Dreamland by Sarah Dessen Review 4/5

Overall Impression: A gut-wrenching portrayal of a troubled teen. Emotional, frustrating and heartbreaking.
Dreamland by Sarah Dessen
I couldn’t say that I enjoyed this book, that would be the wrong word considering the subject matter. Was I heavily emotionally impacted by this book though? Absolutely.
I love Sarah Dessen, she’s a great author and deals with teen issues in an intelligent and sensitive manner. Her books almost have an sense of wistful familiarity for me now, each time I open a new novel it doesn’t take long before I relax into her writing style and escape into her stories with compelling characters. I always know what to expect to an extent and know I’m going to be in for a good read. Dreamland was equally good, although I was surprised to find that it was a little darker than some of her other books and somewhat more unpredictable!

Please Note: I don’t normally include spoilers in my reviews but I can’t really talk about my thoughts on Dreamland in any detail without giving away a key plot point, so proceed at your own peril!

Unable to deal with the family fallout when her elder sister runs away from home, Catlin finds herself withdrawing into a private world. A dreamland where everything – and everyone – can be kept at arm’s length. And a place where her damaging relationship with her boyfriend Rogerson, need never be faced up to, or discussed…

When Cass flee’s from a life she feels is not her own, full of expectations and Yale leaflets she leaves nothing behind but a note and a birthday present for her sister, Catlin. Lost and confused Catlin finds herself in a weird form of emotional purgatory, her parents are obsessed with finding Cas, a subject which dominates every hour of every day,  Continue reading