Guest Posts

This page contains all of the guest posts I have contributed to other blogs. A big thanks to the lovely bloggers who have welcomed me into their virtual homes, I really enjoyed the experience!
If your reading this and would like me to guest post on your blog, contact me or leave a message below and I will see what I can do 🙂

Books With Ems
Top Five Underrated YA Novels 20/08/15

The Book Addict’s Guide
Book and a Beverage Feature 30/10/2014

Reading with ABC
Dream Bookish Dates: Week 1 – Hannah and Aaron 27/07/2014

Weaving Pages:
Guest Post: Six Steps for the Ultimate Reading Experience 26/02/2014

Two Bullets, Five Zombies:
My Favourite TV Shows! Part #2  19/07/2012
My Favourite TV Shows! Part #1 19/06/2012
Movie Review #6 Knight and Day 07/05/2012
Fangirling: To be frowned upon or encouraged? 07/04/2012
Movie Review #5: Hanna 10/03/2012
CGI vs An Intelligent Plot: Which is more important to you? 04/02/2012

9 thoughts on “Guest Posts

    • Hello old friend. 🙂

      Sure I’ll take a look when I can! I think I read the start of it near when you first began, but there were only a few chapters at that point. I look forward to seeing where it’s gone since then!
      Hehe you mean you’ve actually been reading this thing? Aw shucks. 😀 I will let you know what I think. X

  1. Hey Becky, I have had my book blog for a while now and would love it if you would do a guest post for me. A discussion post maybe. Let me know what you think. My twitter is @emmixbowles

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