horrified that you’ve never read any of Cassandra Clare’s books. Despite what some say about her and her books, I love her writing! She’s probably one of my favorite authors; I hope you like TMI (and then you MUST read TID after YALC).
    And I’m so jealous that you have the opportunity to meet CC and other big authors, hehe! 😉 I kind of understand what you mean when you mentioned about being both excited and intimidated. I have plans to go to Yallfest, which isn’t a really big book festival, this November. I’ve never been to a book con/fest of any magnitude though, so I’m kind of nervous and don’t know what the con/fest etiquette is (if that makes sense). So I can’t wait you hear your thoughts on YALC! Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic time at YALC, Becky! 😀

    • Hahaa, I’m sure you’re one of many that feels that way! I honestly don’t know how I haven’t started it until now. I guess it’s because I heard it was about angels which kind of put me off (I’ve had bad experiences with angel books). But I’ve actually just finished City of Bones and I really enjoyed it. 🙂

      Yes, I can’t wait! Oooh, Yallfest, I’ve heard and seen great things about that event around the blogosphere and regularly drool at the pictures. I totally understand your nervousness, but I am sure you will have a blast! It seems we can both be newbies together this year! Yes, that makes perfect sense, I’m worried about unwritten rules and etiquette too. I guess there’s only one way to learn!

      Thank you. 😀 I will definitely posting about my YALC and I hope you post about Yallfest, I would be really interested!

      • I’m so glad you enjoyed CoB! I can’t wait to hear what you think of City of Ashes. I really enjoyed that one, but City of Glass was my favorite TMI book.
        Oh and I know you have other books on your TBR, but make sure to read TID (if you plan to) before you read the last book of TMI. There’s some spoilers in CoHF for the other prequel trilogy. 🙂
        And thank you! Yallfest isn’t until November but I should probably make a TBR to get some priority reads in too. 🙂

      • Me too! I don’t think it will be too long until I pick up City of Ashes because OHH MY GOSH THAT ENDING. It totally threw me, I was NOT expecting it and now I desperately need to know what happens next. I will look out for City of Glass. 🙂 That is a useful tip, thank you!

        Ahh, such a long wait. Still, I’m sure it will be worth it! Maybe you should make your own Yallfest reading stack. 😀

  5. From experience, to survive a con you are going to A) need money, but make sure you keep it safe, there were a lot of people being robbed at MCM a few weeks ago – be wary! B) need food and C) need to stay hydrated. Take a bag with you, fill it with snacks and water because there will be a LOT of people and getting in and out to get food will be a faff. Also, when I was at LFCC and YALC last year, it was the hottest day of the year and I really needed the food and the water like LOADS. There will also be a lot of queuing and moving from booth to booth/room to room, so make sure you have a map of where everything is and a time table so you don’t miss out! Last year, the time tables and maps were on the wall as you went in and nowhere else so photograph them and keep them handy!
    Oh and most importantly, have fun!

    • Thanks, Leah, this is great advice! Especially about the food and water. I take it there isn’t anywhere inside to get food then? I was definitely planning on taking snacks but it seems I may need to up my game! Besides, there’s no time for getting food when there are authors to meet and listen to. 😉 Easy access food is a must.
      That’s so sad about people being robbed, but what’s even sadder is that I’m not surprised. It annoys me that people try to taint what is supposed to be a great day for people, but then, the people are ripe for the picking.
      A map sounds like a very smart idea, I’ll make sure to take a photo if it’s up on a wall.

      Hehee, let’s hope so. Thanks for you wise counsel, Yoda. 🙂

      • I don’t know what the food situation will be in excel (it was at earls court last year), they didnt have much in the way of food vendors inside (no one wants to pay £6 for a pre package sandwich anyway) excel is a much bigger venue so i suspect food will be easier to come by, but considering the time tables and the queues, always good to have emergancy snacks on your person!

  6. Aaaaaah!!! That’s so amazing! I wish Belgium had cool stuff like this. I saw this happening last year and thought “well, I’d like to go” but I didn’t know anyone so I thought I would look like a sad person on my own (which is also the reason why I’m not going this year).
    Have fun though!! I’m looking forward to reading a post-YALC blog post :p

    • Thank you! Belgium so should have cool bookish stuff like this, you should start a petition, LOL.

      Ohh no, that’s such a shame. I must admit I would be apprehensive about going on my own because it’s a big event which could feel a little overwhelming. Could you blackmail any non-bookish friends into going? Or lure them with the promise of seeing cool sights in London?

      Thank you, I will definitely be doing a blog about the event so keep an eye out. 🙂

  7. Ahh I have heard of YALC! I’ve never been to any sort of literature convention but it’s on my bucket list. I’m excited for your round-up post after you’ve been 😉

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