Book Fangirling Blog Award

book fangirling blog award

I don’t normally post about blog awards these days, mostly because I get quite a lot of them and I feel like the posts can get repetitive and aren’t that fun for people to read, but Read by Umbreen nominated me for this one, and how could I resist it with a title like ‘the book fangirling award’ AND when it has a picture of a Harry Potter jumper? 😉 This one is exactly my cup of tea, so thank you, Umbreen for thinking of me!

The Rules:

  • Create a post to accept your award.
  • Add the blog award button into your post and put it on the side of your blog as a widget. Visit fangirling for the award button.
  • Answer the questions I have below.
  • Nominate between 5-10 book bloggers who you think also deserve this award.
  • Come up with your own 5 questions for your nominees.

So here are Umbreen’s questions:

1) What is your favorite book fandom?

Hmm, this is a difficult one for me, because even though I am a huge fangirl and there are loads of books that I love, I never really consider myself to be in fandoms. Maybe because I don’t use tumblr I never got into that way of thinking, despite doing everything that comes under the definition such as obsessing, being part of a community that is passionate about something and collecting memorabilia. If I was going to define myself as having a favourite fandom, I would have to go with Harry Potter, which I guess is the boring answer, but it’s the one that has been with me the longest, it’s the book series I’ve reread the most number of times, and it’s definitely the series I’ve collected the most nerdy things for from clothing to mugs! I’ve also been to the Warner Bros HP Studios and Platform 9 3/4.

2) Last book character that you became absolutely obsessed with?

I would say Evie from The Diviners by Libba Bray. I love that little ball of spunk. She’s such a vibrant character full of energy, and I found it refreshing that she wasn’t your average cliché YA lead. She’s outgoing and overconfident rather than shy, and she’s more vain and self-centered too, but she has a good heart. Her voice was just so much fun, and I can’t wait to see what she gets up to next!


3) Which popular book series were you really looking forward to but just didn’t do it for you?

I’m going to go with Throne of Glass. I don’t want to judge this one too harshly yet because I’ve only read the first novel in the series, which many say is the weakest, but ohh man I just had SO many expectations for this novel. Kick-ass heroine? Check. YA? check. Fantasy? Double check! Assassins? YUSSSSSS. But wow this book fell flatter than a pancake for me. It was so meh. The protagonist was vain in an annoying way, all the secondary characters seemed so uninteresting, the fight scenes made me yawn. *Sigh.* I am going to give book 2 a go, but I think Sarah J Mass is going to have to throw something pretty spectacular into the mix to get me to change my mind.


4) What is something you love about blogging?

Just ONE THING?!???? Ohh, that’s so mean. Okay, um. It’s got to be how it enables me to connect with so many lovely people that otherwise I would never get the chance to know, whether they’re people just up the road or someone in a country half way around the world. Through blogging, I feel like I’ve gained hundreds of friends. They’re different to the kind of friends you see every day, but they’re still friends. It sounds silly but sometimes just comments from people I’ve never met saying ‘you can do it’, ‘you’re smart’ and ‘great review’ have helped me to keep going, especially at times when I was low. You guys are always there for me, witnesses to the big events in my life from the other side of a computer screen, and you even offer me great advice that I often use! I love been surrounded by such brilliant, passionate and friendly individuals, you always brighten my day. 🙂

5) Name one of your favorite authors and describe what you like about them so much.

Trouble by Non Pratt 311758844_10205749410308023_933049598_nedsRemix by Non Pratt

Non Pratt!!!! (And yes I am a broken record). (Basically just an excuse to post this photo again).

Not only was this author SO LOVELY AND FRIENDLY AND DOWN TO EARTH when I met her, (big bonus) but I just love how realistically her stories depict teen life. There’s no sugar coating, no preaching and no downplaying sex and how teenagers actually have it and how it’s not all sparkly unicorns and rainbows. Not to mention, her writing is hilarious and makes you think. Her book Trouble will never leave me. Non managed to take the kind of girl I would have disliked and looked down on in school and possibly even slut shamed (without realising what I was doing or knowing why) and totally turned the character into a relatable, raw little gem of a human. Oh, how I wish I this novel had been available to me when I was at school so I could understand the weird school playground logic.

Okay, so my five questions are:

1.) What was your favourite read from 2015 and why?

2.) What’s the most nerdy fangirly item you own? (E.g. necklace, poster, mug etc.)

3.) What do fandoms do for you? Aka, what do you get out of being a part of one, belonging, friendship, etc.

4.) If you could pick one character from your favourite fandom to be your best friend, who would you choose and why?

5.) How do you react when you meet someone that has never read/watched/heard of your favourite fandom? (A few options: clonk them over the head, shove a book in their face, do the hokey cokey.)


I nominate, Leah @ The Perks of Being a Bookworm, Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff, Niki @ The Obsessive Bookseller, Erika @ and Claire @ Art and Soul. Plus, any other fangirl/boy who fancies answering my questions. 🙂

Happy Reading everyone!

24 thoughts on “Book Fangirling Blog Award

  1. Kinda fangirling over the fact that you’re one of my favourite blogs and you mentioned me! Looking forward to doing this one! (though it’ll be tough because I won’t be able to include you in my favourite blogs bit!)

  2. Everyone was so excited with the throne of glass series but I didn’t even finish book 1. It was so slow. I will give it a second chance tho.

  3. Great post! I have to say, I liked Throne of Glass, but found it lacklustre considering how hyped it was BUT (and this is a massive but) as the series went on it just got better and better- I highly recommend reading on, because it really is one of those series that improves as it goes along 🙂

  4. Wow, that was fast, and I liked your answers! Harry Potter is probably my favorite fandom too. Thinking about the series gives me a bit of a homey feeling. 🙂 Also, I love Throne of Glass – Celaena’s character growth is so gorgeous and it definitely continues to blossom throughout the series! But I guess I can she how she might have rubbed you the wrong way. I did read it just before it got super popular, so it wasn’t as overhyped for me as it seems to have been for you.

