May & June Wrap Up: Cambridge, Blogging Silence & Roadtrips!


Good afternoon bloggers! I hope you’re well! It’s been pretty silent over here the last couple of months, hasn’t it?

That wasn’t really intentional, but the last two months have been a bit of a rollercoaster. It’s been super busy at work and at home, and so even when I have had the downtime to blog, I either haven’t had the want to write or have felt so burnt out that the words don’t flow! I’ve found myself reaching towards Bookstagram more because LESS WORDS. My mental health also took a bit of a dip and I felt like I was taking on a lot of other people’s problems, so I’ve been doing some extra self-care!

Pretty Little Liars self care gif.gif

But, but, BUTTTTTT, by the time you read this, I will have already hopped over the pond, off on a France roadtrip adventure, and I am PUMPED. I’m going to be going from Calais, all the way down to the south coast, stopping at lots of pretty towns, and I will make sure to share my travels with you when I get back!

James Corden Will Smith gif.gifActual footage of our roadtrips when the good tunes come on.


  • I had an amazing long weekend trip to Cambridge, and it was so much FUN. We wandered around lots of the colleges, had nice food, and went PUNTING. I have to say, Cambridge is an amazing place for people watching by the river because while you can be punted by professionals you can also rent a punt and give it a go yourself, and it was hilarious watching near crashes and working out family/friend dynamics as bickering ensued!
  • I reached 400 follows on bookstagram, which was pretty awesome!
  • My boss had her 60th birthday party, and despite not being a party person, it was so much fun! Our whole work team got up on the dance floor and had a boogie, it was like a big warm hug. 🙂
  • Lots and lots of France roadtrip planning, which dominated most of my weekends! It was so tough to narrow down where to visit as we’re only going for   one week – we went through several draft plans! Then came all the accommodation searching, which was a long process as we’re staying in different places pretty much every night!


books read


May 2019 Book Wrap Up

Total Books Read: 5 | Non-fiction: 1 | Short Stories: 1 | YA: 3 

Bibliophile: An Illustrated Miscellany by Jane Mount | ★★★| Comments: 
A cool coffee table book. It features lots of beautiful illustrations of book stacks, as well as interesting facts about writers and book cover designs. It also features lots of different bookshops.

We Are Not Okay by Natalia Gomes | ★★★| Comments: Overall, this is a short book but with a powerful message! Four teens navigate the shark-infested school corridors, experiencing some really tough situations. You can read my review here.

Romanov by Nadine Brandes | ★★★| Comments:  I had a love-hate relationship with this book. The beginning was painful but it did get better. Overall, a lot of untapped potential! You can read my full review here !

Ruin and Rising by Leigh Bardugo (Grisha Trilogy #3) | ★★★★| Comments:  Overall, I felt this was a good end to the series. The author definitely tested my heart at points, and there were some intense scenes and interesting reveals I didn’t see coming! I wasn’t totally happy with how everything ended up and while I wouldn’t say this series is a must read, it was definitely entertaining!

Uncommon Type: Some Stories by Tom Hanks | ★★★★| Comments:  I enjoyed this more than I thought I would for a book not only written by a famous actor, but a book of short stories no less, a mode of writing I don’t normally reach for! These stories span a lot of different topics but are all linked together by the fact that they feature typewriters. Despite most of the stories not being plot driven, I found them very amusing and the characters were so Tom Hanks!


Books read June19 Wrap Up.png

Total Books Read: 4 | ARCs: 1 | Backlist: 2 | Adult: 1 | YA: 3

The Final Empire by Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn 1) | ★★★★| I’m so glad I finally read this! It took me a while to get my head around the magic system but it was so unique and like no other I had ever read about. Props Sanderson! I can’t wait to start book 2!

Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid | ★★★★| This was a super cute perfect summer read. It was a very cliche roadtrip story but the characters were good enough that I didn’t mind, and I was sad when I had to say goodbye to any of them!

