A New Look for Blogs of a Bookaholic!

redesigning my blogHello everyone! I have some really exciting (and somewhat scary) news. Blogs of a Bookaholic has a new look!

This is something I’ve wanted to do for ages, over two years at least. But every time something kept stopping me from fully going through with it, and also, (being a total fusspot) I kept finding specific aspects of new themes I’d picked out that I didn’t like, which led to me changing my mind and putting it off on about six different occasions. Continue reading

2014 In Review: A Personal and Bookish Round Up!

New Years 2015

Happy New Year everyone! I hope wherever you are, whether it’s at a party, the pub with friends or at home in your dressing gown watching TV or film marathons (all equally great options) that you are enjoying a relaxing, entertaining night and you’re starting the New Year as you intend to go on! Let’s hope we all make 2015 a great one!

2014 seems to have whizzed by but it’s been a pretty good year for the most part. I passed my second year of university and started my final year, which has included some really great grades and plenty of fun impromptu cocktail and movie nights with my housemates. I went to the Isle of Wight festival to enjoy some great music and learnt how to bartend, and I also had some fun days out like Go Karting, Archery and visiting the Warner Bros Harry Potter Studio Tour (which I keep meaning and failing to blog about). Overall, I’m in a much happier and positive place than I was a year ago, which is awesome! 🙂

It’s also been a pretty good bookish year for me too, I read 31 books (11432 pages), just beating last years target of 30 books (and 10531 pages) ohh yeah! Yes, I am a very slow reader *don’t judge me*. I also gave out five, five star ratings and particularly read a lot of great contemporary books this year which is very unusual for me!

So without further ado, here are the lucky books that are receiving notable bookish awards from me this year! Continue reading

Three Years of Blogging! *Fans Self.*

Blogoversary Turning 3

I can’t believe I’m celebrating another one of these blogoversary thingies! How is time passing so fast? I don’t know how I haven’t run out of things to say yet! People really do underestimate the amount of hard work that goes into maintaining a blog, I bet if I started to keep count of the hours I spend on this thing it would be a little scary, but I still wouldn’t change it. 🙂

Even though it feels surreal that I’ve reached the three year landmark, it seems as if I’ve been blogging forever. It’s such an ingrained, natural part of who I am now that it’s hard to remember a time when I wasn’t posting my opinions about books on the internet! I value and cherish this little blog space so much. Continue reading

My Blog is Now on Facebook! (And Other Noteworthy Updates.)

Blogs of a Bookaholic - Facebook


*Pauses for dramatic effect that’s not all that dramatic because the clue is in the title.*

Blogs of a Bookaholic is now on Facebook! Woohoo. 🙂

GoT Joffrey Approves

See, even Joffrey’s impressed, and he’s not impressed easily! Continue reading

2013 in Review: Happy New Year Bloggers!


New Years is one of my favourite holidays. Cynics will knock it and pragmatic people will state that everything doesn’t just start again with the beginning of a New Year, but for me it often does. Sure, things don’t magically transform, only you can choose to make things different and even that doesn’t happen in the flash of an eye. But for me, New Year is a great celebration. It’s a time where we can be thankful that we actually made it to the end of the year through all of the stress and tribulations and hopefully have become a lot stronger because of it! I think 2013 was a pretty good. I passed my first year of University, went on holiday to Edinburgh without any major catastrophes and attended my first author signing. Sure there were some sucky times too, there always are, but I am happy to say that the good outweighed the bad this year!
2013 was also a great year for books and blogging by my standards. I sped my way through 31 books and 10617 pages, a massive total for a slow reader like me (last year 2012 I read only 22 books). And of those books I gave six five star ratings! That’s almost unheard of for me, I don’t give out those five stars lightly. In terms of blogging achievements, I managed to bash out 113 posts on my keyboard, completed the 30 Day Blog Challenge and took part in my first ever 24 Hour Readathon as a reader, which was a truly amazing experience. 😀 My blog visitors came from 128 different countries and the majority were from The United States, the UK and Canada.

To make this New Year post just a little bit different I thought I would  Continue reading

Two Blogtastic Years!

Blogoversary 3

It’s my two year blogoversary, holy Dickens, Brontë and Tolstoy! My little blog is growing up quickly. This date really snuck up on me, so much so in fact that I actually missed the ‘official’ blogoversary date, which was the 10th, whoops!

I’m struggling to come up with anything that will sound genuine and heartfelt while avoiding the line of cheesy or clichéd for this post, because honestly, I never expected this blog to become anything. I thought I would write a few book reviews and if I was lucky, I might get a comment and then shut the thing down after a few months. I know, I know, everybody says that, but I had no idea what an amazing and enjoyable outlet this would become and all the fantastic people I would encounter!
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Spread the Word

Hey guys! Somebody WAY TOO NICE FOR THEIR OWN GOOD has done a wonderful, blush worthy spotlight on my blog. I’m still reeling from all the wonderful comments, many thanks to Lindsey for doing it! It means the world. 😀

Feel free to pop on over a take a look if you have the time!

Happy reading. 🙂

spreadthewordIt’s Saturday and you know what that means! Spread the Word! This feature was inspired by A Bookish Heart with her Bookish Friends feature. This is a weekly feature that I have started to shine the spotlight on other bloggers that have caught my eye. There are so many great bloggers out there that keep me giggling or thinking with their blog posts and it’s gotten to the point where I want to shout it to the world so that others can discover their greatness too.