    P.S. I own a time turner necklace.

    • Hehee, I know right? I’m not normally that efficient, but what can I say, seeing that pretty Harry Potter t-shirt and your fun questions just made me want to blog. 🙂
      It gives me a homey feeling too, it’s a great comfort series! I do really want to love the Throne of Glass series, so I’m hoping Maas can make a convert of me yet. Who knows, maybe I just wasn’t in the right mood? I don’t know. Hype is definitely an evil monster that can get in the way of you liking books.

      (I have a time turner keyring 😉 )

  5. Ok, I’m just going to answer one if that’s ok. My nerdiest fangirl item is my Harry Potter toothbrush, and it really is quite cool you know LOL :). Oh, and I am over halfway through Lair of Dreams and really enjoying it. It’s not quite a 5 star series for me, but it’s really good and very different from any other series I have read. Now, as for Throne of Glass, I actually bought the first 3 books when I was at the Pierce Brown event last week. I’m almost tempted to take them back now because I trust your opinion, but after reading other comments about how much the series improves I think I’ll still give it a try :).

    • That is totally ok. A Harry Potter toothbrush? NO WAY. I didn’t even realise that was a thing that existed! How cool. I want one!!! Hehee.
      Oooh, awesome, I didn’t know you were reading it. That’s ok, book 1 wasn’t a 5 star for me either despite how much I love it. Maybe with retrospect it should have been… but I did have a few little niggles with it. I think that’s why I loved it so much, it’s uniqueness. It is such a fun series and I’m really glad to hear you’re getting along with it! (I always get nervous when people buy or get books based on my recommendations).

      Ohh noooo! Lol. Well, I wouldn’t be too worried. This series is loved by so many people, and you know I am more picky and finickity about my books than you. 😉 Definitely still worth trying it!

      • I finished Lair of Dreams, and it was really good. However, there was something definitely missing for me. It just didn’t mesmerize me like I wanted it to.

        Oh, by the way, I also have a Harry Potter mug where pictures appear on the side as hot liquid fills the mug :). It is totally cool!

      • Ahh man that sucks, I did really love the dream walking, and Evie being a sweetheart seer and dragging Sam around! I did think it was a bit too long though!
        Oooh, that’s so cool, I’ve seen a few of those on the Internet. Have you seen the marauders map one? It’s soooo awesome. XD

  6. I just spent my last week at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter so I had to click on this post, haha. I fangirl hard for HP. I never got into the ‘Outlander’ series that everyone seemed to love two years ago (written well before that). I thought the plot was too meandering and the number of close calls was infuriating. Happy reading!

    • I APPROVE. *Fist bump.* I fangirl hard for HP too, and I love that it’s such a well-known series, because it means you can fangirl with lots of others. 🙂

      Funny enough, despite being a huge fantasy fan, I’ve never fancied reading Outlander either. However, I did recently watch to TV adaption and loved it! So maybe if you didn’t get on with the book, it might be worth giving that a go? I don’t know how similar they are though!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading. 🙂

  7. Lol at that flatter than a pancake. I’ve decided to read the second Throne of Glass book too because I’m curious to see what’s so great about it. But I’m wary so I’ll borrow from the library this time.

  8. I agree on Throne of Glass. I was disappointed when reading the first book. Maybe I expected too much from the hype but, like you’ve mentioned I thought the main character was too vein! At the beginning she couldn’t stop about how beautiful she used to look and how the mines (it were mines, right?) and captivity made her ugly. Then, she was going on how she was “the best” in what she did – and how old must she have been? I find it…unrealistic to the point she came across as arrogant too.

    Harry Potter is the boring answer, isn’t it? But it would be mine too :p There’s not one fandom that has had such an impact on me than Harry Potter. I wrote fan fictions, I went to London twice specifically to visit the studios, I’m going to the Exhibition this summer in Brussels, I own clothes and mugs and wands and…well…let’s say it’s the only fandom I feel like I belong to :p

    Also, I came across your Outlander comment above… the first book is a lot better than the tv series first season. Seriously. It’s…book Jamie is LOVE. Tv Jamie is…lust :p But it can be a bit overwhelming when you consider the amount of pages and I have to admit there are a few passages that can be…a bit boring but, Outlander was awesome. Dragonfly in Amber is a lot slower though but I loved Voyager again! I recently read Drums of Autumn and I was disappointed with it, although it was still great, I didn’t like some elements from that particular book… but Outlander…that’s definitely worth reading! 🙂

    • Hi, Fien! Sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this comment, l’m a bad blogger. :S

      I’m so relieved to hear that you agree with me about Throne of Glass, I honestly couldn’t see what other people were liking about it! YES. She is obsessed with talking about her own beauty…and noticing other notice her beauty. Eugh. Not an attractive quality. I also think – if you have to say how you’re the best all the time, your clearly not the best? I feel like the author needed to show this instead of telling us repeatedly?

      Haha, *Harry Potter high five!* There’s an exhibition in Brussels this summer?!?! When is it? I might be able to pop over for that if it looks good! Thanks for the tip. 🙂

      I’ve got to admit, the main draw for Outlander was Jamie and the general steamy-ness. I feel like, because picking up GoT has been so much work (although enjoyable) that I don’t want to pick up Outlander as well, if that makes sense? Too many big books = headaches, even for me! (And I usually enjoy, even seek out, big books).

      Thanks for the awesome comment. 🙂

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