The ‘I Spy’ Book Challenge | Highlighting some Awesome Books!

The 'I Spy' Book Tag Challenge

Hello bibliophiles, caffeine addicts and dragon riders!

I was tagged by the wonderful Sprinkles of Dreams to do this tag (if you haven’t been to her blog before, check it out, it’s gorgeous!). I definitely pick and choose which tags I participate in these days, but this one looked like so much fun that I wanted to jump right in!

Rules for the tag: Find a book that contains (either on the cover or in the title) an example for each category. You must have a separate book for all 20, get as creative as you want and do it within five minutes!

Um, yeah. So this definitely didn’t take me 5 minutes…more like an hour. But I had SO much fun matching books up! I really struggled with finding books for a few of the categories so I decided to spread the challenge to both books I have read and books on my wishlist that I’ve have heard good things about. Hopefully, this post may make you want to add a few books to your wishlist too! 🙂


Body of Water // Product of Fire // Royalty

Challenger Deep       City of Ashes      Queen of Shadows

Challenger Deep | Status: Wishlist | Comments: It’s on my wishlist because YA, mental health rep, and IT SOUNDS LIKE A POWERFUL BALL OF EMOTIONS.

City of Ashes | Status: ★★★ | Reasons to read: I was such a latecomer the Shadowhunter universe and while my ratings varied quite a bit per book, I absolutely gobbled this series up. So easy to binge read! Overall series rating: ★★★★ 

Queen of Shadows | Status: ★★★★ | Reasons to read: I was not convinced by the Throne of Glass series from book 1, but the enjoyment factor has grown with each book. This series is totally overdramatic, smutty and fun! Overall series rating so far: ★★★★ 


Animal // Something You Read // Colour

The Last Unicorn     Uprooted     The Priory of the Orange Tree

The Last Unicorn | Status: ★★★★ | Reasons to read: If you like old school classic fantasy full of wonder, magical creatures, evil villains and castles… this is for you! Plus, well, UNICORNS.

Uprooted |Status ★★★★★ | Reasons to read: Immersive and imaginative with beautiful imagery. It’s characters vs a mystical enchanted wood. Major fairytale vibes!

The Priory and the Orange Tree | Status: Wishlist, awaiting release | Comments: A LONG-ASS BOOK ABOUT DRAGONS? WRITTEN BY SAMANTHA SHANNON?  UM, THIS WAS OBVIOUSLY WRITTEN FOR ME. *LAUNCHES SELF THROUGH TIME TO 2019* I love the research and mythology Samatha Shannon incorporates into her books, and I love dragons, so um, gimmie.


Time of Day // Paranormal Being // Occupation

Nevernight     Vampire Academy     The Handmaid's Tale

Nevernight | Status: Wishlist | Comments: I’ve heard nothing but good things about this book. It’s full of assassins, family drama and I suspect bloody revenge. It sounds fast-paced and epic!

Vampire Academy | Status ★★★ | Reasons to read: This is another much-loved series I’ve come late to. I had my doubts because vampire books have been done to death, but there’s actually a lot to love about this series and I’m currently on book 5. I’d rate the overall series 4 stars so far!

The Handmaid’s Tale | Status ★★★★ | Reasons to read: It’s a classic for a reason and will chill you to the bone! A dark and horrifying dystopian world where women’s only role is to be babymakers. ALL THE FEMINIST VIBES.


Transportation // Number // Weapon

Ghost train to new orleans      Numbers      Scythe

The Ghost Train to New Orleans | Status: ★★| Reasons to read: So this is the only book on here I can’t actually recommend (but I couldn’t resist using an awesome title like that for the transport category!) I LOVED the concept of the Shambling Guide series, but unfortunately the Buffy style sassy protagonist writing travel guides for demons and monsters wasn’t quite as good as  I hoped in reality.

Numbers | Status: ★★★★ | Reasons to read: Cool concept where the protagonist can read people’s death dates above their head. Overall series rating: 

Scythe | Status: ★★★★ | Reasons to read: Fabulous world building, lots of mass murder in a world where killing can be an occupation, oh, and all the characters get to wear epic cloaks!

