Top Ten Bookish People You Should Be Following on Twitter


Top Ten Tuesday DIFF TYPE

Top Ten Tuesday is an awesomely original weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish.

Hey, guys! So I’ve decided to participate in my first ever Top Ten Tuesday if you can believe it. I’m not a big meme person, but this is one I’ve really come to admire over the years because it seems so fun and creative, plus, LISTS. So, here goes nothing. 🙂 This week’s topic is ‘bookish people you should follow on Twitter/Instagram/Youtube/Snapchat/Facebook. I’m going to pick Twitter because it’s my favourite platform, and I’m going to split my post into two, my top five authors on twitter and my top bookish bloggers.


1. Non Pratt | @NonPratt.

Not only is she a brilliant and talented author, her witticisms also lend themselves very well to 140 characters. Her tweets are made up of a mix of interesting articles on books and writing and funny anecdotes from her life. Most of all, though, I like that she’s an active member in the community, she’ll always try and answer your tweets!

2.  Samantha Shannon | @say_shannon.

I only followed Shannon’s Twitter recently after discovering her books, and I regularly find myself chuckling at her dry British humour. I love reading her writer-ly frustrations. It’s also great getting little snippets and updates about the next books in The Mime Order series!

3. J.K. Rowling | @jk_rowling.

She’s not your usual tweeter because she doesn’t say much, but you can bet that when she does, it’s something really important, enlightening or exciting. Whether she’s talking politics, an important cause or Harry Potter, she usually sends the internet bonkers within a couple of minutes. Take the other week for example, when she posted the rejection letters she got for the Robert Galbraith books!

4. Holly Bourne | @holly_bourneYA.

Holly is a great author with a very active Twitter. She’s super into feminism and mental health, which are two of my favourite topics, so I enjoy reading about those. I also love how she uses her Twitter for her book research, it’s fun to see all the varied responses she gets!

5.  Libba Bray @libbabray.

Like Rowling, you won’t find her to be active on Twitter every day and she doesn’t interact with her fans as much as some authors, but I seem to find every tweet of hers absolutely hilarious. She’s got a brilliant sense of humour and her blog posts are awesome too!


6. Cait | @PaperFury.

This lady is one sassy ball of awesome. If you’re into Capslock squealing, bonding over painfully accurate reading woes and fangirling, you will feel right at home. Cait is also wicked good at photography and has recently created her own Society 6 store which has ALL THE PRETTY BOOKISH THINGS. So I love seeing updates about this through her Twitter.

7. Charl | @CharlDibs.

This girl is always full of wit, sarcasm and self-deprecation, and best of all, SHE LIKES BOOKS TOO. This lovely lady will never admit how awesome she is (any hint of a compliment will be posi-tut-ely deflected), but if you’re looking for someone who posts awesome bookish content and who will always be friendly and up for conversations, look no further. (I cannot count the amount of endlessly long conversation we’ve had on twitter!)

8. Amber | @MileLongBookS.

Amber is one smart girl and she is going places. She has both a blog and a Youtube channel both of which I love, and her twitter is thoughtful and fun too. She’s often the leader of discussions in the UK book blogging community and is always coming up with new ideas and highlighting bookish events. She’s my go to for up-to-date book releases and book event developments!

9. Jamie | @brokeandbookish.

Ever since I discovered this girl’s blog and twitter, I have been a great admirer. Her style is so effortlessly natural, and reading her blog or tweets is kind of like having a casual chat over coffee with a friend. She’s also really good at linking to her blog posts on twitter without making it seem like annoying self-advertising (teach me, Yoda!).

10. Leah | @leeeeeeeeah.

Leah is an awesome ball of energy, and her tweets reflect that. She’s a great blogger and I love her twitter because it’s always full of lots of nerdy memorabilia and fangirly merchandise that I immediately want to add to my wishlist. She’s also super friendly and always up for chatting! (She’s another person I’ve had many long conversations with over Twitter.)


~ * ~

So, what are you waiting for? Go follow these peeps!! And don’t forget to follow me at @FuzzySlipper22, it’s my favourite medium to discuss books (other than blogging,of course). 😉

10 thoughts on “Top Ten Bookish People You Should Be Following on Twitter

  1. *shrieks* OMG YOU ARE SO VERY KIND. HERE IS CAKE FOR YOU. (okay, yes, I might be a little too fond of the all caps but #noregrets) 😂 Honestly this completely made my day, thank you. ❤

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