An Unexpected Adventure: My Trip to A & E


Well, when I said I planned to seek out new experiences for one of my 2016 resolutions, taking my first ever trip to A & E wasn’t realllllllly what I had in mind!

I was just starting to get my blogging mojo back as well, and now I’ve had a months absence again, HMMPH. Anyway, I just wanted to explain why it went quiet, again.

So my tale starts about two weeks ago, on a bright and sunny Monday. I was shopping and experiencing what I thought were cramps, and I didn’t think much of it.
The next day I realised that I was probably suffering from a bladder infection (which is apparently realllly common), so I went to the GP to get some antibiotics. I had my theory driving test booked that week, and although I was in a lot of pain and feeling really rough (I had also been hit by a ton of cold symptoms) I managed to get through it and passed with ease, even though it was a complete blur!

However, by Thursday, I was feeling worse rather than better, and I was in pure agony despite being half way through the antibiotics. I couldn’t concentrate on anything, not even reading or watching TV, and was unable to get more than about 3 hours sleep over three days. Not cool! I tried to get another GP appointment but all the spaces were full, so I prepared for another painful night, with the pain now spreading from my abdomen to my back.

I FINALLY managed to get another GP’s appointment for Friday evening, and I was given a stronger set of antibiotics and painkillers, as well as a letter for the hospital for if I needed it, that would help me skip some of the initial proceedings as the GP was worried that it could be developing into a kidney infection.

Welllll, about an hour later I was in even more pain (if that was possible) and had an increased temperature as well as other warning signs that the Doctor said if they surfaced I should go to A & E, so I found myself being bundled into the car by my parents and driven to hospital – yay!

I went from nurse to nurse, being asked the same questions about what the problem was until I was finally put in a temporary waiting room kind of bed. I was given an ECG, my blood was taken and I was set up for IV drips (or whatever they’re called). I was also given some strong pain killers (thank god). They continued doing tests and I was left in limbo until eventually I was seen by a doctor at about 2am who confirmed I had a kidney infection and would have to stay overnight in a hospital wing. Eventually, a free bed became available at about 3.30am. I was given intravenous fluids (the see-through bag things) with antibiotics, and marveled at how I felt like an extra on Grey’s Anatomy (unfortunately, without all the good looking doctors).

Grey's Anatomy

The next day I spiked a horrible temperature which meant that I had to stay another night. I felt pretty damn out of it I have to admit, those painkillers were stroooong! But I managed to stay entertained by listening to the dramas of the beds on either side of me, those curtains aren’t exactly soundproof! My parents and boyfriend stuck around all Saturday and brought me goodies (including a McDonalds – hallelujah because hospital food SUCKS. No, it’s not just a cliché), and then Sunday until I was released, making the whole thing a bit less of a horrible experience. I was eventually released Sunday evening.

It’s a week later now and I’m still feeling very out of it and tired, but I seem to be on the mend! Phew.

FlowersedsBoyfriend flowers! *Melts.*

~ * ~

Considering I had never had my blood drawn, had an ECG or ultrasound, gone to A & E or stayed in hospital before, I’m choosing to look at the whole thing as a sort of unintended adventure/life experience. I didn’t enjoy it at the time (obviously), but it’s all about how you look at it, right? 🙂 And it all turned out okay, eventually!

Have you ever tried to turn a bad situation into an adventure or see it as a life lesson or experience later? Have you guys had any unexpected adventures in 2016?

29 thoughts on “An Unexpected Adventure: My Trip to A & E

  1. eeshh … that sounds bad.. My 2016 has been pretty uneventful so far .. in a good sort of way. It is my first winter in this country , and after all the initial excitement, snow does get boring after a while .. Can’t wait for the temperatures to get better.. But hey, been reading and hauling lots of books, so blogging has been fun..

    • It was pretty bad I must admit! But, all’s well that ends well as they say. 🙂 Snow? Boring? Never! Pha. No I must admit, I’ve never been much for snow. I love looking at it, as long as I don’t have to go out in it! I will keep my fingers crossed for less snow for you. 🙂 Reading and big hauls – I HIGHLY APPROVE. *internet high five*.