Family Member // Music // Clothing Item

Sisterhood of the travelling pants     A Thousand Perfect Notes     Simon vs the Homosapiens agenda.jpg

The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants | Status: ★★★ | Reasons to read: A Sweet summery book about friendship and dealing with change when growing up. Overall series rating: ★★★

A Thousand Perfect Notes | Status: Wishlist | Comments: It’s written by an awesome blogger I follow Paper Fury and it’s her debut novel. Her blog writing is brilliant, funny and creative and I know her book will be full of sass!

Simon vs the Homo Sapiens Agenda | Status ★★★★★ | Reasons to read: Unbelievable adorableness that will make your heart explode. I JUST WANT TO HUG THIS STORY CLOSE TO MY CHEST AND CARRY IT WITH ME EVERYWHERE FOREVER.


Food // Season // Architecture

The art of french kissing     That Summer     The Museum of Heartbreak

The Art of French Kissing | Status: Wishlist | Comments: Teen cooking competitions and…who am I kidding I just want it because THE COVER. #shallow

That Summer | Status: ★★★★| Reasons to read: One of Dessen’s simpler summery novels where not much actually happens plot-wise, but the characters and family dynamics are realistic and endearing.

The Museum of Heartbreak | Status: ★★★★ | Reasons to read: A fun romance novel with a cool concept – the main character collects objects that she feels are linked to her heartbreak, be it romantic, platonic or family related. Also, there’s lots of talk about DINOSAURS.


Celestial Body // Something That Grows

                          The Sun and Her Flowers        A Tree Grows in Brooklyn .jpg

The Sun and her Flowers | Status: Unread on bookshelf | Comments: I loved Rupi’s  simplistic poetry collection Milk and Honey about love, feminism, and heartbreak so I can’t wait to give her second collection ago (which just dropped through my postbox last week!)

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn | Status: Wishlist | Comments: I actually know very little about this book but I love the title, and it would be another great classic to tick off the Rory Gilmore Challenge!


I tag….
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Let's Chat

Have you read any of the books above or are any on your wishlist?
I would also love to see if you can give me any book recommendations that fall into any of the categories above – how’s that for a challenge!


16 thoughts on “The ‘I Spy’ Book Challenge | Highlighting some Awesome Books!

  1. I like the look of “Numbers”, I’ll drop that into my TBR! All those covers look brilliantly created.

    I’ve had to give up riding dragons for a while. Chafing, you know!

    • Numbers was a cool book, I don’t remember it that well now though, I must of read it about 8 years ago! I believe it’s slightly more towards middle-grade than YA. Your library will probably have it!

      Give up dragons?! NEVER. You’re right though, there is the danger if chafing – pretty sure there’s a magical ointment for that!

    • I read Numbers a few years ago and really liked the concept, just as Becky says. From reading the blurb I pictured a ‘big’ story like Hunger Games where the protagonist influences on a much wider scale, I only read the first in the series, but found it interesting that it was done on a much smaller, more individual level.

      • That’s a good point, Mel! It is done very much on an individual level, it was written before all those cool kids decided to go out there and change the world with their powers. One of the things I actually really liked about it (that you’ve reminded me of) is that it showed the limitations of how a teen with powers would actually be able to affect the world.

  2. This sounds like a great list – I can’t believe anyone could put it together in five minutes though! Just reading your picks I could only think of an odd few for me, so I would need to trawl to find them. Picked up another couple of reads from this, so thanks 🙂

    • Me neither! I think it’s impossible. That’s the thing, some of the categories I could have picked from 10-15 different book options, but for others I really struggle to find even one (like the food category).

      Oh that’s great, I’m so glad you picked up a few new reads from this. My curiosity has got to know – which ones?!

    • No problem! Looking forward to hopefully reading your answers. 🙂

      I’ve yet to read the Infernal Devices books but I’ve heard they’re just as good! I’m hoping having read all of the other series first that my brain will be on the ball enough to recognise the overlaps, references and crossovers.

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