Jemima Small Versus the Universe by Tamsin Winter | ★★★★★| This was such a cute and heartwarming read about body confidence, family, and self-discovery. Review winging its way to you soon!

Caraval by Stephenie Garber | ★★★★| This was SO much fun, I can’t believe I took so long to read it! The beautiful world setup had me drooling, and I loved the sister dynamics. It was so close to 5 stars but I felt that the ending was a little bit messy?

What did you read this month?


film and TV watched

May and June film wrap up.jpg

Game of Thrones Season 8 | ★★★| Comments: This was not a great ending to an amazing series. Far too short and choppy, with quick character changes rather than the normal subtly Thrones is known for… The Long Night episode was still epic though!

The Resident Season 2 | ★★★★★| Comments: I’m a bit of a glutton for medical dramas. This one has great characters, but I particularly love that it focuses on the financial/business side of American hospitals and the corruption and conflict of interest it creates!

Detective Pikachu | ★★★★| Comments: This was SO. MUCH. FUN. I am from the Pokemon generation and I used to own all the cards. It was great to see the franchise getting a new lease of life, with just enough of a nod to the old while bringing in great new aspects. The CGI was amazing too!

Dark Phoenix: X-Men | ★★★★| The X-Men are my fave and I always enjoy the characters! This one wasn’t their best, but it was still immensely enjoyable and kept me on the edge of my seat!

What did you watch this month?


product of the month


Book sleeve 4

This month I am loving my new book sleeve!

This is the first book sleeve I’ve ever owned. I wasn’t even aware of book sleeves until I jointed bookstagram, to be honest, but they’re such a good idea! I carry a book with me everywhere, and even though I try to be delicate with how I put them in my bag, there’s still always some natural frustrating wear and tear. Now, my books can be snug and protected in this absolutely gorgeous dragon book sleeve by Books Breath MagicI honestly CANNOT STOP STARING AT IT AND STROKING IT. It’s one of the most beautiful prints I’ve ever seen!!!

What did you buy this month? 


posts published

Reasons to Read Romanov by Nadine BrandesWe Are Not Okay by Natalia Gomes Book Review

A measly one per month!

May and June weren’t great blogging months! I wasn’t able to find much spare time, and when I had spare time, I wasn’t really in the mood to blog or I felt a little burnt out.

I did love the posts I did got around to writing though!

elsewhere on the blogosphere

Untitled design

Let’s Chat!
How were the months of May and June for you? What have you been reading, watching and discovering?
Do you ever experience blogger burnout, or find that life gets in the way of all the book rambling you want to do?
Do you have any holidays planned?
Let me know in the comments! 😀


Becky the Bookaholic

31 thoughts on “May & June Wrap Up: Cambridge, Blogging Silence & Roadtrips!

    • Thank you Jenna! I think we all have natural dips in our health and that the key is to recognise them and be kind to ourselves! 🙂 Aha, yes thank you! I think part of that was taking more time to myself and so reading more. Unexpected bonus! 😋

  1. I hope you’re having the best time on your travels! ❤ I'm sorry your mental health hasn't been the best, and I hope your self-care has been helping. I completely understand feeling burnt out of blogging when you're so busy, we'll all be here to read any post you do, whenever you do it.

    Congrats on 400 followers on bookstagram, ahh! You definitely deserve it. I'm glad you had a nice trip to Cambridge as well. AND YOUR BOOK SLEEVE IS SO PRETTY. I should really get one soon?? I think my books hate me because when I go on trips and take them they sometimes get a little ripped on the edges.

    Wishing you a wonderful July!☺️

    • Thank you so much, Olivia. 😀 I just got back, and it was pretty awesome (although far, far too hot)! Self-care has definitely been helping and as did the holiday. I’m hoping once I’m recovered from all the excitement I will be full of energy again. 😀 I’m definitely going to try and write a blog post about the trip too!

      Thank you so much, you are wayyy to kind! *Blushes*. I still feel like my photos are pretty basic, but I love being a part of the community!

