Quoting the Quill #53

Quoting the Quill 2

“I’m terrified that my journey won’t tie up all the loose ends nicely. Because this is a life, not just a story, and life doesn’t always go the way stories tell you.”

– Holly Bourne (The Manifesto on How to be Interesting)

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This quote was one that particularly stuck out to me while reading The Manifesto on How to be Interesting recently (you can read my review here)! The character is a teen writer who is obviously, interested in stories – what makes a good one, how best to write one, and why we as readers are so fascinated by them.

It caught my attention firstly because it’s true, I do often wonder whether my life will work out in a way that fits in a nice, neat little box with a happily ever after (let’s face it, this is not always the case in the real world), but also because it made me think about why we like books. There is something satisfying about picking one up and knowing there is a beginning, middle and an end. It’s something we take for granted with a story, but in real life it isn’t always a given. It made me wonder, is part of the reason we love stories because they are comforting in the sense that they have a resolution at the end, a kind of resolution we don’t always get in real life? It’s an interesting thought! What do you guys think?!?

P.S. Trying out a new banner, let me know your opinion – better or worse than the normal one? I’m undecided on whether to keep it or try out something else!

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9 thoughts on “Quoting the Quill #53

  1. I like the banner…goes with the theme of the rest of the blog nicely.

    As a writer, we’re always told not to use Deus Ex Machina and outrageous coincidences…even though they occur in life all the time. (It’s one of the minor themes of “Misery”, how messy life is compared to the organised and compartmentalised world of books. “There aren’t even *chapters* in real life,” a character complains at one point).

    And, as you said, it’s that neat order we lack in the world that we find so well in books and crave. A murder-mystery will *always* be solved, there *will* be an ending where everything is tied up (happy or otherwise). You know something else is coming when the plot looks like it’s winding up but you still have a thousand pages to go…

    And when there *are* loose ends, everyone complains! 🙂

    • That’s what I was going for, so yay!

      Yes, I do agree with that, Deus Ex Machina isn’t the best way to conclude a story – sometimes it CAN be shocking, but often, it’s not as satisfying. Misery sounds really interesting, and that’s definitely true. In real life everything is more complicated. I hadn’t even thought of the chapters thing but that’s funny and true!

      I completely agree and love the way you’ve put that. So often in real life solving the case isn’t possible no matter how much the detectives or police try. And stories have such predictible structures that are oddly comforting as well. 🙂

      HAHA! That is so true!

  2. The banner is wonderful!
    And I definitely agree that one of the reasons I read is because it’s like an escape from reality where you cab experience not just things you’d only wish or imagine would happen to you but definitely because we get a story with an ending – whether it be good or bad. Great post and a great quote!

    • I’m glad you like it, Josephine!

      Escapism is definitely the number one reason I love to read, but there’s this really cool quote by someone else that says something along the lines of ‘I don’t read to escape life, I read the delve further into it’ – or something like that! I think there is truth to that as well because you really do get to dig into what makes people tick, their motivations and their fears. 🙂

      Thanks you. 🙂

  3. Yes to the banner and YES to the quote.

    Life is fluid and uneven and unpredictable and well…downright messy. I’ve never thought about it before but I probably do like reading because there is a guaranteed beginning, middle and end with clear themes, clear characters and plot points all tied up as you finish the last page.

    This is quite a big revelation for a Monday morning.

    • Yay, yeses all around. 🙂

      100% agreed! Downright messy sums it up pretty well. I hadn’t thought about it before either which is why I loved this quote, it made me see things from another perspective.

      Haha, everyone needs a big revelation on a Monday morning!

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