On Meeting Trudi Canavan

It was an odd sequence of events that led to me meeting one of my all time favourite rockstar authors. For starters, the wonderful Cindy ignited a spark of curiosity in me after relaying some of her author signing experiences. Secondly, an advert for Trudi Canavan’s new Facebook page just happened to pop up as a suggestion on my sidebar. I don’t tend to spend a lot of time on Facebook and rarely if ever like pages, yet for a reason that still eludes me, I clicked the link to discover a status stating Trudi was going to be in London for a signing! Thirdly, I had recently vowed to spend more time outside of my work filled Hobbit hole in order to investigate more of London. I don’t believe in fate, but it did almost seem as if the universe aligned. 🙂 After finding out the information I proceeded to text one of my best budds, an enthusiastic fangirl and native Londoner (and therefore my first port of call for all things London) to find out if she knew the area. Though she had no clue who Trudi Canavan was, she squealed along with me as if it was the best discovery in the world and offered to go with me to my first ever book signing, for which I will be eternally grateful, I would have been too scared to go on my own! Continue reading

The Power of WordPress: An Act of Selfless Kindness.

Once upon a time in a far away land and across a vast and treacherous ocean, a woman was on a mission. It was August 25th full of summer and excitement. The woman had convinced her husband to join her on the long drive, and the anticipation in the car was tangible. When she reached her destination nearly two hours early she sent emails with glee to a girl across the globe. A girl who was just as enthusiastic, sitting at her desk refreshing her emails. The woman queued with the determination only a true fan could have and when she finally reached the desk she took a deep breath.

~ * ~

WordPress can do a lot of things, but I never thought it would send me a book from across the globe.

I’m sure you all remember my participation in the 30 Day Book Challenge? It already seems like so long ago I was writing daily posts in the glare of the sun, feeling the warm grass beneath my feet while I tapped away at my keyboard, but according to my blog history it did happen! One of my posts had the theme an ‘author I wish people would read more’ and I chose to gush about Kelley Armstrong, a YA genius that gave me one of my biggest book hangovers to date.
Little did I know that this post would spark something quite extraordinary.  Continue reading