The 12 Days of Christmas: A Bookish Wishlist if Money was no Object!

The 12 Days of Christmas A Bookish Gift Guide
Hello, Bookworms!

It’s that time of the year where we’re all rushing around buying gifts for our loved ones and also making our own wishlists for what we might like this Christmas.

One of the things I love most about the book community is that it’s so passionate and creative. Through blogging, I have come across many amazing people who develop their own bespoke designs based on bookish fandoms and themes.

For a while, I’ve been trying to think of a way of showcasing this amazing creativity, and so I’ve put together this list of 12 bookish gifts I’d be ecstatic to find under my tree this year. Most of this list focuses on independent sellers because I think it’s really important that we try to support them (money allowing)! 😀

I hope that this list either a) makes you squeal at the bookish gloriousness b) gives you something to add to your wishlist or c) gives you some good gifting ideas for friends and family!
So here we goooooo!


On the first day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, a partridge in a pear tree…  and a Platform 9 3/4 Harry Potter signnn!

Harry Potter platform sign Etsy

RRP: £19.99 | Where? A Touch of Sparkle, Etsy

Why I’d like it as a gift: Well firstly, because HARRY POTTER. BUY ALLLL THE HARRY POTTERRRRRR. Secondly, I’m a big fan of rustic decor and I love that this looks like a road sign. I think it would look amazing on one of my bookshelves (if I could find the space) or a windowsill, OR loud and proud in a living room! It’s a great bold piece to declare you’re a Potterhead. 🙂

On the second day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, two turtle doves…  and a Peter Pan printtt!

Peter Pan quote Print

RRP: £6.50+ (depending on size) | Where? AbbieImagine, Etsy

Why I’d like it as a gift: For most of us, books and tea go hand in hand (whether you like traditional English Breakfast or something like Chai, mint or berry) so why not combine your love or tea and books with this cute art print? I feel like this quote pretty much sums me up as a person – the boyfriend knows that whenever I’m on an adventure, there’s a priority to make sure tea is available at all times (and this sometimes means rushing out in the middle of the night in a foreign country trying to decipher packaging in a different language)!

On the third day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, three French hens…  and a bookish TShirttttttt!


RRP: £21.15 | Where? Blissfully Bookish, Etsy

Why I’d like it as a gift: I love when bookish things get combined with fashion, and this TShirt is one of the best I’ve seen because IT’S CLASSY. I feel like you could get away with wearing this TShirt shopping, unlike some others that you might get odd looks for! I love the beautiful typography and the earthy green colour too.

On the fourth day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, four calling birds… and a dragon cushion coverrrrrrr!

Paper Fury Dragon cushion society 6

RRP: $29.99 | Where? Paper Fury, Society 6

Why I’d like it as a gift: This cushion cover is GORGEOUS. The blue and gold hues would match my room perfectly, and I regularly lament the need to have pet dragon. I just know this cushion would bring me so much amusement and joy each time I walked into my room. 😀 Plus, it was created by Paper Fury who has an awesome blog. Check out her shop for other gorgeous designs!

On the fifth day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, five gold ringggs…  and magnetic fandom bookmarksssss!

fandom bookmarks.jpg

RRP: £3.51 each Where? NeverfadesBookmark, Etsy

Why I’d like it as a gift: I ADORE THESE WITH EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING. For about 10 years now, I have been a solid believer in using only magnetic bookmarks after a couple of incidents when I was younger when I lost my page and painstakingly had to find it again. Most magnetic bookmarks are pretty boring, but I came across these anime-style book characters and I feel like I want to buy the whole collection and use them for life! They’re just adorable! I will definitely be treating myself in the New Year. 😀

On the sixth day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, six geese laying…  and a 100 books scratch bucket list posterrrrr!

100 books bucket list sratch poster

RRP: £12.99 | Where? Gift Republic, Not on the High Street

Why I’d like it as a gift: This one’s on here for the fun factor. I love bookish lists so I’d be very interested to see what would be on their 100 books bucket list. It would also be a cool way the change up you’re reading! (For those less book inclined, this shop also has bucket lists such as 100 beers, movies, and cheeses).

On the seventh day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, seven swans swimming… and YA fandom book candlessssss!

YA book candles

RRP: £3-£10 depending on size | Where? Bookish Burns, Etsy

Why I’d like it as a gift: Since joining Instagram, I’ve realised there are SO MANY bookish candle options out there I never even knew existed! I love adding candles to my bookshelf but I don’t have any book themed ones yet. I love that this store offers fandom specific options with pretty glitter on the top (also great for those flat-lay bookstagram photos 😉 )

On the eighth day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, eight maids milkingggg… and a lightning bolt ringggggg!


RRP: £16 depending on size | Where? EmilyJosephJewellery, Etsy

Why I’d like it as a gift: I love the simplicity of this Harry Potter ring. I feel like it’s a really subtle and cool way to sneak the fandom into everyday life; whether out with friends or at work, you can take a bit of wizard magic with you!

On the ninth day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, nine ladies dancinggg… and bookish mugssss!

