DAY 14: A Book That Made You Cry.

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You know how there’s always that one friend at the movie night or the TV marathon who cries their eyes out?
And you know how they sob even more when there is anything cute and fluffy involved?
Yepp, that’s me!
I think my genes gave me my fair share of empathy, plus a whole lot more. I’m scarily attuned to other people’s emotions and often feel them as if they are my own. Whenever I see someone start to tear up I feel my eyes welling too, as if I’m the one who is upset not them! It can be quite inconvenient actually. Perhaps it is one of the reasons I enjoy books so much because I take on the characters emotions which makes it all feel real, who knows. 🙂
It is safe to say that I have cried on the behalf of many fictional characters over the years, but these novels are my top two! Continue reading