      Ohh my gosh you should definitely get a book sleeve! I have been using mine non-stop since I got it and it makes me so happy every time I look at it. Honestly, it will change your bookish life. 😀

      I hope you have a wonderful July as well!

  2. Hi Becky!!! I’m still following you, and I understand what it’s like to lose your writing inspiration due to a heavy life load. I’ve been working a lot of overtime so I haven’t been blogging or reading as much as I’d like either. Let’s take care of ourselves!

    • Hello! Thank you so much for continuing to read, follow and support! You have no idea how much I appreciate that. ❤
      It definitely sucks when you lose your writing inspiration, it almost feels like a part of you is missing? I hope we both get back to it soon after a healthy break! 😀

  3. A road trip through France sounds AMAZING!!! I just love traveling in the summer, I like pretending I still have a summer vacation from school lol. I hope you are feeling better and are taking care of yourself! Also, your book sleeve is GORGEOUS! I have a few and they can become quite addicting to purchase!

    • I just got back Cristina, and ohh my gosh it was incredible, and parts felt like a Disney set! I just know you would LOVE it. I would 100% recommend if you ever plan another Europe trip. 🙂
      Thank you for the kind words, I am definitely feeling much better after my adventure and hope to be back to normal blogging soon.
      I can definitely see how book sleeves could get addictive! I’ve got a bit of a bookish candle addiction right now and I can’t seem to stop. LOL.

  4. Hope you had / have fun in France with the heatwave! Cambridge is a beautiful city. You certainly picked a wonderful day for it.

    It’s been a rough few months at work for me, but that’s work for you!
    No holidays planned this summer: We’re doing house-related things like fixing gutters and painting kitchens. Exciting stuff!
    I have started the last of Dicken’s novels I have to read – Pickwick Papers. Slow going so far…

    • Thank you, Tony! I just got back and it was SO much fun, although like you say, far far too hot! Cambridge had a lovely and friendly vibe to it, I could easily imagine living there and chilling by the water. 🙂
      Sorry to hear it’s been a rough few months at work, I really hope it turns around for you soon! It’s a shame to hear you won’t be having a holiday over the summer, but sometimes it’s better to save up and have a really good one, rather than smaller ones on a budget where you can’t do everything you want to get to. It sounds like your summer s going to be very productive!
      I can’t wait to see what you think of Pitwick Papers, I haven’t read that one yet. 😀

  5. Congratulations on 400 followers on instagram– I love your account so it is very well deserved!! ❤
    I'm glad you are taking time to do some self-care , it is so important– sending you best wishes and I hope your mental health gets better!! 🙂
    I hope you have a wonderful time on your France roadtrip– I have never been to France but I would love to visit some of the cities and I have always loved the idea of a roadtrip!!
    I agree with all your thoughts about Ruin and Rising and the Grisha Trilogy– it is one I'm glad I've read and it definitely had good parts but it isn't one of my all time favourites!! But I do love David and Genya from this series so much!!
    I've always been unsure whether to pick up Caraval– I've heard a lot of good things but I have never had that urge that I need to pick it up straight away but maybe I should!!
    I love your book sleeve so much– I have seen quite a few but your design is probably one of my favourites– it is lovely and dragons *screams with excitement*!!
    Thank you so much for sharing my post– I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!! ❤
    Yes I think sometimes I am not in the mood to write for my blog so I don't write in those times but I have quite a few posts that I have pre-written but that list is getting shorter and shorter so in those time I think I won't post and write when I want to write!! I think it is best as you don't want to force it!!
    Have a great July!! ❤

    • Thank you so much, Sophie! It really means so much to hear you enjoy the pictures I post! ❤ Thank you for the well wishes too, I'm feeling much better now after my roadtrip. 🙂
      It's so interesting to hear that you feel similarly about the Grisha trilogy. It's a shame because it definitely has some real stand out moments but then other sections just aren't executed as well and it falls into a lot of relationship melodrama. :/
      Caraval was so much fun and I would definitely recommend it! I agree it's not one I've ever felt the need to run and pick up, and *whispers* I was mainly wooed by the cover. It's actually been sat on my shelves since the first year it was published, and I've only just picked it up after seen the hype about book 3's release. Nothing like a bit of buzz to spur you into action. 😛
      There are so many amazing book sleeve designs out there it really is hard to choose! However, this shop is the only one that has made me press the purchase button, it was just far too gorgeous to resist. 😀
      No problem, lovely, I really enjoyed your post!
      Ahh, I would love to get to the point where I have posts prewritten, it just never seems to happen. I think it's definitely the ideal because as you say, if you get into a lull you still have some content prepped!