    • Yeah, I have to say I’m glad to be through the worst of it! Thank you. This whole experience has definitely made me appreciate modern medicine, LOL.
      Humph, yeah, funny how that works, eh? I think someone’s hiding them so they can have them all to themselves. Mean!!!

  2. Screw the signs like a spiking temperature!! As soon as you couldn’t concentrate on books you should have known it was a very serious illness and called an ambulance! LOL :). I’m so glad that you are feeling better because it makes me very sad when my book buddy is sick :(. Oh, and definitely hold on to that boyfriend. Those were beautiful flowers and very thoughtful. He’s a keeper for sure! As far as unexpected adventures go, I have lived with three males for the last 19 years. Enough said :).

    • Phahahhaaa! You crack me up. You are SO right. Why didn’t I think of that?! 😛
      I am very glad to be feeling better I must say. Things are still taking a lot more effort than they should, but apart from that, I’m almost as good as new. 🙂
      Hehee, I will do! I was very impressed with the flowers, and that he came to visit me while I was in there. The only downside is that he doesn’t like books, but I guess I can forgive that…maybe. 😉

      LOL. Enough said.

  3. I didn’t want to like this in case it came across as being a ‘hey, i like this story of pain and hospitals’ but I loved the positive way you told this! I’ve had a kidney infection before, so I quite literally feel your pain! Glad you’re on the mend and you can look at it as an experience now!

    • Hahaa, I get you!
      Thanks, I did debate whether to put it up here or not but then I thought, meh, why not. Maybe it will help someone else recognise the signs earlier. And it was an experience, and this blog has almost become a little like a diary, noting things down here helps me remember them!

      Ohh NO. Good to know that I’m not alone, though. I’ve never come across anyone else who has had this. I hope your experience wasn’t as bad as mine, and is now a distant memory!

  4. Oh my gosh that sounds like an absolutely horrible experience, I’m glad you’re able to put a more positive spin. I guess new experiences are always good, but it’s definitely better when they’re positive ones.

    I wish you good healing *hugs*

    • Yeah, it was kinda, but all is good now. 🙂 I always try to find the positive in things! At least now if I ever have to visit anyone in a hospital, I will know more about the system and how it works for instance.

      Thank you for the healing hugs! *Grabs them from the air.*

  5. Awww. So sorry to hear that you went through that, though I’m glad you had your family and boyfriend there beside you (lovely flowers btw)! I hope you’re feeling better now. 😦

    I get sick plenty. I always tell people I have the worst immune system. Plus I get allergic to just about everything. There was one time when I accidentally scratched my cornea with a pen and spent a few days in blinding pain, actually literally blinding… one other time where I spilled boiling hot tea on my wrist and it got so bad I had to be given antibiotics for flesh-eating bacteria… haha, and those are just off the top of my head!

    • Me too! I have to say, even though I was feeling really unwell, the boredom was still creeping in. I think I might have gone a little crazy without the company. xD

      Ohh no! I tell people that too, I’m one of those people that gets every cold going, but it sounds as if your immune system is even more mean than mine. 😦 Flesh-eating bacteria – yikes. I have to admit to making that mistake with the kettle myself. Occupational hazard of drinking lots of tea lol!

  6. Ahh gutted you had this horrible experience, but I’m majorly impressed with how you’ve viewed it 🙂 It’ll provide you with countless anecdotes for the future! Being on a hospital ward is horrendous but can also be really funny, especially when you nosy on the people in the beds around you. I’ve seen and heard SO many things that are completely bizarre!

    Hopefully you’re back to your old self now 🙂

    • Yeah, I keep joking to my parents that January is the most boring month of the entire year so I thought I would spice it up a bit and make it more interesting. 😉
      YES. I imagine it could be quite good inspiration for a writer because you hear the most random conversations and see some right characters. But it is also horrible to hear and see others in pain, I’m glad I didn’t have to stay any longer.

      I am, thank goodness!

  7. That was an adventure though a very painful one. I’m glad that you’re doing better and I hope you continue to feel well. The first time I’ve ever went to a hospital for an emergency, I kept thinking of Grey’s Anatomy as well, which helped at the time because I was more curious than scared.

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