Evie Seo coffee mugs

RRP: $12.74 | Where? Evie Seo, Society 6

Why I’d like it as a gift: Evie’s designs are beautiful, and many of them link to Young Adult book fandoms. My personal favourite product of hers has to be her mugs! They’re all so adorable and funky, and I love the typography that she uses. In my opinion, you can never get enough mugs, and if they’re bookish mugs, ALL THE BETTER.

On the tenth day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, ten loards-a-leapinggggg… and a Hobbit door keyringggggg!

Hobbit door keyring

RRP: £8 | Where? SpotTheTrend, Etsy

Why I’d like it as a gift: I love the land of Hobbits, and part of that is based in the quintessential Britishness that the Shire inspires. I also love Celtic designs in general, so I think this keyring is beautiful! I think it would make me smile every time I got my keys out. 😀

On the eleventh day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, eleven pipers pipingggg… and a Book Queen Laptop Sleeveeeeee!

Book Queen laptop sleeve.png

RRP: $38.99 | Where? Bookwormboutique, Society 6

Why I’d like it as a gift: I think this design is adorable! Ever since I got my new laptop I’ve been in need of a protective sleeve, and I would be a happy bookworm to receive one as lovely as this! The delicate floral design and gold type are exactly my jam. 🙂 This shop also has lots of other cool bookish designs you can check out!

And last but not least….. on the twelfth day of Christmas I hope my true love gives to meeeee, twelve drummers drumminggg… and a Funk Pop Harry Potter advent calender!

Harry Potter Funko Pocket Pop Advent Calender

RRP: £59-£75 | Where? Anywhere you can scramble to find it! The only one still in stock I can find in the UK is with Magic Madhouse.

Why I’d like it as a gift: THIS IS THE BEST THING I’VE DISCOVERED THIS MONTH. A funko pop Harry Potter advent character, where you get a different miniature surprise each day?!?! I’m literally crying internally that this is so expensive and that I can’t quite justify it to myself. These little figures would make a perfect Potter scene on my bookshelf (I have an entirely HP dedicated shelf). There’s still a chance that my finger may just slip over the buy button. I’m also keeping an eye on ebay to see if I can get hold of one!


Lets chat

So that’s a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the post and found a few products that you may be interested in buying this Christmas, either as a present to yourself or a fellow bookworm. Rather than buying from a big retailer, why not considering giving these independent sellers a go instead this year?
If money was no object, which ones of these products would you most like for Christmas?
What bookish gifts are you hoping to get this year? Have you bought anyone a bookish gift this Christmas? 


30 thoughts on “The 12 Days of Christmas: A Bookish Wishlist if Money was no Object!

    • Hi! I’m so glad you liked them. 😃 I could not agree more, a bookish gift will always be received well where I’m concerned! Bookish jewellery is one of my all time fave things – I have a Mockingjay one, the one ring, and also a necklace with a teapot on. 😁
      Thanks for visiting!

      • Where you start depends on what books you like to read. If you are a big fan of middle grade I would start with The Bromeliad Trilogy or with the Tiffany Aching story arc from Discworld. If you like sci-fi try the Long Earth series. However, my favourites are the Discworld books! You can read them in chronological, publication or character order. I would say do it by character and either start with Mort or with Guards, Guards!
        I really hope this helps 🙂 I’m thinking of putting up a reading guide on my blog.

      • I find how to read the Discworld books so confusing! I own book one but I’ve heard it’s not that great, and that it’s actually better not to read by publication year, which goes against EVERY FIBRE OF MY BEING. 🤣
        Thank you for the advice, I’ll remember that about reading by character. I would personally love a reading guide post, it would be so helpful! Let me know if you do it as I would love to check it out. 😁

  1. I love the Platform 9 3/4! I could think of a few places I could hang or display that! The rest are pretty cool as well.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! If you get any of these, you’ll have to let us all know.

    • Isn’t it awesome? I also quite like the idea of it sitting on top of a piece of furniture in the hall, like ‘welcome to my house, step in and the magic begins’ 😃

      Thanks, you too! I will definitely be treating myself to a few of these with any Christmas money I get. 🙂

  2. What a great post Book Buddy. I am very fortunate to have a best friend who has made me numerous bookish tshirts which I have been wearing to all of my book events :). I also have a couple of bookish mugs that I love!! However, I have never seen such a beautiful cushion cover as the one in your post!! It is perfection 😃. Merry Christmas and fingers crossed that Santa brings you some bookish pressies 🎅🎄📚.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, Cindy. 😃 You have a best friend that makes bookish TShirts?!? THAT’S AMAZING.
      I only have one bookish mug that has the HP Marauders map on it, which is seriously slacking for the amount of tea I drink, LOL. My main issues with bookish mugs is that the size is always too small. My mugs are the size of 2 cups, heavy duty. 🤣
      Merry Christmas to you too! I’ve got my fingers crossed for you also getting some bookish goodies!

  3. This is a lovely post!! So many good things– I kind of want them all 😂 the cushion is great because I definitely would want a pet dragon 🐲 and that funko pop vinyl harry potter advent calendar is glorious I was so close to getting that. It is the best!!
    It is all great– lovely selection!! 💛

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