      • You’re welcome— I am glad you are feeling better!! The road trip looked amazing!! ❤
        Yes I get that– it definitely focuses on relationships quite heavily and I wasn't invested in every bit but it still had some good moments!!
        That's good to hear– the cover is gorgeous, I can understand why you were wooed!! I have been hearing a lot about it as well and a lot of good things as well so I really should check it out!!
        Yes so pretty— I will have to look into that shop!!
        Aww.. thank you ❤ Yes I wish I had more pre-written– I usually have half written ones haha!!

  6. Ah, thanks so much for sharing my post, super appreciate it! I really want to read Romanov soon, it’s been on my TBR all year!
    And yes, the last Game of Thrones season was such a letdown. I think Season 4 and 6 top the cake for BEST and I’ll always cheer for Sansa, but this season was so meh.

    • No problem, Elizabeth! Romanov was a really interesting read and it was certainly one of the most memorable of the year, despite it being a bit of a mixed read.
      I completely agree with you about season 4..I’m struggling to think where season 6 cute off now, LOL, too many seasons! I really like Sansa as a bit of an underdog, I have done since the start. 🙂

    • Absolutely – Dark Phoenix was not the best, but it wasn’t awful by any means and I really enjoyed it! I actually thought Sophie Turner’s acting in it was incredible as well, she really carried it despite having little lines to work with, and I had my doubts going in!

  7. I def. need to watch Dark Phoenix now. I noticed on Rotten Tomatoes that most of the ratings were by men. ugh. However, I heard the movie itself was still somewhat male-centric and didn’t utilize the women enough? IDkkk I guess I’ll have to go watch and see! I just finished the 3rd and last season of Jessica Jones on Netflix. I’m going to miss it sooo much.

    Also, I’m glad you enjoyed The Final Empire. I plan to order Elantris soon because it’s a standalone. Happy reading!

    • Ahh really? That’s quite interesting – I’m trying to think back now! The main thing is that the females didn’t have too many lines in it, not even Dark Phoenix – who gets a lot of dramatic shots of her pretty face. But then, having said that, I felt the whole film was quite low on dialogue, or it felt that way to me anyway – more fighting and dramatic shots as opposed to their normally stellar scripts. I couldn’t not enjoy it with all my favourite character though. 🙂
      Oooh, I haven’t tried Jessica Jones yet but it’s on my watchlist! It’s good to hear that you enjoyed it because I don’t know anyone else who has watched it.

      Oooh, yes please do buy Elantris, I thought it was SO good and loved the characters.

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  9. May and June we’re all over the place for me! I definitely felt my reading and mental health take a dip in June, but I also started a new internship and was working a ton so there were tons of changes. I’m just glad to be on a normal routine again😍 I loved loved loved this wrap up and how you structured it!

    • Ah, I’m sorry to hear that! It definitely felt that way for me as well, but I guess we have to have those dips to really appreciate when things are going well. Congrats on the internships, that sounds amazing!! Anything like that can be really overwhelming and there’s lots to learn, so it’s sounds like you’ve done really well to get into a routine! 🙂
      Awh, thank you so much! I’m glad you enjoyed it. ❤

  10. Ahh I’m very late but that road trip sounds amazing and to my home country AHHHHH yay! I hope you are having a beautiful time ❤ ❤
    And yay for visiting Cambridge, I went there a couple years ago and fell in love with the city ❤
    I hope you're having a beautiful July! ❤

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