I don’t ask them questions or anything like that as it can be time-consuming to the featured blogger who is busy…blogging. So instead I just go through their blog with a fine tooth comb and learn everything I can to share it all with you. Ready? Good! Excited? Me too!

Today I’ve decided to spotlight a blogger that I’ve gotten quite close to…

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Blog 10: The Greatest Service

I don’t normally reblog people’s posts, (unless I am linked to it in some way e.g. a readalong) but when I saw this fantastic one I knew I had to make an exception! It’s about the importance of listening to other people’s stories, and really spoke to me on a personal level; I hope it will to many of you too. Please take the time to check out kokkieh’s awesome post over at The Book Notes Project!

The Book Notes Project

Last time I wrote about how each one of us is a story, that you are the author of your story and that you have to make the choices that will determine whether or not your story will be a good one.

But that made me think of something else: we all have an innate need to tell our stories.  And more importantly, we all have a need to have our stories listened to.

That’s probably one of my biggest frustrations in life: I can’t find anyone to listen to my story.  See, I’m a natural listener.  If I sit next to someone on a bus or stand behind someone in a queue, they just start talking to me.  Nothing too personal…at first.  But I can’t help listening – I’m naturally good at it and I’ve been trained as a counsellor which merely honed my existing skills – and…

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WordPress Commenting Issues

Hey guys, this is an extremely quick and small post to say I have been experiencing some commenting issues on WordPress. Quite often at the moment when I leave one on someones post instead of adding to the comments or being put in the moderation section it is getting marked as spam. This is happening even if I have commented on your blog endless times before, so please check your spam section every so often as I may be hiding in there (or other legitimate bloggers)! Zen was kind enough to mention this to me and since then I have noticed it is happening regularly! GRR. It seems that this may be a general issue going on at the moment as I have encountered a few other bloggers having similar problems.

I have contacted Akismet so hopefully it will be sorted out shortly, but I thought I should mention it. Don’t want you guys missing out on my insightful rambling comments!

Happy blogging. 🙂

Sharing the Love: A Bookaholic Tale

Once upon a time a young girl was sitting in the afternoon rays of the sun, occupying her little unassuming corner of the world. As she sat there avoiding her revision for an upcoming exam, she wondered why the world couldn’t simply run on love and books instead of statistics. It would be much more fun.
Then out of the corner of her eye a new blog comments popped into her inbox, they told her she had won two awards for doing what she loved. This made her little heart soar with joy, maybe the world did run on love and books after all.
She would like to thank Bound4Escape and Strung Out on Books for the nominations that brightened up her cloudy day.
The End.

~ * ~

~ Ruley rule rules (because we live in a structured society people). :
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Taggity, Tag Tags, of the Cool Variety!

I must admit, I’m pretty lax with blogging awards nowadays. I absolutely love getting them, but I’m usually so busy that they tend to get lost in the chaos of everyday life. :S But since I’ve moved into a period of serious procrastination, lets get this party started!

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to Escaping Reality with Books for re-nominating me for the Beautiful Blogger Award and also Rafferty’s Rules for re-nominating me for the Versatile Blogger Award, it means so much to me  that you enjoy reading my blog, so thank you. 😀

              beautifulbloggeraward                   versatile blogger

Secondly a further big thanks to A Wordless Blogger and Zen Scribbles for nominating me for the ABC Award! I’m quite excited about this one because it has a cool task attached. A have to come up with an A-Z list of things that are to do with my personality. Well, I shall do my best. 🙂

abc award(Don’t you just want to try and bite one of those golden bricks to see if it’s real? I have suspicions myself.)

So here we go:

A Continue reading

Junk Food, Childhood Dreams and Movie Preferences.

Hey, how y’all doin’? 😀

(Sorry, occasionally I feel the need to use a southern accent, it just kind of pops out.)

Firstly I would like to thank you all for the great writing advise you gave me in a past post, it was really helpful and encouraging. I now have nearly 650 words drafted out, and I’m pretty excited about where this short story is going to go. 🙂

So moving on, yours truly has been tagged for the Liebester blogging award again twice by some fellow bloggers! I’ve already received these before so I feel like it would kind of be cheating to tag a load more bloggers again, but I thought that I’d answer the questions anyway, especially as there are some interesting ones. 🙂

If your feeling social, pop over to their sites and check these guys out!

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New Years: 2012 in Review from a Bookish Perspective


2012 has been a year of firsts for me; my first big holiday to New York City, getting into university and moving away from home. (As well as the first movie parts for The Hunger Games and The Hobbit, can’t forget about them now can we? ;).)

It’s also been a year of lasts for me; my last day at the school I frequented for 7 years, the last time I will be considered a child, and hopefully the last year that my anxiety will spiral out of control. (It was also the end of the Twilight films, and the Inheritance series! :()

So 2012 was a pretty turbulent year in general. Crazy, stressful and a pretty exciting adventure!

I am not one to hide my love of New Years even though I know a lot of people don’t like it. For me it represents hope and new unchartered waters, and I love reflecting on the year that’s passed. I think that’s something to be excited about anyway! 😀

Bookish stuff: Continue reading